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Kiniro Mosaic episode 6

One post down...who knows how many to go! Gotta catch up you know!! The husband had to work today which helped contribute to the massive catching up of anime posts. Of course he did work 7 days in a row and was super tired when he came home....poor husband. Next week we will go out and have fun on the weekend. This weekend we will work and get things done!
 photo mosaicepisode610_zps5bf56f99.jpg
Do you want to kill us?!
So what is up now? Kiniro Mosaic episode 6. Spoilers for all of summer taking place within the span of 22 minutes!
 photo mosaicepisode64_zps612dbe94.jpg
It is a compromise in the way that you both don't get your way?
Episode Summary: Shinobu and Alice are playing some kind of word game, involving naming things that are cute. Then they start just saying each other names because they are insane. After the opening song the girls start talking about their summer vacation plans. Aya wants to stay home while Shinobu and Alice don't care. Karen really wants to go to the mountains and Youko wants to go to the beach. They play that word game screaming mountain and beach. They decide to play a game of cards to decide the winner and Youko comes out victorious. Woe is Karen. Super woe. She starts having a cry and Youko feels bad and gives her her (Karen's) way. Karen wants to go to Mt. Fuji but that is clearly vetoed. When the trip finally comes Aya and Youko meet up first, dressed sensibly. Alice and Shinobu arrive and...Shinobu is wearing some sort of getup that she claims is a forest fairy. Either way Aya and Youko are scarred for life. Karen arrives with her father who has rented a semi truck. Only semi truck turns into an RV on the inside. The girls are like X__X she must be rich. They travel to where the trees are and such. They arrive to a mountain and Karen takes off. The other girls are either out of shape or melting like Shinobu for fashion. Shinobu and Alice make weird noises trying to cool off the air and later there are bug antics. The girls think they are climbing to the top but Karen leads them to a stream to do some fishing. The father has set it all up for the girls and Alice is determined to catch a fish for Shinobu. Of course that means Karen is amazing and catches fish for everyone. Alice pouts but concedes the fish is tasty. Youko wishes she had brought her swimsuit now. Karen convinces her to play in the water anyway with Aya slowly joining in. Alice has found a crab and goes to show Shinobu who falls in the river. She washes up near Aya who freaks out. This eventually leads to all the girls falling in the water. Shinobu's clothes now weigh more than her. Still they have a nice day.
 photo mosaicepisode66_zpsbfd7ab82.jpg
Of course you are...
Later on, another day, Shinobu is getting Alice and Karen dressed in yukutas for a festival. Alice got her festivals mixed up and is slightly disappointed. Aya and Youko arrive at the station first. Youko thinks Aya looks cute. When Karen, Aya, and Shinobu arrive....everyone is shocked at Shinobu's outfit. It looks like Shinobu is wearing a Halloween outfit from America based on a kimono that hookers wear. Still they march on to the festival. Karen and Alice are especially excited. They try to explain that they should walk around first to see what is for sale and then buy so they don't run out of money. Shinobu is already eating because she is a goober. But then they do walk around and have a great happy fun music time. Catching fish, eating cotton candy, ect. Overall they have a great time. They come across a area where Karen and Alice insist on climbing the tower and dancing too. Shinobu joins them but Aya sits down and rubs her feet. Youko joins her and they watch the dancing. Karen wants to go see the fireworks and is heartbroken to find out there is none. Shinobu has brought sparklers which makes everyone happy. Isami shows up with a random watermelon. Youko leaves and comes back with medicine for Aya's feet. Aya is touched and watches the fireworks. Alice gets a little sad that the sparklers/summer is almost over. Shinobu produces more sparklers and says they can have fun now. Karen finds a nonsparkler firework and decides to light it up in her hands. She then chases around the other girls so they can die too. THE END!
 photo mosaicepisode617_zps31eba0f3.jpg
You almost boom boomed into a million pieces there blondie.
Too much cuteness. Way too much. My eyes have melted out of my skull. I cannot handle cute girls having cute fun all the time. Just too much.
 photo mosaicepisode62_zps07d0214f.jpg
Wai where are my continuous fun times?!?!?
Also woe is me. Woe is me being an old lady. :( What summer vacation? Um didn't you just get back from a trip to Disney? And aren't you going twice in September? And once in October at least? HEY! Those are the weekends! I mean...Monday through Friday. No more summer vacations for 18 plussers. Or college grads and plus. Adults don't get summers off. Of course Japanese kids don't get much of a summer either. One month and they have tons of homework. Plus everything is packed since all of Japan is trying to squeeze in fun. Poor girls!
