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Suiseu no Gargantia episode 9: Madoka, Shin Sekai Yori, Shingeki no Kyojin OH MY!

 photo gargantiaepisode99_zpsdc69b09f.jpg
Well hello there Queen!
I.....I don't even know. Spoilers for Shin Sekai Yori episode oh wait?! This is Suiseu no Gargantia?! My bad! Episode 9. Spoilers for my brain turning into spaghetti.
 photo gargantiaepisode9_zps3fa1e9ce.jpg
That might be a sign...that this is a really bad idea.
Episode Summary: As they get closer to the whalesquids lair Pinion and his salvage crew break away from the main ships. Ledo is busy drilling more holes into Hideauze teeth waiting for orders. Ledo and his new hand held weapon jump on the water. The Hideauze start to gather and Ledo alternates from using Chamber to blast them into bits and using his weapon to save on power. At times Ledo gets caught up in all the blasting and it depletes Chamber of his power. Up top Pinion's crew has different levels of is this real life? Pinion decides to take a walk down memory lane in his brain, when he was younger and his brother was alive. They happen upon this very spot and found this huge structure. Despite there being whalesquid all around the brother went on ahead into the building. He was killed but not before he warned his brother to run. Pinion is like I am back now for revenge! Every once in a while when the number of targets is too much Ledo lures them to the surface and Pinion's people blows them up. Chamber decides it is safe enough to approach the structure so the pair do...very slowly. It looks like a space station underwater and in they go. Ledo immediately runs into what seems like a Queen Hideauze full of eggs. He is surrounded and Chamber says they should back down. Ledo is like hell no so Chamber uses a lot of power to take out the surrounded enemies. They continue on and run into what looks like a nest for tiny Hideauze. Chamber takes down all the information while Ledo is like.....these look odd. Chamber sets them all on fire anyway. They eventually find a desk with tons of outdated...well data. In no time flat Chamber has all the data but says that it has been classified by that Alliance. Ledo is like...I am the commander officer show me. So Chamber does. In the distant past Earth was going through another ice age. Scientists were working beyond hard to find a safe place in the universe to live. Some scientists focused on that while others focused on gene manipulation to make humans better adapt in space. They studied/created these whalesquids...and TADA soon people were half humans half whalesquid. This pissed off about half the frozen world and people started bombing each other and shit. Some of the noncrazy, nonsquid people tried to leave Earth through the wormhole and shut it behind them, to leave the freaks behind. Well the monster humans were like um no and followed them into space. And then Ledo's head exploded from all this insanity. Elsewhere Bevel is playing the go home song and Amy looks sad. THE END!
 photo gargantiaepisode919_zps814a6187.jpg
...I think that is half of what the internet looks like right now. Or it should.
What the hell......what the hell?! JUST WHAT THE HELL?! That is all that has been going through my mind for the past 48 hours. I was like well I should finish blogging this other episode of Karneval but noooooo. My curiosity got the best of me. And now my nightmares are full of monsters, of all kinds. WHAT THE HELL!!!
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Thanks for that lovely piece Bevel. I am sure it drowns out the screaming in Ledo's head.
First things first though. We saw a bit of Amy this episode (more according to some other people who fail to realize that all anime characters look alike....or do they...). Just a bit. Bevel was being over dramatic and playing the going home song on Ledo's flute. Because Ledo has been gone for months, possibly hours. As such Amy has to look sad and such. Maybe she finally looked down and realized one of the producers behind this anime.
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I'll be right back!
Everything else though was about Ledo. Okay there was 5 seconds of Pinion trying to not be an asshole. He is dead to me so I tend to tune him out. But we did get to see a bit of his past. Because we need to understand his level of insanity in dealing with the Hideauze. OH THAT NAME! But yes in the much distant past or like 5 years ago Pinion was working with his brother and they found this very spot, much to where Bellows and Ledo were exploring. For some reason the brother went into a huge structure with tons of whalesquid swimming around with no back up. And yet Pinion wants revenge on the whalesquid. I guess it is better than dealing with the fact that your brother was greedy and threw safety out the window. It's not like MegoCroc came out of nowhere and kill your brother...yo.
 photo gargantiaepisode93_zps6da077f7.jpg
Then you might want to leave...
After Pinion gets past his past he basically is in charge of his crew above ground. The rest of the ships that left Ridget are a bit away in case this all doesn't pan out. Flange might be a greedy opportunists who is sexist against women but he ain't dumb. Meh maybe if this had panned out they would have rejoined Ridget? Or at least float along side of them to keep things safe? Then again....he is leaving Pinion pretty defenseless. Minus the magical Ledo. If he had the fire power maybe be closer when things went down would make more sense. But Melty says they can't see anything so maybe it doesn't matter. Protect the most people and maybe get a sweet treasure in the end?
 photo gargantiaepisode97_zps8b0bda2e.jpg
Weapons for all!
Even if Pinion is an asshole he is pretty smart. Or at least has his bases covered. I don't think Pinion really likes Ledo. But he needs to keep him safe to find the TREASURE! Ledo might think he doesn't need protection with his big bad suit but he does. And he realizes that too, with his weapon in hand. Chamber might be all powerful but there is no way to recharge this machine once it runs out. I don't think he is solar powered. XD So while Ledo could probably destroy this batch of Hideauze no problem he needs to to fight another day. There might be millions more of these suckers. Ledo is smart enough to ask for help and Pinion isn't dumb enough to think that Ledo is a nonstop weapon that can't be harmed.
 photo gargantiaepisode96_zps2e7f27ba.jpg
What big teeth you have...
Ledo looked more like his normal self when fighting the first few waves of Hideauze. I don't think the real him was the one at the festival watching Amy dance. This is who Ledo really is. I mean its just the harsh reality of the situation. Ledo was bred to be a soldier. He spent almost all his life focused on this one task. Perhaps smiling and having fun Ledo COULD be a future version of Ledo. But to say that is his true self really doesn't ring true in my ears. Ledo looked like he was completing his purpose when smashing and blowing up the enemy. Yay blood guts.
 photo gargantiaepisode98_zps11e5a99d.jpg
Space! The final ocean frontier.
