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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 16: People besides Eren

Behold for I am alive!!!!! Weee! And it is almost time for me to go out of town too. But Tenchi what about all the posts you are behind on?!?!?! Well...I think I have 6? Maybe 7 almost all ready to post and such. Let me slap the pictures on them and have at it. I have been working hard all week at work and watching/blogging anime. Even if it doesn't seem like it. I has been slowly but surely catching up so when I go out of town I won't be beyond behind.
 photo titanepisode1610_zps493f89f1.jpg the most inspirational speech of all times.
So what is up first in this marathon......err 30 minutes of posting? XD So sleepy. But up first is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 16. Spoilers for people other than Eren getting screen time. SHOCKING I KNOW! Spoiler thread? Psht catch up on comments first Tenchi. But here it is anyways.
 photo titanepisode166_zpsc40bc6c0.jpg
The anime makes it so much easier to tell people apart. X___X
Episode Summary: Eren is hanging out with members of his new Scouting Legion when Levi rides up. Everyone is immediately at attention as Levi is like follow me and stay close Eren. They ride off to riding things I suppose. Elsewhere all the cadets have been gathered up partial because they are to choose what branch of the military they want to join. However in light of the two Titan's being killed everyone is also having their equipment checked. To see who recently had combat or not. Some not important cadets are seen talking but the real conversation turns to Armin. He is standing near Connie and Annie. Connie can understanding hating Titans to that degree but Armin points out that so much was lost as the Titans were valuable. Armin can't help but think something else is afoot, that the person really helped the Titans out rather than got revenge. Armin tries to bring up what branch the others are going to choose. Annie has decided the police while Connie is too scared of Titans to face them again. Annie says that no one can make their decision for them and that Armin is brave but weak for wanting to help out Eren. One cannot help but notice Jean is shaking at the idea of making a decision. A flashback (not a very long ago flashback...) shows all the important characters around the fires burning the bodies of their fallen soldiers. Jean is having the worse time dealing with it as he knows Marco is in that pile. Everyone wonders what career choice they will make now. Most seem to want to be in the Garrison as only the elite can go to the police. As all the main characters (minus Marco obviously) look on in horror at the fire and all that they have seen Jean sees his old friend, telling him while he is not strong he does have the capabilities of being a good leader. With a crazy expression Jean says he has made his decision and asks if everyone else has. The day has come for everyone to make their decision. They gather up with all the other cadets as everyone waits and waits. Connie seems to think he should go with Annie and make his village proud. Everyone else seems to have lost their minds in worry. Erwin steps up and explains to everyone the wonderful benefits about being in the Scouting Legion. That in the first year 40 percent of them will be dead and in 4 years it will be most of them. He is using recent numbers from the last major recruiting and doesn't sugar coat how dead most of them will be. But to those who survive, they will be major Titan ass kickers and be among the elite. That Eren has made it possible to discover the truth about Titans. To many people's surprise Erwin explains how Eren has Titan power and has revealed the real secret lie in his house back near wall Maria. Erwin explains the mission and what to expect, that they will restore humanity on the backs of the brave. He tells those who want to join the Scouting Legion to remain at the stage and the others can leave. Erwin's people are worried he scared everyone away.
 photo titanepisode168_zpsa8a7754a.jpg
Trying to reach main character status by torturing Eren.
Well.....Connie, Armin, and Sasha look on in horror as most people do leave. They and Jean have meltdowns on whether or not they should be there or not. That they will probably die and this will be awful. New soldiers keep on leaving until barely anyone is left. However out of the main cast Annie (and dead Marco) is the only one NOT to join the Scouting Legion. That would be Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Sasha, Ymir, Christa, Reiner, Bertolt, and Jean. Them and a few others have joined Erwin and he seems pleased with the results. Eren and the two men who aren't assholes in Levi's troop are talking about how the suspect in the Titan deaths hasn't been found yet. Levi orders them back to their castle in the dust. Eren is forced to do more chores as the new recruits are shown around. Of course Eren sees them and asks to talk to them. Mikasa immediately makes sure that Levi hasn't seen Eren naked or other vile things where Eren is just happy to see annoying familiar faces. It has been...A WEEK! Eren looks around and concluded that Jean, Annie, and Marco joined the police while everyone else is here being scared out of their minds. Jean walks up and explains it is only Annie as Marco is dead. Eren takes the news hard but still wonders why everyone else is here. As a missions is looming over everyone's head Jean ends up taking Eren aside in front of all the new cadets and asks the Titan boy what happened with him and Mikasa. Mikasa tries to deny it but Eren confirms he is not always in control of his power. Jean and the others slowly take in this information but decide that if Eren is their best bet they might has well know how screwed they are before they die. This seems to reunite all the cadets as they face their uncertain future. THE END!
 photo titanepisode167_zpsebbc1f0d.jpg
Guts that will soon be plastered on the ground?
X___X Once again I didn't mean to type so much in the summary. How does it happen to me? I thought it was an open and shut case. With less free time on my hands I need to learn how to edit myself a bit better. Also it is creepy when my cat is having dreams and twitches all over the place. Stop moving cat!!!!
 photo titanepisode169_zps0a76c034.jpg
Of course people were talking about him.....
