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Arata Kangatari episode 8: Rise of Career Tribute Masato!

Hello there my lovely readers? How is the weather treating you? Today I found out that my husband is not allowed to leave his base if there is lightening within 5 miles of the base. Since the base is not located on a body of water...I kinda am amused about all that nonsense. I am glad he is safe but that is a little ridiculous. He is in the military. Bullets are okay but rain that might be 5 miles away? Psht.
 photo arataepisode816_zps025c38db.jpg
You talking to me?!?!?! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME!!!
But the husband is home safe and sound now. And all the laundry has been done. Which means anime blog posting time! Up first is Arata Kangatari episode 8. Spoilers for Masato the super angry!
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By herself. Hope Akachi isn't around!
Episode Summary: Kanate and Hinohara are busy training away in the forrest. Hinohara thinks he needs sword practice yet fails to pay attention as Kannagi is staring at them, like the most bored person ever. Kannagi demands food and Hinohara points out that food is coming, as they sent out the weakest member of their group alone to search for noms. Great plan. Kanate, Hinohara and later Kotoha talk about why the hell Kannagi is still around. Kanangi is fed and follows the group as Hinohara invited him but lets Hinohara know he is still after his god sword. Hinohara is like fine fine, we are enemies but TRUST ME! They continue walking along until it rains. Despite people saying they should look for shelter the group continues walking around in said rain. Kannagi explains they are now in Yorunami country, the pretty blue haired Sho Twelve. Kannagi says that Yorunami has the ability to control water. Kanate goes on and on how that is impossible but Hinohara starts talking to Kannagi about what the other ability of the other 12 could be. Kannagi sees that as Hinohara stepping and really wanting to do this King thing. Kannagi explains that a lot of the Twelve Sho really didn't do much together, just when special circumstances called for it. And that within the Twelve was a group of Six Sho that wore mask and were super secretive. Hinohara takes that as a sign to worry about them the most. While they are walking and talking another of the Twelve Sho is spying on the crowd in the trees, upset that Kannagi is more worried about the Six. At his little palace of water and funness Yorunami looks on. Or is waiting for his next facial. Back at the beginning of the episode the 6 were seen looking on at the Princess. They talk about how they could wait her out, that she would eventually die when she ran out of power. But if Hinohara was able to bring her god sword to the Princess all would be lost. So the 6 have decided that they are going to do something crazy. Insert of their own taking off his mask and going into the creepy woods that brings you to another world......
 photo arataepisode810_zpsaf0a5d60.jpg
Can someone explained the insanity?!
Back in the real world....well “our world” Arata has arrived home from school to awaiting worried Momma. She is playing along with this memory loss thing but is still sad that Arata isn't opening up to her. Arata says a few words to her and goes upstairs. Nao is like um no you need to call her Mom and let her take care of you. Mom hears this conversation but it is too confusing for Arata to handle. He goes upstairs to chill for a bit. In another part of the city Masato has lost his damn mind. It appears the boy has watched The Hunger Games one too many times and has decided that being Cato is a dream of his. Only an over the top Cato for no damn reason. Masato arrives home from school and is pissed that Arata talked to him. We are talking about throwing around furniture and other insanity. All because it appears Hinohara won a race with him in junior high. Cato Jr. decides that he needs to go take a walk and do whatever it is delinquent kids do when his father comes home. Dad seems to think Masato is a slacker, ever since quitting the track team his second year. Insults are thrown about, dad cheating on Mom and Masato is a loser. Out the door Masato goes to hate the world. As Masato stomps out Arata has been sitting around looking at the same damn pic of the junior high track team. Suguru and his stalker self pop up by the window looking all say and uke like. Arata jumps down and basically demands to know what is going on. Suguru confesses that if he didn't throw Hinohara under the bus Masato and the others would have picked on him. Suguru then basically says Hinohara/Arata can have his way with him since Hinohara is the best person ever. Arata decides that all of this of this means Masato really wants to be friends and makes Suguru help him find him. Masato has found his “friends” talking crap about him by some vending machines. Apparently picking on Hinohara has grown dull and the friends have turned on Masato. Masato overhears this conversation and the boys go to turn on him...but Arata comes and is like I will back