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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 9

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That cake was not a snack that made this post possible.
According to my accurate calculations I might be only 5 anime episodes behind now! Of course I did tell my husband it was 233 degrees outside today so that be slightly off. Give or take an episode. The point is here is episode number 4 for the night! Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 9. Spoilers for birthday cake and craters.
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Does Alis need a gravekeeper? HMMMM!
Episode Summary: (Chronological) Ai confronts Yuri about where Scar is. Yuri says after Ai was kidnapped Scar started to come unhinged. Like she wouldn't let baby Celica go and then wouldn't have anything to do with her. Yuri became worried and then Scar left. Ai wants to find Scar. Alis still wants to save the world by destroying it and he needs Ai's help to do so. He asks Ai if she is still up for that. She agrees only if Alis is telling the truth about saving the world. Thus Alis is still along for the ride. Yuri makes it to Tanya's house first and there is a super happy reunion. All of the kids decide they are going to stay there until they figure out their next move. So Whisper, Alis, Ai, and Yuri leave them all. They are using Celica as a human compass since she misses Scar and will surely lead the way. Whisper is pretty quiet for a lot of the trip. Ai writes letters to Ulla and Kiriko about all the fun places she has seen and the wonderful new, new BFF she has made. Still she is sad about Scar. She and Yuri have several talks about the Scar situation. Yuri says deep down Scar is a gravekeeper and maybe her programming has finally kicked in. Ai eventually concedes that Scar didn't do this to hurt feelings but she still wants to see Scar. To convince her to come back or at least say goodbye. As they travel Whisper remembers Alis' birthday was....yesterday. Ai is like NOOOOO why didn't you tell us? Alis explains that birthday sucks in this new world and his mission is more important than his birthday. Ai is like um no. No matter what birthdays are always important. You are important Alis Ai basically forces everyone to have fun and celebrate Alis' birthday. Yuri even makes a cake despite them being in the middle of nowhere. Yay cake! The good times are not to last long though. The road starts to get bumpy. Too bumpy even.
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It is about to get sparkly up in here folks!
Yuri slowly starts to realize they have reached the birth place of gravekeepers. Whisper doesn't want to be there and tells everyone peace out. Eventually the fog and road become too much for the van. Lightening strikes nearby and an energy takes the rocks from the surrounding areas to make.....a gravekeeper. Three. All looking exactly the same. They all say hello to the humans and walk away. Yuri explains that there have been cases of 1000's of gravekeepers all looking the same and this isn't anything new. Even when 100's more of the same new gravekeeper walks pass the group. Yuri senses this might be a mixed moment for Ai so he says well I am sure your mother was one of a kind, don't worry. They eventually have to carry on by foot, passing many craters along the way. Craters that gave birth to gravekeepers. At one point all three humans stop in the fog, affected by something from their past. Alis is that window sill. Ai sees her mother and Hampnie but they walk towards the fog without Ai making her super pissed. She almost blames Hampnie for ruining her mother's dream but the memory of her mother calms her down. All three humans make it past the fog and Ai wants to continue. They eventually find Scar in her crater. Ai wants to run to her but Scar wants everyone to stay away, especially baby Celica. She is feeling things around Celica and doesn't want to feel this way, to feel human. This has all been building up and now all she wants to do is be taken care of. It is Yuri that breaks out with the dramatic speech though. He tells Scar to come with him and he will take care of her and the baby and Ai and Alis. Whoever. He will do it all. All of it. There is some dramatic hugging and Scar cries but I am a gravekeeper. Gravekeepers don't cry though. This touches Scar's heart and she rejoins the group. Now onward to wherever Alis wants to go which apparently is a place where his classmates are still trapped? THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode93_zps3c0b4f2f.jpg
And the baby leads the way. Makes as much sense as everything else.
This show...this show indeed. I feel as if so much is being left on the cutting room floor and I am not getting the whole picture. That I can't appreciate the huge story that the original source material material created because it is being portrayed in such a way. Snip snip. Why care about these characters, time for new ones right?!?!?! Le sign indeed.
 photo kamisamaepisode96_zpsc74a3f0b.jpg
Sounds like a plan...since they really never had one.
