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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 7

 photo kamisamaepisode75_zps82c31a2f.jpg
MORE LIES?! Say it ain't so!
Le yawn. How is it already almost time for bed on Sunday? Another week at work. BOO BEING AN ADULT! Here is one more anime post to tide you over til tomorrow. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 7 anyone? Spoilers for Ai going to school and maybe not being the weirdest kid there.
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Nope. No happy school life for you!
Episode Summary: Ai arrives at a bell tower where Mr. Boy from last episode is sitting. Alis talks to Ai and gets her all worked up and upset at him. Ai then starts up with her saving the world bit again as Alis and his ghost girl Dee look on. After the opening song it shows us how Ai came to be at that tower. Yuri asked Ai if she wants to go to school. Because if she does she needs to go now. All elementary schools have been closed and soon middle schools will be too. Ai decides to give it a whirl. Yuri drives them to a town where he has connections. He goes to use a pay phone (WTF) while Scar holds her sleeping baby in the van and Ai is kidnapped. Some old lady explains that Ai was kidnapped by the Gola School. Ai is blinking at her new surroundings, briefly having a memory of the teacher/headmaster Manita talking to her. Earlier in the episode there was talk of a school festival and what not. But as Ai cleans the classroom with two girls (Tanya and Volrath) it is quiet. Ai seems in high spirits while the other two girls are like um no you were kidnapped. Ai goes through her series of events about how she came to be here. The girls both confirm to Ai this is kidnapping. That the school gets paid by the government per student and it's a special school. Ai is like um no I got things to do, like save the world. Before Ai can leave Manita appears and tells the girls to take a bath at gunpoint. Scared they run off to a ridiculous tub. Ai is quite scared of all the girls and attention on her. Ai explains it is due to her growing up in a dead village that she is nervous around living people. She also throws Yuri's advice in the mud and tells all the girls that have gathered that she is half gravekeeper/half human.
 photo kamisamaepisode72_zps84a650b5.jpg
That would be Ai saying that....
Instead of being shocked all the girls are like OH that's why you are here. It is explained that all kids with abilities end up at this school. These abilities came from making strong wishes....okay. Tanya is blind but can see sorta. And paint with all the colors of the wind. Ai looks like a sad and ignored moon rainbow. Volrath is super strong. Run the creeper can breath under water. Or in the water. Mimieta and Memepo are twins that were triplets but now the dead one is inside of them. Ai is like oh how wonderful, a school full of freaks....I mean lovely people. But then Ai remembers her mission. Before things get too deep a loud noise is heard. They watch as the floor/wall collapses....and out pops Alis and two other boys. The girls are upset and shocked. They beat them for a little while and takes them hostage. Volrath is dating one boy named Harley while the other boy is Totogi and is actually an adult but slept for a long time. The girls want answers and Alis explains that the boys are digging a tunnel to freedom but their bomb was too strong. Bomb?! The girls are shown the underground tunnels and how Alis was trying to connect his tunnel but SOMEONE messed up. Harley was able to use his ability and eat all the dirt and debris but still. Alis says his ghost girl is what messed him up. Ghost? Some purple hair girl named Dee appears. She says she messed Alis up on purpose to get the girls involved sooner. Everyone freaks out when Alis refers to Dee as a witch. Dee says she is not a witch...but a witch. It is explained that Dee goes around granting wishes, small and large. Or really whispering in people's ears things that are helpful to them. Alis says she has been haunting him for a while and followed him as he wanted to be with Ai. Ai calls Dee Whisper instead of her “witch” name and Whisper...whispers to her that it is destiny that they are all together now. THE END!!!
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Wait wait...I still need to learn all your names. Don't leave yet!
X___X So many new characters. My poor little brain. Of seems much easier for me to blog this show with new names that Realist. That show just has me all confused when it comes to most of their names and it demotivates me to blogging until I do catch up on that episode first. So...really...this was a lot of new names but then again in a normal school show you would be thrown all these names at once. Like BAM episode 1 has blown your mind. Maybe this isn't so bad.
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Is there a sleep mist in the car or something? WAKE UP!
First off...Scar is pretty useless. Or special. I guess we can go with special. She did save Ai when Hampnie got his ass kicked. But yes. Why are we sleeping in the face of danger? I am starting to doubt what these gravekeepers are. Or really maybe I don't know what they are and what I think is wrong. They can die, they can get sick, they can have emotions, they can have kids....basically they on;y can bury people and send them off to heaven. Not really some super natural angels. More like a human...who wishes to help other humans pass on and of course wishes are bad. But yes...Scar...please be staying awake when Ai gets kidnapped. Thank you.
 photo kamisamaepisode74_zps4201cb97.jpg
Curses. I knew I shouldn't have driven so close to such a dangerous place with a girl who believes everything is cupcakes and rainbows!
Of course Yuri has a hand in this too. He has told Ai how dangerous this world is. And that she shouldn't be running around with her I am a Gravekeeper Sorta shirt. It's really not his fault she is special. During the very tame zombie apocalypse? I mean I guess it's okay to have hope for the future. That if things DO change there will need to be smart adults around to aid in the rebuilding of the world.! Ai?! Yes lets give this girl all her hopes and dreams. Experience a fun school life. Let me just walk up to this phone that is still working because it is a SUPER tame zombie apocalypse and call my connections. I'll be right back.
