Friday, August 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventure: Hitting the road, onward Disney

 photo DuffyFun014_zpsbcc96de5.jpg
My accessory box is looking kinda full.
XO What? I have 10 minutes to pack before we head out to Disney World? Why do you always wait until the last minute mom!!! Gosh. Wait Muffy is coming? I better move fast.
 photo DuffyFun015_zpsc5ce8e04.jpg
What to pack what to pack? Maybe I have too many things to pick from!
 photo DuffyFun016_zpsec8402ba.jpg
Um isn't this Shellie May's dress? I know you don't have her yet but letting Muffy wear it first......I guess I can keep it a secret.
 photo DuffyFun017_zps04ff3823.jpg
Don't leave without me! I will throw a bunch of things in the suitcase and sort it out later. Onward to fun!

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