Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 4

So sleepy folks. So sleepy. I had a super long shift at work today. But I think I got a lot done and I guess that is all that matters. Even if my eyes are trying to escape from my skull. I don't think that I made my lemonade right tonight though. SUPER WIRED and tired at the same time. Go me making no sense. Too much sugar and it isn't even keeping me awake.
 photo kamisamaepisode42_zps6be026cd.jpg
Look at this lovely and amazing world Ai. Let's go on super fun adventures!
What episode are we on now? Let me see let me see. Okay I pick Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 4. Spoilers for Ai...picking up the pieces rather fast and making a pop-up lemonade van stand.
 photo kamisamaepisode45_zps63affd42.jpg
This is the zombie apocalypse. This is how you say hello.
Episode Summary: Ai, Yuri, and Scar have decided to go on an adventure!!! Ai smiles happily as Yuri works to fix a van for them to travel in. Soon it starts up and off they go. As the happiest music on the face of the planet plays Ai looks out the window and is amazed at how big the world is. In between all the happy Yuri does advise that Ai keep her status as a gravekeeper on the down low, since people aren't too happy with them. Before their first stop Scar announces that there is a boy in the van. Yuri is like what?!?!? and stops the car. They all look at the boy who seems rather young. He wakes up and says his name is....well a lot of things and goes back to sleep, rather pitifully. Yuri decides the kid has been drugged by robber and puts the gun away, deciding the kid isn't a threat. A while later the kid does wake up, weary of his situation. Ai is as happy as can be and explains she is Ai. The boy is Kiriko and seems confused on why these unrelated people are traveling together. Kiriko figures Scar is a gravekeeper and there is a bit of tension. Well until Ai announces she is on a mission to change the world. She is going to make the world a better place for everyone and fix what God did. Kiriko is like hmmmm interesting. Kiriko says he was kidnapped but escaped/hid in the van. He would like to be returned to Ortus City. Yuri agrees to drive him to the outskirts but not to the city. Ai wants to know why and Yuri tells her to hush. The van breaks down momentarily. Yuri fixes it but says it will need more work done. Kiriko says he will see what he can do when he gets to the city. Yuri starts to get nervous and Scar mentions that she senses some dead that need to be buried. About 1 million. 1 million?!?!? Ai's eyes nearly pop out of her head and Kirko is like yes Ortus is the city of the dead. Ai starts to see Yuri's point. Slightly.
 photo kamisamaepisode48_zpsc185900c.jpg
Maybe people should spell things out for Ai for a little while....
They pull up to the gate and Kiriko explains why there are tons of gravekeeper shovels nearby. Gravekeepers are obviously drown to this place and each time the gravekeeper is killed. Yay reminders! There are also lots of statues to this...death goddess. She can kill all living things and apparently is merciful. Ai is probably traumatized while Kiriko goes to talk to the guards. Yuri tells Scar she can't kill anyone here and maybe she should leave, to wait at another town. She says no, she hears a voice and wants to find out what it means. Kiriko returns and says they can come in to the human area I guess. Kiriko is then hugged/molested by an interesting character. This person claims to be two people, a man and woman named Rex and Fox. They talk and behave like two different people. Ai greets them warmly which makes Rex/Fox happy. Rex/Fox is often regarded as a monster. Ai gets sad and says not to say that, people are people like her dad said NEVER. Rex/Fox is happy and everyone takes to the van. Most of the dead people are in the middle of the city, wearing masks and partying. Ai seems really excited about all of this. Ai wakes up and looks out the window like this is the best day ever. The city is huge and wonderful. She wants to explore but Scar tells her Yuri said not to leave the lodgings. Yuri is out fixing the van while Scar is in bed nursing a headache and sickness. Ai tries to make her feel better but Scar is like um no you make my head feel worse. Ai goes downstairs and talks to the innkeeper. She says Kiriko has gone to see the Princess. Ai expresses interest in going outside so the innkeeper tells her to wear a mask. Ai does and is so excited like a crazy person. Everyone is wearing costumes and what not. One in partial is throwing fliers around announcing the Princess and Death Goddess play. Ai has a flier but some creepy dude that has been following her takes said flier from her. Said man tells Ai to leave this dangerous city or else! Kiriko is then shown talking to the Princess...who is bound and gagged. THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode49_zps03425c67.jpg
I wasn't kidding about the sparkles.
Cue the happy music!!! Hang the streamers!!! Party on!! This is the happiest show/movie/series about zombies ever! Move over Alice and Daryl. Wipe your tears Rick. All you people in that mall, put down the guns and embrace the wonderful world that is. Because Ai is going on an adventure!!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode412_zps996942d5.jpg
A city that kills gravekeepers? I WANT TO GO!
Yeah....this show is weird. Really weird. I should have known that when Hampnie got taken out in episode 3. When Ai was willing to follow what she assumed was a murderer. How when Ai found out Hampnie was her father she was over the moon with happiness. I really should have known this show was going to show me the inner workings of crazy. Sorta like Katniss from the Hunger Games. Brave? AHAHAHAHHA insanity is more like it. Homie is crazy up and down. This show is just as crazy.
 photo kamisamaepisode417_zps95718e82.jpg
Your eyes need to have more tears in them.
Now...I know I just got done saying that it was weird how attached and ready to accept Hampnie that Ai got. However I find it just as odd ho fast she got over his death. Like I found my daddy yay! We got to spend one whole day together before I killed him for good. Life is magical! Only not. Ai is 12 years old. At my current age I would be crying a giant bucket of tears in the corner, refusing to move. My mom is dead, my entire village is super dead, my new daddy is dead, and all I got left in this world is a gravekeeper devoid of most emotions and a man that tried to kill my dad and me. WHAT IS THERE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT?! I mean...I get that cute girls being happy and super brave sells but this borders on insanity. Everything is a lie. Literally Ai's entire like if a lie, as if all the world's tragedies pilled on her. Like how can we make Ai more tragic? Needs a dash more angst and a tad more WTF. Only Ai keeps on smiling. Like a crazy person.
