Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: More zoo trips for me!

 photo ZooJune2013072_zps8d871cec.jpg
Hold me high to the sign!
Another zoo trip? I am such a lucky bear! Mom's friend came to town to visit and wanted to take her small human child to the zoo. The small human child was too small to make a grab for me though. I think mom would have protected me. XD It was a bit rainy that day. Okay maybe a lot rainy at points. Maybe we will see some animals frolicking in the water?
 photo ZooJune2013001_zps38862e5b.jpg
Mom was the first one at the zoo. Write this down! This new job has done wonders for being on time. Well...most of the time. Better anyway. XD
 photo ZooJune2013002_zps0e3698f6.jpg
I saw the dinos last time. Mom and dad need to save money to take me to Disney.
 photo ZooJune2013003_zps8c2c1d52.jpg
Waiting for the rest of the people to get there. Have some fake giraffes.
 photo ZooJune2013004_zps3d49fd58.jpg
Um you are not going to come alive and eat me right?
 photo ZooJune2013005_zpsa65b4ef0.jpg
This kinda looks odd at the zoo......
 photo ZooJune2013023_zpsb1f45796.jpg
HEY! Come back here little animal! I can barely see you!
 photo ZooJune2013029_zps1daf904b.jpg
This is the closest mom has ever seen the zebras at the zoo. The rain must have confused them into being friendly.
 photo ZooJune2013033_zps68bbe0b4.jpg
Mom was trying to keep me under the umbrella and take the pictures at the same time. Clearly not working.
 photo ZooJune2013034_zpsd45206fc.jpg
Dad came over and helped with his giant umbrella. Probably not big enough for Mr. Elephant though.
 photo ZooJune2013035_zpsa5857e3c.jpg
Can you Mr. Lion pacing? I think he was hungry....
 photo ZooJune2013039_zps85d3a1d2.jpg
I think if mom saw a snake she would run the other way. Which is the same thing yes?
 photo ZooJune2013040_zps335884a8.jpg
Dad was in the mood to pose me a lot today.
 photo ZooJune2013044_zpsa41a3ee7.jpg
Mom's favorite animal ever! Well besides me I guess. And Kira.
 photo ZooJune2013045_zps0d578ffe.jpg
The group was on a time crunch today because of the small human child so mom didn't have a change to feed the giraffes. We had fun watching though.
 photo ZooJune2013046_zpsbd231ee1.jpg
This giraffe was being kinda lazy. Wouldn't reach for the food.
 photo ZooJune2013050_zpsce15c30e.jpg
Take me for a ride.
 photo ZooJune2013051_zps105a88fd.jpg
Err this might be a fast ride.....
 photo ZooJune2013052_zps05bcade4.jpg
Lost? Whose lost?
 photo ZooJune2013053_zpsd83bf019.jpg
The snake is trying to take me down. I can't wrangle this thing!
 photo ZooJune2013054_zpsa142d3c2.jpg
These kangaroos are so lazy. They never do anything. I want a refund on these animals.
 photo ZooJune2013055_zps1acfcf48.jpg
Dad thought we needed a better shot of the lazy animals. You're welcome.
 photo ZooJune2013056_zps43c26ce3.jpg
Dad loves the bamboo forest. Can you see me?
 photo ZooJune2013059_zpsa70af16b.jpg
I can't tell if this flower is creepy or pretty.
 photo ZooJune2013062_zps126063c3.jpg
That's nice but how about pandas?!
 photo ZooJune2013063_zpsfebffb08.jpg
Weee I have fallen into the rabbit hole!
 photo ZooJune2013065_zpsd6413157.jpg
Poor sad monkey. He needs a new friend. :(
 photo ZooJune2013066_zpsb92a3de6.jpg
Flower you are alone. Go be friends with the monkey!
 photo ZooJune2013067_zps79994d19.jpg
Maybe the rain made the animals more lazy....
 photo ZooJune2013070_zpse5abeaed.jpg
Are you trying to drop me into the bees?! Well that would have hurt but it is the end of our zoo trip. Don't end it with me going to the build a bear hospital. Thanks for stoppin by!

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