Things started to get a little interesting once Ledo got closer to the structure. Like oh snap! A lot of us on the internets were right. The Hideauze are man made. This structure looks like a space station. Humans made this stupid creatures as some sort of weapon and looked what happened. Rejoice for being right, surely this will end in a bloodbath woohoo!!!
 photo gargantiaepisode910_zps7d649cbc.jpg
Okay familiar but fetuses all look bloby know....
Ledo kept on going, inside the structure. Again where is the back up? As they traveled into the space structure...or so I thought they came across some....Hideauze larva. And Ledo had to stop and really look at them. Because they were looking...a little familiar. Ledo thought to himself that they looked like human fetuses. I was like no, this is just some weird....issue. If humans made Hideauzes perhaps they made their cycles similar to humans. Plus I am not a veterinarian or anything but the fetuses just looked human like. Don't a lot of animals look all bloby at first? Little arms and legs, big heads? Really I thought this was just a trick going on in Ledo's head and that he was having second thoughts based on what others were saying about the whalesquids. Like oh they are people too!
 photo gargantiaepisode911_zpsae8e11c8.jpg
What I need is SOLDIERS!
Ledo continues on and finds some ancient forms of data saving. I was slightly surprised that Chamber told Ledo no, you can't know what is on these files. Chamber can decode this data in 5 seconds but can't review military guide lines? Hello did he not watch Aliens? NEXT IN COMMAND! And since Ledo is the only one...well he is in charge. Of course after learning it all maybe it was programed into all the units not to reveal this crazy information. You know...just in case one unit ended up on Earth and somehow found the means to return to the Alliance. It could happen.....
 photo gargantiaepisode915_zps0096640e.jpg
Oh look, our enemy!!!!
So folks....the moment was finally here. When Ledo learns that this war was all a shame. That maybe the Alliance actually went into Hideauze territory and they really started the war. Hell I have seen enough animes and sci-fi movies to expect the unexpected. That maybe every human has been been drugged into seeing this creatures as something different than what they are, like a different kind of human or a more intelligent form of life. But yeah I really thought I was going to see how Earth humans, from long ago, made the Hideauze and things went dramatically wrong.
 photo gargantiaepisode916_zps1f9bd98e.jpg
This is a violation of my eyeballs!
Technically I got what I wanted. In a sense. So why the outrage? BECAUSE THEY ARE PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Break out the green candy bars because they are people! QueerRats anyone? Maybe even Titans? Witches are magical girls?! Everything is the same. Every anime from here on out will have monsters in it and the monsters will be humans. That is all. I will apply this to past shows too. THE MONSTERS ARE HUMANS DUH!
 photo gargantiaepisode918_zpsccaf741c.jpg
Just....what happened to THIS PLAN?! Oh and kill the whalesquid kill the sea galaxy sparkle apparently.
That's right folks. The Hideauze...are humans. Or at least some of them are. Could be. But how they came to be...was special. Super special. The Earth was going through another ice age. Humans were looking for planets to move to in space. Pandorum must have scared them as the flight was going to be long and being in hyper sleep only works in the movies. So....some people had the idea to modify their genetic material so humans could adjust to space. Now.........just....WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! Squid people?! Squid people? Couldn't we look more like aquaman or some shit?
 photo gargantiaepisode914_zps65da9faf.jpg
Well blow their asses up too!
I mean...I fully support the Alliance. Instead of spending time becoming fish maybe we the people could have spent more time and money trying to better technology to find a better home. Or stop the ice age. Or maybe domes to live in while we try and find better ways into space. WHY ARE WE SHARKS?! I think it is odd too! Maybe if we all looked more like the little one that...Chamber squished in the end things would be different. But is just too much for my mind to process, that so many people were okay with this utter nonsense.
 photo gargantiaepisode917_zpsd5569857.jpg
What happened to this idea?!?!?
I can only imagine what Ledo was going through though. Or how much more WFT he went through. He was the one killing them all this time. I am sure not all the ones in the ocean were human Hideauze though. Some were the other type of experiments before the DNA got all crazy. I am sure of that. But then again...the larva ones in the building were human based. Perhaps so much evolution had happened all Hideauze (such a funny name now right?) lack human features and a means to communicate. And that everyone minus a few higher ups in the Alliance even have knowledge of this...fact. The Hideauze no longer look human and maybe they no longer remember being human. After so many generations they are just......flower squid in the sky and humans are the mean things that blow them up. And can you really blame humans, the soldiers now, for not being all warm and fuzzy to these...things?!
 photo gargantiaepisode913_zps9c091964.jpg
We have all lost our minds and this was the best idea anyone had...
I think I have totally lost my train of thought. I think it crashed into Ledo's back when he stopped dead in his tracks. Like really....really people?!?!?! We couldn't just tweak a few genes so we could breath in space a little better? Guess that doesn't make much sense. We need to have bodies that can survive the pressure of space. Because modifying our bodies to survive a long sleep in space while finding said new planet would be crazy. On what planet was plan supported by so many people? That on top of the damn Earth freezing over people were bombing the other side because their idea was crazy. Which it was. I mean why not just become robot people or something?! Have our brains in robot bodies?
 photo gargantiaepisode912_zps5d9976b3.jpg
Is this real life?
Clearly I am not thinking straight on this matter. All that keeps running in my head is.....IT'S PEOPLE! We get that yes? Say something else yes? Well.....I am still 50/50 on whether or not this will lead to a blood bath. Which is rather odd given the big reveal yes? One would just assume that things would end badly yes? could. A great number of bad things could still happen. But knowing this awful truth might be the very bad thing. Ledo could decide that hey fighting things is no longer what I want to do. And since he can't return home...well the war will continue in space. Which would leave the real enemy to be....Chamber? Kill all Hideauze and Ledo says no? So Pinion stops being an asshole and everyone joins together to take out Chambers? Um maybe not....guessing that there will be some deaths but in the end Tom Cruise will magically become Japanese and marry the widow of the dude he killed. A not so happy ending?