you up Masato never fear. This really pisses off Cato Masato so he goes down a subway tunnel that looks like New York and not Japan and has his second world class hissy fit. Like rage against EVERYTHING and it's all Hinohara fault. Masato wants Hinohara dead...and POOF! It is floating in the sky time. That Shinsho 6 dude is floating in the air looking at Masato. He gives Masato his current memories of the situation and poof Masato is cackling in the world like a crazy person, saying he knew it. The rest of the Shinsho 6 take Masato inside and explain that only someone who really hates Hinohara can defeat him. Also there is another super duper god sword that can be unlocked...with 5 of the 6 Shinsho. They take him to this super secret place where the bodies of others who tried to take the god sword and lost. Masato is like RARW and goes to take the sword, letting his evil flow through. The god sword is like I accept you Cato Masato and POOF another crazy person is born. THE END!!!
 photo arataepisode86_zpsebe858c6.jpg
Well you volunteered for this job...sorta anyway.
What the hell folks? Like really. I might be on Hunger Games kick lately but I think all the references applied this episode and everyone is insane. So much crazy.
 photo arataepisode83_zpsaa4cb0c7.jpg
HEY! Baby steps!
First things first though. I am glad that Hinohara is practicing his fighting techniques. Because even he rather talk about trust and heal/suck people in his sword with the power of friendship he still needs to know how to fight. And I am glad that Kanate can teach him that. Good job guys. Just maybe next time don't send Kotoha alone in the woods to look for food. Have you guys not learned anything yet? Everyone look and hunt for food and then practice the sword fighting later.
 photo arataepisode84_zps0e8f0b53.jpg
Feed me some grapes please.
Kannagi was acting so....odd. Of course Kannagi being around is strange. I am glad that Hinohara acknowledged that he was caught up in the moment and regrets bringing Kannagi along. Its not like it was a misunderstanding and now the two are together fighting against the real enemy. No Kannagi actually tried to kill the princess so he could...well I don't know what. Can he bring his girl back or is that just a delusion? Either way he tried to kill the Princess and was willing to kill all the others for his goal. And decided to frame Hinohara for the hell of it. So...yeah this is all great, come along on the journey. Trust. Sit on the palm leaves and take in the sun, you goddess you.
 photo arataepisode811_zps9fcd040d.jpg
Walk walk walk...maybe they meant tomorrow?
But at least everyone acknowledges that this is weird. They may have used up all their common sense though as they continued to walk in the rain. We is in Yorunami country so lets walk in the rain all the while talking about looking for shelter. Why does everyone's hair look okay after all that rain? Mine looks horrible after some wind, let alone rain! But this gives everyone a chance to talk and laugh. Didn't you lose everyone important to you Kannagi? Where are the tears? Nowhere I see.
 photo arataepisode812_zpsa4b351a7.jpg
I want to be their friends too.....and then suck them into my sword.
During this walk Kannagi decides to talk to Hinohara about the other Shinsho. Well really Hinohara asks which you know...shows me he isn't totally brain dead on the matter. Kannagi very briefly talks about the main Shinsho, that they barely know each other and what not. Makes sense, since they are willing to turn on each other. The princess is in charge of them, otherwise there would be fighting. HMMM guess that all makes sense. What I was not expecting was all this.....division. We got the main Shinsho 12 but then within that group is a core 6. Like Career Tributes. We are super secretive with our masks and what not. Not that it makes sense to have such a big group since that means there is more to take out. Plus it just means the other part of the twelve should work together to be six too. Oh wait Akachi already ruined that? Carry on.
 photo arataepisode813_zpsd35f47d5.jpg
Maybe Kannagi has power envy.
Yorunami seems to be pretty powerful. Controlling the rain? Even if that is a rumor it just seems that Yorunami got a cool power and Kannagi got the short end of the stick. He couldn't even control the fire that killed his girl. And Akachi,...I don't even know what his problem is. They really should have fought against those guys first, especially since they are so secretive. At least you know what you are getting with the other Shinsho. But now we got another hot mess to deal with?
 photo arataepisode82_zpsb922fd46.jpg
How do you know this sword can do anything?!
Lets talk about them for a minute. Kannagi just got done saying that the 12 Shinsho really don't know each other that well. Then 5 seconds later all this 6 Shinsho business comes up. Why have they decided to work together to save the ugly mask business? How did all of that go down? Also some of their other ideas to save the...well more like their plans were special. A bit eye raising. This god sword of Arata's is something of legends and people doubted in existed. Yet these people know where ANOTHER sword is and know...despite anyone being able to touch it, that it can stop Hinohara and his sword. And this magical storage of said god sword only needs 5 people to open it. Well isn't that special...since they just sent one of their own to the other world so Masato won't have a sword to open it. SO MAGICAL!
