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Kiniro Mosaic episode 8

Happy Labor Day!!! You know the holiday get recognized for working by allowing half the public off and making the other half work? Yeah it doesn't make sense to me either. All I know is that me and my buds had the day off and colds or no colds we were going to go shopping. There might be another Duffy in the house now and my wallet might be a little sad and lonely.
 photo mosiacepisode8_zps173ce0b6.jpg
High school life is only super fun forever!!!
No post in a week? But I have been working on them all week! I was supposed to get some done on Saturday but clearly my penance for having Monday off was to be super busy on Saturday. Then there was a little cold issue Sunday. Like my husband had a cold and I was convinced I was getting sick so I took some medicine and tons of naps. NO COLDS FOR ME! So today...finally it is time for posts! Up first is Kiniro Mosaic episode 8. Spoilers for the girls having a party day too.
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WEEE! Time for fun!
Episode Summary: Alice is super excited about their school festival even though she has the wrong idea on what the festival will be about. Their class is doing a cafe of sorts. Shinobu wants a maid cafe and Alice wants a Japanese style cafe. They sorta fight over this...detail when it is decided they will do a combination. Aya is not really down with this idea but doesn't voice her concerns. Walking home from school Karen says their class is doing a play so they all need to stop by and visit her. Their homeroom teacher is a bit of a fruitcake because she is told that teachers have to be funny. She tries her act out on Aya who freaks out a bit. They put that pass them and continue to work with their classmates to make the best....Japanese Style Maid Cafe ever. Alice still gets her way as she gets to wear a Japanese style outfit while Shinobu will wear the maid outfit. Aya and Youko go to the store to buy supplies for the cooking. There is a bit of husband/wifey material going on but eventually the stuff is bought. When they return Aya finds out that she will be wearing a Maid Outfit and this is horrible. Shinobu and Alice go home and get ready to bed, exciting about the next day/festival. Alice is also excited because this day is special for another reason. She tells Shinobu it is an important anniversary date and looks at the girl with loving eyes. Shinobu has no idea what Alice is talking about which starts to hurt Alice's feelings. Shinobu vows to remember it...and falls asleep.
 photo mosiacepisode811_zpse77895bd.jpg
Aya is so great at this.
The next day the rest of the class is trying to put together their cafe but the girls have to deal with Alice still pouting. Shinobu begs to know what the anniversary is and Alice says it is the day Shinobu came to stay with her family in England. Her family still celebrates that day with a party which scares Youko. There is some talk about giving Karen a special day too but soon the girls have to change into their outfits, much to Aya's sadness. The customers start coming in which shocks Alice as they are adults. Aya proves she can't handle this role and Shinobu makes weird food. Youko imagines Karen as a maid which might have worked out well. Isami and her friend show up to the cafe in a very basic disguise, ready to take pictures of her little sisters. Aya freaks out and Youko tries to get Isami to stop when they realize who the girl is. Karen shows up to remind everyone of her awesome part in the class play which Isami promises to take pictures of. The girls finish their shift at the cafe and walk around to see other booths and events to feel good music. After eating a boatload of food they go to see Karen's play. It is supposed to be Snow White but it looks like Die Hard or something weird. After all that fun it is time to take down all the school festival stuff. Alice had wanted to give Shinobu a present earlier in the day...really all day and never found the time. Finally Alice presents...the present in her typical manner. A thank you gift for the chopsticks all those years ago. It is a red minnie mouse bow that makes Shinobu happy but appears to be....well special. The other girls laugh at the bow and Alice is heartbroken. THE END!
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What do you mean you didn't sparkle in high school?
Slice of life shows....ah. So simple. So lovely. Sure sometimes things are TOO lovely, TOO unrealistic. TOO idyllic. I hate that word by the way. Idyllic!!!! Where the hell did the y come from? But even if things are not....well always possible they tend not blow your mind away. They are easy to follow and don't require some chart or map to keep track of plot points and possibilities.
 photo mosiacepisode82_zps1e429e6e.jpg
We must fight to the death to decide what to do for the school festival.
As....sometimes they can be predictable. In a familiar way which makes you smile. Like oh I know what is coming next. There will always be the Sakura Blossoms going back to school scene, a summer scene, and then...a school festival scene. It might be easy to fall back on such things. Like whoa guys don't kill me with surprises. Wouldn't want you to think outside the box. But....typically these things do happen at high school. With a lot of less sparkles but they still happen. They just seem to cut out all the bad stuff. Got to make Japan woohoo fun for everyone watching. Including the kids themselves, like this is what my high school life will be like too. Got to live it up while I can.
 photo mosiacepisode83_zps026415b0.jpg
I...I...I love you more okay! No more fighting!
What is a Japanese style cafe? Was Alice thinking tea ceremony or something? I would have thought maybe a noodle bowl shop would have been more traditional, not a cafe. Maid cafes....yeah that is up Shinobu's alley. I probably would have gone in the middle since the idea of being in a Maid Cafe would make me too nervous/uncomfortable to have fun. Even if it's just like the workers at Disney being over the top. For the record I think Shinobu's idea was much more....popular thus better in regards to their school festival. But it should have been a maid/butler cafe. XD Gotta be fair guys, pull your weight. A combo cafe seems rather special. I think that Aya would have been upset if it had been anything really so her opinion doesn't matter woohoo.
 photo mosiacepisode85_zpse19a73bf.jpg
That wasn't really a was a super bad gag.
