Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update from Tenchi Land. Formerly known Sad Panda Land.

Behold for I am alive and have not forgotten about my blog. Although looking at the lack of posts in June and seeing that I am far behind on anime posts it might look like I have packed my bags and moved permanently to sad panda land. I probably should call it something else as living with pandas would be cool. Or I be rich, selling pandas to zoos. XO

So where have I been? Working!!! XO I know right. Where was the post saying cross your fingers or how sad Tenchi was from putting on all these applications and no one hiring her? How can Tenchi get a job without leaving the house? XO ANd will Tenchi always be behind on blogging now? I's not like I was posting on time when I sat around the house all day.  

Up until recently the friend was unemployed and looking for a job everyday. One day she found out an old co-worker was managing several dry cleaning jobs and practically hired the friend on the spot. The friend also got another one of our friends a job there instead. One the day of which there was much firing and gnashing of teeth I went to the friend's work to tell her what happened. The manager said to fill out an application and said they would think of me in case something came up. 

Goodbye pizza, hello dry cleaning!!! Something came up obviously. I get a call on Tuesday asking if I still needed a job. X___X Yes please. So Wednesday was spent finding casual work clothes that are actually casual and not covered in Hello Kitty. Then Thursday, Friday, and today were spent...working!!! XO I always meant to blog when I came home from said new job but considering I have been a couch potato for three weeks my body was like NOOOOO stop moving. Oh that and I had to do this thing called get up at the crack of dawn to open said store. Early? What is that? On time to work? Could this be Tenchi? 

So yes there are apologizes for my lateness in posting. I hesitate to say this will work out as I don't want to jinx myself. But considering I was given 28 hours in three days I think they seem happy with me. A lot to learn since my life for the past 5 years has consisted of sauce, cheese, and pizza boxes but I have picked up a lot already. Oh and did I mention this is just a drop off dry cleaners and not the actual plant? No chemicals or machines. XD I am thinking that I will be working at least 5 days a week which might affect my blogging schedule. Once I get into the swing of things and my body learns what 5:30 am is I will settle into routine and things will be more regular. 

For now I am super happy. XD There is a birthday Disney trip planned for job finding friend. Now I will have the funds to do so. Oh and maybe fix the sad T.V. So there is the explanation of where the heck I have been for such a long time. I will now attempt to return you to your regular anime reading. Also...cross your fingers this job works out. XD Oh and if you type in anime girl off to work...yeah not a good thing on some of the pics. X___X


Eternia said...

Congrats, christina. I am really happy for you. How long have you worked at that new place? How many hours a day? How many days in a week? I am pretty busy myself. From Monday to Friday : 07:30 to 16:00. Saturday : 07:30 - 14:00.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Congratulations on finding on a job! You're very lucky that someone hired you in this recovering economy!

Let's hope that there won't be too much craziness or insane drama like at the old pizzeria.

Glad for you! :)

Out of curiosity, have you sent an application to Disneyland? I imagine you would enjoy working there everyday!

That's all.

Christina said...

Eternia- Thank you so much. I certainly was a sad panda for a while. Couldn't even have fun blogging anime!! At my old job I worked a lot of hours 3 days a week. At this job I either work Monday-Friday for 6 hours a day or Monday-Saturday, with Saturday being 8 hours all alone. So yeah I just need to get adjusted to waking up when normal people are up and not having so many days off to get all my chores done. That is a shame you have to work every Saturday though. :( I think having two days off in a row is very important for worker morale and productivity!

Anonymous- I am super lucky, especially considering that the day I got fired was the day most kids were finishing graduating from high school and gobbled up all the jobs. My friend started at this place a few months before I was fired and managed to get me and another friend a job, with another friend waiting in the wing to get ANOTHER job. Very blessed indeed.

I don't think anything can top the pizza place. From what I can tell the owners actually have RULES for the employees which helps people tow the line but also back them up when customers act a fool. Good news for me.

Funny you should mention Disney! My husband has mentioned that when he retires from the military he wants us to move to Orlando and work at Disney as the nice old people who hand out stickers and generally spread a little magic each day! XD