Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Karneval episode 9

X____X Clearly I am not handling this whole unemployed thing well. Sad panda indeed. But the husband is trying to cheer me up and my friends are trying to keep me out of jail. Ah, my imagination. Such a wonderful place. XD
 photo karnevalepisode911_zps539efb2f.jpg
Tenchi does not take prisoners! XD
But anime! Since I have tons of time on my hand I should be posted it a lot faster than I have been. Otherwise Tropical Storm Andrea will knock out our power and I will really be far behind. Andrea....stupid The Walking Dead. But enough of that. Now is Karnevel episode 9 time. Spoilers for Tsukumo not being amazing.
 photo karnevalepisode97_zps4c930062.jpg
I miss Nai!
Episode Summary: Gareki is a bit...well upset at this sudden change in Yogi. Yogi and his silver hair make the vines SHOOSH all over the place. These vines eventually overcome Gareki. Kiharu goes to tell Kagiri that they probably should run but Kagiri seems to be down for the count, hit by the vines. Kiharu picks up his down companion and runs away to escape the wrath of Yogi. Tsukumo and Nai were running away until Nai heard something suspicious. Tsukumo assumes the worse and tells Nai to hide so she can check on Gareki and Yogi. Only she doesn't make it very far as Kiharu spots her as he was running tree to tree. He sets Kagiri down and manages to take Tsukumo out rather easily. He then runs off her and Kagiri in tow. Nai and Yukkin worry about everyone and it doesn't make him feel any better when he eventually sees Tsukumo kidnapped. Yogi eventually stops his attack when he sees the villains have fled. He sits down on the ground and digs at a vine pod that apparently protected Gareki during the battle. He has no idea who Gareki is and wonders why he protected the boy. Gareki tries talking to Yogi, using his name. That seems to bring Yogi back to his senses and he collapses on Gareki. Gareki tries carrying Yogi back to safety but he runs into a crying Nai because Tsukumo is gone. Apparently the three boys are rescued and brought back to base. Yogi is taken in for surgery and exams and what not. Gareki and Nai are deemed okay by Azana. Akari arrives and talks to the boys in private, trying to put the pieces together on what just happened. Nai has nothing really to add to the conversation as he was with Tsukumo at the time. Gareki explains that the bandaid came off during the fight. Akari is very vague on what he says, saying that Yogi has an allergy that reacts sometimes when he is around Varugas and what not. Gareki thinks he is full of shit and asks where the box is Yogi found in the underground room. The box was not recovered and suddenly Akari puts everything together. Yogi probably reacted to whatever was in the box and perhaps the underground room was filled with...something. Gareki really starts to call BS on everything and asks Nai that night what he thinks was going on. Gareki doesn't think the boy understands but to himself Nai does seem to understand. Nai seems sad as they are on Ship 1 because Ship 2 is off looking for Tsukumo. Nai thinks about how Gareki tries to hide his sadness and that Tsukumo is gone and Yogi is suffering.
 photo karnevalepisode915_zps834dd760.jpg
Wow Gareki. Nothing gets by you!
Somewhere else...Karoku is not having the best life ever. When Nai was screaming for Tsukumo and all his friends it causes Karoku to have a huge headache. He was being forced by Uro to attend a party at Eriyuka's mansion. Due to his headache he is allowed to sit in bed. He thinks of Nai and how interesting this Tsukumo person must be. Elsewhere Erisyuka is pissed because Karoku is not attending the party. Uro tries to calm her down but she leaves, saying she has to potty but really she is looking for Karoku. Kiharu and a not dead Kagiri have made it to the mansion and are looking for Uro. They have brought the Yogi box and Tsukumo. Tsukumo was tied up in a room but manages to escape the chair despite being injured in the shoulder. Erisyuka accidentally walks in that room looking for Karoku and screams at the sight of Tsukumo. Tsukumo manages to escape outfit but everyone is on the lookout for her. Uro finds out what Kiharu and Kagiri did and is not too pleased. He threatens to kill them and off they go looking for Tsukumo. He is however happy at the box they recovered from Yogi as that would really would have hurt them. Then Uro walks around the mansion being creepy and talking about how the Varuga beneath them are nonimportant and that he is apart of the body of the snake and that is where the real action happens. Tsukumo is outside and trying to get away but there are tons of things on her tail. She doesn't want to fight and draw attention to other critters. She stops and thinks about her situation and decides if it comes down to it she will kill herself so she won't be used against Circus. She thinks of Hirato and gets upset, that the man put his trust in her and she can't betray that. She decides she will only die for her friends and continues on. She really doesn't make it far as she hides in a greenhouse/garden area and finds...Karoku. She thinks she is taking an innocent person sorta hostage but Karoku has read the Hunger Games and poisons her with one of his rings. She passes out and Karoku happily (?) thinks of Nai. