Monday, August 19, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 7

So much posting. I get to cross a lot of things off my to do list for this week. Because the week ends when I go to sleep folks. There is always so carry over from the week before but this week the carry over list will be so much smaller!!! XD Just got to stay caught up. Oh and you the blog comments that are even further behind. :( Sorry folks, that will be tomorrow's goal!
 photo mosaicepisode75_zps71d8ad2d.jpg
Tell them Aya!!!
For now it is Kiniro Mosaic episode 7 post! Moving right along folks weeee! Spoilers for summer taking a back seat and Alice not blinding us with an ugly outfit this episode.
 photo mosaicepisode74_zps9f663059.jpg
How does Shinobu function in the real world?
Episode Summary: At school there is some sort of music class and the girls have a test. Aya is apparently tone deaf and is upset with the results. Youko was singing loudly and without care and Shinobu...well she did good but not as well as Alice and Karen. Shinobu thinks that Alice should sing on the radio and Aya wants to hear Karen sing a solo. This solo turns into Alice and Karen fighting over the same part of the song. They eventually do sing the Sakura Blossom Song with Shinobu ruining the moment with her....specialness. After the opening song it is time for their homeroom teacher to rejoice for it is autumn and she can wear her track jacket. Aya sees Alice talking to another girl in their class and writing in a notebook. Turns out Alice practices her Japanese by writing down hard words. Alice is then told it is time for them to wear tracksuits too and that she totally forgot about the note she wrote herself. Even Shinobu knew Alice forgot her tracksuit and said nothing. The teacher leads Alice her jacket and the other girls suggest Alice just wear said jacket. She is eventually given Shinobu's summer shorts so she freezes outside. Aya hates PE and wants to kill it. Youko takes off running, Aya tries her best, Shinobu looks like she is power walking, and Alice is a giant mess. Youko makes fun of them later when they die on the side of the track. After all this super fun time the girls eat lunch later. Well not Youko because she ate her lunch earlier. She asks Aya for food but she gets all goobery thinking it is romantic.
 photo mosaicepisode711_zps1170f4da.jpg
Are you on crack?
Karen eventually comes in bearing snacks. She ate with the girls in her class but then they gifted her with all these treats. Everyone is X____X at the amount of food the girl have and Alice is like oh you are fat now. Karen is obviously heart broken and there is talk about putting her on a diet. They go to ask their homeroom teacher for help but she is busy doing some chair exercises. She rather not limit the girl's food but should do little things to exercise. Aya is concerned she is fat and Shinobu is okay with being “chubby”. Youko says she eats a lot but goes running every day. Karen vows to go running with Youko until she realizes how much running that would be. It is decided that they should weigh Karen to see how much the girl needs to lose. Aya weighs herself as well. Karen announces she hasn't gained any weight at all and Aya runs out of the room because she is apparently the fattest person on the face of the planet. Alice does tell Karen she needs to be more Japanese and refuse treats though. The girls try to move on from this minor insanity but it becoming exam season. Aya is ready for this but Shinobu has been doing awful lately in all her subjects. Karen likes taking tests so she can take naps. Youko thinks she can read the answers out of Aya's head. Shinobu asks her teacher if she thinks Shinobu can become an interpreter one day and when the teacher cries Shinobu takes it as a sign that she needs to do better. The girls study and Shinobu wants to be more like Alice. Something clicks in Shinobu's brain and she turns into a responsible girl. Everyone is a little shocked at this, especially Alice. Alice accidentally breaks Shinobu's spell and the girl worries that she has forgotten everything. Alice wishes her good luck and somehow Shinobu does better on the English test than even Aya. However...she did horrible in every other subject so you know. YAY FALL! THE END!
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Shinobu's determined face actually makes her look cute.
This episode was all over the place! I don't even think I mentioned the little in betweener moments! There is just so many of them and they barely last 30 seconds. But I do enjoy watching them. But yeah...hard to blog you know?
 photo mosaicepisode7_zpsfb0382cd.jpg
Great, more ways to give teenagers self esteem problems.
What is up first though? Oh the music class. RARW! How awful is that? I think that schools in Japan are well rounded...on paper and in animes really. But in reality just..just no. No singing for me. I am not good at it and I don't think any amount of practicing will make me feel better about myself or make me sound different. Nor do I think everyone needs to take a music class involving an instrument. If they want to yes. So Aya I feel your pain. I actually felt a lot of Aya's pain this episode. No singing!!!!
 photo mosaicepisode72_zps7e4558b0.jpg
And then you made the song suck.
Shinobu did not wear a crazy outfit this week. Which is good because my eyes need a break. However Shinobu is working with half her brain and that half is under the influence of booze. Or drugs. Can you really get high on life or cotton candy? But this week her annoying thing would be trying to sing with Alice and Karen. I thought she said she was going to clap her hands. Instead her and her blond hair love rose from her voice like an insane person. As usual. As usual indeed. I like how the song between bickering Karen and Alice was so overdramatic and really they were still in the hallway imagining all this stuff. XD
 photo mosaicepisode73_zps3f55057e.jpg
And then the girl awkwardly stood there....
Alice is sorta cute. I make little lists for myself too. Like I am going to get this, this, and this at the grocery store. And then I forget the list at home. Something like that. I like how she uses that notebook for everything though. Like lala I use it for everything it loses it's meaning. Make sure you bring your tracksuit to school. Because Shinobu will just look at you forgetting it and let you do it. Like what a great friend. Also how awkward was it when the girl Alice was talking to just stood there, well after the conversation was done? So awkward.
 photo mosaicepisode76_zpscd51e398.jpg
I don't think counts Shinobu....
After Alice is given pieces of random uniforms onto exercise. POOR AYA! :( Gym should be blown up and sent to the moon. Down with the class known as P.E. How dare they make us out of shape people do exercise. I want to be a couch potato! I love getting winded walking uphill and stairs and in Disney Parks. Okay maybe not but still. I feel you Aya. Alice wasn't looking so hot either. I would be there with you girls. Shinobu....she looked like she was putting a lot of effort into looking like she was running but she wasn't. She could have tried harder. That really wasn't running, that was walking with a lot of extra arm movement. My grandmother could run faster than that. Obviously not for 3 hours but still. Weird Shinobu.
 photo mosaicepisode78_zps5b8908b5.jpg
I accept all your gifts as your blond idol.
Karen is half hobbit/half Japanese. Maybe Youko too. They need two lunches. I think it is important that Karen eats with the girls in her class too. I am sure they could learn a lot about foreign people and Shinobu's people already have Alice. Share the blonds. I am not sure about this snack thing though. On one had I guess it is okay that they want to make Karen feel welcomed. But feeding the cute animal? Karen is a new person but still a person. XD But maybe all the girls have crushes on Karen. I don't think it is fair that Karen should do what Youko says and have some restraint, the Japanese way. Clearly she doesn't know the social rules. And if people gave me treats I take them!
 photo mosaicepisode79_zpsff1ddd20.jpg
What the hell Alice?!?!?!
Alice does a fair share of messing up with social rules too. Calling Karen fat? What the heck folks? I just hate these fat episodes that seem to happen when the slice of life shows are all about girls. Never the boys. Boys aren't fat folks. Not that these girls are fat. I mean.....most of them are twigs. So this is all about nothing. No one is fat, no one should be dieting, and exercise is the devil. Okay maybe exercise is something normal people should do and Karen should share all the snacks instead of eating them all day. But no one is fat.
 photo mosaicepisode710_zpsef30be08.jpg
The weighing machine has been censored for our eyes. They would melt at the number!
The fat saga goes nowhere. Mainly because Karen is like me. My pants might be a little tighter than last year but I am still going to have ice cream every day and walking to and from my car/walking up my stairs is enough exercise for me. XD The teacher looks pretty good too but she is probably all worried about the Christmas Cake thing. And who keeps a scale in a school infirmary? Once again POOR AYA! Karen is a little shorter than Aya tears? Keep on eating the cookies!
 photo mosaicepisode712_zpsc9743882.jpg
Oh Alice.....
The rest of the episode was devoted to exams. One minute the girls are at the beach the next it is time for exams. And we can never have a group of girls with average intelligence and study skills. No no we need the one who doesn't have to study and gets good grades, one who only studies and gets good grades, a few that do okay in school but worry, and the one who is so hopeless you just hope someone rich marries her and takes care of her for life because adding is hard. Shinobu I know you love your blond girls but you need to be doing what you need to do in class. X___X I mean...Sailor Moon got better grades than you! Why hasn't this girl failed yet?
 photo mosaicepisode713_zps105fc8c9.jpg
Then why are you crying?!
We never really learn what got Shinobu that great grade on her English test. I mean doing awful all the time must be a downer. Glad they didn't go with Alice's cheater plan. Perhaps Shinobu saw the tears in her teacher's eyes and realized that her dream of being an interpreter were going to fly far, far away if she couldn't master the basics in high school. Motivation can be a powerful thing. And Shinobu did do well...on that one test. One motivation for math I see.
 photo mosaicepisode715_zpse90f9b89.jpg
8? Out of 100? X____X
And I think that is about it for this episode. I would never wake up at 5 am to make lunch for anyone. I guess I would make a bad Japanese mother. Shinobu and her blond girls. If she moved to America would she be sad to see all the fake blonds? With everything moving so fast is there time for a school festival or are we diving right into Christmas? Got to have some chicken and strawberry cake ya'll!


