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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 11

Two posts and it is time for bed. I will try and get both episodes of Kiniro Mosaic up by tomorrow. That is the plan anyway. Then I need to do Illya and Titan since I am so behind on Realist I should save it for last. But that is what the late Tenchi is aiming for right now.
 photo kamisamaepisode1114_zps57b75b09.jpg
I am so behind on blogging is this even considered a spoiler?!?!?
Well it is what I am aiming for this week. Because right now I need to be aiming for bed. I am going to hit publish and go hit the hay. More work tomorrow. Gotta fund these Disney trips somehow. Up now is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 11. Spoilers for...well look at the picture!
 photo kamisamaepisode11_zps47866dc3.jpg
The face of someone who knows what is going on.
Episode Summary: Dee narrates the beginning of the episode. Ai has become part of the class and is constantly looking to find a way to fix the loop. She is shown walking around with Alis and spending time in the library. Yuri and Scar are absolutely useless, walking around and partaking in this town. Dee is a mixture of sad and smirking, saying that she won't let Ai stop her. That everyone else has failed to stop the loop and so will Ai. Later Ai is working with Yuri in the yard as a super content Scar tends to the baby. Yuri offers to help Ai if she needs it. Yuri warns her that it is easy to be taken in by this place (Scar) and that they need to be careful. Despite working hard to fix this distraction a month passes and it's Ai's birthday. A lot of the kids from her class including Dee attend as she turns 13. Dee has fun but watches Ai and Alis closely. Alis' present to her her shovel. Ai is grateful but slightly worried. She usually feels uneasy when it's not around her but now she doesn't worry since there are no dead people. This leads to destruction of this world talk and how they will work together to save everyone. Ai promises to make Alis turn 17, that that will be her wish. Alis warns her to not wish for anything. Instead of bringing up the obvious, that all wishes turn out horribly wrong in this new world, Alis is like people become complacent and it doesn't give them anything to live for. That human beings need to work for goals, not have them given to them. He also explains why he considers Dee an enemy. At first she was all for him stopping this world. But soon she changed, no longer the quiet mouse and decided that she liked this world. He has no idea what changed but he won't stop looking for a way to end things. Alis then decides this isn't happy conversation for her birthday. But soon they decide to pick things up. It is almost time for the school festival and that is when the reset occurs. Alis says that he has looked in the current world for clues and he thought he had brought them back here. One day the class votes on what to do for the festival. 9 for a play and 10, including Ai, for the food stall. This causes a ripple in the world as it usually is a tie with the play winning. Ai being the class is slowly changing things and Alis knows the world is trying to fix itself, that it is trying to get rid of what doesn't belong here. Alis is then seen putting clues all over the place about what is happening. Or what has happened. Dee them removes them before Ai can find them.
 photo kamisamaepisode1115_zpsbea4fe75.jpg
Well that was matter of fact....
Dee eventually misses a clue and Ai finds a news article, that a student died on that day and the rest of the students went missing. Ai puts Blue's Clues together as Dee walks up, ripping the new's article. She explains that when Alis first broke out with her, she had no idea why she had no body and tried to help him. But eventually she either remembered or found out. She was taking down the curtains in the room for the festival and fell out of the window. She obviously died and the rest of the class wished for this not to happen, for them to live on with their happy lives together. Thus the loop. Alis doesn't remember the event and Dee has been trying to destroy the outside world as much as possible as Whisper as to make this world look more appealing. If this world is destroyed Dee will go with it. Dee starts to ramble, trying to make it sound like she is doing this for Alis. But eventually it comes out that Dee always loved Alis and was too shy to do anything about it. At first she liked being needed by Alis and was too shy to do anything about it. At first she liked being needed by Alis but now she is scared of losing him. She begs desperately to help her. She want to be needed by Alis but she knows if Alis knows the truth he will pick everyone else over her. Ai doesn't give her an answer but she also doesn't tell Alis what she has learned. Ai wants to free this class, give Alis a birthday, and save Dee. Dee wakes up happily the next day. Today is the day Alis becomes depressed and only she has the ability to cheer him up. Before wishes were real Alis wanted to play basketball so bad, even though he sucked. He tried so very hard but then POOF he got his wish and never missed again. Despite being the star Alis grew upset over this “cheating” and Dee was there to help. As Dee skips over she is shocked to see Ai with Alis, them laughing and having a great time playing basketball. Ai asks Alis what he would do if someone had to be sacrificed to have the class freed. Alis says he would do anything no matter what to make this happen. Dee then has one of these NOOOOO moments as Alis has basically said I would let the one person die. THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode118_zpsa6945e5e.jpg
Sh sh Ai. I am having a moment. We can talk about Alis' hopes and dreams later.
