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Arata Kangatari episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

Hello there my lovely readers! Today is the first time in like three weeks I stayed home all day. Laundry, anime, house cleaning OH MY! When one gets up in the morning and much can happen. XO I feel super accomplished. Many episodes of anime to come. Well I was feeling more accomplished until I saw that two more episodes were put on the web. Are all my animes going to be released on Sundays!?
 photo arataepisode127_zps5f1f8cdb.jpg
Oh yeah....forgot about you. XD
But for now we got to wrap up the Spring 2013 stuff. Arata Kangatari episode 12 FINAL EPISODE! Aren't you excited forever? No. Spoilers for....well Masato being Masato.
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In case you forgot about the bullying.
Episode Summary: Everyone looks on in awe that Masato has reappeared. It is assumed they are functioning with only half of their IQ points during this time. While Masato and Hinohara exchange words ALL other characters stand there like fish with their mouths opened. Masato says some crap about how he wants to beat Hinohara and Hinohara wants to...well we shouldn't be fighting at all!! Both boys pull out their swords (guns!) and Hinohara takes the defense and run stance. Masato chases him all through the palace, destroying it along the way (Spoiler Alert! It doesn't matter!). No one else moves. Kotoha wants to rally the troops and help Hinohara. Kannagi lacks a weapon, Kanate isn't a Sho, and Yorunami repeats about 10 times they have to put their trust in Hinohara the Magic Sho. Above the fight in the airship Masato's maid worries for the boy as the ( 5) 6 Shinsho hopes that Masato will take out Hinohara and himself at the same time. The chase continues, with Masato continuing to think about that horrible race that was and how Hinohara was SO RUDE to him. Hinohara does a lot of running. I can't remember what happens next but eventually the two boys make it back in front of everyone to continue their fight. I might have fallen asleep I don't know. But Masato uses his god sword and its skull head to attack which makes everyone X___X as apparently it transformed. Hinohara just defends as his weapon isn't that special. Masato keeps talking nonsense, how he came to this world on purpose to defeat Hinohara, that Hinohara has no idea how poor Masato feels, and other general insanity. Kotoha starts to feel bad for Hinohara as he mentioned before that Masato bullied him. Everyone else just thinks Masato is insane. Which he is.
 photo arataepisode124_zpsf7914c13.jpg
I will chop your head off!
While Hinohara has friendship power going for him it doesn't seem to be enough. Yorunami turns to his Minion Sho and says he will be submitting to Hinohara. All the Minion Sho are super upset. Yorunami says he believes in Hinohara and being one with the great Sho will make his mother happy. Everyone continues to be upset about this especially Hinohara as if he forgot this was his mission. Yorunami and Hinohara spend about 15 minutes talking about how we shouldn't be submitting at all!!!! Finally Hinohara agrees and Yorunami becomes sparkle dust all over the boy. Masato is like AHA look what you did, making Yorunami submit you evil person you. Clearly you want to be King and rule over others as you are the worst person ever. Hinohara and Masato then “fight” some more which eventually leads to the entire palace blowing up. No one dies and they watch as Hinohara becomes more and more confident with his powers. Masato keeps getting pissed off which makes Hinohara mad. When he has doubts he thinks/is told of the Princess' trust in him and what not. Suddenly Hinohara powers up his god sword and its all sparkly and such. Oh and maybe it grows wings. And makes land grow all around him. Everyone including the (5) 6 Shinsho are like XO as Masato is both in denial that Hinohara rocks while blaming Hinohara for everything ever. At one point in the fight Masato mentions Akachi and how he hopes he is watching the fight. This makes Kannagi :( as I guess he wanted Akachi's “Eye”. Nothing really matters as Hinohara's powers of trust blows Masato away. Masato vows to have a rematch against Hinohara. Ms. Maid has the (5) 6 Shinsho rescue Masato after his loss. After Masato goes on and on about how he hates Hinohara and wants to bathe in his blood Ms Maid says her line again about how much Masato must care for Hinohara. Hinohara is busy looking shocked at his power as Kotoha climbs up to hug him. When they climb down Hiruko and all the Minion Sho want to submit to Hinohara so they can be with Yorunami. After that the season ends with the speed of fast. Hinohara promises to change the world and save the Princess. The Princess is shown crying happy tears in her prison. Akachi is either having a nightmare about Emisu or the girl has been reborn. The other Shinsho are pissed about Yorunami did. Harunawa is in the real world cackling that the Shinsho 6 WILL have their dream realized. Hinohara talks to Arata and wishes him luck. All of this happens in 1 minutes and THE END!!!!
