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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 11

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I am pretty sure this world for humans is all hell so you need to be more specific.
Another post wee!!!! I remember a week ago I would be just getting my second wind! Night time I was super productive. Now my eyes are barely opened and I am hoping all the worlds are spelled right. But here is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 11. Spoilers for Pixie talking a lot and people not believing in Eren. Speculation thread at your service. Still not happy about the latest chapter of anger!!
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Eren is looking pretty okay considering how his day has been going.
Episode Summary: After being shown the last minute of last week's episode (which only spanned two minutes in “real time” Eren declares to Pixie that he can close the gap even if he thinks he can't do it. Pixie goes to gather the best of the best soldiers that are still alive while Eren talks to Armin and Mikasa about how bad things really are now, that they have to worry about humans as well as Titans. On the ground the mission plan of plugging the hole has gotten through in the ranks leaving people scared and confused. Most think it is suicide and different people react differently to....well this awfulness. Some talk of deserting and no one really cares that they are committing treason and can be killed on the spot. Most think it is inevitable until all the walls fall and they want to go home to their families before that happens. More talk of causing a major upset so people can leave. While this is going down Pixie is walking around the wall with Eren, talking about how there was once talk about how humans could be united if they had a common enemy. Eren is like...well Titans are here and humans still hate each other so that didn't work. Clearly this was the right answer as Pixie makes Eren a man with some booze. During this walk Eren sees Hannes and Hannes is like well hot damn Eren is important.
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I think we might be reaching that point soon.
While everyone is slowly freaking out Pixie finally addresses the troops, saying the plan is to use Eren, the military experiment, to carry a rock and plug up said hole. Naturally this plan shocks people and they start leaving despite Kitz trying to threaten people more. Pixie announces that everyone is free to leave without the wrath coming down on them. Only they have to live with themselves to allow Titans to live and terrorize their families. Everyone returns upon hearing that. Pixie also continues to bring on the reality. That everyone is alive today because all the refugees from the first wall falling were forced to die so the rest of humanity would have enough supplies to live. If another wall falls that will be their reality and humanity will turn on each other. So they can either die now or die later. DIE NOW FOR THE WIN! During Pixie's talk Armin has joined the elites in discussing how they can plug up this stupid hole. It is decided that almost all the troops will lure the Titans to the opposite side of the wall while the elites guard Eren and pick up straggler Titans and new ones entering the wall. This way the least amount of people die and the cannons can start taking out Titans. Pixie then talks to three of the elites, the other two in the back not being introduced because they will probably die. Mitabi, Ian, and Rico reporting for reluctant duty! After asking some questions Ian is put in charge of the group. Eren starts to say that Mikasa can't come but haha she is told to go anyway. As Armin goes to join the other people who aren't awesome someone kicks up the inspirational 80's music as the elites run to the section of the wall where the rock is. As they run everyone takes the time to tell Eren how this will all be his fault if the plan fails, as if that will make him perform better. The other soldiers have gathered many of the Titans to the wall but about 20 percent of them have squished. After forever the group makes it to the rock and for the third time Eren transforms into a Titan. Mikasa looks on Eren the Titan then smashed the building she is standing on. THE END!
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Best screenie from this episode.
….SO SLOW! So very, very slow. The rest of the 24/25 episodes of this show is going to be dedicated to rescuing this one town. I predict this show is the new One Piece. Okay maybe not. But yeah. At this pace we won't have to worry about the anime running out of manga material! It will be like a 5 season show! SO SLOW!!!!!! And yet I will take 483943 words to talk about it all.
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Apparently this was a test....
Commander Pixie though....he seems legit. Maybe him walking around the wall taking his time might be construed as...well wasting time. But this is a lot of information to digest. Inside his old person head he is probably weighing all his options, running numbers on how many people they can afford to lose if this fails, and how to best protect Eren. I am sure to everyone else though he was just taking a stroll with someone who needed a pair of shoes.
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The enemy of my enemy is 15 feet tall and trying to kill me. This is not working.
Was part of this time wasting walk around the wall important though? Was Pixie letting the viewers in on a clue? Putting the drinking aside Pixie told Eren about the before times. When men were fighting each other out of differences. Someone mentioned what if mankind could bond over a common enemy, would that make life better? Make everyone cast aside these differences and work together? So was that a major hint? That humans are somehow responsible for Titans existing? Let me guess the world was freezing over and humanity's best chance at survival was mutating themselves in Titans WEEEEEEEE! No? Okay. But yeah Pixie was dropping hints and Eren was like well it didn't work so who cares.
 photo ShingekinoKyojinepisode1110_zps03efcb24.jpg