 photo mosaicepisode63_zps8699bace.jpg
The beach? During the summer? You are a genius!
After Shinobu and Alice's....train/word game it was time to talk about vacation plans. Just a day trip. :( What no Tokyo DisneySea? No Duffy? A lot of driving for a once day trip. Karen, have your rich daddy hook ya'll up with more fun. Now I am with Aya. Down with outside. Outside being a place that lacks buildings, churros, and oddly shaped rides. The outside with the trees and dirt and animals without cages. is probably more summer like to go to the beach. Even if it's super crowded. The mountains...sounds like way too much work for me. Climbing uphill and downhill? No thanks.
 photo mosaicepisode65_zpsb0d14b05.jpg
Fine then sore loser!
Karen is slightly spoiled. By slightly I mean a lot of course. That happens when you are an only child and rich. But in a group of 5 people you need to learn how to compromise. And since you are the newest face....I think Karen is being portrayed as the loud, confident, and slightly demanding foreigner while Youko is the peaceful Japanese person who wants harmony and to be the older sister figure. Now my vote would have gone a different way. I am just surprised none of the other girls spoke up.
 photo mosaicepisode613_zps1cd26b7b.jpg
Don't look so lonely! :(
Aya is the most prompt girl ever. I have grand plans on being on time that never seem to work out. Now that I have to clock in for work I am on time there but other places? We were supposed to leave the house at 8 am Friday, left at 8:30. Wanted to be at the park when it opened at 9am, got there at 10 am. But....I guess Aya is being portrayed as the super one time responsible girl. I just feel bad for her. She looks so sad standing there all alone. Like :( hurry my friends, I look so sad and friendless. Maybe Youko realizes that too and that is why she makes the effort to get there second. I am here for you Aya!
 photo mosaicepisode68_zps241b167d.jpg
Where does she get all these clothes?
Shinobu's outfit was 19 kinds of stupid. I mean....clearly most of her clothing is special. She thinks she is looking English but she really looks like maid cafe girl all day, everyday. Plus that haircut is just...too realistic to be anime XO So if I was sweating my butt off at Disney when I was dressed up how was that Taco Shinobu going to last with that outfit on? I think she would have worn that outfit no matter where they were going. I am the beach fairy, the mountain fairy, the store fairy. not support that crazy.
 photo mosaicepisode67_zps03a5fd6f.jpg
This would be the definition of overkill....
Karen's family is ballin'. Spoil face! At least if she is going to get her way she made sure things were nice. Riding in style with that semi truck that morphed into an RV. She had her father set up the fishing spot. Like look at me getting my least I made ya'll comfortable! And she was able to climb that mountain, unlike those other slackers. Yay mountains. No not really. They didn't see any bunnies or deers. Just bugs and rocks and Shinobu almost passing out. Boring mountain.
 photo mosaicepisode69_zpsac728447.jpg
So naturally you will fail yes?
The swimming/water part of the trip was more interesting. Well except Shinobu “drowning” in Sharnado level water. Aya being her cute self not wanting to get wet. The girls acting like the fish was ice cream and oh so tasty. Karen might be spoiled but she is the kind of girl who is up for anything. Like woohoo splashing in the water, falling down, and going on adventures. Everything is super fun in a slice of life anime show.
 photo mosaicepisode611_zps065c63f6.jpg
Some popular video game reference that I surely goes over my head.
The tiny shorts in the middle of the episode were special. Youko and her scary story of not getting summer work done...dramatic and funny. Like you are all a bunch of fruitcakes besides Aya acting like that was scary. The second one with Shinobu and the different hair colors....truly scary. Aya's hair is black ya'll. No one else has black hair but her! X___X
 photo mosaicepisode612_zps6183cef2.jpg
Well now that you are in a slice of life anime you can go to one rejoice!
There is still more summer fun to be had folks! Now it is time for a festival. I love watching festivals in animes but having been in Japan I know it is slightly different. You see the cute booths and cute but hello the supplies and trash have to go somewhere. They are just pop up tents, not places with built in areas to hide all this stuff. How dare real life not be like anime! So I feel you Karen and Alice, for thinking things were going to be one way but they are really another. All festivals should come with fireworks no matter what. How dare things be different from how we picture them in our minds.
 photo mosaicepisode615_zps84f87500.jpg
