Friday, June 14, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 10

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Yep.....that sums up your life pretty well.
Anime or sleep? Anime post and then sleep. XD I got sorta carried away with my random story of woes from work. That similar story of the asshole girl at Dunkin Donuts just reminded me of things and I had to write. But here is one post before I go to bed and another one will follow soon tomorrow afternoon. Promise. Suisei no Gargantia episode 10 for everyone. Spoilers for Ledo....being sad and Pinion being an asshole. Again.
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I don't think anyone is eating fish anytime soon.
Episode Summary: Pinion and his men are celebrating that Ledo has apparently killed all the squidwhales, as their bodies float to the surface and blood is all over the place. Pinion gets everyone into place to start gathering up the supplies. They are briefly scared when Ledo's Chamber breaks the surface but are like oh it is just our favorite metal head. Chamber has to take Ledo out of the suit as he is having delusions of humans merging with Hideauze and that Ledo was actually killing humans. The situation does not improve when Ledo sees all the blood and guts on Chamber's fingers. Ledo enters a state of is this real life and how can this be happening?! Pinion and his greedy ass self tries to pretend he is a human being and shares a drink with his dead brother via the ocean. Then it is down to business collecting all the supplies from the bottom of the ocean. Flange and his second banana appear to see all the....crap that Pinion has taken up so far. Flange is so impressed and thinks they can change the world with this stuff. Pinion is like up...are you dumb? We are keeping this for ourselves and blowing up anyone who comes near it. Pinion decides that his statement needs to be public knowledge and runs off to announce everything is theirs and if you come close to them KABOOM, just like all the whalesquid. Flange and his right hand man are a bit shocked as Flange really did want to better mankind. Pinion and his awful message broadcasts across the world, of course reaching Ridget and her people. They were just getting things settled with all the lost ships when everyone learns of this. Crown and his man come to visit Ridget to see what she plans to do with this knowledge. She knows that people might be jealous of this new wealth and leave but hopefully this doesn't lead to disaster. Bellows is super disappointed in Pinion while Bevel is sad that Ledo killed all the whalesquid. Saya tries to cheer up Amy but that is a bust as well. As more and more treasure is lifted from the ocean Flange becomes worried. His minion also has started to see the light, that maybe they can become rich off this. Saya comes by to deliver a message but questions if they will be safe now. Flange says that while they are safe from whalesquids Pinion's stupid actions might have put them in danger of in fighting and being loners at see. Pinion tries to talk to Ledo, like he actually cares about the other human being. Ledo is more concerned on looking sick and out of it, like he can't believe this is all happening to him.
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Can't you see that I am busy having a bad life?!
Soon pirates come to take all the treasure like suspected. Flange's firepower makes quick work of them but the pirates do not surrender. Pinion then hooks up one of the weapons from the fallen human mutilation plant and fires!!! Whoosh goes one ship. Pinion boards the other with the plans on making examples of the pirates. But after some talking Pinion gets stupid stars in his eyes and decides to add the pirates to his crew. Soon they will be unstoppable. The pirates who surrender then party with the rest of the crew, like Neo had come and saved them all. Pinion drags Ledo to get some food and Ledo looks on at the people, thinking how people are people. Pinion tries to make Chamber work on a big piece of machinery brought up from the surface. Chamber claims it is a less....amazing version of his firepower but Pinion is like what, it compares to you?! Amazing! Chamber says that it will take a lot of energy to run this weapon so Pinion suggests the little lightbugs that make the Galaxy Sea. Later because Ledo isn't feeling bad enough Chamber announces that the little bug things are either because of the Hideauze or a by product of them. Ledo is too crazy and out of his mind to really process it. Chamber and Ledo try to talk but it doesn't go so well as one is a giant robot. Ledo points out that Hideauze are people and there is no way he can fight people. Plus the Alliance is a million zillion years away, the war is over. Chamber tries to reason with the human, that the Alliance and Hideauze came from the same source, humans, but developed in different ways. That the Hideauze abandoned their human side to become..well that and gave up civilization in the process. Humans are the intelligent ones to emerge from these sides thus get to live. Before Ledo can argue that was a lot of words to say EW GROSS KILL Chamber says that he is picking up a message from the Alliance. But I thought we were a million zillion miles away? Well it turns out it is another suit like Chamber. Only apparently this one belongs to Kugel. He crashed on Earth. SURPRISE! THE END!
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Is this real life?!
Another twist? HA! You can't twist me again. Mainly because I haven't recovered from the last one! So you can keep making AHA noises and making things dramatic. Because my brain has not recovered from the fact that people turned themselves into squids with lazer beams. So no one cares Kugel!
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Can you please be a bit more respectful of Ledo's breakdown?
But no matter how much of my brain has melted from this craziness Ledo has it worse. Which makes me happy. If I am suffering he should be suffering worse. I mean he is the one who was shooting them out of the sky and turning them into tiny puddles of mush in the ocean. He should be suffering. All of this information at once is too hard for him to handle. He already has stunted growth due to not really....well communicating and talking to other humans. It has been KILL KILL all his life and now he doesn't have that anymore.
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Hi there! Why did you kill me?!
Which is interesting. Or maybe not. Ledo's purpose in life has been taking away from him. That is the maybe not portion of my sentence. Since Ledo has had time to realize his purpose in life was gone. No more Alliance, no more Hideauze. Maybe he slowly had started to come to terms with this when POOF whalesquids appear. So maybe this loss of purpose in life is easier to handle since he has had time to deal with it. Or the more likely factor....he is having dreams that kids and people are Hideauze. Yeah maybe that is why he got over it. XD Poor Ledo...this might take a while to get over.