So what happened to Tanya and most of the characters? They are alive of course. Obviously nothing bad can happen to them. The van and it's magical tank of gas was able to carry all these kids to Tanya's house. Yuri knows the entire land of Japan (?) even after the zombie Apocalypse. Or maybe the kids didn't get kidnapped that far away from home. But yeah when Tanya was dropped off all the other kids decided to stick around too. Which...I am sure is fun for the parents. SO MANY MORE PEOPLE TO LOOK OUT FOR! Also it is a bit know I wanted to see what was going to happen to these kids. Now it will all be left up in the air. Maybe Ai will write them a letter. I don't know, the kids didn't have much of a plan leaving the school, maybe I was expecting too much of them for having a plan now?
 photo kamisamaepisode92_zpsd718ccee.jpg
You better be telling the truth or I will be really, really mad!
As I stated all the kids are with Tanya's parents. All but one. Alis has decided to stick around. That means Whisper is here too. Why is Alis still with Ai? Because he was serious about destroying the world. Well saving the world by saving it. Ai still has no idea what he is talking about but for Alis' plan to work he needs Ai. Ai is willing to help...well I think everyone so she is going along with this...for now. As long as Alis doesn't really destroy the world. He has to pinky promise!
 photo kamisamaepisode97_zps977bb625.jpg
:( This might be best for Scar. Feeling is hard.
But that is for next episode guys. Alis will reveal his issues next time. For now...oh yeah that lady Scar! I lied, last episode everyone got in the van and was driving along. Then Ai asked where Scar was. And Yuri said he LEFT Scar behind. But now upon further explanation Scar left. Scar is having problems ya'll. Not that I would know since before this episode I hadn't seen a “normal” gravekeeper. Scar seemed to have a lot of personality and emotions to me. For the record after Ai was kidnapped Yuri I guess was trying to find Ai and Scar sorta started losing her mind. Baby Celica is not good for the gravekeeping business. Scar is FEELING!! And she is not used to FEELING! Yuri started to worry for the baby and Scar is gone.
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At least Ai is honest.
I think it is pretty obvious that Ai would want to go look for Scar. And for ONCE Ai thought about the other person. Well sorta. Ai is Ai. She wants to see Scar even if Scar doesn't want to see anyone. Like tough I can't let things end like this. And maybe I can use my Ai charm and make her come with us. But...Ai did stop and think about what Scar is going through. That maybe she does need to leave the others and do what she is programmed to do. That being with them is somehow hurting Scar and if Scar needs to leave that will be okay. Well not okay but as okay as Ai can make the situation. Closure. Also maybe make sure Scar is still alive.
 photo kamisamaepisode94_zps0de0723e.jpg
Status report! You are the old friends. I got brand new ones now woohoo!
So Alis tags along on this journey despite the fact that they are using baby Celica as a compass. X__X Well I guess they are using Alis's power too. The letters to Ulla and Kiriko are weird though. Are they sending them by birds? Or am I just thinking that this zombie apocalypse should be one thing and it really is another. That society as a whole is still functioning. Just....that it looks really awful where Yuri is traveling. That people still collect the mail and phones still work and what not. I don't know...just seems confusing. WHERE IS THE HORDE!!! Wait no horde for me? Well carry on sending those letters via the magic mail system.
 photo kamisamaepisode910_zps620adb93.jpg
Does this face look like the face of someone who wants a birthday?
So in between fretting about Scar and Alis talking about his mission there was a little down time. I was going to say fun time but to get to the fun time a little sadness had to take place. Whisper remembers too late that it's Alis' birthday. Alis doesn't care at all because hello it is the mild zombie apocalypse. Who wants to be celebrating birthdays when everyone will be dead in a matter of 50 years or slightly more. YAY FOR GETTING OLDER! Plus Alis has a mission and he can't have a moment of fun until this mission is complete. No, birthdays are for losers and babies. And since there are only 16 years olds birthdays. Except for Celica?!?! HOW SAD!
 photo kamisamaepisode911_zpsbb335a2e.jpg
Perhaps you don't see how cute my eyes are?
But Ai was like um no who cares if things are bad? I am the poster child of super bad things happening and I keep smiling and make sure to have fun all the time. While Ai is a bit...fluffy in the head and slightly too happy in the midst of tragedy....she might have a point? Maybe in other situations of course. But Alis is just as important as his mission is what Ai was trying to say. I am glad you are are born and even if it's just for one night we must celebrate. As usual Ai gets her way, even with Yuri making a cake. Ai has a good heart but I can see how Alis and others might feel different. At least they weren't celebrating his birthday in the Hunger Games.
