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Suiseu no Gargantia episode 11

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So...what is this?
Behold the promised anime episodes! Lets get this party rolling before I fall asleep. Depending on what happens tomorrow hopefully I will get new episodes out and blogged, instead of just playing catch up. But for now here is Suiseu no Gargantia episode 11. Spoilers for....things almost as crazy as the Hideauze.
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Well thank goodness you weren't sad for days!
Episode Summary: Amy, Ridget, and Bellows are all smiling and being woman, happy to have the crazy men out of their lives. Back at FlangeMadeAHugeMistake R Us more ships are arriving because Pinion announced to everyone that they are amazing, please come rob them. Pinion and his crew look slightly nervous but they have Ledo on their side, what can go wrong? Pinion even fires a warning shot at the other ships because he is a douche. They fire as well but Pinion is like I still got Ledo! Well Ledo has had an orgasm over the fact that Kugel is alive. He basically says PEACE OUT EVERYONE and flies off to Kugel who apparently was on the other side of the planet and couldn't use the radio. As Ledo approaches the ships he sees cult people with robes and symbols on their heads. Ledo and Chamber assume that Kugel has taken control of the locals and all is well. Ledo is lead in a really space wasting room to talk to Kugel....via holographic stuff. Kugel either has an infection or believes the locals will make him sick so he has taken command from his suit. Still Ledo is the happiest person whi might have been cloned on the face of the planet, yay Kugel!Back on WeMadeAHugeMistake Pinion is acting all big and bad but people are point out that Pinion is to blame. Flange gets hailed by the other ships and it is super requested a representative comes over to talk to them. Pinion to be specific. As Pinion waits for his ship ride of doom Melty comes by and tries to make him feel better. Which doesn't work. To everyone's surprise Rackage is the one who comes to pick up Pinion. Rackage explains to Pinion when he boards to the ship at the same time Kugel explains to Ledo how all is fair on this ship, even if things look doom and gloom. People are given rations based on what they contribute and all work towards to the goal of bettering the human race.
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...Maybe these people should have turned into whalesquid instead...
That reminds Ledo that Hideauze are people. Kugel doesn't seem shocked as he already knew this. He points out they don't look or act human anymore so really we should blow them out of the water. Ledo looks conflicted. Pinion has finally be lead to another equally large and wasteful space. He waits to be greet and plays with a little cube on the table. He finally figures out how to open it and POOF it is Kugel's suit. It was all a test to see if Pinion was worthy of joining their crew. They want him to make more weapons and what not. Pinion has his ego inflated and basically says yes. But then some creepy cult people force him to read a message over to Flange's fleet that says surrender or nice words. Flange allows this to happen as he does not want his people to suffer. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Pinion slowly starts to realize things are awful here and they are basically prisoners in a cult full of crazy people. Chamber informs Ledo that Kugel is not sick and probably stays inside the suit to rule more effectively. Ledo is still feeling iffy about everything but decides to follow Kugel anyway. That is until Kugel tells Ledo that his next plan involves Amy's home. OH NO!
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At least Ledo has woken up.
X____X This episode did not go the way I thought it was going to go. Like there was a small detail that happened in the last episode that I thought was so insignificant I didn't bother mentioning it. is where the series is heading. Gosh to show you how things can change at a drop of a hat!
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Wait you are talking about the cult people?
So what was the tiny detail I thought wasn't worth mentioning? The crazy cult people on the boat. See I thought that we were seeing a glimpse of the past. That Chamber was talking about how humans gave up their humanity and became squids with lazer beams on their bodies. That we were seeing an image of the cult after the mass exodus from Earth and how they threw themselves into the ocean via The Little Mermaid and became Hideauze. Because I thought after we saw the humans we then saw an abandoned ship of husks and what not. So I was like okay that is all part of Chamber's explanation and it is not worth mentioning.
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Think of the mission!
WRONGO! Turns out that Ledo's boss Kugel has been hanging out on Earth, the other side of the planet, with the cult people the entire time. Look at me missing the super important details. I love how 5 seconds ago Ledo was crying and laying on the ground muttering that his life was a lie and he no reason to live and now...POOF! See you Pinion and other people I don't know, it is time for me to go back home. I do think it makes sense though. Ledo has been through a trauma and needed something to cling to. That and he was only there to pass the time and kill whalesquid. So Ledo's change of heart makes sense.
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Um...have you not been paying attention?
