Monday, September 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: National Teddy Bear Day part 4

 photo NationalTeddyBearDay037_zps4177d561.jpg
Time for a Teddy Bear picnic!
We are on our 4th post of the day?! We had lots of fun on this official National Teddy Bear Day. So many pictures. Showered with attention. Every day should be National Teddy Bear Day mom. I am going to need more clothes for that though....
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay038_zps30e8ec0a.jpg
Buddy Duffy is still feeling a little shy. So I invited Garden Duffy along for the picnic.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay039_zps41dc52a1.jpg
Mom got us all bear snacks. So clever!!! The choco ones are mine thought. Maybe I will share...
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay040_zps08b28e28.jpg
Time to dig in!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay042_zpsd6660911.jpg
What are you doing Buddy Duffy? You hear something?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay043_zps236b93e2.jpg
BOO! It is magnet Duffy sneaking into our picnic fun.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay044_zps6dddf165.jpg
Wait you can't eat all the Teddy Grahams! Save some for us.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay045_zps7456a48d.jpg
Um can you breath?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay046_zps579d3c45.jpg
Garden Duffy is quiet but sweet. He will share with you.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay047_zps008af747.jpg
Enjoying the sun for once. It has been raining so much lately....
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay048_zps093ef50f.jpg
Time to take in all the sun. It is hard work being a bear.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay049_zpsdcdc274f.jpg
Yawn so sleepy in the sun....
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay050_zpsf13f5c6b.jpg
XO Magnet Duffy got super high despite being super small.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay051_zpsd937a7d5.jpg
I can climb too, wait for me!

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