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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 9

Is this Tenchi? XO Where have I been? In my house that has turned into a cave of sadness and bland cookies? Seriously this cookie says it is 180 calories but it tastes like Fiber One. If I ate Fiber One........anyway this post was meant to be up earlier today (oh the story of my life) but my friend decided to kidnap me and take me outside, into the world of people. XO How dare she not let me wallow longer!
 photo titanepisode914_zpsa106f650.jpg
Cool. Because most people don't understand why you turned into a Titan.
But...yeah it is time for another anime post folks. This time it is actually Shingeki no Kyojin episode 9. You know, not a show about space monsters and other stupid...stupid stuff. Spoilers for Eren not making many friends despite saving many? Here is the speculation and spoiler page even if not much happened in this episode. I think we will have a new manga chapter soon so maybe things will pick up!
 photo titanepisode99_zps364b5622.jpg
What do you mean it's Levi time?!
Episode Summary: When we last watched this show Eren or an Eren like person emerged from the back of a Titan. So naturally that means the episode should not go right back to that moment. No no it is time to see what other people we have barely been introduced are up to. Armin and his lovely explaining the history of Titans each episode catch us up on things. Then Armin talks about how everyone was basically screwed when the Titans attacked this time because the Scouting Legion was on a mission, just left. Armin, Eren, and Mikasa were part of the crowd that saw them off, lead by Asshole Levi. He seems to hate all this fanfare and ignores the crowd. Armin explains that the Scouting Legion is the best of the best...and still lose 30 percent of their people each journey outside the walls. Well apparently Levi and his team have made it to an abandoned city within the lost wall and a soldier is currently being munched on, screaming that humans will kill them all one day. Levi comes and kills that Titan, then directs his other soldiers to get rid of close Titans while he takes on the rest. After the slicing which Levi declares gross he returns to the down soldier who was being attended to by another. The dying one asks if he helped mankind which Levi answers yes, hoping the man heard before he died. After Levi and his amazing theme song are done being amazing he is told everyone has to pull back to the second wall, that there is word a lot of Titans have gathered there. Levi and his glary eyes is like FINE!
 photo titanepisode910_zps2e2f0add.jpg this boobie face or what?
Meanwhile Eren is reliving his last moments, how he was swallowed by a Titan and lost two of his limbs in the process. He is swimming around in Titan stomach juice despite the fact that Titans don't digest humans. There are bits and pieces of other humans swimming around, one still alive and calling for her mother. Eren immediately thinks of his dead mother and how much he loves her and that he hasn't done anything yet. Eren starts to sink but is determined to kill all the Titans. He reaches up his....non arm arm and POOF a giant Titan arm breaks from the old looking Titan that was about to eat Eren. This Eren Titan emerges from old dude Titan and stomps him to death. Kill kill kill Titans. Eren the human smiles as he chants this to himself. Armin begs him to not say...such upsetting stuff. Eren opens his eyes in a less creepy way and sees that tons of soldiers including Big Asshole Leaver Face Kitz. All weapons including some giant cannons are pointing at Armin, Eren, and a weapon welding Mikasa. Inside the safety of the real walls Christa and Ymir are trying to figure out what happened to everyone. Christa is sadden to learn if she doesn't see someone's face they are probably dead. Connie is like no there are three other people but.....and all eyes turn to creepy eyed Jean, Bertholt, Annie, and Reiner. Jean is like um we aren't able to talk about the creepy shit we just saw for security reasons...and because I have no idea what I saw. Also there is a small scene with Hannes talking to someone about how they are to hold this wall just in case and does Hannes think those three kids he saved 5 years ago are okay. But back on the ground Kitz is threatening to kill all three of the kids, despite Mikasa looking like she will stab everyone in the face. Kitz asks if Eren is human or Titan. Eren is still trying to figure out why everyone is looking at him like this and doesn't understand the question? He starts to realize people think HE is a Titan and will kill him, something unimaginable since Titans are the enemy, not fellow humans. Eren sees that his friends are in danger and declares that he is human. Despite this...declaration Kitz is like then you better forgive me. Mikasa and Armin have other plans but Eren grabs both of them and holds them tight, biting his wrist. Thoughts of his father trying to tell him a secret about a basement, the key on his neck, and how he has to remember on his own this truth as his memories will be altered. When Eren bits his wrist the cannons go off. Everyone is shocked to see that Mikasa and Armin...are in side a half made Eren Titan when the smoke clears? THE END!
