Monday, September 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: National Teddy Bear Day part 1

National Teddy Bear Day? Is this for real mom? It must be because Build a Bear sent you a message saying so. And then Dad researched it online only to find there are about 3 other "official" dates for National Teddy Bear Day. HMMMM. But since most of my wardrobe is made up of Build a Bear stuff...lets go with their holiday.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay005_zpsa8e89360.jpg
Since mom hates cooking I will make my own meals. Psht I got this.
Surely we must spend the entire day doing fun stuff yes? Yay for lots of pictures! Hope you enjoy all these posts for today is Duffy day!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay006_zps01cdc569.jpg
A knock at the door? Who could that be?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay007_zpsc8bdbe72.jpg
Hope it's not a sales person. Mom doesn't need anymore stuff!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay008_zpscc9d3291.jpg
Um who is this? It looks like Giant Duffy but...he isn't big enough. And he looks a little scraggly......
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay009_zpsb0683fcc.jpg
Your name is Buddy Duffy and you are from the Disney Store? Wait what is going on?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay010_zpsf74441fa.jpg
It turns out that when the Duffys were released to the Disney Stores in February Buddy Duffy was shipped as part of the first wave. And has been in the store ever since. Slowly wasting away on the top shelf while all the other Duffys were bought. He was so sad and forgotten. The sales lady at the Disney Store always sees me with mom and figured this would be the best home for Buddy Duffy.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay011_zpsf73c3590.jpg
There there Buddy Duffy. It will be okay. There are lots of different Duffys here. I am sure this will be a perfect home for you.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay012_zps4190bb43.jpg
Buddy Duffy was sad because he thinks he wasn't bought because he had no clothes. Lets see if we can fix that.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay013_zpsef97511d.jpg
This is Giant Duffy's shirt but I am sure he won't mind.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay014_zps8c02d493.jpg
Such a happy smile. He is feeling better already.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay015_zpsf6824ecd.jpg
Let me tell the others about you being here. Just sit there on the floor while I get them up to speed.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay016_zpsef38fa17.jpg
Oh that fuzz ball is Kira. She is a little spoiled and needs a lot of attention.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay017_zpsbe54415a.jpg
Look at that. Plenty of space on the couch. Welcome to the family Buddy Duffy. I am sure you will love it here. Mom is really big into Duffys, no matter the size. Thank you nice lady at the Disney Store. We gave a sad Buddy Duffy a good home.

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