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What were you expecting me to change?!
Well then...wasn't this a special ending to a special show? At least we know for sure this show is getting a second season. Or it was planning on it as I don't know how the sales did in Japan. Were they good? I know financially companies break up things into second seasons but this seems more like a long epic show that goes on and on. No need for false ending of pause points.
 photo arataepisode128_zps3db00d02.jpg
Apparently killed his mom, fed mom to the dog, ran the dog over with a stolen car, and blamed it all on Masato!
I think I have said this 19 million times but Masato is insane. It was just a race. I know, I know Masato had a rough home life and he had fake friends who only liked him for his money and once he dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk and didn't have enough money for another one. The fact that Hinohara was his real friend made the transgression matter more. Just like Ms Maid said, you have to really care about a person if they can hurt you deep (or at least that is what I think she means). But hot damn this insanity. He let you win a race to make you feel better. Take a day, be pissed, and MOVE ON! Don't lose your shit and declare this was destiny. People in this country are ALL orphans and their husbands are dead plus their crops are dying AND are prostitutes. Don't you feel....petty? Or are you that insane?
 photo arataepisode1215_zps07d418ab.jpg
You are just so complicated. SO COMPLICATED!
When Masato says things like “you don't even understand”'re right. Crazy person. Did you tell Hinohara about how he hurt your feelings? Probably not. Sounds like you were upset that your friend “looked down” on you and quit the track team a minute later. 5 minutes after that the bullying started. But I guess Masato is pissed that Hinohara didn't fight back, that the friendship wasn't worth saving due to the lack of fighting, and that is why the bullying continued. Because hello I think Hinohara has paid enough. Just Masato is 15 kinds of insane, twisting things inside his head. Does it make sense that Hinohara magically flew into this world to become King and further insult you? No? So sit down crazy.
 photo arataepisode1217_zpsf3383cbf.jpg
are the worse person ever.
I guess...Hinohara could asked what he did wrong. I mean at this point I cut off the relationship and burn all memories of said person. I mean....your feelings can still be hurt but this is a toxic person and Hinohara should tell them to GTFO. However Hinohara is not me so maybe he should have asked what was wrong. Or at the very least scream back, I never did anything to you bite me asshole. I would say Hinohara needs to fight back but at this point his god sword is mainly a defensive weapon. But he has Tsutsuga inside there. Maybe that only works inside buildings. Anywho.....don't take this shit anymore Hinohara. Especially when Masato is spewing his hatred and lies in front of others. Explain yourself!
 photo arataepisode129_zpsf454c1ee.jpg
Or try to help. Or maybe not be hostages. Yeah lets go with that.
I know there was very little that could have been done in terms of other people helping. Especially Kotoha who was busy suggesting someone else go help. East to volunteer others yes? But what could half of them do? Yorunami....i guess he could have had the will to fight again, to support Hinohara. Like we are in this together and then submit after the fact. Kannagi has no sword at the moment. Kanate has a weapon for fighting...well nonSho people and animals. The Minion Shos could have helped but without the word from Yorunami they were going to stay on the down low. Also...they probably would have not been much help. All together maybe they could have landed one sneak blow but Masato is way too powerful for his own good. All of that being said....the facial expressions were amusing to me. Just so much derp.
 photo arataepisode126_zps47715b66.jpg
Rest in peace palace.
I think we need a moment of silence for the palace. I mean...that thing went through a lot before it was ultimately destroyed. I guess in the end no one is left to LIVE there (unless Hinohara unlocks the super happy ending) so does it really matter? Just it was so magical and lovely and Masato and his super powered self just acted like it was made of cardboard. Maybe the next Shinsho will schedule their battles outside. You know, if they win it would be nice to have a home to...well go home to.
 photo arataepisode1212_zpscba1285f.jpg
Oh wait I guess that is a good idea too.
So...there was mean words and fighting and mom Hinohara is touching me. The only way this battle was going to be won was if Hinohara got stronger. Because Masato landed in this world and was magically able to wield this sword because he has such hatred in his heart. And Hinohara has constant doubt all the time despite being powerful (HMMMM Accel World) so he can't reach his full potential alone yet. No no we need to power up Hinohara another way. Now only if they could think of something that would give Hinohara different, offensive powers. Something that Hinohara was planning on doing all along.
