Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 5

WEEE! In less than 24 hours my people and I will be on the road to Disney. I just have to go to work, pack, finish blogging some more anime episodes, clean my house, give my cat lots of hugs, and watch The Thing right now because! Because! Busy busy busy. Why do I wait until the last minute to do everything? GO ME!
 photo kamisamaepisode515_zpsf4ae8797.jpg
Um....does Ai really not get things to this level?
Up now (and not last night because I talk on the phone too much) is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 5. Spoilers for Ai just not understanding how dangerous this world is.
 photo kamisamaepisode510_zps14c71c78.jpg
How long does that take because Ai was in that village for a long time.....
Episode Summary: The man tells Ai this town is no place for the living. She tries to take the mask off and he is like what are you thinking, I made that and you will wear it! He eventually runs off. Ai is a bit shocked but then Kiriko comes walking by. He is also upset Ai is outside and that the living should stay inside. He starts to walk her back to the inn. She goes to ask about the princess but gets sidetracked when she wants to know why he is in this town if he is alive. Kiriko says he is dead and this shocks Ai as she just mentioned 5 seconds ago that she was a magical 12 year old half gravekeeper. Ai wants to know more about Kiriko so he explains his bizarre story. After God said let there be dead 5 friends came together and wished for a baby. They went to a witch and asked why God wasn't giving them said baby. The witch said they really must not want one if God hadn't given them one. She says she could grant the wish but in an awful way. She then blasts the 5 friends into pieces and used said pieces to make a young human being, Kiriko. Ai is horrified but guesses that Fox and Rex are two of the 5 friends. Kiriko confirms this and briefly mentions the others. Kiriko says this is why he considers himself to be dead which Ai doesn't want to accept. They return to the inn to see Yuri losing his mind over Ai being gone. Ai tunes him out to check on Scar. She is still feeling poorly so Kiriko sends for a doctor who won't mind that she is a gravekeeper. The doctor appears and is one part Rex (maybe Fox) and one part Diva. They seem nice enough and conclude that Scar is having false pregnancy symptoms. Diva says this was very common right after the event yet thinks this is odd since Scar doesn't have those feelings. Diva thinks this is connected to the voice Scar hears. Ai questions how Diva can be the doctor for the dead. Diva explains it...with special words. Ai get wistful, thinking that maybe her village might have been spared had they done stuff like that.
 photo kamisamaepisode512_zps9e2b3b46.jpg
Um hello there Princess....
For some reason Ai wants to meet the Princess so Kiriko the strict rule maker allows for it. Only when Ai meets Ulla the rules fly out the window. Princess Ulla is gagged and blinded but Kiriko says mere mortals cannot look up her or listen to her words. Something like that. There are other ways she can communicate and everyone seems to get along well, the girls picking on Kiriko especially. Kiriko is apparently Ulla's teacher as he can access the knowledge from the other 5. What else? Ai sorta just chills with them, having a great time despite who they all are. Ai happily tells Yuri she is making her first friends. Yuri says not to get close since they have to leave. Ai says they want her to stay but she knows that will involve dying. Ai also wants to complete her mission and save the world which apparently involves giving the dead peace. But Ai thinks all the dead here are happy and doesn't want to ruin that. Ai feels very conflicted with her duty as a gravekeeper and seeing that these people are happy. A large group of people are seen walking to Ortus and suddenly the city is on lockdown. Kiriko explains this is Ai's group and of course she wants to know what is going on. Kiriko says there is over 100 alive people wanting to love here. To do that they have to die. Ai is horrified at this but Yuri explains that the world is a rough place now and this might be some people's last options. Ai doesn't accept this and wants to tell Ulla about this since she herself is alive and won't approve of it. Yuri runs after Ai as she runs through the streets causing problem. Ai thinks how wonderful her time with Kiriko and Ulla was, that this is wrong. When Ai reaches the tower it is shown that Kiriko is helping with the ceremony and Ulla is the one who is going to kill the living people. THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode54_zps163cd6ef.jpg
Because Ai is insane.
So 99 percent of this episode was full of fluff. Okay maybe more like 75 percent. Still way higher than a normal zombie show. I am beginning to think Ai isn't going to toughen up. Instead she is going to shower everyone in happiness and flowers. Smiles for all.
 photo kamisamaepisode59_zps343facb3.jpg
In the worst way possible but yes I can grant it!
Before I say anything else snarky....I must acknowledge this show has granted my wish. Albeit in a weird and unexpected way but granted none the less. Rex/Fox (Pox?) are...two people put together. Well sorta. More like 5. So rejoice the masses!! It isn't a split personality problem. Of course.....I am not sure how this is all taking place. Do they unhook themselves from the body at night? Like ripping apart like string cheese. No more like a zipper. Then the next zipper just whooshes in. It is not explained nor do I think it will be. Given why they are like that you would think the body parts would be more random. A head here, arm there. Maybe that is how they are and the hair is a wig for all? In any event I must express my gratitude. Thanks for attempting to make things creepy.
 photo kamisamaepisode52_zps217f9130.jpg
Ai is awesome at not listening.
The reason Al learns all of this is because nothing comes from Lion mask man's warnings. Threats? No more like warnings. Either way it is a hit and run appearance for now. He is seen at the end of the episode. When Ai is running to her friends he is in the background. Maybe this mask dude will turn out to be the actual friend, good person. For now he is just someone stating the obvious to Ai.
