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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 5

Post number three tonight! I am on a roll. I would thank awful horror movies for keeping me on track. But that was Saturday's help. Today was all crappy reality TV shows since Sci-fi let me down. Is it almost time for Ghost Shark? Will it blow Sharknado out of the two inches of water it found itself in?
 photo realistepisode5_zps35f94889.jpg still at the high school?
Post number three is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 5. Spoilers for Tenchi wondering when the actual fighting for the throne will take place....I mean high school drama all over the place!
 photo realistepisode510_zpse2041053.jpg
Looking a bit young for marriage.
Episode Summary: Oh my lord what happened first I watched this so long ago. HMMMMMMMM. I think everyone was in the cafeteria eating crappy food. Dantalion pretends like it is training to each such garbage and Sytry just wants to eat treats. William just finds it gross. Nathan/Camio walks by and Isaac has stars in his eyes about how awesome it is that so many demons go to this school and hopes there is a war or something soon. William does question why everyone is behaving and there are different answers for that, one being for William's sake but if he doesn't get his act together soon that might change. While Dantalion and Sytry acknowledge that Camio is in a higher league than them they don't want William picking Camio. William is like don't care, want to check my test results because that is how I roll. William scores first in his class while Nathan scores the highest in the school. Dantalion scores okay, saying human tests are easy. Sytry scores low on purpose so cute boys will help him study and give him treats. Isaac also scores low which is sad apparently. His family deals in teas and spices from India and he is wasting this expensive education that has been given to him. Nathan is seen being amazing and talking to the Headmaster when William is summoned for a private meeting...which included Dantalion, Sytry, and Isaac. Nathan explains that the school is tearing down an old mill to make room for a new building and the headmaster is trying to get funds for said project. However there have been some weird singing noises and appearances near the old mill and it needs to be investigated before the major backer appears. William balks at such a low job but Nathan says he is doing this to help William look great in front of Headmaster and said backer. William has a little dream sequence about how this will make him appear amazing and he will go up a year, get free tuition, and a job offer after school. Dantalion says he will fund William but William is like um no don't want to owe you demons anything. Nathan is happy William takes the job but it is clear to everyone including William that Nathan has pawned this job off on him.
 photo realistepisode514_zps18e35789.jpg
I mean this lazy demon needs to get his ass off the couch and find a job!
Dantalion returns to the demon world and goes to visit Astaroth and her servant girl (?) Lamia who seems to think she is marrying Dantalion. Astaroth is taking a bath but doesn't care as it is Dantalion. They talk about Camio and how he has better rank than them, giving his...position and the fact that they are demons who used to be humans. But Astaroth warns there is even a bigger threat around William that Dantalion needs to watch out for. That threat is implied to be Isaac for the time being who has decided to help William look for the person/persons making all this chaos. Sytry joins them as he is bored. They walk around the broken looking mill and see nothing but there is a crappy looking bush moving in the background so who knows. That night Isaac is scared of ghosts as they are worse that demons and sleeps with William. William wakes up when he hears some creepy song being sung. He and Isaac goes to investigate this noise when they find...some creature. Sytry eventually joins up with them. William is all you have the right to remain silence and what not when talking to the creature. The thing stops singing long enough to tell William he has to grind things and Issac is like oh he is an killmoulis. Sytry inputs that killmoulis have to grind or they will die. William and his logic brain conclude that this creature has been forced from his home as society is relying more on machinery and less on actual mills. William then sends killmoulis to work at Isaac's family mills in India where he becomes the best worker ever. Feeling proud that he accomplished the problem William waits for Nathan to introduce him to the important backer. Only Isaac and his important family connections are introduced instead and William dies a little inside. Later Kevin is seen lighting some candles in the church when Dantalion appears in front of him. Kevin is like stay away from my master than I am currently treating poorly. Dantalion is like I know you aren't who you say you are and I will find out soon what you are hiding. Evil smiles all around ya'll. THE END!
 photo realistepisode516_zps73c2623a.jpg
Facial features are overrated guys!
Like for real folks. Is the budget for this show 10 cents a frame? Because....Isaac spent half this episode looking cross eyed and that shaking bush? It was added after the fact or something. I really hate ugly art and that is what this show is seeming to be all the time. Given the special plot and the serious lack of danger or urgency the other characters...just overall this show seems special. But the art is really starting to bother me a lot.
 photo realistepisode53_zps8a4ac424.jpg
Oh boy oh boy!
I wish Nathan would walk around as Camio. Maybe because I hate Nathan's hair and the color combination going on. I am sure the art doesn't help. But yeah I thought that maybe when William looked at Nathan he would be able to see through the magic now. At least with the other demons he should have looked like Camio. But since the budget is so crappy that would cost way too much to justify. For now Nathan will just be...Head Boy. It is almost like William didn't even acknowledge his demonness at all. Just called him Head Boy, ignoring the fact that he is a half demon, half human and was probably super important to Solomon and blah blah. Almost like Nathan is just there and it feels off yes?
 photo realistepisode56_zpse21e15b4.jpg
Why are you still here?!?!?!
While William doesn't seem to care about Nathan's presence and Nathan is still lalalaing around the school like this actually matters and that the love of his life isn't dying of a disease/old age...Sytry and Dantalion are keeping a close eye on him. They nod their head and acknowledge him but are still HMMM. Which is sorta odd. I thought that Camio would rank lower than Dantalion and Sytry. All demons are fallen angels in my religion but in this show this means Sytry is not a cool demon. And Dantalion used to be human. But to me that is more badass than just simply being BORN a half demon. At least that is what it means to me. Apparently there is more to the story. IE Camio is probably actually Lucifer's son and the throne really belongs to him and Camio is like um no Dad I be chillin on Earth because all your friends hate him.
