Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 12

Okay. Okay. So I am an awful slacker who needs to get her act together as half these shows have already ended. But it has been a long time since I have worked this many hours. Well not really. At the pizza place I worked a lot of hours in 3 days. Here at my new job I work a lot of hours over the course of a whole week. XO Not being overworked and all. That and I am trying this new thing called waking up in the morning and going to bed when normal people do. So right now I am having a learning curve at time management. Please bare with my continuous lateness.
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More like WILL you?
But here are two posts back to back so rejoice?! Up now is Suiseu no Gargantia episode 12. Spoilers for...well I guess Mami?
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And you is a heap of shit?
Episode Summary: Pinion is shown all the treasure that this creep fleet has. Well at least the weapon treasure. He is told to work on what he can and if its not usable he can keep it. Pinion starts to hapily work but Rackage appears and basically calls him a sell out. She says she is planning a revolt but either wants Ledo's help or Chamber. Unclear. Pinion is X___x at this all. Ledo has been thinking about what to do with the Gargantia situation. He wanted t save everyone from the Hideauze and now everything is a hot mess. Ledo tries to fix the situation by talking to Kugel via his suit. Kugel wants Ledo to really think about the human race and this....missionary mission. Flange and Melty work together to talk to Pinion about the insanity of the rest of the crew. Like they are zombies or something. Flange wants to leave before things get bad (um...) and Pinion mentions what Rackage wants to do. While Ledo is off being sad he notices a flying squirrel similar to Amy's. More sad times. The squirrel then....freaks out because of the rain and leads Ledo to another part of the ship. To his shock he sees a ceremony of some kind taking place to thank God for the rain. This ceremony involves throwing useless/old/sick people overboard as thanks. Ledo tries to save a kid but it is too late. The people sink into the ocean never to be seen again.
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Well thank you for finally waking up!
Ledo is pretty damn upset and asks Chamber what to do. Ledo realizes that he has never made a decision before in his life. Chamber says he is able to fight Kugel but can't morally answer the question. Ledo then gets the mission info and gives it to Melty so she can fly to Gargantia and warn the others. Ledo has faith in Melty and she almost makes it. She sends a signal to the ship before she passes out. Amy manages to find and save her to bring her back to the ship. Upon recovering Melty explains the mission. Ridget readies the fleet to change course like Ledo has suggested but Amy comes in and is like We can't let Ledo fight alone! Back on CultRUs the machines are readied for battle. Kugel is slightly worshipped until Ledo appears and is like we shouldn't be fighting at all! The two...then start to fight and Pinion sorta joins in, firing his lazer beam at opportune moments. Flange's crew starts attacking the cult people. The cult people try to use their suits but Rackage and her suits arrive to kick ass. Ledo doesn't want to kill Kugel and tries to talk him down. Kugel is like Alliance this and human future that. Despite being overpowered Ledo slams Kugel into a pipe and goes to open the cockpit to take out Kugel. Only...the minute Ledo opens said hatch Kugel starts to disintegrates. His head even falls off. His machine then switches to what I assume is super self pilot mode as Ledo looks on in X___X THE END!!!!!
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Work?! Does it involve killing Hideauze?!
Hello from work! I brought a bigger notebook to work today to see if I could gauge paragraphs better. I write kinda small though. The summary took up more than one page. X___X Hope that translates to less when I type it out. But woohoo to this job so far. Free time here and there is great.
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Rackage gets right to the point.
So first things first. Rackage might be poorly dressed and a pirate and probably a murderer. But she sure dressed down Pinion. Like really...really....really?! So when someone like Rackage is letting you know you suck...you really must suck. Like um where is your dignity? Are you really going to be blinded to the situation that EVERYONE is in because you are getting shiny new toys? Asshole.
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So many crazy people, so little bullets to shoot them with.
I see that Flange wants some sympathy too. Not sure if I have any to give him. They chose to go with Pinion the Greedy. Now granted it was Pinion who said come get us ALL here we are...but still....Flange and his people left Ridget because they didn't believe in her power to lead and protect. Now you are surrounded by crazy people. But at least they are intelligent enough to see the crazy through the trees. This fleet must assimilate you fast or people off themselves.
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Pretty please?
Another person not feeling this new way of life...Ledo. Which is rather sad. He was so excited that someone from his world was there. He was maybe going to put aside the Hideauze are human thing. A little give and take. Now Ledo wishes that was his only problem. Ledo can't be having his dancing girl Amy attacked. He left to protect her, not bring the crazy to her. So I am glad Ledo has eyes and saw this missionary event was....not so nice.
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Come with me if you want to live.
By the way....I know for sure a bloodbath is not going to happen. Do you know why? That flying squirrel. I mean....really. Really people? There doesn't seem to be many animals left on Earth and that one seems rather useless. So what are the chances that Ledo would find another squirrel? Slim to none. Slim to none! Thus at the very least Amy and Ledo will live and start a flying squirrel farm. Because one can not do that alone.
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You probably don't want to know but have fun running to find out.
