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Kiniro Mosaic episode 11

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My name is Karen and I do what I want!
....Technically it is still Thursday until I go to bed. That is how my life rolls. So I can still post anime episodes and they count as me doing them on Thursday. Because I said so!!! So without further adieu...Kiniro Mosaic episode 11. Spoilers for really lame rocks.
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Are you saying they are creepy?!
Episode Summary: Shinobu informs the girls she would like to have a Christmas party. After the shock of Youko wearing clothes they think about this idea. They ask Alice how she celebrates Christmas in England. As Alice explains Youko and Aya realize....they might celebrate it totally differently. They semi apologize and they walk on to school. Karen greets them warmly with a Santa costume and they semi ignore her. Alice asks Shinobu what she wants and is touched by the answer. Alice wants to spend the day together too with all their friends. Karen has decided she wants tons of presents for Christmas but most of all love. Aya is like I want a Christmas love too!! Alice asks Teacher Sakura if she is spending the day with her boyfriend but Sakura reveals she is attending mass. Impressive. Once they arrive at home Shinobu and Alice set to work hanging up Christmas lights. When night falls the entire street lights up as all the neighbors participate too. Soon it is time for the Christmas party. No one really cares with Shinobu wears her Santa costume because she is always dressed weird. Alice talks to her parents back at home, who wanted her there for Christmas. But Alice wanted to spend the day with Shinobu which seems to touch her and scare Isami. There might have been some other fun but the party ends fast. Karen goes home to spend time with family whereas Aya gets her hopes and dreams smashed because Youko thinks a couple's Christmas is old fashion. Shinobu wants to wait until it is actually Christmas to exchange presents. Alice is so beyond happy. She gifts Shinobu a teddy bear. Shinobu gives her...a rock. A rock from England. Alice is crushed until Isami gives her Shinobu pictures from the party.
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Nope. No kidding for you.
New Year's Eve arrives and Alice is worried about her first dream for the year. Isami wakes up in the middle of the night because Alice is screaming and Shinobu slept through it. At school Aya is telling Youko she often dreams of her and kimono wearing Karen says she dreamed that something bad happened to Alice. A sad Shinobu walks up and says something bad happened to Alice. Alice walks up wearing a lot of British attire and talking in English, all about England. Everyone is like X___X as Shinobu states that Alice has lost her memories of speaking Japanese. Shinobu is so upset as Alice continues this act. She tries to make the best of it but learns that saying HELLO over and over again is not enough to carry on a conversation. She enlists Karen and Sakura to see what Alice is saying. Afterwords they conclude it is Shinobu's fault. After another failed attempt of Shinobu trying to understand English Alice explains what is going on. Her first dream of the year was a nightmare. Alice was helping Shinobu out when Shinobu realizes that Alice is too Japanese for her liking. Alice was just so upset she tried to become more British so Shinobu won't leave her. Shinobu is like you might be more Japanese now but I still love you. It is a tender moment so Karen declares she wants to be a samurai. Soon graduation is upon the older kids and the group realizes that soon they will be second yearers. The episode ends with some random scene where everyone is family and Alice is the dog. THE END!
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Here is the end of the episode that I forgot about weeee!
Merry Christmas one and all! Thought this episode was coming a few back. Now the “end” will be rushed. But yes finally it is December/January. Christmas and brief New Year's eve antics for all. Although I didn't see any buckets of KFC. :(
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Well let me tell you how different things are....
First things first. I love how Alice was like...this is how Christmas really is. Okay maybe she as nicer than that. She was more like this is how we celebrate it back home, you know with remembrance of our religion and Jesus' birthday. It looks like Aya and Youko had no idea that this is where Christmas stems for. Just...their version of Christmas in Japan is very different. Since this is my religion....I would be proper to celebrate Christmas one day and for those who don't practice this religion to have a Winter Holiday not called Christmas you know? But then again there are plenty of people in Western countries that don't practice my religion and do Christmas up with only Santa. It is what it is I suppose. At least Alice wasn't super disappointed and the girls seemed respectful. Had Alice pushed for her version of Christmas I am sure the girls would have done that too.
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Who do you love Karen?!