 photo kamisamaepisode76_zps1f71cd0e.jpg
Yeah this isn't normal sweetheart.
I was going to rag on Ai...but hasn't this girl been through enough? No? There should be more suffering? Well...I can see how Ai wasn't a total moron. Granted she could have put up more of a fight when kidnapped and maybe wondered why Yuri just...left her. But given Hampnie's colorful definition of school I can see how she confused this prison with one. I mean, don't all kids mine the earth as one of their classes and they are cut off from the outside world so maybe being kidnapped is part of the fun!! Poor Ai. Everything in her life is a lie. Have some new friends to dry your tears. But I am sure they are all lies too.
 photo kamisamaepisode77_zps22c45a37.jpg
Break it down slowly for Ai. She is a bit slow.
So what do we think about Gola? Creepy yes? I am sure there is something else going on. Because with this show there is always a catch. Like actually we are performing experiments on your kids to find out how to change this no kid wish. We are really trying to impregnate you all, since your wishes have been heard before. Also Manita is the best teacher ever. Threatening to shoot the kids and all. I have you a uniform and the chance to have a school festival. Take a bath now before I blow your heads off!
 photo kamisamaepisode79_zps8b09683c.jpg
Just slide that in there Ai. Way to go.
So yes....what the heck did happen 15 years ago? Because I am really doubting anyone knows the truth. Just pieces here and there. Made up stories to make themselves feel better. But not the whole truth. Because really...God left them but people still are able to ask him for things. And recent things, more recent than 15 years ago unless everyone is asking for wishes from the womb. No no...this world is seriously messed up. Or really picking and choosing who to listen to.
 photo kamisamaepisode710_zpsd373f01c.jpg
Okay that actually sounds useful.
This school is full of people who had “wishes” granted. Kids who have special abilities. Perhaps the school is trying to learn why these wishes were granted and not others thus the kidnapping? Like collectively all humans must have a wish to not die. So that makes sense why everyone was affected that way. Doesn't explain why there are no kids but still. Why are OTHER wishes granted and not some? Some of these wishes seem odd. Like made in a moment of pure terror. The twin girls didn't want their sister to die, Run was dying and needed to breath under water, and Tanya wanted to see. Some of the other wishes or abilities seem a bit odd but...I am more concerned about why some people get wishes and others don't.
 photo kamisamaepisode711_zpseaca7f11.jpg
:( No zombies, woe is me.
Either way no one is judging Ai and her special self because everyone else is special. And it seems tired too. Like yep we are special and have been kidnapped. Let's just take a bath and let all these bad things happen to us woe is our souls. We are all way too special for this world. Oh wait there is Alis breaking into the girl's bath. I thought they were going all Resident Evil on us and some REAL zombies were going to come in and eat people but NOOOO I never get my way. :( Never. Ever.
 photo kamisamaepisode713_zpsa2b5c671.jpg
Don't interrupt Alis, he has things to say!
After the girls got the violence out of their system it was time for Alis to explain. He has been here a week and he wants to escape. He has bombs and POOF they will make it out of there in no time. Things got a little confusing to me. Alis was seen spying on Ai from a great distance when they left ZombieCity. He wanted to be with her. Yet he came to this school to be with her BEFORE she got there? Am I remembering things right? Does this make sense? Breaking out makes sense, Alis being there and knowing about Ai doesn't.
 photo kamisamaepisode714_zps50711297.jpg
Finding lost toys, leading ancient wars...HMMM I see. Also Whisper must be old.
Oh and Alis has a ghost girl. That part of the show wasn't weird. Maybe she was off spying for him on Ai which would make things make more sense. Her name is a lot of things but at the end of the day I will go with Whisper I think. But yeah....a ghost girl. HMMM. Well she says she is a witch and maybe she is. In a time where no one can die how can she be here? Maybe she died a long time ago. And her spirit was like I wish to help people. You know, find their toys and kill rotten people who deserve to die. That kind of help. I do not think she is the witch that created Kiriko. Must be a lot of witches running around though...
 photo kamisamaepisode715_zps442312ba.jpg
Destined to meet? What is this craziness?
In the end all the kids were like um okay so everyone is weird we got that. It is time to escape and put aside we are afraid of a ghost girl. Which is weird. We have dead people running around but a ghost girl is scary. But I guess since Whisper does seem....odd I can understand that. I thought the cliffhanger was a bit weak, this was destiny we came together. Well duh...Alis planned this did he not? I really need to blog things the minute I watch the episode so I can remember things better. Goober me. Time to break them out of this popstand ghost girl!


Anonymous said...

I'm more interest in what does Whisper has to do w/ Ai's mom, did you notice the toward the end, when Whisper explain what she wisper to people, one of the person she helped is Ai's mom.

Christina said...

Anonymous- At this point in the show I wanted to know about her too. It was almost like she was an afterthought. That everyone in this world is so X___X with all that is happening a ghost girl just seems normal. Like um no it's not please explain it to me!!! Could she have been the one to make Ai's mom...a weird peacekeeper?

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