Monday, August 19, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Magic Kingdom here I come!

 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney297_zps8a11d5fb.jpg
Looking so smart in my new hat.
Hello there everyone! You like seeing all my fun adventures? Well the last time we went to Disney World we didn't just stay in the Art of Animation hotel. We went and spent the whole day at the Magic Kingdom. I went for the first time in May and now I get to go again. So exciting!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney298_zps3a74b538.jpg
I got to meet a lot of princesses today. So lovely.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney317_zps23bc0043.jpg
We got to eat at Be Our Guest restaurant again. I think it's mom's favorite now.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney318_zps1f1e2f14.jpg
I like the size of the castle. So far away!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney321_zps940ee81c.jpg
HMMMM what shall we get this time?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney334_zps2ee08e50.jpg
Order us something tasty dad!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney341_zps1f0cf0f9.jpg
This looks yummy and familiar.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney342_zps335f660c.jpg
Mom brought another friend this trip. I like Pascal's little tie.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney345_zpsa762893b.jpg
I can't see what dad got. I am sure it is something different than last time.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney360_zps338a2a67.jpg
After all that yummy food we got in another line to meet more princesses.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney362_zps0ac2f46b.jpg
Thanks for the hand mom, thought I was going to fall.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney365_zps01099440.jpg
Don't I look so cute? Love my new hat.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney382_zps120c0aaf.jpg
Do you think that will hold all my clothes?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney391_zps4794134f.jpg
What? Inanimate objects talking? That is craziness.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney394_zps0cff8b40.jpg
Oh I see a princess now. Hello Belle.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney401_zpsc980c119.jpg
Wait come closer to me!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney412_zps09cacbfe.jpg
Are those apples tasty?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney427_zps65e60091.jpg
Look more princesses weee!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney434_zps001905e1.jpg
Onward to the train.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney436_zpsfe7a818c.jpg
And where would you like all your bags?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney437_zps1c99fe3d.jpg
I want shiny shoes too!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney512_zps50a96263.jpg
Look at my new outfit! Mom was so excited to see it at Build a Bear. She says that this is a ROBE not a dress and that Shellie May and I can share it. I got a wand folks.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney518_zps1fe855ff.jpg
I shall take over the castle woohoo!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney521_zpsb1164ea5.jpg
I feel weird not wearing shoes.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney528_zps61d2c24e.jpg
Can I wear this on Halloween too please?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney530_zpsafaa74ad.jpg
An inn? But we are staying at the Art of Animation.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney537_zps9bd7ddde.jpg
Under the seeeeeea
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney556_zps1cd05f5e.jpg
So spooky!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney559_zps25fe7b33.jpg
NOOO! I have so many things left to do in this life!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney560_zps8932c1d4.jpg
A Giant Duffy? Trading pins! Mom is so happy!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney561_zps563677a9.jpg
It is almost time for the park to close. Let's take a few more pics and then go to bed. So much fun today.

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