Friday, August 23, 2013

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 6

Well hello there my lovely readers! I finally get what people meant by saying they live for the weekend. Sometimes only one whole day off. What to do tomorrow what to do?! Shopping for more trips? Oh okay. XD I guess catching up on anime will have to wait until Sunday. Tomorrow..I see other places besides the inside of my own store!
 photo illyaepisode62_zpsfc60ee8b.jpg
Well this doesn't look good.....
Up first though is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 6. X__X Weird how this little show is almost done. Spoilers for no one ever sensing danger.
 photo illyaepisode67_zps3f7760d9.jpg
Oh....yeah you are screwed.
Episode Summary: Rin and Luvia release the secret weapon of amazing power and light. TADA! They fire the spell and tell Saber she has no chance. Neither did the water or bridge in the surrounding area. Just everything explodes and a giant hole is now in this Mirror World. Illya and Miyu look on in...well maybe awe. That Rin and Luvia are on a totally different level than them. Luvia and Rin then spend the next 5 minutes arguing. Seriously back and forth bickering. After all that is done Saber emerges from the water and unleashes the biggest attack probably in this franchises history. Almost all of the surrounding area is destroyed. Illya wakes up first next to Miyu. The older girls and the wands are no where to be seen. Illya and Miyu then walk around for 5 full minutes looking at the destruction Saber has caused. Water and broken rocks and the bridge is ruins. Ruins all over as Illya looks more and more upset. Saber finally comes into view. Illya is down for the count so Miyu drags her all over the place to find from the Card. But since Saber is randomly blowing crap up she eventually comes across the girls. Miyu does her best but she and Illya are blasted again. Illya and Miyu know that they are about to be toast. Miyu acts like she is going to do something when....well....Illya turns into the biggest witch ever and destroys Saber and threatens to destroy the entire universe with Miyu crying.
 photo illyaepisode611_zps46beb16e.jpg
Why can't I be amazing?
Or or....something, a lock inside Illya or outside near Illya breaks. She starts to glow, like she is being controlled and is no longer conscious. She takes out the Archer Card and activates it. Only it is not like she is wearing the costume, it is like she IS Archer. The Fate/Stay version obviously. For the next 10 minutes Illya goes to town on Saber. Or at least is able to handle her own. Miyu watches in shock as Illya is no longer herself and has become the Heroic spirit, with amazing attacks and agility. Saber starts to power up her massive move and Miyu screams a warning to Illya. Only since she is Fate/Stay Archer Illya has access to all the weapons in history including Excalibur. Saber and Illya launch the same attack, only Illya's is more powerful and Saber is defeated. KABOOMS all over the place. Some comic relief takes place, revealing that Rin, Luvia, and the wands managed to escape underground during this battle. Illya passes out soon after the final blast so only Miyu and briefly Sapphire witness this. A voiceover later from Illya explains she has no memory of the event, only that everyone made it out okay. The girls later leave the Mirror World and check over a passed out Illya. Rin agrees to carry the girl home but Miyu insists on it. Rin and Luvia have a genuine moment watching the two girls bond. THE END!
 photo illyaepisode63_zpsbd1cf79d.jpg
Maybe their wordy banter was contagious. Or am I the contagious one?
X___X Again with the long summary?!?! What is wrong with me? I was going to type...5 minutes of bickering, 5 minutes of looking at Saber's destruction, and the rest of the episode Illya kicked ass. But then I typed all of that out. Words. Read them all.
 photo illyaepisode64_zps67de8fb1.jpg
Is there going to be hair pulling next?
But for real the banter really needs to cool it down a bit. Trade two insults and move on. It seriously dragged on forever! Like that is half the plot at this point. Lets see what Rin and Luvia say to each other. Luvia has tube hair, Rin is poor. We get it! Luvia thinks that she is the strongest person ever and Rin felt as if she contributed to the fight as well. is beating a dead horse at this point. Can we have a bit of growth? A nod of the head as everyone understands each other and can work together?
 photo illyaepisode65_zpseffd9601.jpg
Wow Rin and Luvia are SO amazing I can't even see the obvious threat in the water....
With all this bickering the fact that the card did not POOF right after the attack went right over everyone's heads. Rin and Luvia were yelling and Miyu and Illya were busy thinking they need to be better magical girls 22 minutes into their career. I am not sure how many times they need to have false alarms in regards to defeating Saber. Like after the first two times lets check and make sure she is squished before we start the party.
 photo illyaepisode66_zpsb100d6cf.jpg
Thanks for paying attention to me guys. Makes killing you a whole lot easier.
Because look she wasn't! Again. It was like this was the final boss and it was going to span the rest of the the middle of the series. It was like Saber protected herself in her mana circle despite the girls saying it wouldn't hold up. And Saber was like oh you think that was an attack? Let me show you an attack. WHOOSH!!!!!! When you aren't watching the preshow version of the episode you can see the real quality in the animation. Almost like watching Fate/Zero all over again. WOOHOO for finding ways to have Saber blow up shit weeeeee!
 photo illyaepisode612_zps5bb74ee7.jpg
32897 minutes later and there are still tears.
They seriously spent way too much time on Illya and Miyu waking up and looking around at the chaos. Perhaps if this was REAL it would matter. As in not the Mirror World and Illya's actual hometown. But it's not. It is a fake world and none of this damage is real. I can understand looking at all this chaos and being shocked that it came from one individual but it went on way too long. Yes look at the broken concrete and water spilling all over the place. MOVE ON!
 photo illyaepisode610_zps13e26df5.jpg
Oh look, more water.
Move on to hiding of course. Not that there was much to hide in or under or behind. Given Saber's range of attack Miyu and Illya never had a chance. So Illya being all spaced out is understandable. I think Rin and Luvia needed to suck it up a little more. Or know...maybe the wands should have broke through the ground and got to the younger girls. JUST A THOUGHT! Seriously what is up with those wands???!?!?! So eventually Miyu and Illya are cornered and all is lost.
 photo illyaepisode613_zps86e6141a.jpg
See??! What is this?!??!
But all is not well. Or maybe all is well. Because Illya is a magical girl folks. That comes from your heart. That or this is just super special. At the time it looked like something inside Illya broke. Like oh she is a “fake” person like in the other versions of herself in different series and this is her other side being released. That holy shit, things just got real and this will turn into a blood fest with decapitated girls and what not. Woohoo for drama!
 photo illyaepisode614_zps8683f909.jpg
Errr...that is a crazy face though.
Alas after “reflecting” on it (or being exhausted from work) I think it was just a dramatic showing, that look or whatever it was. I no longer believe that Illya is connected to Other Illyas. That she is a normal girl in this world but has great potential. She just snapped and I guess the part of her brain that doesn't want to die took over. I don't think heads will roll. Woe is the writer.
 photo illyaepisode615_zpsc1045535.jpg
This Illya is amazing. Be like this always!
Despite this not being as dramatic as I worked it up in my head...Illya kicked some ass. “Archer” indeed. The two Archers I know of have tons of weapons at their disposal. And Illya should be Archer all the time. Her look was awesome. Like bitch please I got this. Woohoo for the rest of the episode being devoted to amazing ass kicking Illya. Glad I got the regular episode, not the pre-air one because all the graphics looked awesome. Saber had really no time to do her massive spells because Illya wasn't being all haha, I won allowing Saber to kick ass.
 photo illyaepisode6_zpsa3a4d79d.jpg
Don't worry about this guys, I got it.
Once AGAIN the wands were useless. Rin and Luvia did not look down for the count. Not like last time anyway. Just trapped in a hole, ready to pop up as comic relief. Sapphire managed to make it to Miyu but was there any transformation? Not that Illya NEEDED help but no one can see the future. Saber's ultimate attack might have been equal to Illya's Ultimate Saber Attack and Illya could have been down for the count. Having a back-up plan is important folks. Get ready wands in case Illya needs some saving.
 photo illyaepisode617_zps54a4b83d.jpg
But I am the main characttttttttter!!!!
Thankfully for everyone Illya does kick some ass. Now who is the ultimate boss going to be? XO Special card class 8?! But poor Saber doesn't get to be the main villain. I guess that means Illya or Miyu can become Saber FOR the final boss. This all makes sense now. More merchandise here we come!
 photo illyaepisode619_zps15fead56.jpg
What a nice magical girl team. Unlike Rin and Luvia...sorta.
The episode ends with everyone shocked that Illya saved the day. This would include Illya but she is slightly passed out. When she reflects on it later she has no idea how she did all that. I would be freaking out. Like what the hell possession! But maybe Illya is happy because this experience has brought them together. Them being Illya and Miyu. Rin and Luvia stopped fighting for 5 seconds to watch Miyu carry her partner home. Everyone say AWWW even though they all almost died!