 photo realistepisode511_zps84861ea7.jpg
Thanks for reminding me naked friend.
Dantalion worried enough about this situation enough to leave his William's side. Which at this point really doesn't matter as no one else is showing up to hurt William now that there is a neon sign on his head that says HEY I am the Elector. Camio doesn't want to fight and for now Sytry is drowning his sorrows of no Solomon is the bosoms of other boys and their candy. So Dantalion tries to be proactive and visit his naked friend Astaroth. Only she (who is probably Solomon's demon too because he is a hoe bag) is like you need to worry about someone else close to William. WHO COULD IT BE FOLKS?! I wonder. I WONDER INDEED. Is there a reason why demons can't pick up on other demons or magical things? Anyway even if Kevin wasn't running around hiding rings he still be suspect number one. Like why isn't he trying to protect William in a more aggressive manner HMMMMMM. But yes at least Dantalion is trying. To do something.
 photo realistepisode57_zps0c852e6a.jpg
I am pretty sure this is all your fault William.
William on the other hand is trying to get ahead in this world. Like I ain't got time for picking out a demon, I have tests to take. Does William know that his life would be a whole lot easier if he just picked Dantalion or whoever? Then they would ALL go away. I am not sure if his life would be in danger after that though. I am sure whoever he pick would send someone to watch over him as thanks. But the longer William stays stubborn about this the more problems he is going to have. If you don't believe in this just say a name and get over it. I am sure it is the principal of the thing. Onward to William getting great scores on tests.
 photo realistepisode58_zpsce6fa6de.jpg
Sure you are using me but in my dream it is all worth it!
Like any school in a super natural anime/manga show....all the crazy things start happening once the main character is aware of them. Not before hand. No no there was no wailing of crazy monsters before William knew he was the Elector. But now that he does know crazy things are happening all over the place and he is the only one who can fix anything. Adults are useless. Like lets get the Headboy to figure out who is pranking on school property instead of an actual person in authority. So lazy. William so got used but had Nathan kept to his word or had things worked out it would have helped William. Not to the extent of his crazy dream but enough for it to be worth it.
 photo realistepisode59_zpsa5f89de9.jpg
Demons are different DUH!
Isaac is 19 kinds of special. So he is from the Morton Salt people, with the little girl in the salt rain? Interesting. I mean I guess people have to start from somewhere. But I mean...maybe he isn't smart. Have you thought of that William? Of course that kid is always burying his head in some occult book so that point might be moot. Wasting an expensive education but maybe Isaac isn't cut out for that. But given how scared he is of ghosts he might not be cut out to do occult stuff either. How can ghosts be scarier than demons? Especially since you have seen some demons at work. Magic blasts and demanding William pick one of them. What do ghosts do? Scare the crap out of you and move some furniture around? Also I don't think ghosts need to hide in bushes or wear capes. Oh Isaac. You might say you love the occult but clearly you are not cut out for this.
 photo realistepisode513_zpsf3e1057d.jpg
William is a realist AND a police officer.
William is full of special too. I know he is a realist and all but um...yeah this show is reaching for material. William finds a little queerrat wannabee demon and it is going to read it some human rights? And then William will act like the police, jury, and judge. William does know he is a teenage boy right? I mean homeboy was sounding a little crazy okay. You have the right to remain silence or you can tell me your story and I can pardon your situation because I am the Prefect of a house at a British School. HMMMM William. You is a little bit crazy there. XD
 photo realistepisode515_zpsf7238258.jpg
So everyone in Isaac's family is blind. I see.
After William was done being weird Sytry was like oh that is an killmoulis and if they don't grind things they die. Woe are these creatures. Curse the age of technology, putting innocent demons out of work so they have to go to creepy schools that shouldn't even have mills and sing songs that make no sense at all. Good thing we found out that Isaac's family is in the spice business. Also a good thing everyone else in this show is blind and can't tell that the killmoulis is a demon and not just a funny looking man. Look at William, solving problems for the demon world while saying it doesn't exist. Collect your reward William! Oh wait the sponsor wants to meet Isaac instead. :( Your hard work and being crazy has gone unnoticed, the world is unbalanced yet again.
 photo realistepisode517_zps0baecc60.jpg
If looks could kill X___X
The episode ends with Dantalion and Kevin having their show down. Not a full on pissing contest yes. No I love William more than you! He's mine! Kevin is still on my shit list for treating William so shitty when he first arrived on campus. Behold I am here to protect you but don't you dare start talking to me. Yeah I am hating Kevin. Again not sure why Dantalion, Camio, and Sytry can't sense what Kevin is. They could just glare at him and say I know who you are....without stating it to the audience so it could still be surprise. But I guess that will be silly. Now we get to sit and wonder who Kevin XO. He seems super attached to William so maybe he was top demon under Solomon? Even though that looks like that was Dantalion's job. I don't think he is Lucifer as Camio should have sensed him at least (if he is the son) and that would be just too weird. But thanks show for planting the obvious seed that Kevin is something. Something more than an asshole anyway. But until next know...for more crappy art and William being a realist!


Anonymous said...

Lamia is Astaroth (a daemon who used to be human) and Belzebuth (a fallen)'s child. Astaroth is under the contract of Solemon and now a sponsor of Dantalion for the running.

The threat she implied is NOT Isaac but the angel (you will see who later).

Christina said...

Anonymous- Daughter?! X___X She looked and acted more like a servant. I would never have guessed that. I didn't miss that fact right? It was never stated...I hope.

I think everyone at that school is a demon/mythical creature BUT Isaac. Only at this point his name might be Haruhi. XD