 photo kamisamaepisode43_zps3a33b1d2.jpg
We will be your new family. Because....Scar is sticking around for some reason?
Unless Yuri coughs up some details I guess we will never know what Ai's parents had. Why Ai's mom left her dad. What Hampnie's true wish was. So instead of focusing on these details we will instead...have an adventure!!! I guess Scar can do what she wants. And since this show is insanity Yuri can raise Ai in Hampnie's place. Since they are best friends forever. Now perhaps there should have been more build up to this or maybe Ai is full of crazy optimism brought on a chronic case of insanity but saving the world? Fixing the mistakes that God made? Girl you just found out about the zombies. How can you possibly change anything? Insert happy music here!
 photo kamisamaepisode44_zps31f74e93.jpg
Wait I was supposed to tell you about the boy in the back seat?
While Ai looks out the window at how BIG the world is (because that graveyard is totally not up on a hill) Scar casually announces that there is another person in the van. Yuri can track down Hampnie from nowhere but can't sense a stowaway in the back seat. Excellent, Ai can be Carl and not stay in the house as well. Why didn't Scar say anything? More importantly why didn't Scar try to kill Kiriko or any zombies later? If her purpose is to kill the dead why can she resist it? At the very least she should have announced Kiriko was dead. But where is the fun in that?
 photo kamisamaepisode46_zpsca93fa38.jpg
I am too sleepy to attack. More naps.
Kiriko seems rather young. Ai is the exception to the rule but yes only 15 and up please. Kiriko could have been one of the very last people born. Seems like rotten luck that he is already dead. I would like to see more...killing of living people. I understand there is no infection but shouldn't there be hordes of brainless dead who attack living people? The newly dead person wouldn't attack anyone for quite a while I know but yes. More attacking please. Oh and as for Kiriko...seems nice enough. Until the end of the episode of course.
 photo kamisamaepisode47_zps77b097c3.jpg
To be precise you need to keep your mouth shut.
Ai needs to dial back the happy music and listen. Learn to read the situation. If Yuri is saying keep the gravekeeper talk on the down low...NO TALKING! You can be proud of this all you want but since you don't know how the world operates listen to your elders. And if Yuri has agreed to talk you on adventures to save the world perhaps you should follow his lead and not insist on going to dangerous places. Bright eyed girl indeed. This show needs more danger, more dread. We got a city of 1 million dead people and Ai wants to explore and have a picnic. INDEED!
 photo kamisamaepisode411_zps80689062.jpg
A million dead people? So many more friends for Ai!
Of course it turns out Yuri has stolen a broken van and the group does have to stop in Ortus. Kiriko is looking good for being dead. And despite his young age (do you still age you die in this world?) he has some rank. So while Ai is having a party and Scar sits there hearing voices and wanting to kill people Kiriko is getting them in the city. While they wait they get to look at creepy statues of the goddess of death. So...she kills the living? Also if this is the city for the dead why let living people in at all? Just smells like disaster and drama.
 photo kamisamaepisode416_zps3f2cd1c7.jpg
People are people, no matter how small.
Despite the fact that Ai and Scar are both gravekeepers and there are about 100 dead gravekeepers outside (normal gravekeepers can die?!) Ai and Scar enter the city when Kiriko gets permission. I mean...I guess Ai's mom did die but I chalked her up to being abnormal. I thought gravekeepers were more like angels/gods of death, not messed up humans. Either way into the city they go and the very first dead person they meet had two faces. I was SO disappointed to learn that Rex/Fox weren't two separate people sewn together. So disappointed! I don't think it's that odd, that in the zombie apocalypse would be acting this way. Perhaps someone close to that person died so they are pretending to be them. Not all that...ell it's a little odd but I thought the wannabe Hampnie last week was weirder.
 photo kamisamaepisode419_zps16e656a3.jpg
Or the case of the weirdos. Either way.
So we are in the city. First things for Yuri to leave Ai alone to fix the van. Well Ai had Scar but I think the woman would let Ai do what she wants since she is “odd”. Like I was supposed to stop her? Anyway Scar has her own problems. I guess since gravekeepers can die they can get sick or hear voices. HMMMMM I wonder why Scar doesn't feel good. I am sure it has nothing to do with the tied up girl, no no. I did find it amusing that Scar was like um no Ai, you are annoying and are making it worse. XD
 photo kamisamaepisode418_zps17c9528b.jpg
Look how nice those people wearing masks look. Let's explore!
Since AI was kicked out of nursing school it was time to investigate. What a lovely innkeeper. It throws me off how preserved these dead are. Heart attacks and cancer. Anyway Ms. Innkeeper tells Ai to go have fun in the city. Since Yuri was gone for...I guess 8 hours Ai waited long enough and went to party. With 1 million dead people. Is she seriously dumb? Does she think those masks are for fun? I guess so. Ai stands her ground when it comes to her flier though. PSHT all the ones on the ground. Get back here asshole!! Glad Mr. Asshole is there to tell her why this city isn't all fun and games.
 photo kamisamaepisode420_zps12f2bbda.jpg
Ai is unfazzed by creepy people. That or the part of her body that senses danger is broken.
The episode ends with Kiriko visiting his/the princess. HMMMMM. Remind me not to be Princess of the Dead. Girl is tied up and looking miserable. Calling Scare for help? Wonder if she is dead, living, or a captured gravekeeper. Either way Ai will befriend her and not be too mad at Kiriko. Because she is insane.


