Monday, September 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: National Teddy Bear Day part 3

What? You want anime posts? Um no. You can have them tomorrow. Today is my day to have lots of post. Unless my mom decides to honor each and every "official" Teddy Bear Day....
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay027_zps4ef7be80.jpg
Finally it is time for my lunch. I eat spaghetti a lot as it is the only thing mom can really make without burning down the house.
XO No theme for this post? You mean mom is taking random pics throughout the day. We must make a story out of them. We shall call it....a day in the life of Duffy the Disney Bear.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay028_zpsa230ebb0.jpg
Why hello there Buddy Duffy? Are you getting along with the other Duffys?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay029_zps4615b192.jpg
Here I will share my lunch with you. It is very yummy, spaghetti and bread.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay030_zpsc9bb33c9.jpg
This is Code Red. Mom loves it but can never find it in restaurants when she goes out. So...we drink it a lot at the house.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay031_zpsd3603734.jpg
After eating Buddy Duffy explored the house a bit. These are all the Duffy Pins mom has gotten so far. She gets worried she might have traded for fake pins. :( Mean people ruining all the fun.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay032_zps1adc000a.jpg
What am I doing you ask? Well not blogging anime. XD I have stolen the computer from mom since she made me wear a dress. It is what she deserves! No anime for her!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay033_zps239ada1d.jpg
No need to be shy, you can see what I'm doing.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay034_zpse4e936ff.jpg
See Build a Bear says it is National Teddy Bear Day. So it is written folks!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay035_zps48968e49.jpg
A new movie called Planes came out recently. And it is sorta related to the movie Cars. I LOVE CARS!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay036_zps0ab87c6b.jpg
As punishment...I mean...if Mom wants me to wear that dress ONCE I should get something out of it right? Reward my kindness? Yes I think so too. Is it time for shopping?!

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