Eternia said...

I have just watched this episode myself. All the work and real life stuffs are getting to me as well.

At this point, it has become even more obvious that the writer of this Mahou Shoujo Illya is adding nothing to Fate/Stay Night series and simply trying to ride on the success, hoping to make money, and so on. Because this anime defies the rule that has been made by the original author.

First off, I am pretty sure with my memory, that in the original series, Archer and Shirou are unable to create legendary weapons such as Excalibur and Gilgamesh's Ea. The reason is these weapons are totally magical / transcendental, i.e. not made by any materials on earth. The only reason that Shiro can create Avalon (Excalibur's sheath) is because it was stored inside him ever since his childhood.

Second thing, any weapons created by Archer, are still imitations, no matter how well made they are, their power ranks are one level lower than the original, as explained in the game.

In conclusion, Ilya shouldn't have won. Even if we assume that this Saber didn't deliver a full power Excalibur during the head on clash, due to fatigue / having no contractor, Ilya was exhausted too herself, due to previous fight.

Christina said...

Eternia- It is amazing how life can take so much work. Of course it isn't helping when I do spend my free weekends at Disney. Needless to say no blogging or comment catching up on happens there....XD

This show exists for pervs to look at 5th graders in baths and to sell figurines to them. Look Saber is Illya and Illya is Saber and Miyu can be people too.

I vaguely remember that rule but I thought since it was so fuzzy in my mind maybe I was wrong. Or that Illya was so special it didn't matter. That she was magical herself, not just a magical girl. Thought the "lock" breaking in Illya meant something too.

In the end Saber should have been the best at being Saber. Maybe if someone else was fighting with Illya as she was Saber it might have worked. But it didn't look like Saber was breaking a sweat during most of the fight and Illya was struggling to stay on her feet. The power of friendship must have increased her heart size and mana power 3 times that day!