 photo titanepisode913_zps3a89d4c3.jpg
Seems pretty cut and dry yes?
XO That is way more than I thought I would write for the summary. Sound familiar yes? But yeah this was a straight forward episode, not sure where all these words came from. My brain obviously. Lala talking.
 photo titanepisode93_zps75adb04e.jpg
Highly suspicious right Armin?
Yes I was pretty amused at how this episode started off. I mean in the last episode Mikasa was on the ground crying, people were looking at Eren, and oh EREN WAS THERE TO BE LOOKED AT! I am pretty sure he was Titan food and now oh look another character! Thanks show. Thanks for making us wait even longer to find out what was going on. Obviously they all hate us.
 photo titanepisode94_zps9887ca09.jpg
Um...where is Eren?
Putting aside Armin and his WOE R TITANS speech (which you know....might be all Armin gets now that Eren is alive and main charactery again) everything rewinds....about a few hours ago. The Scouting Legion is marching out, leaving the city without their best warriors. Seems odd yes? That is what happened 5 years ago as well. Eren saw the Scouting Legion and Mikasa told on him but hello dead mom no one cares anymore. So it happens all the same in the now. Only we actually get to hear more of Levi. There were a few other Scouting Legion characters that might be important but for now it is all about Levi.
 photo titanepisode96_zps1a0ce9e6.jpg
I think my brother had this haircut when he was 13...
Levi is a rather small man. But when you realize that Mikasa is probably smaller than him and pretty deadly it doesn't matter. So yay for equality yes? Levi has....strange eyes. Or maybe he just doesn't open them up all the way? Either way he looks like he smoke a lot of pot or is just beyond caring. Levi apparently hates being dirty. So much so his second banana has to bring it up. And he has to fling Titan blood off him as soon as possible. Perhaps if someone likes being super clean all the time killing Titans and being forced to live in tents while on the road...yeah this isn't sounding like the job for Levi.
 photo titanepisode95_zps007723bd.jpg
Levi will smile at me and all will be okay!
But it seems as if Levi is just as good as Mikasa. Impresses his people anyway. And while he has a lot of anger and not caring in him...he might be a nice person. Maybe. Since we just met him. But when one of his men was getting munched on and he was sorta rescued Levi was there to reassure the man as he died. Like yes your sacrifice helped mankind and your spirit will be with me forever. So there is a kind side to him. I am sure his nice mood didn't last long when he realized he was a liar, as they were all called back to the walls before anything major was done on their mission. I am sure we will see more of Levi as the episodes go on, as we are running out of powerful people it seems. That are willing to do what needs to be done.
 photo titanepisode911_zpsefc630ef.jpg
They are dead. Ultimate liney face.
Inside the safety of the main wall the cadets are all gathering together to talk about what happened to them and what not. Look it is Christa and Ymir, they are alive. Christa seems really upset that a lot of people are dead. Ymir is more like what Mikasa is dead, who cares about anyone else? Only some of the cadets are busy having liney face. When bad things happen in this show liney face happens. Like that cannot be unseen forever. Especially Jean. Poor Jean, his brain has oozed out of his face.
 photo titanepisode912_zpse2bc9919.jpg
Until this wall gets knocked now too.
We also seen Hannes for some reason. Like look, here are some people who are soldiers and aren't fighting. They are just holding up the wall that will be smashed as soon as the Armored Titan comes on through. But this little talking session lets us viewers know what Hannes thinks of Armin, Mikasa, and Eren and that they are special kids. WOOHOO SPECIAL!
 photo titanepisode97_zps128f4c50.jpg
Dead men tell no tale... seems that this Eren like creature might actually be Eren. We seen what happens after Eren has been nommed by the old Titan. I think everyone floating in goo was weird. Why have stomach juices if you can't digest something? Oh because it is much more creepy and bloody to see body parts and people floating in it? Carry on. I wonder why Eren didn't try stabbing his way out of the stomach.
 photo titanepisode98_zpsc5ffb1f8.jpg
Well that was gross.
While Eren is floating along a girl mentions her mother before she sinks to death. That makes Eren think of his mother and his promise to avenge her death. At last count Eren has Titans. So he gets upset over this all....allness. Everyone trained for years and 5 out of 6 of them got taken out before they could even attempt to kill a Titan. So logically Eren turned into a Titan, killed the Titans around him, and reemerged from the Titan version of himself after the rampage. What is there to talk about? 

