Sunday, June 2, 2013

Duffy loves Cars (the movie) stuff!

 photo Duffy001_zpsa0cf4f5c.jpg
Look at all my new Cars stuff!
Since I love Cars and Cars 2 mom tries to find me little things from the movies. Because I am a spoiled Duffy. Of course she is spoiled too. But now it looks like I stepped out of the movie! I am ready to be part of the pit crew!
 photo Duffy002_zps4ff6eba5.jpg
Mom thought this was a NASCAR outfit and that is why she didn't get it at first. Good thing dad set her straight. Don't I look cute?
 photo Duffy003_zpsf56487fa.jpg
My tiny Cars from Star Wars weekend. Mom got me a two car pack instead of one thus they are sorta little.
 photo Duffy004_zps0207fc03.jpg
They fit perfectly in my hand though yay!
 photo Duffy005_zps796433b9.jpg
This car sounds like Lightening McQueen. BRRRRMMMM! Do you feel the need for speed?
 photo Duffy006_zpse14a58e2.jpg
Mom found Mater and Lightening McQueen at the Goodwill. A dollar for both of them! What a great deal yes?
 photo Duffy007_zps02f89bbb.jpg
I hear a noise coming from the suitcase. :(
 photo Duffy008_zps30fdc76b.jpg
XO It is the new Duffys mom and dad got from their anniversary trip.
 photo Duffy009_zpsbcb0dfee.jpg
It looks like they want to play with my new Cars toys. They are new to the family so I must make them feel welcomed. That and I have lots of toys.
 photo Duffy010_zps827cf598.jpg
Playing together is fun! Thanks Fluffy and...well I guess 2013 Duffy needs a name since that isn't a good one. I am sure mom will think of one!

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