Was...was I right? Was I mostly right about something? Despite the fact it was becoming really obvious? Sh sh...I want to be right. I want to believe. Let me have this moment.
 photo kamisamaepisode112_zps94a3c877.jpg
Don't you want to be her friend? Or make sure she fails? Maybe you should have been trying to steer her in the wrong direction then?
First things first. Dee and her very unobvious self....could she has lurked anymore in this episode? It seems as lots of episodes lately in the anime world have been having people lurking in the shadows, being stalkers. Look at me always watching. Perhaps this was spoon feeding the reveal to come. Without this obvious behavior would it have been as easy to guess? Or maybe it was a giant troll as it looked like Dee was some giant villain but really she was a scared little girl...sorta anyway.
 photo kamisamaepisode116_zps5bbfcc7e.jpg
A month already?! WEEEE!
I like how more time passed in between this episode and the last than all the time in the episodes put together. A month, psht. We barely have covered that time frame on screen. Also that makes me wonder why Alis picked Ai to do this now. Wouldn't it have been best to wait at the start of the loop so they could figure things out? To have the most time to work on a solution???? HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM.
 photo kamisamaepisode113_zpsc19c53d4.jpg
HMMMMM how will Ai figure this out?
Also why was Ai necessary for this? Because of her age? Running out of age appropriate people who could have been in the class? I am sure there are SOME left. We saw Ulla kill a 15 year old during the ceremony. Ai is the youngest high school student ever. Or 9th grader. Either way. Maybe I am missing the grand point. I thought this was going to be dependent on Ai's power. Because Alis has had 14 years to get this right. Surely he thought of bringing in some young people and having them rejoin the class before. Right? 14 years is a lot of time to think of how to change things. Why does Alis need Ai to do this?
 photo kamisamaepisode114_zpsaaa83c4d.jpg
That is a lot of people failing....
If course all of this speculation is unnecessary. Because Alis really lucked out. know...I had my doubts about Ai. She doesn't seem like the most......well she doesn't seem very Nancy Drew like. Perhaps I am wrong. Ai just grew up fluffy. She wasn't really observant of the fact she was the only kid in her village, no one aged, and everyone had some degree of falling apart. But from a great distance Alis was like yep I want that Ai girl for my ultimate plan. Maybe because she tries hard? Like look at that persistent girl, she will never give up. Her heart is too big and she will feel the plight of all the people. Of course if Dee wanted to ruin Alis' plan why did she help him recruit Ai? Surely Alis didn't see this all from a distance.
 photo kamisamaepisode1111_zps3ea882b2.jpg
Thanks for all your help!!! That's a nice looking tree.
In any event Scar and Yuri were totally useless. Perhaps Alis recruited Ai and thought SCORE I have more helpful people. Well he could kiss that goodbye. Because it doesn't look like Scar and Yuri did one thing in the entire month. Like oh look the calendar is from 14 years ago, I have done my part. Now it is time to walk around town and take in the creepy sights. Time to make the lawn look nice. Like is this real life?! Thanks for helping Yuri! Scar seems to be down for the useful count. She kicked some ass episode 3 and that's it. Even though Yuri warned about it, not becoming used to this world, I can't help but feel as if this will not end well for Ai's new family status. That Yuri and Scar will end up staying here. That the spell will be sorta broken. People will have a choice if they want to stay here in repeated bliss or if they want to leave. That way Ai can still save Dee. Me thinks Scar and Yuri would want to stay despite Yuri declaring Ai family too.
 photo kamisamaepisode115_zps711fb727.jpg
You get to be 13...for the first time maybe!
So...on to the birthday party. Happy Birthday Ai!!!! Everyone is way too old for you. No love interest for you. Wait, what am I saying? This is anime. Ai is 13 now. Boyfriends for everyone!!! Ai is the perfect age for Ai. He looks 16 after all. Still I guess it's nice that people were able to find joy for Ai's birthday. She did make a big deal about Alis' birthday so the same should be done for her. Even if it's going to repeat itself potentially. In this moment Ai is 13. You can't be having drama 24/7. Every once in a while you need to have a breather. But yeah...this is Ai, of course she needs a party.
 photo kamisamaepisode117_zps158e6b77.jpg
Thanks for cleaning my shovel. For your next birthday I will get you a clue.