After their homeroom teacher was done being randomly was combo time. We are going to have a Maid Cafe and a Traditional Cafe. I think it would have worked better had they had two separate menus and eating areas. Like which side would you like to eat at today? The ideas together seemed a bit mushed together. But then again mushing things together sometimes works. The old with the new. Just...a whole lot of special but I guess the main girls only matter, not the rest of the class weeee.
 photo mosiacepisode87_zps16ddf480.jpg
Their hamburgers have onions in them BEWARE!
The shopping trip with Aya and Youko was funny. I other shows over the top..girl on girl feelings felt a bit off. Like they were trying too much. But with these two in comes off more natural. That it isn't over sexualized I guess. Like just a girl who has a crush on her friend and her friends is in lala land with hamburgers for dinner. Does that make any sense? Probably not. A giant hypocrite indeed. XD But I just find Aya's face being blushy all the time fun. Of course nothing will ever come of this but you is fun while it is lasting yes? Also Japanese shopping carts are so small. Probably because they are meant to be shopping for each day or every two days, not weeks like in the United States.
 photo mosiacepisode89_zps371026c2.jpg
How could you forget?!?!?!
Oh Alice. Crazy little Alice. I can understand her to a point. You want someone to remember the special events in your life. Especially if they are shared special events. Like um you should know what I am talking about because you were there too crazy person. And I can also understand the little pouting behavior. Like :( I won't tell you the day because I rather be sad that you don't remember because clearly you hate me. know...Shinobu is a bit special. Obviously she wasn't doing it out of malice. But expecting her to remember much might a stretch.
 photo mosiacepisode810_zps5facd6cf.jpg
Most important holiday of them all!
Thank goodness the pouting didn't ruin the festival though. You are probably only going to get one Alice/Karen. The date in question, the anniversary is when Shinobu went to England. Now...I might be more on Alice's side. I always go WOOHOO when I think of the first time I went to Japan. And as a married couple we celebrate our wedding date. But I still remember the exact date we got together. I am sure he has forgotten, will say that it was sometime in January. Not remembering isn't done to hurt me. But to Alice that is important and I think it should have been a big milestone for Shinobu too. Clearly no one else understands the silly party Alice and her family put on.
 photo mosiacepisode812_zpsbb2ddb42.jpg
What do you mean the no picture taking rule is a given?!
After that drama it was festival time. Which...ended way too soon in my professional opinion. One day? Psht!!!! The cafe....was a success I believe? I think anyway. Some of the girls had fun. Not Aya but she probably wasn't going to have fun anyway. I like that Isami came in looking like a stalker and that Youko put on the professional Japanese worker face to ask her to stop taking pictures. PSHT me and my camera will go everywhere THANK YOU! But yes I think the girls had fun and looked cute. I guess that is all that matters. Lies. XD But yes. Cook and make little drinks. I can barely stand boiling water for spaghetti.
 photo mosiacepisode813_zps59b5bf1d.jpg
Look at all this fun!
After their shift it was on to have fun. Which is good. I have seen enough of these slice of life shows and festivals that have left me thinking...where is the fun?! It was nice that all the girls had the same shift. Magical. Now it was time to walk around and see what their fellow students have done. And ate a lot of junk food. So tasty. Cue the happy music. Everyone is friends and it is all good. I even like that Karen joined in with the maid fun and walking around fun...but went off with her other friends. It is okay to do things with other people weeee!
 photo mosiacepisode814_zps06ecba6e.jpg
With my sword!
Karen's contribution to the festival was murdering a classic story. I mean..I know there are many versions of Snow White. Some are more faithful to the original work than others. But I can say for certain...this was one of the specialiest versions of Snow White. Even Isami and her love for taking pictures had no idea what was going on. I film the insanity? What the heck were you doing Karen? But...she had her whole heart and soul into it so that is all that matters right? She looked cute doing it too.
 photo mosiacepisode815_zps642d3d24.jpg
How about you wear it on the side?
After the festival is done it is time for Alice and Shinobu to bond. And since they are both special people they can't do it in a normal manner. No no. Alice to wait for the perfect moment and pretend that Shinobu was ignoring her when in reality she was being special. The gesture was sweet. Like you gave me a hair accessory I will give you one too. Our hair will bond us together. Now if only Shinobu wore it in a different way. Or if her hairstyle was different. I like the ribbon obviously but not on Shinobu's head the way she had it. Yay for super honest friends? X____X
 photo mosiacepisode816_zps181db38b.jpg
Poor red bow. :(
And that is how the episode ends. With the festival coming to a close and Shinobu being gifted the ribbon of friendship. Everyone had fun yes? Yay for fun times. Next should be a Christmas party or New Years Eve party yes? Bring on the chicken and cake!

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