Okay maybe it look worse in my head but still!
Again with the outfit Shinobu. With her fairy outfit before I could see how it was cute just....not for a hike in the mountains. With this one it was like Geisha Hooker hour in some seedy place in C.A. Like for real Shinobu do you own any mirrors. I love how all her friends are always giving her looks like X___X. Well except for Alice who in this case should have spoken up because HELLO this is not what a real proper Japanese girl looks like. Shinobu....just what are you doing with your cosplaying self? XD Looks like she got this at Hot Topic ya'll.
 photo mosaicepisode6_zpscb78b8ca.jpg
:( Why must shoes hurt so bad? Isn't it the year 2013?!
Poor Aya and her feet. I think it was touching that Youko got her something for the pain at the end of the episode but Aya was suffering the entire trip! I mean...girl get some more comfortable shoes. Why do woman suffer for fashion. I hate wearing heels so I go out of my way not to. But sometimes I do put little bandaids on my ankles and such for some flat shoes. Why can't shoes be comfortable and fashionable? Is this to keep the woman slow?!?!?! in any event Aya took it like a trooper. But Yoko was like look here girl, let me help you out before you die. Everyone say AW because they are cute together.
 photo mosaicepisode614_zpsb5d1491d.jpg
I want cotton candy now!!!
As silly as Shinobu is I can see not going with the plan and eating the first thing you see. Like this looks good and this looks good I want it all. And does Karen REALLY needed to budget her money? Only I do not agree that squidballs are tasty. According to the husband they are not. I wouldn't know as I do not eat critters from the sea. But yes I can see not budgeting your money well and running out by the 3rd booth. It is all so tasty, yay for calories.
 photo mosaicepisode616_zps89933b95.jpg
I miss having fish XO
The rest of the time at the festival was spent to feel good music. We are all friends having fun and being woohoo happy. Catching fish and setting them free. I never understood that cut out stencil thing. Doesn't look like that much fun to me but hey at least Shinobu is good at something. The random drivebye appearance of the teacher was random. And how the heck did the girls get up at the top of the tower? Dance people dance. Everyone must have fun always.
 photo mosaicepisode618_zps63808270.jpg
I get like that too, at the end of Christmas day and such. :(
Despite there being no major fireworks in the sky Karen and the others seem to be okay with sparklers. Japan loves it's sparklers. Does Shinobu have some sort of Mary Poppins bag? I know her sister brought the watermelon but where did the bucket come from? Either way it is time to have silly fun. Alice did get a bit sad when the sparklers started to end though. I am not sure how long Karen and Alice are going to be in Japan for. One school year? So maybe this is the only summer she will get to be with Shinobu and experiencing this kind of school life. Sorta bittersweet. You wait for something amazing and near the end you realize :( now it is over, what can I look forward to now? Shinobu and her way of looking at life simply smiles and says we still have more of the moment to enjoy, turn that frown upside down.
 photo mosaicepisode619_zps19551724.jpg
Errr maybe it wasn't just a fountain..
The episode ends with Karen trying to kill everyone. I know it was one of those fountain type fireworks and not one that goes off in the sky but what was she thinking?! Seriously this episode should not have ended on a WOOHOO we are cute girls having a good time. That was dangerous yo. What the hell, just put it down on the ground and walk away. Unless this series is going to take a dramatic turn and things are going to start going horribly wrong. Stay tuned next week to see Karen and her stump arm. What the hell Karen, what the hell!!!! X____X


Eternia said...

The forest girl cosplay was totally stupid, if one of my friend wore it, I would pretend that I didn't know her. I was surprised that she didn't get heatstroke from such clothes, but then again, this is a sugary anime, I know.
I think the one she wore to summer festival was kinda cute, though. Only that she wore it at a wrong place and wrong time. Also, wrong age. I can't help but laugh because of your geisha reference.

Christina said...

Eternia- I wonder where Shinobu comes up with half of these outfits. Like really.....they would be cute on dolls or in store fronts. But on a mountain in the summer heat no.

I think I went slightly off on her festival outfit. And that was toned down too. I had things about how the hookers were pissed that Shinobu was taking all their business because she was offering "things" for 5 dollars. But I am sure if Alice wore it I wouldn't have been so RARW. XD Maybe because Shinobu just has a closet full of things that don't look good on her or go with the occasion.

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