Traditions are different for different cultures. So perhaps that was the point of this show. Like you have your way and I have my way. Respect and growth. The girls could have explained more to Alice what Christmas was like in Japan. But maybe since no one had a boyfriend most of it didn't apply. For once Aya got into something a little hard core. Like I want a Christmas love!!! So does Karen but I am sure she would spot a butterfly and wish for that instead. No no, Aya has one love on her mind.
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I only decorate inside trees. Sorry.
Since there are no couples and these girls are the best of is party time. Bring out the decorations. Did you enjoy the anime magic that everyone on Shinobu's street had some kinds of lights up? Psht like neighbors could ever come together to do something on a united front. But maybe it was peer pressure. HMMMMM peer pressure. Alice and Shinobu did a nice job though. Like whoa they even got them on the second floor. Pretty impressive for a bunch of shorties. Yay for making it look nice.
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Have more lights since I took no pics of Santa costumes.
Poor Shinobu. No one really cared about her Santa costume. But it is true, she is always wearing something out there so how is this any different? I have noticed in animes it is either Santa or nothing. No elves? Sadness. Karen seems to love a good costume too. Like something special is today? I shall don this costume because I am rich. Click click Isami. No Aya in a costume though. Because we are lucky she showed up given her nervous nature.
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But since I love you more than the people that raised me here I am!!!!
The girls didn't do much on Christmas Eve. Needs more cake. I am sure they were disappointed that Sakura didn't have a date. She was getting her mass on (bring a sweater). They are young girls and want to live vicariously through someone else. But they did manage to have some fun. Slice of life and simple fun indeed. I did note that there was more random moments/shorts in this episode. Almost like the writers had too many cute moments in their head and wanted to stick them in, even if they don't apply to the situation. XD
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What kind of present is this!??!
Shinobu....that was an awful present. Like for real it was Alice had her little heart set on something amazing. Like no no, we must wait until Christmas proper to open presents. Let the anticipation grow. Now I know technically and politely no one has to give you a present. And if they do it should be received with grace. But it was a rock. A rock from England. Maybe even from Alice's yard. Like what the hell?! That's like getting me a brochure for Disney World. Like thanks. Maybe for someone who doesn't live in Florida or goes to the park a lot might cherish it. Which is fine. But don't give me something you got for free and has no meaning to me. Like what the hell a rock?! At least paint a face on it. And take back that bear Alice. Stupid Shinobu.
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Can you sleep through anything?
For the most party New Year's Eve/Day was glossed over. I don't think the girls as a group spent the day together. It was touched on though. Each culture has different superstitions and for Japan and maybe other Asian cultures the first dream of the year is super important. Like how the rest of the year will be. Pressssssure. Bad news for me. I always seem to have the most rotten nightmares. But Alice had an awful one. It wasn't explained right away but I think it was more alarming that Alice screamed like that and Shinobu slept through it. I know who I don't want on my zombie apocalypse team now....not that she would have made the cut otherwise.
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HMMMM I can see how that can be scary....
So what WAS this epic nightmare? Shinobu realized one day that Alice wasn't what she dreamed of. Or her image of what an English girl should be. She has been in Japan too much, too long. She is no longer a cute little British girl. She has been infected by Japanese traditions. Shinobu leaves her behind, off to find other blond girls who are more lovely than Alice. So for Alice...this was the worst nightmare ever. Especially since the first dream of the year is so important.
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And what does that have to do with anything?
How did Alice handle this dream? By acting insane. Like everyone in the show. She refused to speak Japanese. Only English for her. She also upped the British attire. Since Shinobu is special she assumes that Alice has forgotten Japanese. The other three girls had varying degrees of what the heck?!?! Like I don't know if they believed she forgot but they knew something was up. It would have been more entertaining had Alice been saying things that made sense. I understand she was talking about England as that is what Shinobu likes. But yeah I think it would have been funnier if Alice had been explaining what she was doing. Like um hello dream Shinobu made me do it.
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Also Youko wore clothes this episode. As opposed to every other episode?
In the end the girls fetch English speaker Karen and semi English speaker Sakura. Together they solve the mystery and blame Shinobu. Like you and your obsession did this. Or maybe Alice just snapped over that crappy gift. It all worked out though. You know, because Alice still has blond hair even if she lost some of her British edge. I watched this two weeks ago so I might have forgotten...a lot...or everything. GO ME!

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