Anonymous said...

About your question on how long can a dead live, before turning into a mindless zombie.

Hampnie said that the mental breakdown occours in about two months after being dead, the flesh takes a lot longer to decay.

Anonymous said...

Ai seems can’t sense dead people like Scar, this is this because she is half human, said in the LN.

About your question on why Scar joined Yuri and Ai on their journey.

Well, she might feel some sort of obligation towards a fellow Gravekeeper like Ai or perhaps some sort of curiosity of what will become of the product of the love between a Gravekeeper and a human. But my gut is telling me that Scar feels some sort of atachment towards Ai and she can´t explain it because she isn´t supposed to have emotions but she´s developing them never the less.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ Mr. Tassard,

"While one can argue (including me) that the writing has been a bit on and off so far, I think few can deny that this show is trying to build a fully realized world, and it’s making a very good job so far. One work of fiction (series, book, game etc.) can do many things right and wrong, but in my opinion, there is nothing like totally immersing you into its fictional world and myths. I believe that Ortus city -and KamiNai in general- is one of the finest examples where the work of fiction attempts to “suck you in” its atmosphere; where it succeeds at making its fictional world alive and believable. I am loving it so far."

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- 2 months?! Ai has been without her mom for years. How did those people keep it together for all that time?

Anonymous 2- I hope it turns out that Scar is broken too. Or that gravekeepers have been misunderstood all this time anyway. Because Scar is not acting all weird and emotionless like she was portrayed by Hampnie.

Anonymous 3- I am not sure what to say to this. I feel as if I want all of that to be true but it's not quite there for me. Like I totally want to be sucked into this world but I keep having these questions. Like in The Walking Dead there are zombies. It has never been explained what caused this "infection" but I can get into this show. I keep questioning WHY with this show. Like okay I can get down with the undead but now with all these wishes randomly being granted things seem all over the place. Like I feel as if Hampnie was telling Ai about this awful world but she being the main character is seeing things through rose colored glasses. X__X You know? I want to be sucked in but I still have so many questions.