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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 8

Hello there my lovely readers. How are you this fine Sunday? I would be doing better if the space key on my board worked. Other than that...I was taking it easy today. I did a lot yesterday so I was like take a break today and breath. Yay for days off.
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Look at close but so far away.
But to catch up on anime posts I need to be posting everyday! Must catch up. So here is an anime post for ya'll. Up now is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 8. Spoilers for the longest goodbye ever?
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Behold Illya's friends!
Episode Summary: Illya is up and getting ready for school. She is clearly down about what transpired between her and Miyu. Sella assumes Illya is still feeling under the weather and implores Illya to stay home from school again. Illya declines and makes her way to school. Once there she is greeted by most of her friends that I haven't learned their names because do they really matter? Well apparently they do and they are concerned that Illya isn't acting like herself. The friends greet Miyu when she walks in. Miyu walks passed Illya and says not word. The last friend, the annoying friend, arrives and totally acts like a crackhead, making the mood worse than it already was. Illya tries to escape the awkwardness by pretending like she has to do her homework. Her friends talk to themselves about what could have gone wrong, that Miyu was finally opening up to them. Illya knows she is what went wrong. She done went and pushed Miyu over the edge. Illya feels sad to be kicked out of the magical girl gig as she liked Miyu. However a bigger part of her is happy that she doesn't have to put her life in danger anymore. Well maybe not happy. More like relieved. But that makes her feel guilty too. Her teacher hopes in acting like the annoying friend, declaring it art day. The class would break up into groups to draw pictures and make a story. This is clearly way too hard for some people. The annoying friend wants to do a classic Japanese story but keeps adding in extra crap to make it....special. At one point there was Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. The taller friend is like so writing a story based on annoying one's drawings. So she elects Illya to write the story as it seems like the hardest task. When Illya flails around like a crazy person tall friend (because at this point names would be useless yes) says Miyu will help Illya. Miyu is like um I don't want to be in your group, I am doing this all alone. All of the friends are shocked as this task seems impossible to do alone. Illya is like no Miyu is amazing and can do anything. Not like me. POOR ME!!! It is finally decided that the entire group will help Illya but this project might be beyond saving.
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Someone has anger issues.
Outside Sapphire and Ruby are talking about what they should do about the magical girl situation. Ruby wants to stick by Illya and support her sad little self. After all she never really had a reason to be a magical girl. Sapphire gets quiet, as she knows why Miyu did this. Because when Sapphire left Luvia it must have found random genius homeless Miyu. Miyu confronted Luvia agreed to catch the cards for her in return...for everything else in life. Illya eventually walks her sad self home and Sella greets her. Illya is still acting sad which makes Sella worry more. Sella goes to talk to Leysritt about the situation. Leysritt tells Sella she worried too much and Sella is like at least I work! You are going to get fat being so lazy. Leysritt is like all fat goes into my boobies, unlike you. Sella gets pissed and Shirou walks in. He has bought a lot of food to make a special dinner for Illya. He misunderstands the boobie talk scaring me for life no matter what. Ruby is listening to all this fighting and says well I guess this is what a normal household is like. Illya agrees but Ruby says Illya needs to talk to Rin about her plans for the future. So off Illya goes to give her letter of resignation. Rin accepts it without being angry at all. Instead she goes on for about 398322 minutes about how this is a good thing, that Illya was never meant to be a magical girl anyway and that she can go on with her peaceful life. Ruby says she will not go back to Rin, that Illya is her chosen one. Rin is a little upset but there is only one card left. Rin asks if Miyu is okay with all of this. Miyu appears and nods, saying she will get the last card alone. Both girls leave Illya looking kinda sad. Ruby repeats he will stay by Illya's side, because one day she might need some magic. At the end of the episode Luvia and Rin have tracked down the last card and Miyu is ready to take it down. THE END!!!
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Hope Sella doesn't start worrying about me next.
How does the day fly by so fast? I feel as if I am still not used to this new work schedule. Now every day I have off at work I feel the need to cram as much into as possible. Yet a nap just sounded so wonderful today. Like I could do this and that but napping on the husband who was playing a video game on the big TV was just too tempting. I think I need to stop and smell the roses sometimes. Or you know..actually go with the flow like I keep saying I am going to try and do.
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Just saving the world, nothing too big.
Anime time though. Sella is slightly overprotective. I mean.....she is right. She is just guessing but technically she is right and Illya is going through a lot. More than she knows. And she was right to worry that stress might have been causing her fever. That and the mana you know. However since Sella can't see all this going on she really is overreacting. Although Illya is a little young to be going through that phase of her life. Where everything should be secretive and what not.
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Remember us? Your friends?
I am such a bad blogger. I can't remember one of Illya's friends names. They have been so minor to the plot. I am used to that though. Main character has a friend or group of friends that are their main source of fun until the serious event happens and they are cast aside as they are not apart of that magical experience. Yet with these girls...just not much to remember. Besides the annoying one. I suck. Although instead of calling the tall girl....tall girl I should have called her yaoi girl right? Just use the stereotypes. Yaoi girl, annoying girl, quiet girl, and....what was special about the pink hair girl?