It wasn't all fun times at the party though. No no, Alis had a whole month to tell Ai about Dee. But it is birthday party time so lets explain things. After Alis gives her the lamest present ever. Cleaning her shovel? Oh okay. But I guess that was to show how even Ai has become used to this place. Didn't even miss her poor shovel.
 photo kamisamaepisode1110_zps2a631918.jpg
Shouldn't that tell you something?
Dee and Alis....enemies? Mhhhhh. So what does Alis think about this? He remembers at the beginning, the before times. How Dee followed him out of the hole and poof no body. That she joined him in his quest to find out what was going on. But then it changed. Dee suggested that this world wasn't that bad.......See enemies!?!?! Yeah it's like Alis just know they aren't on the same side but he can't figure out why. Because Dee still went with him and helped yes? Voicing opinions doesn't sound like enemy material to me.
 photo kamisamaepisode1113_zpsc5c9b266.jpg
Blur vision time as Alis tries to leave himself clues.
Finally things got a little interesting. I typed all that and and finally got to the meat.....Is Alis special? I mean they are cutting it close time wise but this is the 14th time this has repeated itself yes? It now dawns on him to have someone break the tie? If this only affected his class at first clearly something in that room is the cause of everything. An event of some kind, wishes don't come from nowhere. Adding another member of the class would change everything eventually yes? If something happened at the festival, the point of repeating the cycle, bring someone in sooner. The most dramatic vote ever and Dee knows it.
 photo kamisamaepisode1112_zps5aeff18a.jpg
The world being almost ripped?
It me....that the world was unable to fix things. That vote caused a ripple. But it looks me...since it wasn't explained....that the Alis planting old news stories all over the place was an old Alis. A previous Alis. Something he probably did in the first few cycles but Dee fixed things and somehow Alis forgot about the articles. So that is what it looked like to me, an old Alis coming around because of the ripple. And Dee was once again trying to fix things. No explanation on how Ai knew where to look though. None at all. Just that Dee missed a news clip and Ai eventually found it.
 photo kamisamaepisode1116_zps5e17649b.jpg
Did she instantly get back up and start walking? Because hello WHERE ARE MY ZOMBIES!
Enter the drama!! On how I was mainly right. Dee started off telling her story very strong. Like yeah I died so what? Fell out the window and people in her class wished for a time when she was alive. I was going to complain that no one looked that shock or upset when she fell. But this was in Dee's point of view and it was all slow mo. I am sure the crying and wailing came later. They must have cared enough to wish her back yes? No one was like wish the bitch stays dead.
 photo kamisamaepisode1118_zps08c25f43.jpg
Alis knows bits and pieces but not all of this. So shut it down.
It is unclear on how Alis is unaware of this, since he has broken free of the loop. Why did he forgot about the news clips? Also it should have been obvious from the break out that something was different about Dee. Alis figured out the loop, found a way out, and could remember the other loops but not that. But knew enough not to shoot Dee in his crazy moment that Ai thinks is okay.
 photo kamisamaepisode1117_zpsbc96043a.jpg
But this is all for him yes?
Dee rambled for a quite a bit. Like I am now. XD She was all like Alis, I wanted to help Alis. This is for him, it's all been for him. But clearly it was for her. Not that you can blame her. It looks like she is super dead, no body to go back to. This will end badly for her. And all this mousey girl ever wanted was to be around Alis. He was so popular and wonderful she never got close to him. But since this wish Apocalypse things have looked up. So she wants to make sure Ai is on her side and won't destroy this world. What will Ai do?
 photo kamisamaepisode1119_zps4ad3234a.jpg
Turn that smile upside down because....
I almost thought that Dee was the one who caused the rest of the world's problems. That she wants to mess everything up so badly Alis will want to stay here. Can she make a with that powerful though? That would be just way over the top. Hopefully not. But I do want to know how she has tried to mess this up? Newsflash: Ai was not a good play for mess ups. I mean she hasn't done anything yet eyed monster indeed.
 photo kamisamaepisode1120_zps3dd72cc7.jpg
Clearly he means himself but of course Dee will assume it means her. Enter the sadness.
Which is sad really. Dee's one moment of shining in Alis' life is to comfort him in regards to basketball wish. The one time during the loop when she can shine and be useful. Only she gets there and Ai has taken her spot. All that looking forwardtoness gone, gone forever. And if that wasn't sad enough Ai and her ill timed questioning skills asks what Alis would do if someone had to be sacrificed to free his class. Of course he said he do it. Because in his mind HE would be the one dying. He wasn't thinking of Dee. But Dee doesn't know that. She assumes Alis really doesn't need or want her. Thus next episode Dee will go crazy and attempt to kill Ai which will cause Alis to be somehow hurt and Yuri....will prune more trees. I see indeed.


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