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Twinkle Twinkle little hole diggers.
I think I was expecting the birth place of gravekeepers to look different. Really I don't know what to think but I know I was expecting a long road with giant holes. Nor did I think the process was going to combine Terminator and War of the Worlds. I guess I really, really thought gravekeepers used to be human with their emotions removed so they could do the job. Clearly that twist is not going to happen. Rocks. It's what a gravekeeper is. Whisper wasn't liking this place because she was like see ya!!! Wonder why.
 photo kamisamaepisode915_zpsc0724f20.jpg
Yeah there aren't millions of your mom walking around...all is good.....
Witnessing the birth of a gravekeeper was odd. Mainly because he turned into 1,000 of the same dude. So maybe when it rains only a little with just one lightening bolt only one gravekeeper is born. Kidding kidding. Unless I'm right. Then woohoo go me!!! But yeah....I don't know what I thought. So many of the same gravekeeper. Not sure how people are managing to track them but Yuri says they are and that this isn't too out of the ordinary. For a split second I thought Ai was going to be like WOOHOOO let's go find my other mommy and Scar. It's Resident Evil Afterlife up in this place. Then I realized who Ai was and how that would make her feel. Like no, these people are irreplaceable. There can't be more of them out there. That is why Yuri was like oh yeah but your mom was so different there was only one of her. Now worries. Because I guess seeing dead mom walling around would be creepy.
 photo kamisamaepisode916_zps717b9a6a.jpg
HELLO?! What was this?!
Where the episode falls short is with this crazy fog. What the hell was it? Really I want to know. I felt as if this was an important part of the episode and it was glossed by so fast I blinked and almost missed it. I understand that Alis couldn't be shown and maybe no so much of it focused on Yuri. What I am saying is...WHAT WAS IT?! They were walking along and saw bad things from their past? Why? Why was that area where the gravekeepers are born? What is the purpose? The entire scene made no sense to me. So since I had no idea why it as happening it really didn't touch me that much. Well good for Ai making it through this nonsense.
 photo kamisamaepisode919_zpsdf79afdf.jpg
Romance at the speed of fast!
Was Scar sending them to this zone? As a way to stop them? Because soon after they passed through this unexplained fog there was Scar. In her crater. Having a moment. Again this show has failed in regards to time. I understand that it is cheaper to do 12 episodes. Safer for the company. But if you are cutting corners to make it fit 12 episodes, parts that are necessary, that will also affect how well the show does. Did the show fail because of this factor or that? MMMMHHHHH.
 photo kamisamaepisode917_zps24565095.jpg
Hurry we only have 2 minutes to get through your pain!
But yes. With the limited time spent when they actually found was clear she wasn't doing well. All this feeling was too much. Again I wish there had been more focus on it. How this was eating at her. How she was really upset because she was growing attacked to humans, these humans, and the idea of having to bury them was too much. Just...way too much for Scar as she was never meant to have emotions. This was clearly a magic baby. Duh.
 photo kamisamaepisode918_zps860671c8.jpg
And now that I am your will never cry again.
As quickly as Scar left she joined back into the group. Ai had to keep her speeches to herself because it was Yuri's turn to be the hero. Come to me all the little children. If this show is correct 3 weeks have passed since Ai's village was destroyed. But Yuri is already that connected to EVERYONE! He will protect everyone he sees. In the source material I am sure it went much differently. But for now...I suppose Yuri misses his family and wanted to make a new one. Because when the mild zombie apocalypse is upon us there is no time to wait. None at all.
 photo kamisamaepisode920_zps549b5243.jpg
Cut short. Just like this episode.
I wish there had been more to the episode. I really do. But it just felt so rushed. Like okay we are going to travel 18 minutes of the episode to Scar and spend about 2 minutes putting her back together. I am sure it was touching. But now that Scar has accepted her new humanity, no answers given, it is time to help Alis. Like bam bam to the plot points people. It looks like the school he came from had...well maybe some actual violence? I know shocking! A girl can dream right?

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