Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Magic Kingdom first trip part two!

 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip526_zps08f6300d.jpg
Quick time to change clothes so people can say how cute I am!
After two and a half days of adventures I was getting a bit tired. All this fun is hard work. But after a huge meal at the Be Our Guest restaurant we were ready to take on more fun!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip529_zps5cab2810.jpg
If you push the honey away you can find the characters from Winnie the Pooh. I am a bear too, can I have a ride?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip530_zps49d50dd2.jpg
Play with the honey!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip535_zps6024e802.jpg
Hello there owl. I am here to ride a ride?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip537_zps55134a45.jpg
Here comes our honey pot. Onward we go!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip544_zpsd13b119f.jpg
Someone is drunk on honey....
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip545_zpsba3d60c0.jpg
Come back and see him real soon he says.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip547_zps53ed616d.jpg
I really blend in here. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip549_zpsfc11a2b3.jpg
Mom says this store needs more Lumpy. See anything at all.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip553_zps11397aff.jpg
After the Pooh ride it was time for The Little Mermaid ride. It is still pretty new but the line wasn't too long.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip554_zps11b8181f.jpg
There is lot to see in line. Very interactive. People need to pay attention. XO Point!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip555_zps855834de.jpg
Can you see the little crab? Point if the little crab is dragging the wrong object around.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip562_zps3ed7c707.jpg
Bye Little Mermaid. Even though you are a human now.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip563_zpsd7347703.jpg
Close up of the castle. I like it when the lines are done up pretty.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip566_zpscf7f7140.jpg
Drunk like Gaston!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip567_zps5af701d0.jpg
All the poor little animals!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip569_zpsbb8fc13b.jpg
How does my pose look? Does it match him?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip570_zpsffc1e751.jpg
I am ready to rule all the princesses and princes!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip576_zpsc94dca33.jpg
Ready for another ride but it was cancelled due to...rain maybe coming soon. :( Safe is safe I guess but I think the lightening was way too far away if it was happening at all.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip584_zps1691fcf2.jpg
Time to shoot things! Dad's blaster didn't work too well which is sad since we waited a bit in line. Mom hit something big in the first room, her best score ever! Well without the riding stopping.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip586_zps1657a4eb.jpg
I ain't a baddie, let me out!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip593_zps0317345f.jpg
Um I don't recognize any of these snacks...
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip594_zps3349cdee.jpg
A door just for Duffys? WOOHOO FOR ME!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip595_zps11131609.jpg
Are we ready to laugh at THAT GUY?!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip598_zps02258f4b.jpg
Mom and I not riding Space Mountain. But the exit is the same as if you rode the ride so it wasn't boring.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip599_zps2dc533b0.jpg
Can I go to the moon next?
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip611_zps20b25c05.jpg
Quick outfit change! And a train ride. A good time to take a break and get to the other side of the park. This is the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, only with less people.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip614_zps83d583bd.jpg
More pirate stuff! A pirates life for me!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip616_zps35fbe30d.jpg
Time for the Haunted Mansion.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip617_zpsef2cc8b1.jpg
Can't reach it.....must make noise....
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip619_zps684f85e9.jpg
I see lots of dead people.
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip620_zps05a123d9.jpg
Since we had to drive home that night we left the park around 8ish. :( I didn't want to go but since we have annual passes now we can have lots of fun yes? Bye Mickey!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip621_zps3a7a5af1.jpg
The stuff mom bought this trip. All for Duffy I see. XD
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip622_zps0fbdbf32.jpg
My Star Wars and my Duffy paddle. We did all the countries before the park closed!
 photo DisneyAnniversarytrip623_zpsfbcb995d.jpg
All the pins mom and dad traded this time around. A lot of Duffy pins and two Cars ones! We had such a great time but very tiring. Can't wait to see what adventures await us next time.

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