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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 4

 photo realistsepisode55_zps12f5fbcd.jpg
The horror! THE HORROR!!!!!!
Woohoo! The episode that put everything else behind. I was just bleh when it came to writing this one for some reason. But since I watched it rather early I wanted to blog it first. HAHA you can see how well that worked out. I was like um let me move you to the back of the pack. But yes here is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 4. Finally. Spoilers for another demon showing up....
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No candy at my school!
Episode Summary: Um....I forgot. I watched this last week and wrote 5 other episodes since then? Oh Father Crosby is gone. Kevin in here instead. William tries to tell Kevin about all the weird shit that has been going down but Kevin is like um don't talk to me while we are at school. William is hurt and decides to take it out on some other classmates. Of course they were rough housing. William is backed up by a new house mother Ms. Mollins. The misbehaving boys don't appreciate being told what to do. After avoiding William again they decide to “break in” Ms Mollins' room as they think she is a witch. They end up stealing one of her pictures. William is trying to avoid demon people, Kevin people, and boating people. He also notices Head Boy Nathan acting a bit funny. Both Dantalion and Sytry talk about Solomon and what not but William doesn't want to hear about that or this stupid rowing thing. Something else happens....OH! During...something Kevin does try to talk to William about the demons but since William is still butthurt about earlier (rightfully so) William ignores him. William thinks the boys did something to Ms. Mollins' room so he goes in there as well. He knocks so apparently everything is legal. He sees a pentagram on the floor and is like oh how interesting....Ms. Mollins catches William in her room but is more distraught that her picture is gone.
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At least he is consistent.
The rowing thing take place and Ms. Mollins is watching it along with another woman, probably the other house mother. There are three teams: William, Dantalion, and Nathan. There might have been more but that is all that matters. William's team is out in 5 seconds as he got sick in the boat or passed out from the idea of physical work. That leaves Nathan and Dantalion to look amazing. While they show off their two boats collide and an oar almost hits Ms. Mollins in the head. We see Nathan stop it and the two demons pick up on it. William doesn't understand what is going on and tries to defuse the situation. That night...something happens. I don't remember. It leads to all the main characters finding Ms Mollins with a demon. Out of nowhere another demon named Camio appears and saves Ms. Mollins. Ms. Mollins is so happy to find her man again. Ms. Mollins explains with great dramatics that Nathan is Camio and they have a story to tell. When she was a young girl her family worked at this school. Her demon Camio saved her from another demon attacking her. They fell in love and all was great for 5 seconds. Until her parents found out of course. They moved away and Ms. Mollins never saw her demon again. But now that she is dying from some lung thing she has come back to the school to find Camio. Once confirming that Nathan was Camio Ms. Mollins was going to make a pact with a demon to become a demon herself. Nathan/Camio explains he is a half blood and has been hated by both sides his whole life. He loved Ms. Mollins and was sad that she left him....even thought they were supposed to meet up later. So Camio wandered the world alone and I guess made it back to the school. Both Sytry and Dantalion tell Camio not to let Ms. Mollins to become a demon. Ms. Mollins then tells Camio to stay here with his friends. Of course Camio is one of Solomon's pillars. Ms. Mollins does end up leaving to get treatment for her disease, but not before the bad boys return her picture. It was one of her and Camio. THE END!
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How many people is this dude supporting? Wouldn't supporting one make more sense?
I'm.....not sure how I feel about this episode. Maybe even this whole series if this is how it's going to be. Just odd. Odd all over. Just weird pacing I guess?
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How about I punch you in your face?
So this Kevin person. Not so happy with his ass. I mean his over the top devotion to William even after the family fortune is gone was silly. But since that is how he was presented himself I expect him to act that way. We thought he was there to protect William. That might be the case still but...can we be a little less harsh? I mean...William couldn't even get a word in edge wise. was a bit surprising to me. And while William has had a cushy life I can see why it was surprising to him.
 photo realistsepisode53_zps1915c7fa.jpg
Won't someone please care about my crazy life now!
I mean put yourself in William's shoes. No parents. Just an Uncle who high tailed it out of town when all the money poofed ( I suspect the Uncle is really Lucifer but anyway). Demons knocking on William's door, saying he is some horny dude from the Bible. I can see how this would be a little stressful. William thinks Kevin is taking care of things at home but suddenly he is at school. And instead of hugging William and telling him it's going to be okay Kevin is like un no I got a job to do, pretend you don't know me. Then he acts all butthurt about William ignoring him later. William is so pissed he doesn't realize how stupid Kevin being here right now. Random older brother is dead? If that's true and Kevin was always supposed to be a clergy....from his MOM'S SIDE then why train him to take care of William's family? Surprise someone had to take over the business. So magical. William isn't thinking straight so he didn't see this. I bet Dantalion or some other demon killed the brother.
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Um yesterday. Duh!
With no fanfare at all...Hello Ms. Mollins. I am pretty sure it isn't against anime law to have future characters show up before the episode where they are important airs. I think it is okay to have them in the background doing something. Ms. Mollins has been dorm mother for 2 months now and we are now just seeing her? I mean we saw Sytry and Dantalion join the school. No side eye from this Ms. Mollins when other shenanigans were going on? Just felt...very Sailor Moon friend of the week. Especially when we find out more about her situation. Homegirl should have been at the school way longer than 2 months let me tell you. Just saying I am not impressed with all this randomness.
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What do you mean breaking windows and cutting someone's arm isn't allowed? SO MEAN!
