Sunday, August 25, 2013

Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 6

This weekend was so jammed packed with actually having a life and doing practical grown-up things I feel exhausted. Also I learned that a free oil change is never free. Apparently I am driving around a death trap that will soon blow up as if I was straight from a Transformers movie. Basically the only oil in my car that is safe IS the free oil change. Surely I will blow up. XD
 photo realistepisode611_zps362ef7b4.jpg
Oh Sytry and his hair. Makes it hard to focus on what he has to say.
So in between trips to ScammerCarPlaces and a super long trip to the mall/grocery store/birthday party...not much anime got watched. Or blogged. I had a few things waiting in the wing and must finish them up no. I must be more productive this week after work to catch up. XD Up now is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 6 though. Rejoice for William meeting new and awful demons weee!
 photo realistepisode6_zpsba4a3463.jpg
Why won't you rescue me!!!!
Episode Summary: Sytry and Dantalion are fighting over William and William calls out to Kevin for help. Kevin the douchebag ignores William which causes the boy to have the sads. Isaac is like why so sad Kevin, you usually don't care about people, why is Kevin so special? William really doesn't have time to talk about that since it is family day. William has dead parents and a runaway Uncle so no one is going to come and visit him. Swallow runs up and says he needs to bail on his Prefect duties because his dad is coming for a visit and haha they aren't getting along. Daddy recently had a terrible carriage accident and hasn't been himself lately, wanting Swallow to join a military school. William agrees to help out Swallow, probably because it ill help him in the long run later. He thinks about Kevin though, how Kevin (looking exactly the same as he does now...) has always been there for him. William tries to walk away from the crowd to pout in peace but Mr. Swallow follows him. William is pretty freaked out but hides Swallow's hiding. Mr. Swallow acts weird but ends up inviting William to his house. Kevin walks by which startles Mr. Swallow away from William. Kevin does not stick around to talk to William. Dantalion is like um he ditched you didn't he? William walks away in a huff and Sytry points out the irony. They then talk about how weird Mr. Swallow is and who did it? They decide the fly “Beelzebub” did. Sytry reminds Dantalion not to get involved with other demon's drama as it is law. Later Swallow really invites William over to his house as the invitation earlier was not formal enough. William agrees as this will make him be in the same room as important people. Still William is pissed about going and that Dantalion and Sytry are in the carriage too. Kevin is seen back at the church, talking with someone how things are serious now and that they must make haste. There is a weird scene with Astaroth talking to Beelzebub about all this mess in the human world and what it could mean to the demons. Once at the party William greets Mr. Swallow warmly and then starts cozying up to all the elite. Swallow thinks that William is there to support him and it is sorta sad he isn't. Dantalion is all glaring at one of the servant boys but since this episode is all about glares does it matter?
 photo realistepisode613_zps270dbb0b.jpg
You should assume the rest of your life will be weird. Sorry.
At dinner William gets a PING, that something is off in the force. He talks to Swallow later who is worried about his dad's stance on the war. Swallow is taken away by his mother and the servant boy tries to help William out by serving him booze and finding him a place to rest. William lays down and thinks about Kevin, about maybe he held Kevin back in life. He wakes up to find Mr. Swallow talking to other important people about going to war. William seems to be okay with this string pulling behavior until Mr. Swallow gets up and says they need to take care of William AKA Solomon. Before things can get too ugly for William Dantalion appears and takes a protective stance over William and forces Mr. Swallow to reveal his is really the female demon Eligos. Eligos is one of William's pillars of course and Beelzebub ordered Eligos to kill Mr. Swallow and take his do things. Swallow walks in during all this conversation and is shocked. Eligos decides some of the plan has gone to pot but for now he can at least kill Swallow and give his soul to her love Beelzebub. William demands that Dantalion save Swallow. Sytry is like that will be going against the rules of demons. Dantalion agrees to take on this punishment if he is chosen as King. Suddenly the servant boy from earlier appears and starts throwing holy water on Eligos. This causes her to escape and Swallow to look on in horror as the Mr. Swallow body falls apart. But he gets super better fast, talking about how he and his mom are healing and he knows the truth. William then decides to find out something super why is Kevin ignoring him. When confronted Kevin is all like TEEHEE I have been betting on winners in the school and were afraid you get mad if you weren't picked. William is like what?!?!? What a silly misunderstanding. Only when William leaves it is revealed the servant boy and Kevin are some kind of angels sent here to protect William from all the demons. THE END!
 photo realistepisode617_zpsb759a239.jpg
I got this bro. But probably not.
So once again that was a special episode. Le sigh indeed. The overall mood of this show is throwing me off. Like look something awful happened but it will be all smiles anyway woohoo! Weird.
 photo realistepisode63_zps274fb145.jpg
Just lala have no family lala. No one cares.
Parent's day for instance. This should be a very sad time for William. Even if his parents died a long time ago he could still have looked a bit...:( and then tried to cover it up by saying yeah having connections would be much easier with parents. You know, to not look too weak. William did mention his Uncle but saying his Uncle was on the lamb and not here...yeah wasn't enough for me. Weird. William should be mad at him. Mad that there is no fortune and that William is all alone in the world. But no. This was not to be. Nor was it to be that people questioned Dantalion and Sytry on their lack of family.