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Don't make eye contact with the sad panda.
Even if the girls don't seem very important to me they are important to Illya. And must be good friends if they care enough about Illya to forget about that naked moment on top of Miyu. Enough to act concerned but not enough to push the issue. There are cultural differences, between how people act in public in Japan and here in the United States. So it looks like it is hard for people to open up in Japan, that they have to put on a fake face no matter what. So asking Illya what is wrong and getting a sad response like seemed that is all the girls could do. Or maybe I am just annoying and I would keep asking and asking until the person told me the truth.
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Who put you in charge?!
The teacher and the annoying girl must share a brain. Like okay guys way to read the mood. TIME FOR FUN OR ELSE! Annoying girl wanted to do a specific story but given the reactions of all the other girls...she was super off. Way off. Like it would be like telling the story of Abraham Lincoln and adding vampires. Now that would be stupid right? Also it appears that annoying girl might have the artists talents of another girl in a recent anime. YuruYuri anyone? So yeah...that was one hot mess and it looks like the other girls let her railroad the project.
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Why would I want to work with you crazies?
Writing a story is hard folks. I mean yes the source material was....awful. But Illya gave up the second she was given the task. She really has no confidence in herself. Perhaps it was always Yaoi Girl's she was just being lazy. But I am sure part of her wanted to give Miyu and Illya a chance to work together and mend their differences. But Miyu is like um no I do what I want. I can do ANYTHING alone. At this task...I can believe it. Hello did you see those math problems? But I understood the real meaning of what was going on. It was not lost upon me.
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So this just happened?!
What IS lost upon me is...Miyu herself. Or her and Luvia. I thought that long ago Miyu was rescued by Luvia and when Sapphire left Luvia Miyu the servant took on that role. Like the Bible without the forced “marriages” to produce kids. But no folks. This is really a show about new friendships. Really new friendships. I guess Miyu was living on the streets when she saw the wand and was like well I can get a better life this way. So she can put herself on the line because she has nothing to lose. She has to work for this opportunity. She has nothing whereas Illya seems to have everything. So...I guess the real question is how did down and out girl become the smartest girl in the world? Can I get a back story here please?
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What the hell is this!?
No instead we got insanity. Sella is still worried about Illya. Leysritt is the laziest maid ever. One might argue that a house of that size doesn't really require two maids but you know.....Sella called Leysritt lazy but might have crossed the line with the fat comment which made Leysritt talk about Sella's lack of boobies. This all lead to Shirou talking about Illya's boobies growing which made me want to stab my eyes out. Illya isn't done growing yet so lets not worry? How about she hasn't started growing yet and why would you care how big her boobies are!??!?! MY EYES! She is in 5th grade!!!! Also it is not lost on me that there are two maids in this house and Shirou is going to make dinner. Guess it teaches kids responsibility but still.
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Don't worry, be happy Illya!
Illya listens to all this chaos downstairs. So does Ruby. And this doesn't make Illya happy, even when Ruby points out that it should be great news. Hear that arguing? That is the sound of a normal life. Embrace your normal life!!! No more fights or being in danger. And part of Illya is happy. But a bigger part of her wants to be friends with Miyu. That she wanted to be be apart of something bigger than herself. She feels guilty she can't help Miyu anymore. I felt as if this episode could have been stronger had there been more focus on Illya not being in control of herself. Like there is a reason this happened. Like maybe Miyu walking with a limp or having bandaids on her face. Something you know?
 photo illyaepisode816_zpsc4098b7f.jpg
Why so formal?
That did not happen though. Instead Illya lost her little mind and actually gave Rin a real resignation paper. Oh Illya. And I thought Rin was going to have a flash of disappointment on her face. Instead I was pleasantly surprised at how Rin handled the situation. Very maturely. Or maybe she should have handled it better? Like the world is in danger and we really need your help to save it. Maybe she should have told Miyu to suck it up and helped Illya channel her power better? Great now I am confused.
 photo illyaepisode817_zpsaaaf7f1d.jpg
Glad you see that now.
Still Rin was not made at Illya. She saw the situation for what it was. Illya is a scared kid who really didn't know what she was getting into. Thought this was going to be all fun and amazing. Like a TV show. She is not to blame for being scared of her powers and awful cards. She should have been mad at Ruby for not changing sides as HELLO Ruby will have to return to her and the world IS in danger. But Rin didn't yell at Illya and neither did Miyu.
 photo illyaepisode8_zpsf331c191.jpg
I am doing this to protect you Illya. And you know...the world.
So I guess that is where the episode ended. With Illya being free at last and Miyu going it alone with the other two girls. I am guessing that Ruby is sticking around in case Illya and her pure heart has...well a change of heart. Be that last minute hero. Have your moment of pout because girl you will save us all. Until next time!

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