I don't think Pinion handled this very well. All of which is amusing. Ledo leaves behind Pinion and gang and everyone is like X____X he left us. The Lawyer left us! But Pinion convinced Flange and all his fire power to leave Ridget. So what goes around comes around. HAHAHA! Pinion has just been using Ledo. He never really liked the kid, threatening to kill him under his breath. Yes he made sure that Ledo was alive last episode when said Ledo was in a trance. But I think that is more of Pinion keeping track of his firepower. So...yeah it was comical. Pinion was acting all big and bad with his new find and now it is quickly crumbling. All sad for Pinion? I think not. XD
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I hypothesize everyone is insane.
Things did escalate fast. I thought maybe Ledo would go over and talk to his Commander first and then Pinion would find himself in trouble. But things seem to happen at the same time. Ledo happily flies over, like a kid going to see Daddy after a long tour of duty while Pinion is summoned by...well Rackage. Surely this show is taking an interesting turn and I think the days of Hideauze killing are long behind us. HMMMMM maybe there will not be a bloodbath after all. Peace out aliens! I mean humans....
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Almost breaks your little heart. :(
Who to start with first...I guess that will be Ledo and his poor confused self. It really was nice seeing Ledo excited again. Even if he was a straight lace soldier before it all went down in space now he is a young kid eager to be told what to do. Thinking is hard!!!! I did think it was a bit odd that Ledo was accepting of Kugel staying in his unit. At first I thought Ledo was too blinded by WOOHOO to see how odd it was. Like...Ledo is outside his unit, what infection? Is whalesquid catching?! But then Ledo slowly started to see what was going on and by the end of the episode Ledo is like um you can stay in your tiny suit.
 photo suiseiepisode1110_zps468029e2.jpg
The non existent disease has gotten to his brain.
Kugel clearly has lost his mind. Like he got attacked in space and crashed into Earth and lost his damn mind. The opposite of Pandorum. Because he is a SOLDIER! I mean....all of this war stuff has been so imbedded in his brain and soul he cannot escape it. It's like Ledo's situation. He was so upset with his purpose gone and being “a lie” he could barely function. It must be worse for Kugel (Ledo clone?) who has lived with this lifestyle for so much longer. Even if he knew the truth. That is the only noncrazy thing about Kugel. He knew that these creatures used to be human and was like...okay but now they are squids with lazer beams on their heads. They are NOT human. But yeah. Despite the fact that the Alliance is about 4432943 million years away Kugel is going to keep with the mission statement and blow away the Hideauze.
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You won't be smiling for long.
Which means...turning people into crazy cult people woohoo! Did Kugel just travel around the world collecting people or did he land with these people first? Either way they have been drinking the crazy juice. I didn't think that Kugel would go this far in his...delusions, the face paint and what not. But the other stuff seems to make sense, the reward system and what not. Even if...a lot of people were sitting around doing nothing. Maybe they really need to go the District 13 route and give out uniforms and such. Rackage is too crazy looking. You know, amidst the other crazy people.
 photo suiseiepisode1116_zps782140e0.jpg
Does Kugel know that Pinion is really, really stupid in every other aspect?
I think the test for Pinion was a bit special. It looked to me he was just sticking things in holes. What do I know though. I thought he was just a welder and a salvager. You know, using things that were already made. But I guess Kugel's unit sees promise in this man. Pinion and his newly painted face has been appointed head of making super duper weapons to blow up Hideauze. I am not sure what happens after that but then again Kugel probably hasn't thought that far ahead.
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Your words do not comfort me.
All of this affects more than Pinion and Ledo. Flange did say that he went along with Pinion to find the treasure and make mankind better. However I do remember him cutting down Ridget on being inexperienced and what not. So his assholeness seems to be biting him in the butt. While his people are not dead they have been assimilated. Forgotten are the days of everyone doing what they want and smiles and random dances. Now it seems that everything will be precise. With face paint. I am sure the pirates are having such a great time with their new new home that is.
 photo suiseiepisode1119_zps475a9a77.jpg
What about the Hideauze... :(
While Ledo was super happy to see his Commander (clone?) it quickly deteriorated as the conversation went on and on. Fight the previous humans aka gross whalesquids? Governing these free Earth people? But the final nail in this happy reunion is Kugel saying that Amy's people are his next target. Ledo was like whoa back up there. I was willing to ride the insane train a little longer but Amy? Amy and her carefree smile? No. We draw the line there. So....this is what the show will come down to. Ledo protecting Amy and friends from Kugel. Not the Hideauze biting Pinion's face off. Disappointment!


Eternia said...

This anime really takes as sharp turn this episode, huh. After human vs squid, human vs human, human vs squid, now it's back to human vs human? Kugel must have been crazy, yes? Should you worry about not being able to go home instead? But not only him, the people who followed him are also crazy. Do they really think that this way of living is good? Le sigh. I don't see them being threatened or anything, too.

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