Well apparently a lot. Because when Eren and his special face come to Armin is crying and Mikasa is trying to protect them all...well from a lot of people. So.....yeah what happened to the roof? Kitz and his useless self was able to find his way back to the battle zone to take out Eren, just not protect people. I see. So instead of finding out how Eren was INSIDE of a Titan when clearly he turned INTO said Titan thus should be dead as the Titan Eren was...squished...we just get staring eyes and liney face.
 photo titanepisode92_zpsebee76df.jpg
Mankind has had 100 years right Armin? To figure this out?
Which I guess is all okay. I am not saying go Cloverfield on me and not explain anything but sometimes answers take time. Not everything can be explained in a 2 hour period of time folks. And if Eren has no idea what happened to him the ones around him won't either. And last time I checked humans were fighting Titans and when it comes to said Titans they might not be thinking straight. Now personally I would take prisoners to ask questions later. It doesn't look like Eren was being a threat at that moment. And if Eren and his crazy father have figured out how to either turn Titans into humans or humans into Titans wouldn't that information be important? Just a thought.
 photo titanepisode916_zpse4360add.jpg
Or, should stay here and help me? How about that?
Speaking of which...where is said crazy father? He saw Eren AFTER the walls fell. Injected Eren and all that crap. Now....if Mr. Dad has all this info in his brain why isn't he sharing it with others? Why is he making Eren repress this information only to have to rely on it later? Get to the basement? I am sure that could have been done a lot easier had they done it when the walls actually fell? Now after 5 years that place must be flooded with Titans, everything stomped to the ground.
 photo titanepisode915_zps2de3fdc5.jpg
Um your name is Mikasa, not Alice. Get with the program.
Since crazy father is not here to explain things everyone is doubting Eren. And being a Titan is tiring. I am glad that Mikasa wanted to protect Eren but she was no match. And Armin...well he was too busy crying over losing his main character status. WOE IS ME!
 photo titanepisode9_zps9dca84d7.jpg
Full Titan body? Ain't nobody got time for that!
The episode ends with Eren....turning into a Titan. Repressed memories indeed. But instead of being a Eren Titan he is a Titan skeleton. Like um why didn't he finish cooking? But since we don't know what being a Titan is all about no answers today. I guess for now we will chalk it up for being dramatic. So Mikasa and Armin can get all liney face in fear. And so Eren can be even more upset about this Eren Titan. I am guess that next week there will no answers and maybe Levi will make his appearance to be fabulous and save Eren with a bored look on his face?


wholesale oil painting said...

too much for me.....

Eternia said...

"Are you a human or not?"
"Are you a human or a titan?"
"Are you a titan or ...?"
Whoa, this is slow. Not only they wasted 2 minutes each episode to give us synopsis, they even retell previous episode, only that we are seeing Eren's point of view now. It's amazing that you can write so many. I think the reason for the slow pace is definitely because there's not much material to animate, to begin with. This is just episode 9, and we still have 15 episode to go. What plot are left? I think I can summarize it in several paragraph. That's how short it is. I think they will go for original ending in the end. Or an open ending which states "Please wait for season 2"

Christina said...

Eternia- I feel so wordy! Like whoa how did I type so much when there wasn't that much going on. I mean...they are being pretty faithful to the manga, almost word for word and panel by panel. But they really do need to cool it with the recaps and what not at the beginning of each episode.