 photo SuiseinoGargantiaepisode1016_zpsaa8524f8.jpg okay there?
You know who won't be getting over it? Pinion. Okay Ledo has not verbalize what his problem is but even if he did Pinion wouldn't care. Because Pinion is an asshole. All over the damn place. But Tenchi, Pinion did try to ask what was wrong with Ledo...twice. And made sure that Ledo had things to eat. Still that is not enough for me to feel bad for Pinion or to stop wishing for his death. If a bloodbath is coming I hope Pinion is the first victim, even if he tries to reach out to Ledo. You know, after he used the boy.
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I am shocked at this side of you. So shocked!
So why the Pinion hate? Well really I should be rolling my eyes at Flange. He is pretty much a moron while Pinion is being himself. What did Flange think was going to happen? How were they going to better mankind when he made it clear he didn't want to be around Ridget and her peoples anymore? Rejoin them like nothing happened? I guess they still could have found some way to trade. But should have been a red flag when Pinion was being all shady and stuff on the main ship.
 photo SuiseinoGargantiaepisode10_zps084047c5.jpg
I am sure this being in Pinion's hand will end well.
People might be arguing that it is human nature to keep something you have found. To be clear Ledo is the one who did most of the work while Pinion and the others got the reward. And Bellows was the one who refound the area. So....I am putting that aside for argument sake. Pinion found this treasure and while most of us would be like YES maybe we can finally stop living on ships and get something going here...I can see how Pinion would want to make sure him and his people want their share. Human nature. Only I hate Pinion and he got way too cocky.
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What did the pirates think was going to happen?
I mean he was like come here pirates!!!!! The pirates were sorta dumb though for showing up. Didn't they get the memo the last two pirate attacks didn't end well for said pirates? Still it was like Pinion was dangling the carrot in front of the pirate only to show off. Like look at me and what I got? Come here fishy fishy so I can try out my new toys!!!
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Probably not. Hopefully Pinion dies first.
Just Pinion being stupid and putting people at risk. Safety in numbers by adding the pirates but he didn't even ask Flange. It is like Pinion thinks he is in charge. Melty and that second banana start to question whether or not any of this was safe. Ridget is like can this life get any worse as she worries more people will leave. Which I think is odd since Pinion said DO NOT APPROACH. Still he is greedy and I hate him.
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There...was quite a bit of WTF near the end of the episode. I was having a hard time following what was being said with the lightening bugs. I thought that the lightening bugs were something humans made to make Hideauzes stronger so when they merged with said creature they could last in space. But Wiki makes it sound like the Hideauze made the little bugs. I guess that really doesn't matter. Just another sign that the people working on this insanity made something that actually helps the humans still on Earth. And to creep Ledo out more.
 photo SuiseinoGargantiaepisode105_zps9bf21b2e.jpg
Humans do not have lazer beams on their bodies. Nor do they look like flowers with scary teeth.
Ledo's side of the argument is understandable. They are humans...sorta. The babies look really human. Ledo is to fight the enemy and clearly the enemy has been linked to humans in the past. He is upset and doesn't understand why Chamber doesn't see this. I will excuse Ledo of this as he has been through a lot. But Chamber is a robot...a machine.
 photo SuiseinoGargantiaepisode106_zpsa844f3f3.jpg
Are we seeing this? THIS IS A CULT!
As such Chamber is able to take the emotion of out this. Yes Hideauze have human origins. They used to be human. But they are now squids with lazer beams on their head. Most would argue that is not human anymore. If we took cats and raised them for 1000 years in two different spots...or you know...injected them with dragon DNA they would look really, really different. You would not longer want to pet one of them. The same can be said for these monsters. Chamber also takes it a step further and say that this evolution was self inflicted. The crazy people chose to become these monsters. Like psht civilization sucks. Lets fly into space weeee! So in Chamber's mind this is all well and good, no harm has been done.
 photo SuiseinoGargantiaepisode107_zps950d9223.jpg
How do you know who that is Ledo?!
Ledo barely has anytime to process any of this when something else has to happen. Something that has taken my train of thought off Chamber being the last enemy in this anime. No no, it doesn't seem to be the case. Ledo won't have to ask everyone to help to blow Chamber up, although that new weapon of Pinion's will probably help. What is the last enemy? Well that would be Kugel, Ledo's commander. Or at least his weapon unit. And me thinks...he is not going to accept Ledo's new stance on life. HMMMMM must kill all those who know the truth? Don't know if the man is still in the suit or the suit is acting on its own. All I know is Chamber sorta sucks, not picking up on this beforehand. Compared to the universe how easy would it be for him to pick up a signal on Earth.


Eternia said...

Dangling a carrot?
You should have said:
Pinion's dangling his "carrot" over the radio.
He really is a jerk, and I didn't really expect this attitude at all. I know he is greedy and all, but not this stupid. Why would he broadcast something like that? He can stay silent and people won't normally go into the sea of fog and Hideauze's nest to begin with. But yeah, he wanted to show off. Like a fool he is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, these footages of the Hideauze's background are only small part of the WHOLE truth. I mean Burcher Gen does like to give us suprises/heart-attack/brain-melting plots............

Anonymous said...

...........oh, and troll our hope out. LOL

Christina said...

Eternia- Pinion really has evolved into a grade A douchebag. He has never been on team Ledo. His solution to dealing with the Ledo problem was always on the more violent side but maybe understandable. But each episode goes along and Pinion becomes more and more annoying. Putting Ridget and the others at risk so he can get rich? Putting Flange and his people at risk so he can flaunt his manhood? Yeah where is a whalesquid when you need one?

Anonymous- I don't think I can handle any more truth. But I guess another brain exploder would be if the Hideauze had the capability of turning back into humans but the Alliance stopped that. Or that Ledo is just the last one in the long line of soldier clones.

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