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode913_zpsc555e47f.jpg
Especially the part where Gareki's sweet whispers brought Yogi back. Or the smack in the know. The same thing.
XO Well that didn't go how I thought it was going to. Where is my explanation? Can the real Tsukumo please stand up? And why hasn't Gareki run away yet? So many questions and apparently so little time? Or at least I think so. Is this getting a second season?
 photo karnevalepisode98_zpsc83eb8d8.jpg
Why did you protect Gareki....HMMMMM!
So.....Yogi. How ya feeling? Because you aren't looking so good. Although I was slightly disappointed in the battles this week. I really thought this Yogi, Varuga Yogi was going to show us an epic battle. I mean...if this is why things are going to make sense I need some violence. Like oh Yogi really didn't want to join Circus but it was either join us or die. Which explains why Yogi feels guilty about killing others because hello he was allowed to live.
 photo karnevalepisode93_zpsae41a7d6.jpg did that happen?
So where was my epic battle? We got a Yogi with silver hair and tears and poof the battle is over. The vines all over the place was a nice touch but all we got was a tied up Gareki to show for it. What about Kagiri and Kiharu? Well I guess Kagiri did get hurt. I guess I must have blinked and missed it though. But I was expecting blood and guts, one of the boys to be dead. Kiharu was fine and a few hours later so was Kagiri. So I was not impressed with this out of control Yogi since the out of control never happened. DANGEROUS YOGI! all smoke and mirrors.
 photo karnevalepisode99_zps1e3ac4d8.jpg
All better?! I wonder why that is!
But really....really folks. Yogi lost his mind and transformed and was able to come back because Gareki said his name. HMMMM FOLKS! HMMMM! I see that the power of “friendship” is strong with this one. Yep no yaoi to see here. Just Gareki saying Yogi's name...Yogi has no idea who Gareki is in his Varuga form but protected him anyways. HMMM FOLKS! Gareki is still a special sorta person as he was trapped in the vines but didn't emerge kicking and screaming and hating Yogi. He was just like....oh okay what is going on, like he goes through this all the time. Wait maybe I figured it all out...
 photo karnevalepisode919_zps36cce53a.jpg
Everyone I see is special. :(
While Gareki doesn't consider Yogi to be his friend he did carry the man to safety. And he was getting pissed off with Akari when answers were not flowing. Maybe Gareki was more upset about the lying than Yogi though. That really could be it. Still I think Gareki is in denial about how close he feels to these people, probably a way to protect himself. Oh Nai, you are probably right about Gareki. That his sleeping “tears” tell the truth and Gareki is just trying to hard to look tough and what not. X___X Nai doesn't understand much about the world and he is surrounded by people whose motives are questionable at best. How is this kid going to learn?
 photo karnevalepisode914_zpsa4fef0df.jpg
I don't even think my cat would buy that lie!
We didn't learn much about Yogi's “condition” this episode did we? It was like everyone knows the truth but for some reason Akari wouldn't put into words what was going on. Which was obvious, even Nai seems to think he knows what is going on. Yogi is what? Being human now? The bandaid on his face stops the allergy from getting out? I see indeed!!! Akari just say the truth. That Yogi is some sort of experiment, he can work for/with Circus and from time to time Akari gets to poke him. Thus why Yogi is scared of Akari. Why the lies? Are people listening? Is it a secret from everyone else? Does it make Yogi cry? So since Akari was was lying we didn't learn the history of what happened to Yogi in this episode. Maybe next time.
 photo karnevalepisode95_zps5a8e0619.jpg
So Nai is alone....should have done that from the start? Maybe?