 photo kamisamaepisode53_zpsd4ddf638.jpg
Ai doesn't know the meaning of the word safety!
But yes back to Kiriko finding Ai. He totally ruined her fun and dangerous adventure. To punish her he explained his awful past to Ai. Can Ai actually sense if people are dead or not? I know Scar can but Ai? Either way Kiriko's story is X____X. I mean...lets be real. People wish for babies all the time now. Really, really hard. So I can see how this group of people want one. However given the circumstances I can see why there might be some slight...doubt. Hesitation. Like I want a kid but not if it's the last human on the planet. Perhaps God is on a vacation and the person who is listening to prayers and wishes is an ass.
 photo kamisamaepisode58_zps02ad4211.jpg
Black Rock Shooter after someone takes her Tiny Rainbow Bird Book.
Behold the witch. Oh who could it be? Not Ulla! Surely not her. Where did she come from? Maybe she is a product of a wish too. I wish to grant people their wishes in the most hurtful way possible. So here is your kid guys. Technically kids are made from donated DNA from the parents. The know...just hacked everyone up, put the parts in a blender, and made Kiriko. Have fun raising your kid now. Again not wanting to be the Princess of this hot mess.
 photo kamisamaepisode55_zps53b08a57.jpg
Or at least CAUTIOUS!
Ai nods her head and smiles. Like is anything going to freak her out? I get that she was raised on candycane lane but you can be a nice person and fearful of....fearful things. Ai is sheltered even if she insists she was raised by the dead. Doesn't count unless you know special!!! Ai should be X___X to this all. Instead she is the self confidence police. No one is a monster, everything is fine. Kiriko is alive woohoo!
 photo kamisamaepisode511_zpsf31ffeda.jpg
HMMMMMMMMM what could be behind this....
After no one cares that Yuri was worried about Ai it is time to figure out what is wrong with Scar. Why so sick gravekeeper? Kiriko sends for a different combination of his parents. Woohoo for one of them being a doctor. Doctor for all because we can apparently give the dead meds to keep them from falling apart. But yes Scar is pretend pregnant. Something that occurs a lot in this zombie wasteland. Only Scar is a gravekeeper. So she doesn't have that desire. Darn that magical voice. Also poor Diva, I am sure kids are a sore subject.
 photo kamisamaepisode513_zps25f6f688.jpg
You don't have to tell Ai anything. She will accept any situation without explanation.
Turn that frown upside down though. For some reason Ai wants to meet the Princess and Ai always gets her way. Duh. That should have been a red flag folks. Ai must be be happy though. Kiriko is super special and close to Princess Ulla though. I WONDER WHY! Ai doesn't ask many questions. Like hello girl wearing a muzzle and horse blinder. Why are you wearing a horse blinder and muzzle? I would be a bit shocked know...Ai isn't. Just oh believe Kiriko and his obvious lies. Also don't question why the Princess of the dead is alive. Just smile and nod.
 photo kamisamaepisode514_zps887af48e.jpg
Yay for friends in a questionable situation weeee!
Ai makes friends at a drop of a hat. Bonds instantly to people like crazy glue. I am not sure how long Ai was walking around with Hampnie but by my count it was three days. Either way...who cares that someone is tied up? Or made of body parts from other people. Lets jump on a bed and talk about Kiriko and giggle. Everything is amazing. Who knew life could be so much fun?! Questions are for losers.
 photo kamisamaepisode516_zps3ca1ac06.jpg
Thanks for arriving alive. We will have fun killing you.
After all that fun...drama. Now if these living people want to love in Ortus why would they come here alive? Do they only take fresh dead people? But since you maintain who you are after death...that wouldn't fit. So why show up alive? Why not drink some poison and all die together? Then keep on marching to Ortus. Something doesn't make sense....
 photo kamisamaepisode517_zps7a556f22.jpg
And how would you be allowed to live here? Oh yes indeed.
Before the shit hit the fan I think it was important Ai and Yuri have a real talk. Actually bonding instead of all this fakeness that can't be real. I am glad that Ai is questioning the world. She thinks she can fix things but here is Ortus things seem okay. No living people will be hurt. One day everyone will be dead and Ortus is preparing for that day. Yuri also talks about how his family was happy but they just couldn't bring themselves to kill the daughter. As long as people aren't going for your brain is it alright to kill them?
 photo kamisamaepisode5_zps94b3217e.jpg
Looks like Ulla already knows.
That thought will have to wait for another day. What Ai does know is killing living people so they can be with the dead is wrong. I must have missed the memo where Ai was told that Ulla actually ran the show. Ulla is a Princess though so you know. Ai has decided that Ulla knows nothing of this death ceremony and must tell her. Only Ulla is leading the damn thing. Because she is the witch. See the statues outside? Me thinks her voice and eyes kill all who look at her and she wants a baby who won't be affected by her powers. Who knows? More friendship hugs? Good job listening to Yuri there though.


Anonymous said...

With this episode, I am personally believing that we’re seeing the world more or less together with Ai, but then we get early glimpse due to some preview. Whoever did the preview seemed to have no idea about the plot.

And also, like you, I’m more interest on who this ‘witch’ is, and will we get to know her?

Christina said...

Anonymous- I was super interested in the witch too. Like okay, finally we will get into the horribleness that is this new world WOOHOO!!!

And when God took a break did he grant ANY wishes that were positive? Or did he only grant the awful ones? Or change the positive ones into awful ones? I WANT TO KNOOOOOOOW!