I think the boys were being....stupid and petty. Finally some actual realistic teenage behavior. Breaking windows and not listening to William. This is what it is all about. I mean...I can see why some kids are place in positions of power. To slow introduce everyone to the hierarchy of the world. To help grow people into followers and leaders. But is hard to see him as a leader. I see him using this position to get ahead in the world, that is it something that naturally should have been given to him. Basic respect to all but more respect should be earned. All I see is William being bossy and telling people to write Latin sentences. I probably wouldn't listen to him anyway. What was my point again?
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Okay maybe William didn't break into the room. My bad.
Oh the boys were being petty. And cutting each other up. I think in the grand scheme of things taking something of Ms. Mollins and gossiping about her was...low on the prank meter. I mean the kids didn't even have to pick the locks. XD I know I know...don't blame victims of a crime, that is wrong. However is one is trying to conquer up demons and makes no effort to cover it up maybe...maybe one could lock their door? Good thing William the realist found all this and not someone who would go HMMMMMMMM.
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Not really seeing it. But maybe the demons should have.
That being said....I don't really think that Camio looked like Nathan. I think we all knew where it was coming from as this is a paint by numbers anime show. But everyone saying hmmm the Head Boy looks like the person in this picture and HMMMMM Nathan looks the some demon that I used to knnnnnnow. I mean the only two people who should have know Nathan was Camio was Sytry and Dantalion. But only because they should have sensed his demonness. Or power. Other than If we can't tell who Ai's mom is we can't tell Nathan is Camio from some wavy hair.
 photo realistsepisode510_zps42a024fc.jpg
And no one is slightly mad at William?
Okay. So this rowing thing. Is William really that pathetic? I'm sorry.....athletically challenged? Not going to lie I am too. When I was throwing away 5490584 pounds of my neighbor's garbage the other die I was getting a little winded. I am not made for heavy lifting. But it appears that William got sick....from the idea of working hard? Maybe I missed the part where they started to row and had to turn around because William wasn't feeling well. XD Maybe instead of taking all those naps and trying to hide William should be.....joining me at the nonexistent gym? XD I guess William thinks he is going to be in an office all day, being important and what not. My grandmother gets more exercise than the two of us.
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Apparently I ran out of relevant screenies.
If I was in William's house I would have been pissed at our grand leader's inability to beat Tenchi up the stairs. Instead everyone is like WOOHOO Harry Potter is the best, who cares that we suck. They were too busy cheering on Nathan and Dantalion. See this is what I mean. When Dantalion joined the school where was Team Nathan telling Nathan that it was going to be okay, that this new kid wasn't going to take his spot. Instead we got one brief glimpse at him last episode and that is all. But Nathan is apparently just as amazing as Dantalion and we haven't see him until now.
 photo realistsepisode511_zpsfad68aa0.jpg
It's like Sunnydale High all over again. Just with less deaths.
Nathan was basically outted because he saved Ms. Mollins from a row that was flying a million feet in the air. The fact that the oar changed directions was the magical part folks. Not the fact it FLEW that far. I mean....this oar must be a demon too. But yeah that is the part where everyone was like HMMMMM that might be a demon. Can't Sytry and Dantalion sense other demons? Not really impressed with this. I get that the boys have on disguises but don't the disguises need demon power to back them up? Just shaking my head in disbelief ya'll.
 photo realistsepisode517_zps4b6eee76.jpg just realized this because you got sick? Wasn't getting old without a husband a good indicator to this too?
I guess I am just not feeling this whole plot. Ms Mollins falls in love with half demon Camio. Her parents make her move when they find out he is a demon. Ms Mollins waits until she is dying to move back to the last place she saw him. Once she gets there and is SURE he is there she decides to make a pact with a demon to become a demon herself to be with Camio. Do I have all this insanity right?
 photo realistsepisode516_zps2fc094cf.jpg
So happy. Good thing I went and found you OH WAIT!
Where do I begin? So...Camio doesn't stop the parents at all? Spend the next 60 years NOT finding her? Ms Mollins also makes no move to go back to the school until it's almost too late? Why? Why not go back to the last place you saw him once you are free from your parents? Camio, why not wait at the school under different names until Ms. Mollins returns? Oh wait it makes less sense for both of you to return to the school at roughly the same time and not talk to each other? Okay do that instead. Romeo and Juliet called. They want their melodramatic back.
 photo realistsepisode515_zpsb3e15f2a.jpg
Not all those other times when we could spend meaningful time together.
Adding all that drama together...would Ms. Mollins even turn into a demon? I thought demons who were once humans had to do something super bad to become one, like Dantalion. Not let me make a deal with a demon and poof I can be one too. That is almost as special as waiting until you are dying and old to be a demon. Wouldn't you want to be a young demon? I just don't understand any of this drama or nonsense. It is too over the top for me to type about a week later! XO What is wrong with me?
 photo realistsepisode5_zps01dbe711.jpg
If you are a sad little demon fear not. I will "adopt" you.
Clearly William is not having any of this. Dantalion and Sytry care enough because SURPRISE Camio is one of Solomon's pillars. Clearly Solomon ran around and found all the down and out demons/half-demons/fallen angels of the universe and told them to come on into his arms. Come my children, be my slave and I will love you forever. But maybe Camio's koolaid wasn't as strong as Dantalion or Stry's as he was able to focus on another being other than Solomon. 

In the end I forgot about 439843 percent of this episode. I know Ms Mollins leaves to get treatment and Camio does not allow her to turn into a demon. Ms Mollins has decided that Camio needs to stay at the school because he will be okay with this group of friends. Clearly she knows this will all work out...because she doesn't. It just sounded good. Just so much drama folks! Like they picked the hard way to do things just so in the end they could brag about being so tragic. Bleh. Next episode please, clearly this one was not my favorite.

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