So I think I pretty much covered Yogi. What else happened in this episode? Oh Tsukumo. :( So she was running along with Nai talking about how much people mean to her and that they have bonded the hours they have known each other when Nai hears danger. Well duh because Tsukumo went with Nai instead of Gareki. Or telling Nai to hide while all three of them fought. Really this plan was made of fail from the start. Super fail.
 photo karnevalepisode96_zps481cdf3a.jpg
um...pretty lame.
Tsukumo's battle was even more lame that pumped up Yogi's! Kiharu was fighting alone, after carrying an injured Kagiri and he still won! were kicking ass the first episode. Then you disappeared for a while. Now you aren't smart enough to break the glass away from the audience and you are leaving Gareki to fight your battles and someone kicks you to death. I makes sense if people could beat her hand to hand if their was magic/Circus tricks involved but really. I think I could have taken more of a beating than Tsukumo and I am pathetically weak. I just don't know about this girl. I thought she was one way but now I am seeing that Hirato needs to be on every single mission or else everyone will die. DIE!
 photo karnevalepisode916_zpsfc7b67b4.jpg
Um....we brought you a box? Please don't kill us!
Tsukumo is kidnapped and carried by Kiharu (who is also carried Kagiri) to Erisyuka's mansion. I think that Kiharu and Kagiri thought they were going to be greeted with love and hugs and raises but no. None of that. Probably because they are stupid. One of them should have guarded Tsukumo and the other should have fetched Uro. Or called him on the phone. They do have phones in this world that aren't magical right? Le sigh. These minions are really dumb yet beat Tsukumo. At least they did something right with that box yes?
 photo karnevalepisode912_zps997c30d1.jpg
Like for real...girl from Guilty Crown!
Erisyuka just seems annoying and spoiled. But maybe she has rich girl problems. Like look at me, I live in this huge mansion and have tons of people to fawn over me and bring me slaves/people whenever I want. But no one sees the real me! I just want someone to tell me what to do, set some ground rules. I need attention and I don't know how to express myself. But yeah...she probably needs more screen time so she doesn't seem that annoying.
 photo karnevalepisode917_zps88f5c01b.jpg
Super overdramatic much?!
Uro might be slightly crazy. He was talking to himself for a long time. Foolish mortals. You think you are going after the real enemy. Psht that is the tip of the iceberg. That real shit is beneath the surface and you will need a change of pants after you realize what is going on. But yes, he was trying super hard to be cool and no one was there to see it. Listen to all my cool lines...oh wait no one is around.
 photo karnevalepisode918_zps88e05e79.jpg
Well there is that going for you....
So while Uro was off talking to himself and Kiharu and Kagiri were either flexing their muscles or trying to sell things on Ebay Tsukumo was escaping. She didn't do a great job because at the end of the episode she ended up at the greenhouse...on the property. I get that she was dodging the monsters but she could have zigged a bit better, zagged a little less. She had a moment where being dead seemed like a better idea than being captured. Which I don't think she is weak for. Given the circumstances and her being in Circus this was probably the correct thinking. Still she didn't kill herself which is positive. Erisyuka and her screams...this girl saved you traitor face!
 photo karnevalepisode9_zps4073a4e5.jpg
Good thing you told him to put his hands up.
The episode ends with Tsukumo finding Karoku...accidentally of course. Like I will take you hostage but OH SNAP your name is Glimmer. It seems as if Karoku is going to return Tsukumo to Circus or help her escape again so we shouldn't worry too much for the girl. Just for Yogi who apparently has a tragic past that Akari thinks he can hide. News flash! Not working!


Anonymous said...

As a manga reader, what you see right now is the tip of the “iceberg”! It will take time before the all truth of Yogi will be reveled…. Just dont be mean to Silver Yogi his a nice guy but I bit sadistic a bit…

Akari-sensei with his hair down!!!!!!!!!!! Kayaaaaa (fan-girl screaming)!!!!!He looks sexy with that hair style!^^

As for Uro, Damn, he sure has a hard pimp slap to throw two people into the wall with one strike.

Christina said...

Anonymous- So that means there will be a season two right? We barely know anyone on the First Ship and if there is way more of Yogi to get to know there is not enough time to tell that...oh and the main story, Nai finding his maker. XD Bring it on I say, although Gareki might disagree with me. XD

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