Brent said...

I liked this episode much more than previous episodes, but i felt the big reveal was really silly.

I mean.. did you see those massive flowers shooting laserbeams in episode 1? Are you telling me those things are now modified humans?

I understand the witches,queerats and titans being human,but massive flowers just arent...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is almost exactly what I expected once Hideous started to pop up on Earth. XD Kinda funny how he suddenly minds killing them once he finds out they're people. He ought to have noticed they are intelligent, too, but he probably suppressed the knowledge. Then again, those Earth-Type Hideous might actually not be intelligent on a high level judging from their behavior and lack of technology use, but now that they started with it, we'll be sure to see a communication with them that proves they really are intelligent soon.

I liked this episode. I think it crushed her (the squ. girl) to preseve the installed programming of his protocol. Its too bad she died, the anthropomorphic. There very well could be more like her. I wonder if Ledo will become a changed being because of this, or has become changed. When we all started watching this anime Ledo was not emotionally tied he was more of a battle dog, but, now he shows a quality of earth/terra human trait the emotion or feelings. This episode also allowed me to understand how things came to be. I have come to the conclusion that this is some type of activist anime. The squid-hybrid has my mind in wonder though:- Was she harmless? Did she approach in hopes for a better coexistence? Did the ones in space loose their reason for being in space? could this mean that the "victims whom were ingested were really being morphed?"

Anonymous said...

It wouldn’t be an Urobuchi anime without mass human genocide in some form. I thought I prepared my mind and body for it but alas… its not enough.

Glad to see the Butcher’s still got it.