In this episode....we saw other characters that WEREN'T EREN! Armin and Jean, you are back in business. You thought you were main character status when Eren got eaten by the Titan. For 5 seconds and 3943 recaps were looking main charactery. But then Eren came back and surprise he was a Titan. That sorta put you two on the back burner. Mikasa is not for you hahaha! But seriously it was nice seeing other characters besides Eren for once.
 photo titanepisode163_zpse8672c21.jpg
This is all happening so fast!
First things first. It has only been 6 days? A week?! A week since the attack?! It seems a lot more time has passed. Hange was acting like Eren was locked away from weeks. Mikasa was like woe is my Eren. So this body burning/finding Marco happened while Eren was in prison. I mean obviously it is going to take a long time to rebuild but six days to do all of that is super fast in my book. XD Of course it will get recapped longer than that.....
 photo titanepisode164_zpsa9249720.jpg
Okay poor Connie too.
It was pretty sad watching the bonfires. Knowing what was fueling them. Your friends/family ashes falling on you. The entire experience is just so traumatizing. Granted I thought Armin was going to be more upset but I guess Jean summed it up well. Only Marco counts ya'll. All those Thomas' and Carolina's of the world don't count. But I guess it is too early in the season to lose more main characters. Poor Jean. Will Marco's spirit haunt him forever? You can do it buddy!!!
 photo titanepisode162_zps1ad06d4d.jpg
...How exactly is this going to prove anything? Fall off a horse and you are a suspect. Everything must look perfect now!
I thought it was odd that only the cadets were having their 3 D maneuver gear checked in regards to the death o Experiment Titans. I mean...maybe Armin is an unreliable source, that he is only telling us what he knows. Maybe the other folks, older soldiers, were checked earlier. Or later. Or maybe Erwin and his sneaky self knows something we don't. Like whoever killed the Titans left a clue. Now since I know exactly what happened (well sorta...)....I would say you would need to rewatch the 3 D maneuver checking scene again and pay close attention to the split second of....well nothing. Lets just say this clue is the cherry on the cake that solves something. I think Erwin got lucky.
 photo titanepisode1612_zpsea7a26b6.jpg
What the heck were we thinking?!
Besides the hint that wasn't we got to see Connie talking. Woohoo! All these people having lines and stuff. So soon after the attack and people are on edge. They are just kids and are expected to still serve in the military. I mean....they do have to work fast. They lost quite a bit of people. As much as it would be nice to give these kids a breather who else is going to do it? No one gets a break and life isn't fair. So I think it is brave of them for holding it together for thins long. Jean shaking and Connie muttering. Armin is scared too but has already resolved to do this for Eren. is nice to see scared teenagers instead of super brave no matter what faces.
 photo titanepisode165_zpsb17391c3.jpg
Um I get that Marco meant a lot to you but...joining the Scouting Legion?
I think it is slightly odd that everyone but Annie joined the Scouting Legion. I was feeling a bit like everyone was doing this for friendship reasons. That means you suck Annie! How dare you not be like everyone else! You ruined the friendship circle. Mikasa and Armin make sense...and maybe Jean. But Marco wanted to be in the police so it wasn't like he was going in for him. But everyone? All the mains? Just a bit magical when Connie and Sasha were pooping their pants at the reload station and now they will be pooping their Scouting Legion uniforms. FORESHADOWING! On and how nice of you to join us Krista and Ymir. Have you be upgraded to mains too?
 photo titanepisode1611_zps1f89d984.jpg
But we have cookies!
Even though all the mains do end up joining there still has to be a bit of drama with this selection process. Many would say the drama came from Erwin. I actually appreciated Erwin's honesty. Was it the smartest thing, to get more recruits? Absolutely not. But was that the right moral thing to do, especially for a bunch of kids who lost a lot of their friends? I think so. Most recruiters tell you all sorts of lies, just to get their numbers up and look good. But Erwin was like let me break it down for you how very dead most of you will be very soon. If the recent events weren't enough to drive people (dramatically) away this speech was. Yay Erwin!
 photo titanepisode1615_zpse1dbd23a.jpg
Mr. Shocked face behind Jean is so dead meat.
After everyone changed pants and blew their noses off they went to wherever the other Scouting Legion people were. Levi is obsessed with cleaning so Eren...muck the stalls! But after that.....a reuniting! All of Eren's friends. And Mikasa checking to make sure Eren wasn't checked for Titan parts everywhere. It was nice to see Eren....happy again. But then it was all reality time. I mean...this job was really a punishment for him but what he really wanted. Everyone else being here means...well certain death for some. Also another sad moment was Eren realizing who wasn't with them anymore. Poor Jean and his boyfriendless self. :( NO THOMAS LOVE!
 photo titanepisode1616_zpsacc7a98d.jpg
Even if he has no way to control his powers and he might kill us all. YAY PLANS!
Before anything else can really happen...Jean really steps up his important status self. He takes it upon himself asking Eren what happened when he turned into a Titan. Maybe people might think that Jean was being mean but given ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED this seems natural to me. Everyone has bits and pieces of information but not enough to understand it all. And neither does Eren. I mean in the end Jean and the others don't learn enough to make a well formed decision but...I guess Eren being honest was enough for Jean. Yeah I don't understand this myself, you are all going to die down here. Everyone is full of honesty and feelings. YAY FRIENDSHIP HUGS!
 photo titanepisode1613_zpsc670d611.jpg
All of you with no faces....soon you will really have no faces.
So that is about it. Eren has his friends back. The pants have suffered. And everyone seems to want to die really fast. We will honor your memory Marco by dying as fast as possible. Onward to adventures!

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