 photo arataepisode1211_zps0e97c9b7.jpg
Don't do it boss!
OH WAIT! Yorunami. You fought Hinohara, lost, and learned Mommy loved him all along. Clearly it is time to submit. Because not hating someone is the same as giving up your life as a human being DUH!!!! Why are people so willing to give away their lives. Which is what it is despite what others say. Even if Hinohara can later talk to their spirits. Okay so Yorunami became a better person. FOR FIVE SECONDS!!! What was the point then? Who wants to know their opponents better before you kill them? It just sets up a dangerous situation, when there can only be one winner Katniss and Rue. Why you might develop feelings for that person...
 photo arataepisode1213_zps6cbf5cd6.jpg
Don't do it Yorunami!
Oh wait that is Hinohara! All day long. Day and night. For the rest of his life. He bonds to people faster than innocent puppies. Why does Hinohara want to know these people better if there can only be one King. You know, now Masato and Kannagi have to “die” too. It might better to take out Masato now so you can just rush through everyone else and help the Princess like you wanted. But Hinohara is a “good” person. He doesn't want anyone to suffer. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Does he seriously not know what this quest is about? Did they really spend about 3490384 hours talking about this submitting thing before doing it? Hinohara get your head in the game. This is not a place for people like you obviously.
 photo arataepisode1216_zps08343a10.jpg
Way to see the point.
After Hinohara makes Yorunami submit things go much better for the soft hearted boy. Not the palace obviously. But Hinohara's god sword gets all pretty and the entire...well area becomes one huge sparkle fest. I think it looks better and was more earned that Masato's skull thing. is hard to read the crazy. Is he happy that the fight got more interesting or is he super pissed? Like curses why do these things keep happening for Hinohara, why can't anyone support me!!!!!!! Um maybe because you are crazy?
 photo arataepisode1218_zps1bc6238d.jpg
Super powers!
After Yorunami submitted the battle ended rather fast. Not only because Hinohara gained his power/offensive attack but now he has so many people counting on him and he doesn't want to let down their trust. And maybe his god sword senses his....well real feelings. Which could be why Masato is doing so well in terms of fighting since his god sword is beyond demonized or it was also evil. In any event Hinohara wins this battle leaving Masato to be picked up by the 5 Shinsho and his lovely maid who thinks these people are best friends. OH OKAY!
 photo arataepisode1220_zps0ae54c3a.jpg
I wonder how Arata would have done with this submitting stuff.....
Then the entire series is wrapped up at the speed of fast. Blink and you might have missed it! I like how the Shinsho 6 (or 5...) are all about getting rid of Masato. Guess their master plan doesn't involve becoming King as there are 5 of them. Hinohara gets some hugs for Kotoha. And the other Shinsho are pissed off because of poor Yorunami submitting to Hinohara they are out for blood. Even though eventually they were going to have to do the same thing.
 photo arataepisode1219_zps436744d9.jpg
I am sure the city can take care of itself.
Really I need to have a talk with Hiruko. The other Minion Sho....meh. I can understand their thinking. But Hiruko? He went and told Hinohara to save his Yorunami. Did he think that entailed just....fighting it out and talking afterwords? That the city would be saved and all would be well? UM WHERE WAS THE THINKING?! Because from where I am standing both Hiruko and Yorunami are BOTH gone. So who is going to run the city that Hiruko wanted to save so badly? I mean...I guess... Hiruko could have wanted to save Yorunami soul, like in the Christian sense, so he wouldn't go to hell. But for helping the people here and now Hiruko actions made no sense.
 photo arataepisode123_zps6601cd03.jpg
Err...and then make him submit? So just do it now and save a lot of people the grief.
In the end Hinohara vows to change the world....but that means everyone is going to have to submit to him. I am still thinking that he thinks he can bring everyone back at the end of this nonsense. I don't know why he thinks that. The sword is the sword of creation, not reanimation. XD And what about all the lives of nonSho people? I don't know. Hinohara seems way to keen on protecting everyone and getting to know them. I guess though he is banking on them living on in him, with their hopes and dreams. Seems like a heavy burden to bear. But if it helps Hinohara take out insane Masato I am all for it. Guess see you next season? Probably Fall? Hopefully with less sketchy artwork within the same episode?


