Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Karneval episode 10

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You shall not pass!
So sleepy doing nothing all day! I need to crack down and get things done tomorrow. Yeah I will get up early and clean the house and blog anime episodes!!!! XO The get things done day! But for now it is Karneval episode 10 time. Spoilers for.....magical unicorns gone mad?
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Oh wow poor Gareki...I should go threaten him!
Episode Summary: An old woman was walking in her village when....Tsukumo floats by all Black Butler style dead in a boat. Rose petals and everything. The old woman follows her down the river while others look on. When Tsukumo reaches the end of the river Hirato poofs and scoops Tsukumo up. He states a drug has placed young Juliet in a death like state and POOF Circus magic has brought her back to life. He apologizes to the crowd and promises to be back to make things better later. Yogi is still in the hospital recovering from his “allergy” so Gareki and Nai are shipped off to...well Ship 1. Jiki and Kiichi get them registered and tell them they are not guests. They take them to a disgusting room and tell them to clean it by the time Kiichi comes back. Gareki sees this all as a challenge and is RARW I will bitch. Only Nai didn't get that message and tries to bond with all the robot bunnies in the world. Gareki notes that Nai is cute and special....and makes the bunnies help clean the room which pisses Kiichi off. At dinner time Tsukitachi informs everyone that Tsukumo is okay. Once the cheering has stop Gareki mentions Tsubame. Gareki tries to be cool about it but says she is doing all that can to help the cause and to support Gramps back at home. Gareki tries to change the subject by asking how Circus can do all these amazing things. Tsukitachi is like oh we are going on a mission tomorrow, we can show you then. Jiki is upset about this and decides to punish Gareki and Nai in a training exercise. It was basically showing Gareki how weak the boy really is. He talks about how Gareki doesn't know how strong the real enemy is and really Gareki is around to keep Nai in check. Gareki is a little pissed but that night it is Nai who was the most upset by these words. Nai ends up leaving the room and being kidnapped by bunnies before being taken to Tsukitachi. He talks about how he is tired of people (Gareki) being in danger because of him and just wants Gareki to be safe at home. Tsukitachi is like what home does Gareki have which makes the little Pikachudragon think. Tsukitachi urges Nai to do his best and Circus might help him with his problems.
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That is our secret love spot!
Yogi finally wakes up in the hospital and tries to escape but Akari is on to him. It doesn't help Yogi at all when he learns that Nai and Gareki are having a super fun time on Ship 1 and are going on a field to somewhere special today. It turns out this super special place is an animal sanctuary and lately there have been poachers coming around killing the little critters. Well the poachers have also been coming up dead so Ship 1 along with Azana and some other researchers have arrived to see what is going on. Nai is taken with Jiki and most of the researchers to check on the animals while Tsukitachi takes Gareki inside some cave. He explains this area is rather special and cut off from the world thus the creatures here have evolved differently. As such there are special properties to them and Circus has taken the time and energy to find out what is special about them. A cell called Icura. They were able to take this cell and make all that Circus has today. But it takes a person with really strong character to wield such power this the few members Circus does have. HMMM Yogi. Outside one of the researchers is looking for a particular animal when POOF...it appears and looks like the monsters Circus has been fighting. It turns on people and starts attacking. Kiichi springs to action and one of the male researchers cries, begging them not to kill the anime. Both Jiki and Kiichi are pissed and for good reason. The male researcher apparently gave this animal some sort of drug to help it fight off predators but now...yeah its just a monster. The researcher starts crying, saying the man who gave him the drugs claimed to work for Akari and thought he could be trusted. Jiki protects those who are not in Circus while Kiichi fights. Yogi even shows up to protect Nai and Kiichi takes out the monster with compassion. Gareki and Yogi have a dramatic reunion, revolving around Gareki never saying Yogi's name. All the Ship 2 people go back to Ship 2 to find Tsukumo waiting for them. Hugs and welcome home for all! Well until Jiki shows up and says he is staying for a while. For a second somewhere else Karoku's condition is talked about, that he won't survive long? Back in their rooms Nai has decided that Gareki's new home is this ship and that Gareki should be with them forever. Gareki dies of embarrassment but decides he wants to stay longer too. THE END!