 photo arataepisode814_zps48d10f6a.jpg
Is it a rule that being a Shinsho means you need facial tattoos or something?
But yes folks....why did that Harunawa volunteer for that? That is just too Career Tribute for my taste. Unless there is a way to get back to your proper world it seems like a one way trip. So basically this is all goodbye to Harunawa? Like the rest of the 5 don't care? There has to be more to this. Also what does that mean for Arata in the real world? So actually reason for being?
 photo arataepisode817_zps7e059f4a.jpg
I would keep on worrying....
Oh yes the real world. The momma is not having a good time dealing with all this....thisness. Arata seems like he has been okay. Not causing too much problems, not telling her that Hinohara was still being bullied. Yet him insisting that he is not Hinohara and running off.....while having memory problems has given her a bit of a reason to worry. Good thing sister is there to keep things in check.
 photo arataepisode89_zpsd9259030.jpg
A stalker?
Arata does seem to be obsessed with making sure Hinohara has friends. I know that Arata is very limited on what he can do to help Hinohara but this seems minor in comparison. Well at least to me. Not Suguru the stalker. Isn't he creepy? I know he feels bad but damn! Damn! Slip the kid a note or something but how is this helping? It just makes you look really creepy and what if Masato found out about you being at Hinohara's house? You would get bullied and this would all be for nothing. I guess it is a good that Arata was there for a shoulder shrug and yay friendship...but I think Hinohara would have forgiven him too.
 photo arataepisode87_zpsa5b76883.jpg
That of course leads us to....Cato Masato. The insane person of insaneness. Like for real folks. What is this kid's problem? I know the show hasn't done a good job informing the viewer the extent of the bullying. As in I don't know why Hinohara is so scared of Masato and how bad the bullying really, really was. I know people have told me it was worse in the manga but in the anime it doesn't LOOK that bad. So on the flip side I don't really know why Masato needs to bully his former friend. Or what Hinohara did to make him so mad.
 photo arataepisode88_zpsd8c1b549.jpg
I mean really folks...all I kept seeing is one race. Masato keeps saying that Hinohara looks down on people and we see this one picture of a winning team and Masato and Hinohara running. WHAT HAPPENED?! What happened to make Masato this level of insanity?! Did Hinohara really just lose one race and it was the end of reasoning? I just really...find it comical when Masato is losing his mind to this degree. Arata talks to him and bookcases go flying. Breaking beds. Books flying. Goodbye cabinets. Just...what the hell?!?!
 photo arataepisode815_zps7eb81cf7.jpg
Run Masato run!!!!!
Add in the fact that Masato is not having a good life with his dad and friends and that just spells trouble. With the dad...I can see some sides of the story. In Japan kids are supposed to do clubs or cram school. Something. Instead Masato is just getting in trouble. But...if Dad was cheating on Mom and causing problems at home I can see how Masato grew to hate everything and be a brat. Time to rebel and stuff. In regards to the bully friends turning on Masato...well that makes a lot of sense. Bullies pick on others and if Masato got knocked down a peg or two well he is easy prey now. So all the kids are jerks.
 photo arataepisode818_zps729f8140.jpg
Yet this is all Hinohara's fault! Rage against the subway system. Arata (Hinohara to Masato) shows up to keep Masato from getting his ass kicked and it is just ANGER! I know that the kid is having problems with the family and maybe losing that race was just the last straw. But this rage....all directed towards Hinohara is too much. I will kill him? Kill him? It's not like he fired you, killed you cat, stole your car, and slept with your husband. Wait is that it? Did Masato get rejected?!
 photo arataepisode8_zps96ad8587.jpg
He questions none of this insanity. Just.....there are very words that make sense for Masato.
All of this rage means that Masato is the perfect choice to switch places with Harunawa. And since he is so comically upset he doesn't really care what has happened or why it has happened. Oh Hinohara is hiding here? I WILL GET HIM! Oh these freaks in masks want me to risk my life to grab this awful sword? Psht I got it. It is like the human being that once was Masato died and has been replaced with just anger. So much anger all over the damn place Masato can't see how insane this all is. Of course that means it will be just sweeter when Hinohara saves him yes? Yaoi ending theme song indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

