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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review Tenchi Style

On a very recent trip to Disney World the husband and I went and had lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant. Ever since the Fantasyland "expansion" was announced and this part of the park revealed I was dreaming of this place. As a child Beauty and the Beast was my movie. Like rewind the tape I need to watch it over and over again (because I am old and we had VHS tapes). We burned through quite a few of those babies. I remember thinking to myself Belle is so cool, she loves to read just like me.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip420_zps7b17161d.jpg
Tiny castle on top of the building.
My heart was a little sad when it was revealed it was a reservation dinner type restaurant. At Disney World reservation are made months in advanced. But then when it became available for a short lunch I was like WOOHOO...until I saw how long the lines could get. But then my heart went WOOHOO again when the husband got us annual passes for Disney World. I figured that if we could go every few months surely we could dedicate time to stand in line for lunch yes?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip416_zpsa2596549.jpg
Well the husband decided that no, it was our anniversary we are going to go to this restaurant NOW! XO In line we went then. When you enter the new Fantasyland you see the Belle Meet and Greet area first. Then the walkway to the Be Our Guest restaurant. It was around noon when we got in line? So prime time lunch time.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip421_zps0f5e125e.jpg
We were told the wait time was going to be 35 minutes. Not really that long considering it was very much lunch time at a theme park. We were handed menus when we entered the line so we could decide what to get before we even entered. I am sure that saved on time.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip425_zpsbcdc3f0c.jpg
I basically took a million pictures in line. It was like I was a little girl again and my dreams were coming true. Perhaps that is what people love about Disney. Not everything connects to everyone but to me, this was it. Something truly special.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip430_zps0c8c99bc.jpg
Archway before you enter the restaurant. There are many cast members around keeping the line in order, making sure the line inside the restaurant doesn't get too full. We were asked how many people were in our party and if our entire party was present before entering. If your entire party is not there at the time you have to wait off to the side by the strollers. So call your people before you get to the door!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip431_zpsc8ef826e.jpg
Almost in line. Only person taking pictures. Clearly they haven't seen the movie 293982 times.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip434_zps95acc20d.jpg
Finally inside the hallway!!!! When you first enter the line inside the building you see the ballroom portion of the dining as well as where the exist is. But you must march forward towards the food!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip437_zpseb34c428.jpg
From this point you are divided into two lines for some reason. On each side of the wall three are three suits of armor. All of them talk and make noises. At some points they sneeze or cough or snore. At other points they start talking. It is a bit hard to hear what they are saying though as there are lots of people in this room. This is the direction you go during lunch. During dinner it is a different story. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip438_zps6f04d254.jpg
Picture of the ceiling area.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip439_zps197ad245.jpg
Dividing the two lines is another menu. I think when the lunches first started this was the first menu. But I am sure people were not paying attention thus the paper menus. But this was still cool.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip441_zpsc1351c38.jpg
Pic of the other side of the line. BE MORE EXCITED FOLKS!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip443_zpscfbec375.jpg
A bit murky in this old castle?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip449_zpsc19f3d6f.jpg
When you reach the end of the armor hallway a castmember asks how you are paying. Depending on what you say she sends you over to a certain line. Each register/order area had this above them with the corresponding number. This room is the library room and it serves a different purpose during dinner. According to the Disney Website you DINE in the library, which is how I had the Rose Gallery labeled before I read other reviews. But yes the room you order your food during lunch is the library.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip457_zps3eb37b5f.jpg
I tried to stay out of people's way and take pictures at the same time. The result was some blurry pics.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip462_zps56b2c423.jpg
In between two stations there is a cast member ready to help you and take your form of payment. You actually touch screen order yourself but it was our first time and we needed a bit of help trying to make my sammich plain. I am sure things would go faster if people just spoke their order was fun this way too. After leaving the ordering room this is what you see.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip464_zps5b574cfd.jpg