Can I have an idea please?
Poor Armin. He is like a very nervous doggie. Guys my idea was just a way to save our lives. What if we fail? What if more people die?! What if Eren really is a Titan and this is all a cruel trick?! Where is the anime slap when we need it?!?!?! Poor Armin. But....I guess it is a pretty decent idea. If it is all futile since oh...the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan can just knock the hole back where it was. But for now the plan is good and Armin needs some medicine.
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CRY MORE! No really, please cry more so we can leave.
In fact...medicine for everyone!!!! Down below the walls people are not really doing so hot. Both groups of people, the Eren haters and the walled soldiers have joined together to form one group of scared people. Not that they are overreacting or anything. Well before Pixie and Eren announce their plan things were not going well down there. It is all fun and games until your friends get their arms chewed off. All of these people have seen and done awful things. Broken little kids playing soldiers.
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Um...I would like to resign now?
Well okay some of them are adults. But when there are Titans around I am sure everyone feels more child-like. Retaking the town sounds like an impossible task on a good day. But when Pixie announces that they are going to use their “secret weapon” Eren the Titan to plug the hole up.....well I can see why there was mass mutiny. Clearly this plan was made of fail and no amount of threats from Kitz the Liney face will stop that. Deep down though Pixie is able to reach people through a different kind of fear. Not what will happen to them but what will happen to their friends and family, the ones who didn't sign up to be soldiers.
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To die die later. That is the question.
Well that and his whole speech on what happened 5 years ago when the first wall fell. Sorta like humanity's dirty little secret. Hurry run, run to the safety of our walls! Only after housing the refugees for a year everyone is like well...this is not working. Go retake the wall with pitch forks. Personally it might have saved supplies if they just shoot all the people they no longer could care for but the results are the same. Now it might be a stretch, saying that everyone bears the same sin. Clearly if you are a little kid when this all goes down you are not to blame directly. Nor if you are a normal citizen inside the other two walls. But regardless the decision was made that those people died so everyone else could live. And if another wall falls they will be the ones cast out this time. So it is either die here or die later! What amazing odds and uplifting speeches!
 photo ShingekinoKyojinepisode114_zpsbb3dcab2.jpg
Walk bravely to your death.
Despite this uplifting message Pixie manage to find people with the least amount of faith in this plan. Like look, you know that Levi guy and his awesome powers? Well apparently he was just for show or he isn't as important yet. He is outside the wall and until then we have to deal with these ungrateful assholes. Okay maybe that is a little harsh. Just a little. Maybe these elite soldiers aren't dumb and know Pixie is full of shit and Eren might be dangerous. After the day everyone is having they are on edge and want to vent out their frustrations. Be a know concern as they take the slowest path ever running the wall.
 photo ShingekinoKyojinepisode1116_zps89d08b9c.jpg
When did Eren say that?
Mitabi and Ian weren't that over bearing. But Rico seems to be functioning with the notion that everything ever is Eren's fault. Even if Eren can't be trusted and she has no idea what is going on I am not sure what most of that was all about. Eren, remember those people are not chess pieces! Because you know that is what he was thinking the entire time. He came up with the plan and decided to rally the troops and pull this off. OR NOT! I can understand being upset and scared but Eren isn't the kind of person to assign value to people and see them as numbers. We see you trying hard Rico. Step to the left.
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Yay for amazing plans!
The episode ends on a not so happy note. Mikasa is not having the best day ever. No one really is but Mikasa is not used to having feelings so I am sure it is worse for her. But after supporting Eren and making it on the mission, being Eren's biggest seems as if Eren the Titan has turned on her. Eren in Titan form has maintained his humanity but now....well apparently it is Mikasa squishing time. Is Eren on the evil side or really too tired to control...whatever it is that is wrong with him? Either way I am sure Rico will not be pleased, characters will die, and I will once again wonder why this anime is called Attack on Titans. When will the fight begin?!


Eternia said...

The next One Piece and Dragon Ball. Haha.
-super slow pacing. check.
-a lot of staring and stills. check.
-unbelievable humans. check.
-ridiculous ability. check.
-yet really popular. check.

Christina said...

Anonymous left a message but I guess it got deleted? Not on my end though!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Shingeki no Kyojin episode 11":

And I'm not sure if Riko is a boy or a girl. Obviously I'm going anime only here.

Response- Rico is a girl. A very angry girl who hates Eren for being confused and Titan like. Clearly it is his fault.

Eternia- I am pretty sure Namek blew up faster than this "Arc" took. Granted Namek had like 5 minutes to blow up and this arc is an entire day/two days. Still...get with the program!!!

Apparently ANOTHER deleted post!!! X___X

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Shingeki no Kyojin episode 11":

Riko's seiyuu reminds me so much of Sakamoto Maaya that I keep thinking "Shut up, Ciel" everytime Riko speaks.

Response- Riko does need to do some shutting up. I know this is a horrible situation but hot damn everyone else is in the same boat, stop taking it so personally! XD But awe not Ciel. That poor little guy....

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