Eternia said...

It's a common trope in anime, that some characters got really awful score and were total idiots, yet they got to stay in the same grade and school as the others. Just how unbelievable is that? If it was my senior high school, you fail if you scored lower than 65. Some easier subjects have passing grades higher than 70, even.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina and/or @Eternia (If you're interested)


I gave a link to the Fall 2013 anime season in one of your previous blogs, and I mentioned the anime Vampire Knights.

@Christina: Out of simple curiosity, what are your thoughts on Vampire Knights? I take it from your "screams into the night in horror" tidbit that you have some criticism about that show. Again, I'm just being curious about your views on Vampire Knights.

@Eternia: What do you think about Vampire Knights? If you have seen it, I mean. Was it cool to you? Lame? What are your thoughts on that show.

What about me? I think Vampire Knights is an interesting show. The villain Shizuka Hio was both classy and cool. I like the character designs. They were also classy and cool looking. The characters themselves were a dynamic cast. However, that's just my opinion though.

That's all

Eternia said...

It's hard to say anything when I have never watched the franchise. The list of anime I have watched can be seen here.

Christina said...

Eternia- It is like Sailor Moon all over again. But when you think about it it might make sense. They just have to pass the entrance exam. Perhaps they can retain enough information in their brains for a short period of time and then POOF back to how they used to be? Just a though. But seeing such a low number....X___X Scary.

Anonymous- I thought Vampire Knights was sleek looking. Not a fan of....hmmm the maybe sorta incest of insanity. I hate all of you even though I am almost one of you going on there. XD The manga didn't bother me so in peace (pieces) Shoujo Beat. But the anime...yeah a lot of whining. Would have been a better show had there been less whining and more build up to oh now I'm a bad ass? My mind is a little fuzzy though.