But yes. Ledo and his flying squirrel were chillin in the rain and something else awful happened. Because Ledo has not suffered enough. No no, he has to really have no reason to live. Ledo's new flying squirrel buddy is like come and see why I hate the rain! These crazy cult people...apparently have found “god”. It is unclear if they really mean the Christian God or they think Kugel's suit is their god. Either way religion that takes things this far in never a good thing. I don't see it has a shot at any particular religion, just as a warning that religion should be about bettering your life and others through a connection with a higher power.
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And they are smiling. Yay crazy people!!!!
I doubt that can be reached through killing people by drowning them in the ocean. Of course this connected twice with Ledo as his society did the same thing, for the same reason. Well this cult was acting like they were killing these people to give thanks for the rain. But really Kugel was getting rid of all the people who couldn't pull their wait in this society. Out with the old and sick and in with the new and healthy. The brainwashing is strong with this society as everyone was okay with dying for the rain. Like weee we get to go to a better place now. If that is the case why doesn't anyone kill each other? Just very shocking and Ledo's mind probably exploded.
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Well that is a bit sad. :(
There was more exploding for Ledo has he sadly realized he has never made a decision in his life. Chamber weighs the situation for him and Ledo follows through. Ledo doesn't even see his leaving Amy as a decision, just something natural he had to do as a member of the Alliance. That must have been a very sad feeling for him. A lot of growing up he has done in this show. Now I think there should have been more sadness and emptiness but I guess time is not on Ledo's side. Good to know that Ledo wasn't so far gone that he couldn't recognize these things in himself. That wow I have been a sheep, time to step up.
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You can do it....until you can't!
Melty. X___X I am surprised she didn't melt in the sky. I am glad she stepped up and helped Ledo withi his new mission to save everyone but hot damn hommie could have died. I guess there wasn't enough power for an under water suit to make it. That and Melty is not that important in terms of fighting so she wouldn't be miss. Just that Melty could have died and she really took a chance that she could make it that far and that the calculations wouldn't let her down.
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We have to help Ledo! It has nothing to do with the fact that I love him!
It's not surprising that Ledo's plan for Gargantia was to run away. He might be able to think for himself now but he still wants to be the protector. And since Flange is the one with the firepower he just wanted what was best. To protect the weak for once, not send them off into space or the ocean to die. But Amy is not down for that. Amy seems to think this is Gargantia's problem....even thought Pinion being an asshole and drawing attention to them all IS the problem. Still Amy is like no we are in danger and we can't let Ledo fight alone. Which means that Gargantia will be able to help Ledo once and maybe not too many people will die. Still I think Ridget should have protected the most people and let Ledo have the better chance of winning. But....you know..I guess fighting an enemy on your own terms now is better than a sneak attack later.
 photo suiseiepisode12_zps9888d78f.jpg
We are the Borg!
Poor Ledo. He knows what he has do to but still wants to give Kugel a chance to see the light. Like okay we can still fight the Hideauze and yes maybe a little organization never killed anyone. But turning Earth into the super serious Alliance is not going to work, it won't bring happiness. It will bring efficiency to the extreme but that won't be a life worth living right? But Kugel is clearly on the side of the Borg this episode. They will be assimilated.
 photo suiseiepisode1217_zpsc4b3cde4.jpg
But I still don't like Rackage.
I thought the battle would last a little longer. But I guess if it got too serious we would have no more Chamber and Ledo would lose no matter what. Just that Kugel's suit had more power than Chamber and the power of friendship doesn't turn into energy for roboys. Unless there is anime magic involved. But everyone else got in on the battle too. Pinion and his lazer beam was a bit special as I thought Kugel should have been able to dodge a bit more. But it gave Ledo a little bit of time to get his bearings. The rest of the crew was fighting back too. I would have thought that some of the cult members would have joined the rebels, that they were just playing to save their own skin. Oh Rackage...leader of the rebellion. You are certainly not the Mockingjay but you get the job done.
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Um I think you already said that 5 times.
Since this show likes to end with a MOG moment...what was it this week? HMMM Ledo wins the fight and tries to talk to Kugel again. Only this man had no emotion in his voice. He started to repeat himself. He wasn't directly talking about what Ledo was talking about. Even if Kugel was a soldier I would expect something from him. A little anger, acknowledgment this is the best path even if it seems harsh. But there was nothing. Nothing at all. It started to feel weird and I sensed what was coming.
 photo suiseiepisode1218_zps8540eafc.jpg
Ledo would like to go back to the underage dancing please.
So when Ledo opened the hatch up and Kugel's head fell off I wasn't TOO surprised. I figured it out about 10 seconds before it happened. I mean...how clever of that machine, to say OH Kugel can't leave the hatch because of an infection or disease. Yeah that would be called AIR!!!!! So Kugel fell to Earth and died however long ago it has been. A long time given how gross Kugel turned in 5 seconds and how crazy the cult people have been. The machine has been running the show the entire time due to its own protocol or maybe Kugel was alive for the first few days to give the machine that idea? Either way it has been running out autopilot the entire time because it doesn't know any better. Does that mean there is no real enemy in this show? I don't think Ledo has time to think about it as Kugel's head is in his lap....


Eternia said...

It's ridiculous that this slut pirate would get along with them, considering what happened in the past.

Christina said...

Eternia- I know the enemy of my enemy is my friend but hot damn....can't there be a little bit of resentment?! This ain't Survivor where alliances only cost you a CHANCE at money, not your life!