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Does Nai not remember that home? Poor Nai.
Well....well. Just a lot of well. But yeah I think it is safe to say that this show is going to get a second season. To explain why everything is taking its sweet time being explained and what not. Which is fine. Not everything has to be thrown at someone at once. Less hurt on the brain.
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Wish my hair looked that perfect when I slept. :(
I really didn't think that Tsukumo was dead. Clearly Karoku poisoned Tsukumo to return her to Nai. Somehow. Of course some super secret message on Tsukumo somewhere would have helped. But Tsukumo being alive is a miracle in itself yes? I mean why didn't Frick and Frack AKA Kagiri and Kiharu do something to the “body”? Like you are going to pay CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF! Or at the least Kagiri should have taken her clothes. Uro and his talking to himself....self would want to parade the dead body around or at the very least take the bracelet. So does anyone know besides Karoku know what happened to Tsukumo? Like he was trying to help her escape but knew she was going to get caught? All of this is doubtful as a boat full of roses is pretty attention drawing. We will have to chalk this up to anime magic that Karoku turned Tsukumo into Juliet and no one messed with the body.
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XO Look at that face on Hirato!
But did we see how serious Hirato was when it came to bringing Tsukumo back to life? I might have to put my yaoi glasses aside and look upon this pairing. Hirato is obviously older than the girl but when does that matter in the world of anime? Hirato is usually very calm and collect, but he was struggling to keep his composure. Characters....having feelings....not being stuck in one role? Nonsense. Hirato might be cold and calculating but apparently he has a heart. So he must like Nai and wants to keep the boy alive yes?
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Um...hello to you too?
Despite being rescued Tsukumo needs to rest and Yogi is still down for the count. Nai and Gareki have the ultimate pleasure in staying with Ship 1. Perhaps it is because we haven't seen the human sides of Jiki or Kiichi yet. That we have only focused on Ship 2. Or maybe....Jiki is just too weird to understand. Although I can see growing on him than Kiichi. Still I can see her point that Yogi is “weaker” and cause problems for Circus. Just I haven't really seen her talent or why she thinks her opinions matter. Or maybe it is the way she does it, kicking and kicking while Yogi lays there and takes that. All of that being said I do think that Nai and Gareki should help around the Ships more but not be treated like slaves. Or be laughed at, like haha you had it easy on Ship 2, suffer our wrath!
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If you are going to force me to sparkle I will sparkle the brightest!
Gareki...the ever suffering main character. He probably thought I am escaping Ship 2, to be with normal people! Only he gets there and is desperately searching through that room of crap to find my yaoi colored glasses. It was all a lie he told himself, he probably felt really bad about the circumstances behind them being on Ship 1. However Jiki and Kiichi failed at being the tiniest bit supportive and Nai wants to spend the entire night brushing creepy bunnies. Gareki has to sigh and embrace the madness. If you can't beat them make the do the work for you.
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Gareki must not feel!
Is there anyone else in Circus besides the Captain and his two minions? That was a rather big dinner table for three people (minus the guests). Is the entire crew made up of rabbits! Circus needs to hirer more people! Oh and then there was talk that Tsukumo was found and that Tsubame is doing well. But lets talk more about the creepy bunnies!
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So you want to know about my special bracelet do you?
While Gareki was trying to avoid talks that made him seem human the topic of their bracelets came up. FINALLY! FINALLY FOLKS! We got all this power, magic if you will, flying around and no one has asked about it yet! Like the pink elephant dancing with a lampshade in the middle of the room. Now of course we didn't get to learn about it right away. No no Jiki had to get all upset and throw his weight around with Gareki. Like look the real enemy can spit us all out and you pretty much suck when it comes to fighting. That is what Gareki gets for asking questions. Maybe I was wrong about Jiki being different from Kiichi. :( Gareki and Yogi need each other for support!