All right. Since I didn't comment on episode 6 & 7, I'll do it now along with episode 8.

Episode 6: Karma is very harsh. What happened to Kannagi was definitely karma for what he did to the princess and Reality Arata. And karma will definitely happen to Akachi as well. That's all I have to say for that episode.

Episode 7: It was cool to see more of Fantasy Arata in the real world. When he kicked that jerk Masato in the face and called the other jerks wimps, it was the shinning moment of awesome for that episode. I hope we see more of Fantasy Arata being awesome!

Episode 8: Only four more episodes to go. Things are definitely rushed because the animation company was being cheap. Masato's background should have been fleshed out more to make the audience understand. But no, the animation company has to say, hey, this guy has a crappy childhood and life. So let's turn him into an insane killer in one episode out of twelve because we're a bunch cheap suits that only care about profits and Arata Kangatari isn't Little Busters! >:(

Yeah, it was nice to see Reality Arata learning how to fight.
It's also nice to see him mature and grow instead of being a whiny shrimp. I really want to see him become a hardened badass by the end of the series. A real man.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

First anonymous here again.

Forgot to add:

I find it funny when Fantasy Arata was trolling Masato by being calm and confused. Fantasy Arata was acting like, "What is this? I don't even know?" of the entire dramatic situation with Masato. I don't know, folks. I find it funny. And your first screen shot, Christina, was a good illustration of what I meant by trolling.

Again, I hope we see more of Fantasy Arata but we only have four episodes to go. So, I doubt it. :(

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Did my comment get delete again?! Why oh why?!

Well, here goes again,
If you read my comment on ep6 and 7 you will know for sure why Masato is so Mad and + some of his background issues, and how Hinohara come to be the person he is today, before he inter Amaokuni (the magical world)

Enough said.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I hope that common sense comes and kicks everyone in the ass. I mean overthrow one ruler so you can have a 1 in 12 chance of being the next one? Oh and if you lose you are dead? Karma indeed.

I wish things would be a bit more difficult for Arata. He is like whack look at me solving all my problems with a high kick!

But I think if Arata knew the truth behind Masato's anger he still have the same expression. Like um are you insane?

Anonymous 2- Masato being so mad over that issue really does drive home the fact that he is Cato. Or even moreso. At least Cato grew up in a horrible situation and was groomed to be a killer. Masato won a race because his friend let him. He needs to calm the hell down. Or Hinohara needs to file a restraining order against this asshole and go to another school. He is certainly not worth all this effort.

I don't think any more explanation on Masato would make me like that guy. He has been wallowing in self pity for way too long. All over a tiny issue and he is running around with death threats and destruction. He needs to get a grip.

But yes seeing Hinohara try and become a better fighter is a breath of fresh air. So the battles can look more believable.