Anonymous said...

What the Hell!!! WTF?! really WTF?! What is this really?!?! This is such a Disgrace to Yuu-sensei's work! The whole enterprise speaks more to the potential it left untapped than to anything that appeared on screen. The finale, like the rest of the series, was perfectly fine for what it was. It was competently executed and in context more faithful to the manga than it could have been, but the overriding question my mind is, why was the decision made to adapt this series at all, if it was only going to be 12 episodes.

There were just too many random dart board cuts from the manga between episodes 8-12, especially episodes 10 & 11. Skipping nearly all of a chapter several times never helps any adaptation.

I was a bit irked when the scene showed that Akechi basically shoved his eyeball into Kadowaki’s socket even though his eye was still there, until I read that Akechi actually gouged Kadowaki’s whole eye out THEN put his inside. Pretty sad that they sensor it, but oh well.

In fact, the Yorunami’s arc was the LONGEST arc about the element Shinshou, and I suppose probably the most standard of the 12 Shinsho, with Kasuga, Yataka and finally Akachi/Kannagi’s stories upping the ante each time...........Sigh~ I feel so BAD for Yuu-sensei. T_T

Christina said...

Anonymous- I feel as if this show had a lot of potential but in the end it was all about recapping the damn race and showing how trust was the word of the day. While this show is about Hinohara's growth getting to know the other characters is important too. So we can know how and why they act the way they do.

If Yorunami's arc is the longest season two is in serious trouble. I went by at the speed of fast. Those were some deep mommy issues but Hinohara's sparkly personality just saved everything? HMMM!

Also I think this submitting thing needs to be explained more. Like really why is everyone acting like it is the biggest deal ever yet want to do it because Hinohara is a nice person. I like to make friends, not house my soul in them.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Just finished watching the remaining episodes of Arata. Finally.

I'll keep my thoughts brief. Here they are:

Episode 9: Masato is insane. I agree with you on that. They should have had him submit earlier to Reality Arata and save everyone the trouble while focusing on the more plot-central antagonists like the remaining Shos. Also, I too would have broken off the friendship with Masato had I been Reality Arata. I wouldn't feel any "bond" with a massive, insane jerk who tormented me a long time. Fight back, Reality Arata! Stop being a shrimp! Also, who or what was the wolf and how did Arata get back his sword from that "wolf"?

Episode 10: Nothing much to say here but plot advancement. Also those buildings were the colors of the rainbow!!

Episode 11: Yorunami is such a drama king. Lol.

Episode 12: This episode was filled with glitters, sun shine, and the power of friendship! Also, we can't forget the words trust or believe!

General thoughts: This series was rushed. According to the manga readers, they left out important characters and chapters. Why did they (the animation company) do only twelve episodes and ended it on a possible hint for a sequel? The twelve episode thing was a test for ratings. So why tease the audience with a second season if they're unsure of a sequel? Could they imagine the fans' disappointment if the ratings didn't generate a second season? If there is a sequel, it would probably be rushed like the first season. They should have done a 26 or more episodes like Little Busters or Psycho Pass from the beginning. This show had the interest and potential of being a great story but they rushed it too much and cut out many things.

I agree with the first anonymous; it's a total disgrace of what they did to Yuu Watase's work! This show deserved the care like Little Busters, Fate/Stay Night or Psycho Pass, but unfortunately Arata doesn't have an all-girl harem to work with.

Just so disappointed that it could have been more. :(

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I feel as if animation studios are so afraid of failing and the money that it would cost to bounce back from said failure they are being very cautious. But since they are being so cautious because they are scared of failure they are actually causing said failure. This show is a primary example. I think we all can see the potential in this show. But it truly fell by the wayside. All I keep reading is how great the manga is. I know Yuu Watase's previous works. This is not a representation of said works. Everything has been slashed and reduced into 12 episodes. Why would people want to give this show a second season when the first season was so cut?

Don't get me started on Masato. I mean....what the hell. All season long WHAT THE HELL! I get that Arata was his only friend he could trust and it hurt him that Arata let him win. But Arata did not rape his sister, kill his mom, eat his dog, and set fire to his house. HE LET HIM WIN A RACE. I can see hurting pride but this level of insanity is....unimaginable. Unstable indeed. I can see Arata being sad over a lost friendship but realize what you did is small and that Masato is insane so RUN AWAY NOW!