 photo realistepisode64_zps94d9d54e.jpg
Well at least you HAVE parents...well sorta.
While William is more upset about his manservant Kevin than his nonexistent family a wild Swallow appears. Oh what a name. See Swallow actually has a family and he wants to avoid the Mr. Father Swallow on parent day. Understandable since Mr. Swallow wants Young Swallow out of this school and not in this one. Swallow of course needs William to lie for him. Or do all the work since Swallow is a prefect. Swallow. Because I am 12.
 photo realistepisode610_zpsa0541e40.jpg
Maybe Swallow needs new friends...
William agrees to this helping thing because William operates under what can you do for me in his life. Like hmmmm this person is important in life so I will help them. I think this rule doesn't apply to Isaac as William as friends with him before he understood just how well to do Isaac's family is. Or it applies but William still had to like the boy given how...special Isaac is just to use him. In any event William had words Prefect William tattooed on his face because Mr. Swallow found him. HMMM time to act not suspicious Mr. Swallow. Not suspicious at all.
 photo realistepisode68_zpsde362cc6.jpg
The episode of glares....
In fact that seems to be the theme of the day. Everyone having shady eyes and glances at everyone. Like HMMMM look over there. And HMMMMM I must draw the audience's attention to this part of the episode so there is no question things are going down. HMMM FOLKS! Look at the squinty eyes. Everyone needs glasses weeeee!
 photo realistepisode614_zpsf166ac66.jpg
For...someone else right? Not yourself?
I have had a hard time keeping track of everyone! I think the names are too hard for me and my spelling deficient self. So I thought that Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio were being supported by the same person. Or the same group anyway. My bad! Of course it makes no sense whatsoever. Why are other high power demons sponsoring other people to be King? Why don't these other demons want to be king themselves? Does that make sense to anyone? I didn't think so. Neither did the not interfering rule. Like I am pretty sure there is tons of interfering going on all the time. Like trying to kill each other? Craziness.
 photo realistepisode612_zps702933a4.jpg
Um don't you want to be my friend?
So at the dinner party a lot of things went down. William actually...had a feeling. A feeling that something was going to go down. All on his own. William is grown up and maybe accepting his reality. There is a random servant boy of Kevin's roaming the halls looking suspicious. Swallow is probably a little sad that William isn't a better friend. Sytry is having a bad hair day. And there is some random demon running around in the darkness that no one can do anything about because there are rules. RULES! William make sure to make connections weee!
 photo realistepisode616_zpse322b6d1.jpg
Wait I can get behind money but not this Elector stuff!
What happens? William takes a nap to think about Kevin (because Dad and Mom and Uncle are chopped liver) and wakes up to a meeting with Mr. Swallows and some of his friends. Only these friends are important people who want to start a war and stuff. Which is okay with William for some reason. What is not okay is when all of these people, including Mr. Swallow, turn out to be demons. I think from now on William should expect anyone new around him to be a demon. I'm just saying folks. War is okay, demons who hate Solomon are not okay.
 photo realistepisode69_zpsfd3f0985.jpg
Because that would be BAD!
So....for some reason...all of this is to gain Beelzebub more power. All of it. I am not sure why any of this is happening. I mean if this was a normal war for power it would make sense. Get some humans to do shitty things and take advantage of it. But it the real power lies with William/Solomon picking the new King why go this roundabout way as other characters put it? Should have just threatened Swallow from the start yo? XD I am sure this all makes sense, I just lack the attention to see it. And look, another Solomon demon. SO SHOCKED! Pillars for all. If one of the three main demons are being supported by Beelzebub why not inform them of this plan?
 photo realistepisode618_zps78cd3970.jpg
Okay done being sad, time to move on.
I would like to point out that Swallow is now aware of the demonness of William's life. That his dad has been dead for a while and the person being his dad was treating him awful. Yet by the end of the episode he was putting on brave faces being at school and such. What the hell? Did everyone erase the demon memories in him? Just left him with the knowledge that dad is really dead? Either it feels like a big deal to me. Probably deserved a bit more time to. Poor Swallow indeed. Me thinks he does still retain the demon information, is all too much. He needs to be watched now right?
 photo realistepisode619_zps941581d5.jpg believe this?!
Who does need to be watched? Kevin. Kevin and his lying self. Dantalion was unable to save William this episode due to RULES. Well he was going to save William but the servant boy that reminded William of Kevin saved them. No questions asked. Really no questions asked folks. William rather learn about why Kevin has been mean to him lately. X___X Priorities, William does not have them. Like in a Sci-Fi movie deciding to have a pout when something huge and hungry is chasing them. Now is not the time for feelings, it is time for running.
 photo realistepisode620_zps960e4cec.jpg
Because you're mine!
For the record Kevin is an awful liar. And William is sorta dumb for believing him. Almost like William is so desperate to having Kevin back in his life he is willing to believe anything. Even a lie about betting slips. In reality Kevin is some sort of angel? He has one wing so maybe he is half an angel. His little servant boy is probably an angel too. Servant boy doesn't want to be on Earth but Kevin wants to help Solomon. Everyone does weee. Now maybe next William closes his eyes he can see that in his memories Kevin has been the same age forever? Just saying.