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I only want Gareki to like me!!!!
I like how this ships travel at the speed of fast. Because POOF we are here folks, time to investigate. Of course Yogi did get their rather fast too....maybe the area of the world Circus is in charge of isn't that big. But that is details, details. We are finally going to learn why Circus is so special. It dawns on me the answer could have been people. See, we grind people up into magical sparkle dusts and TADA bracelets. Because the least likely answer is the correct one in anime. It is always people!
 photo karnevalepisode1013_zps9ee255ae.jpg
Not that this matters but Gareki has a much better outfit this trip. XD
Okay okay it wasn't people. Instead.....well it sounds like animals. X___X Not that they are cutting tons of animals up and taking their blood. Just that animals have a special cell in them, a super cell called Icura that makes their evolution special. Not that any of this really makes a whole lot of sense but if you throw an unknown compound in it makes the answer not matter. Because you can't really question it or refute its correctness. Just oh....sparkle animals and you took something out of them and now you can make top hats and ghost girls into weapons. Gareki seems impressed, give that kid a bracelet!
 photo karnevalepisode1015_zpsaa215d33.jpg
My what a magical girl weapon you have!
The others...well they did not have such a great job on this outing. Turns out that poachers are killing this animals. X___X Do they have magical flying ships too? But yeah if these animals are super special and important maybe they should be protected better and not after the fact? Not a zoo but something like a preserve, where help is more available? Poor little animals.
 photo karnevalepisode1014_zpse22a0cce.jpg
The final frontier!
There was a line that was almost thrown away but seems rather important. One of the researchers gave a giant Fail Unicorn a drug that would make it stronger against poachers. OH NO what could that medicine be?!?! Yeah but it was almost said so fast that it was hard to pick up on, the real meaning. Someone claiming to be with Akari gave you this drug? Researcher is dumb but smells like there is a spy in the house.
 photo karnevalepisode1016_zpsa1d15586.jpg
This is how they express their love.
Kiichi killed the poor unicorn and all but lets talk about how Yogi got there and everything about his allergy was swept under the rug! Um shouldn't be grieving for that dead animal? Hello no Gareki you said my name! Everyone rejoice! Gareki should just accept his is special.
 photo karnevalepisode1017_zps5e0d2a72.jpg
Poor Gareki. Just....this is your life now.
The reunion on Ship 2 ends the episode. Well and the addition of Jiki for some unseen reason. Shouldn't he be investigating who gave the researcher the drug? No instead we got Yogi happy that Gareki is there and Nai suggesting they stay there forever. Oh and Gareki blushing like a fool and trying to pretend he is there for revenge and not because he likes these people. Wave Tsukumo!!!!! Wait were there any clues on you? Guess it doesn't matter now.


Anonymous said...

Awww~ Gariki, I always wonder if I should I say your life is awful or awesome............

Anonymous said...

Looking at the snowman,"I see......so Yogi has evolved into such a simple form".

LOL OMG Akari-sensi's face was priceless at the end. >V< LOL

Anonymous said...

In the manga, Nai had eaten some pheromone plant during dinner at the 1st ship wich made all the animels at the protected land there crawl onto him except the one turned varuga, wich made him suspicious. It was a funny moment, too bad they cutted it out. >_<

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think that Gareki suffers. As much as one can suffer in a super cool flying ship and amazing clothes and probably more food than he knows what to do with. Yes so much suffering, people begging to be his friends. XD Well I guess there is the danger aspect of Circus but he was always getting in trouble anyway right? He should be used to that.

Anonymous 2- I think that Akari is less fun that Gareki. Which might be impossible. XD Thus when all the insane things happen his expressions of -____- are that much more awesome. But to be fair it might be frustrating to work on people like Yogi. Snowman seem much easier.

Anonymous 3- Not only does that scene sound cute it would make more sense! The huge unicorn scary thing just....randomly got upset. No suspicion! At least with that scene there would have been more foreshadowing. And Nai "suffering". :D