The husband went to find a seat in the ballroom because he thought it was the only room. Only when he noticed I was screaming ROSE ROOM and running off in another direction did he realize there must be more than one room. Enter the West Wing. Not to be confused with the Rose Gallery.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip465_zps877ed6a3.jpg
The West Wing was sorta dark and seemed to have the least amount of chairs. But I think most people just sit in the ballroom and don't explore. We found a seat the second we walked in. Ceiling of the room.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip466_zps675eae60.jpg
After you order you are given a rose. This is why you are allowed to seat yourself. This rose serves as a GPS and a cast member will wheel your food out all fancy to your table.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip470_zpse480c063.jpg
THE ROSE! It is in the furthest corner of the room.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip471_zpsc73bdb6c.jpg
The rose is made of light. Obviously. For some reason people thought that if they had the flash on it would give them a better picture of the rose. Or it would make it disappear. Weird people.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip473_zps5c18da98.jpg
The Beast hates this picture RARW!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip476_zpsb5532eba.jpg
View of the torn portrait from the drink station.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip480_zps7ba63246.jpg
While I was walking and taking pictures our food arrive. I took a pic of the cart but the husband is in it. XD So here is our food. I got the turkey sammich and the husband got a roast beef sammich. I got the triple chocolate cupcake (which was AMAZING) and the husband got the Passion Fruit Cream puff. The husband says he liked it but he will be trying other desserts next time.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip487_zpsbfdb098b.jpg
Our meals were so big we took half the sammiches to go. They actually have to go boxes. They are flat boxes too, fit perfectly at the bottom of my purse. Well huge bag. After that you are free to walk around and explore everything else.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip488_zps46180138.jpg
This is the "library". The husband was correct when he thought the room we ordered in was more library like. This is the centerpiece of the room. Almost like a music box with them spinning around. Correction, this is the Rose Gallery. And that is a music box, a present from Belle's father.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip489_zps277a3cfd.jpg
There are a lot of paintings and tapestries on the walls. I made the husband take pics of them all as I slowly relost my mind.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip491_zpsfbc75766.jpg
This room is the to right of the ballroom and I think most people miss it on their first adventure in. It had the least amount of people dining inside of it.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip492_zps8bc67c6c.jpg
This is on the ceiling of the spinning music box figurine.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip493_zpsa94b5d6a.jpg
There are tables all along this middle section of the room. XD I tried to make sure I wasn't in anyone's way while wandering.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip495_zps203cec1a.jpg
This is what you see when you first walk inside the library. Pay attention to all the details. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip497_zpse59c1c83.jpg
My favorite outfit that Belle wore in the movie.
Picture photo DisneyAnniversarytrip498_zps1e8b84ad.jpg
This room sorta takes some of the gloom out of the movie. That is definitely in the rose room part of the place.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip499_zps3bd9d1f6.jpg
Still can't believe I am here weeeee!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip504_zpsca2eea84.jpg
Some of the detail around the figurines.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip508_zpsb5564aa0.jpg
The lightening is the best in this room so it is easier to take pictures if that is what you and your party are going for.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip509_zps3ad03ab0.jpg
Close up of the drinking machine. Free refills here. Gotta pay attention at what you are getting here. I asked a cast member and she said at dinner these are curtained off.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip510_zpsc7e1d6cf.jpg
The ballroom! This is the biggest room and the place most people ate. This scenery changes with snow and such but it was hard to capture on camera.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip511_zpsa6592b36.jpg
Along the walls is a balcony. Is that where all the characters come out during dinner? No characters came out during lunch. Which I figured was the case, gotta make the expensive dinner worth it for the customers.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip515_zps1b79cf58.jpg
A sorta waiting area when you leave the ballroom. The bathrooms are in this area. They are nice and sparkly, but not really themed.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip516_zps5968d76c.jpg
Ceiling in the waiting portion.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip522_zps2ca9998e.jpg
And this is what you see as you leave the restaurant. We had to flag down a castmember to take our picture. Many guests just kept on walking. HOW COULD THEY?! But overall this was an amazing dining experience for me. I usually don't get excited about food but this day I did. And the sammiches tasted excellent hours later too. Thank you so much husband!

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