Anonymous said...

As you know the pacing is sooooo very off, they should show how Willam met Astaroth and Lamia (THAT was hilarious) and why Astaroth support/helping Solomon/Willam. Oh, and this is happening before the boat race.

You asked why there are sponsors?

Answers:Could you like to deal w/ mountains and mountains of paperwork daily?! + no freedom + socialize w/ people who only plot to take advantage of you? Or could you leave that troublesome job to your puppet and move more freely in the shadow + more free time to enjoy life? I think the answer is obvious.

As for the sponsors (the 4 Dukes of Hell); Astaroth support Dantalion for they are both Nephilims. Balberith (1/72 pillar, who tries to break the bound b/w him and Solomon) on the other hand, support Sytry, and think Sytry is his “lovely doll”, want the Nephilim to disappear from the world. Samael, the Eastern Duke (who you will see later), does not support either faction for now. Beelzebuth, also 1 of the kings of the 4 corners, and 1 of the 7 deadly sins (not 1/72 pillars) support the “Head Boy”/Camio.

Camio is considered High Ranked than both Sytry (a former angel) and Dantalion (former human) in Hell because he is the child of Lucifer and a human woman. As Lucifer's blood child, he has a right to inherit his father's feast.

Samael knows, like VERY FEW of others do, in the past life, Dantalion killed Solomon.

Anonymous said...

For next ep clarification, so Tenchi won’t get confused:

The Great Sabbat – or the night Valborg; on the evening of the 30th of April, a great sabbat takes place in the demon world. During that time the boundary b/w the living and dead weakens.

The Power demons/angles have:

The strength depends on humans believes/belief; for example, even today, France is a center for archangel Michael’s believers. If there is a war and many Michael believers die, then his power will decrease dramatically.

For another example, they say that demons are said to live forever, but that’s not true, according to the LN. They live by repeatedly sleeping for 100 yrs in order to regain their strength. No matter how strong a demon is, they will eventually die.

Relationships (demons)
Beelzebub married to Astaroth had a daughter, Lamia, later devoiced (reason: unknow), now is trying to woo Astaroth again, who dislike Beelzebub VERY much!
Eligos—1/72 Solomon pillar, loved Solomon but now fell DEEP in love w/ Beelzebub.

Relationships (demons family)

Yes, like Lamia, demons can reproduce, but VERY rarely. Normally they “create” family by “adding” more humans. If a human make a contract w/ a demon and become a Nephilim, he/she WILL descend to Hell (says in the LN). Ex: Galles de Reig, Balberith, the sponsor of Sytry offered Gill a contract, “if you fight your way through Hell and rise in the demon ranks, I’ll make you a member of the army that will attack Heavens.” That’s why Gill keeps fighting, like you see in ep1, so he can see his “dear maiden” again.

Dantallion made a contract w/ Lucifer, thus it is natural that he is one of Lucifer’s rightfully family members and has a right to ascend the throne.

Funny Corner:

William’s Liberal Interpretation of the Bible:

“I feel sorry for this God, when he took His eyes off humans for a moment, Adam and Eve wouldn’t get out of bed, and then homosexuality spread throughout Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah….see, this is what always happens when you forgive and forget….”

LOL, I found it funny.

Anonymous said...

According to the manga, the RULE of the demon world is that he/she demon can not interfere in anyone else's business.

As for business, in this case is collecting souls others has set their eyes on. Mr. Swallow made a contract w/ Eligos in exchange for his soul, Eligos has the "right" to do that = "take away his soul".

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- Good thing I am so behind on this show. XD This information is actually keeping it straight in my head as I still couldn't figure out why the Kings were supporting the lower on the pole demons rather than being the Grand Ruler themselves. Maybe it makes sense to me but I guess in the demon world having a puppet on the throne you can control is safer for yourself. XD

It is interesting that Camio should/does have a right to the throne but since he is a "half breed" he might be facing more opposition than anyone else. He might be stronger but all three of these candidates might be...slightly misfitty.

Anonymous 2- So basically a lot of demons are past humans? So why all the judgey and hating? Is this like Harry Potter? Because I didn't watch/read that either. XD But I guess that makes sense. Pure blooded demons must be rare.

Yes they did not explain this party very much. Or rather not much happened. Yay for parties and one really doing anything but sipping wine glasses and hating on William.

Also I wonder how long demons can live then. Do they keep going to sleep for a long period of time and then one time they just don't wake up? XO Maybe this new ruler will be permanent. Pick wisely William. Or not at all.....

Anonymous 3- I think the rule needs more clarification. Or people are really picking and choosing when to use it. Because technically if someone's business is to try to be King then why stop them? Or from killing William? If this rule was real there wouldn't be any fighting at all in the demon rule. But maybe because this rule exists there is fighting...because no one can possibly follow this rule.

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