They're supposed to be evolved, but they appear to be savage beasts and I dare say that's what they are. that leaves us with a basic question of what's better. the ability to invent a space-suit out of necessity or the adaption to space itself? humans won't evolve if they continue to adjust their environment, then again, if evolving means abandoning sapience then I prefer a deadly gun over deadly claws so I won't stand on the wrong side the barrel :)

All in all, nice ep

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, are you the originator of that "wouldn't be Urobuchi without mass human genocide" comment or are you poaching other commenters on other blogs. Usually if I see a comment I like on another blog, I'll mention it within the context of it being someone else's. If it's yours and your just repeating it here, apologies.

Tenchi, I always pick up anime mid-season after one of your epic reviews is too much for me - that's how I picked up Shin Sekai Yori after dropping it early for bad art reasons, looks like I might have to pick up Gargantia?

Well done :)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon #4
It's ok, I posted it on RandomC (the 1st comment) and Anime44 too. Oh and by the way, I am Anon #3 not #2. ^^

Call me nuts, but this twist is not enough for me, I want MOOORRREEE!! Burcher Gen should do another twist at the end. I just love plot twist!

Eternia said...

@Brent : I think those are not human / no longer be called human. I believe that the video that Ledo watched was just a part of the whole story. It ended where the Alliance building a large transportation gate and the Hideauze planning to steal them, no? What happened after that? How come both group ended up 6000 light years away from earth? We have yet to see. Probably. Just probably, in their war to take control of the transportation gate, the Hideauze went even further in playing with lives and genetic mutation. And they are created those space snails from real snails, and that large flower from mutating Rafflesia, lol. They made that so that they can stand a chance against the Galactic Alliance's gundams? We don't think some thin wriggly squid human can win, right?

@Tenchi: I am honestly glad with how things turn out. I am waiting for more bloodbath? What if suddenly a huge Hideauze appeared and killed Pinion and Melty and crew? And Ledo escaped back to Gargantia in ragged condition? Wohoo.

Christina said...

Brent- I think it is just too far of a stretch! Even if this show actually goes into great detail on WHY this is happening it seems so much improbable than all those other shows with little or no evidence to explain this. I mean...basically squids with lazer beams on their head? Where is Mike Myers?!

Anonymous- It's like science totally skipped the logical step of robots and went straight to insanity. Like that would be a hard pill to swallow, not having a real body. So yes....a battle against these crazies I understand.

Anonymous 2- I think that Ledo was really upset about this news as the enemy was Hideous. ISN'T THAT NAME SO FUNNY HAHA X___X I feel trolled in this anime. But yes Ledo was like squids with lazer beams, bad. The idea of enemy humans might be a hard pill to swallow. But I guess he did kill the pirate humans rather fast. And acknowledges that Bevel would be dead in his world. Maybe Ledo was just having a WFT moment that this was the insane reason behind the war and countless lost lives. Or because it really is so dumb.

I think the cute squid girl was harmless. That most of the squidwhales are probably like most animals and that they are okay when not bothered, but to be feared and left alone. If this series had more episodes maybe communication would be possible but for now I think it will focus on Chambers not listening to Ledo and Ledo trying to stop another...insane war.

Anonymous 3- I do think this episode was really well done. Just the end result is like....really? REALLY?! Almost like this guy is trying to up himself in terms of animes. Jars of brains, innocent girls really witches, squids with lazer beams? What's next? No seriously where do you go after this? Warriors using babies as bio-fuel?!

Anonymous 5- This was a major...episode in this series to say the least. If something super interesting and game changing happens in an episode I try to reflect that in the title, as to stick out to myself upon later review and readers. XD Glad it caught your eye. Don't mind the two fanservice episodes though. But yeah this show was almost a slice of life and maybe Ledo was going to get a happy ending type deal til now. Everything is up in the air but definitely worth watching as it deals with a lot of other issues besides...well squids with lazer beams on their head and boy meets girl.

Eternia- I wouldn't be surprised with a bloodbath but I am not going to expect it. Sorta like with M. Night, I can't expect a twist each time. I do appreciate that this show is leaving it up in the air and it could go either way. Not entirely doom and gloom. It might make the death count more interesting. At the very least a few people should Pinion!

And at this point these are not human. QueerRats are way more human that these things. Sorry, these crazy people lost their ability to be called such when this was the ONLY great idea they could think of to save the species. Once everyone got into space why the hell continue the war? The gross squids with lazers could go somewhere else and the humans who I might add...are still humans so many years it was all pointless..... could go somewhere else. That means that the Hideauze have lost their humanity, ability to reason/communicate in space, and are the enemy. Fight on Ledo...if you ever return to space. Just leave the earth ones alone as they are not that big of a deal if you leave them be.

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