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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 21: The Absence of Hope

 photo titanepisode215_zpsb03ba010.jpg
But we were supposed to win. ATTACK ON TITANS!
Hello there my lovely readers!!! So tired from work. X___X Zombie Tenchi. Well a fake zombie from happy skippy shows but a zombie nonetheless. Have an anime episode! Perhaps more will come soon. Up now is the uplifting show Shingeki no Kyojin. Spoilers for episode 21 being SO uplifting.
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The first to fall.
Episode Summary: After another flashback because if this episode went one day without a flashback everyone would forget what happened....Eren is looking at dead Gunther all shocked. Oluo/Auruo ( I HATE SPELLING) pulls Eren out of the way as the cloaked Scouting Legion person is still flying around. Petra is the most upset about the dead Gunther as Erd has determined they need to keep retreating and not engage with the enemy. They have no idea at that moment if that is the Female Titan or someone working with her. Erwin and Hange however are putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Or at least Erwin has and Hange is like MOG. First off Erwin thinks they didn't go hard enough, that the Female Titan was willing to go big or go home so Erwin has failed in that aspect. Second Erwin has figured out that the Colossal Titan also used Maneuver Gear to get away each time he destroyed the wall. Hange says that is impossible as Eren emerged from the Titan with no gear and missing parts of his uniform (um because those limbs got EATEN?!?!). Erwin says they were wrong to use newbie Eren as an example, as the other humanoid Titans are much more experienced. If the Female Titan is practiced enough to have the gear AND move after emerging from her puppet if by magic BAM the Female Titan appears behind the rest of the Levi group. Shocked faces for all. Eren is like eff this I am transforming. For some reason everyone loses their minds and are like no Eren trust us remember! Believe in the power of friendship, we can beat the Female Titan because of your trust. Eren is like okay I will escape and trust in you. Eren takes off as the remaining three start to attack the Female Titan. Eren is very shocked they are able to coordinate attacks without words. He realizes that this is the trust thing that everyone has been talking about. They succeed in taking out the Female Titan's eyes. While they regenerate she presses up against a tree and protects her neck with her hands. Everyone starts hacking away at the muscles of her arms until they fall limp at her side.
 photo titanepisode212_zps89fda9f6.jpg
Eren unable to cope.
Due to everyone going WOOHOO we are amazing they all fail to see that regeneration smoke is only coming out of one of her eyes. She opens her eye just in time to see Erd and chomps him in half. Petra is beyond upset and shocked and barely has time to save herself. Auruo (I give up spelling) screams at Petra to get away. The Female Titan then stomps Petra into a tree. Determined to make up for all this death Auruo actually makes what should be a killing blow on the Female Titan. Auruo was unaware of the crystalization process and his blades break. Soon he is broken and dead on the ground as Eren has watched this all in horror. Everyone is dead because of him. He realizes that Levi wanted him to make a choice that he could live with and clearly this was the wrong one. Eren transforms into Titan Eren in a fit of rage, blaming himself for everyone being dead but really it is the Female Titan who will pay. Everyone in the forest hears Eren screaming and Mikasa is like EREN?!?!?!?! and takes off in that direction. Levi also goes towards that direction, passing his dead team along the way. No one else really knows what is going on but it is discussed that whoever is the Female Titan knows that Eren is a Titan so they had to be around that fateful day. Titan Eren and Female Titan beat each other to a bloody pulp. They keep loosing body parts and having to wait for them to regenerate. At points in the attack the Female Titan looks rather scared. Like why are you doing this Titan Eren? Titan Eren is just full of rage but continues to dominate. Well most of the battle. Punches are thrown and it turns out the Female Titan really isn't that strong. They both stop to catch their breath when she catches Titan Eren offguard and chops his head off. She reaches over and bites Eren out of Titan Eren. Mikasa happens upon the scene just in time to see Eren get swallowed by the Female Titan. Mikasa cries for about 5 seconds and then sets to work hacking the Female Titan up. She does a good job at it but Levi shows up to take Mikasa aside, as her rage might mess her up. He notes that the Female Titan is moving slower and they should just follow her. He asks if Eren is dead and Mikasa stops, as she thinks Eren is still but clearly he was just swallowed by a Titan for the second time. THE END!
 photo titanepisode213_zps3e2a7fb7.jpg
Second to fall.
Hit the fan, hit the fan! That is...shit! Shit for all. The happy feel good moments are gone. Gone forever. Not that they should have existed to begin with. Once the Colossal Titan showed his ability to take down the wall everyone should have been counting the minutes til they died. So maybe these small moments of happiness is all people have left. But for Eren....well...maybe Eren? i am sure the congrads and happy talk will happen AFTER returning from the mission. Not before.
 photo titanepisode214_zps8b45fdec.jpg
Well not the real second to fall but someone Eren really knows well.
While this episode wasn't as censoring as it has been in the past...I would still like to see the gore. I can handle it I promise. Boobies good, blood bad I guess. In the manga (which...there is no point in reading that if you haven't by now. The anime is the same thing with better quality drawn people...) it was CLEAR that Gunter was super dead. Like weee my neck is barely hanging on. So Eren's outburst and wanting to stay near Gunter was not the smoothest move. Which I think...shows you have attached to people Eren gets. He is being portrayed as a monster when really he might have the biggest heart out of everyone. Thomas gets eaten and the first thing Eren wants to do is get revenge for his friend, without regard to himself. Everyone else fleeing from the murderer IS the correct thing to do, what Gunter wanted to do. But Eren was....just having a hard time understanding what was going on and I think he didn't want to leave his comrade hanging there dead.
 photo titanepisode216_zps5e28ccfb.jpg
That splat would be Petra not nowing.
I sorta...really feel bad for Erwin. He did make a grave mistake but has already understood what it is. I am glad he knows what it is but it came at the cost of a lot of people. And more people will probably die before they reach the gate. But yes. Erwin couldn't think of everything. He just assumed that the Female Titan would be unable to move after being pulled out of the puppet. That maybe he took a few too many minutes in realizing....hey maybe Eren isn't the best example of a humanoid Titan since he just found out he was on. is odd that Erwin made this mistake since he has already figured out what the Colossal Titan did. Eren went to kill the beast and POOF it was gone. Maybe Erwin assumed that all the Colossal Titan did was transform and kick a wall down he have the energy to escape. That the Female Titan got the shit beat out of her and she wouldn't be able to move. But yeah..I think I would just assume that the if you got into the Titan puppet with the gear you will come out with it on. I don't know.
 photo titanepisode217_zps5fc69923.jpg
The realization he will not get revenge for his fallen comrade.
The point being Erwin realized his mistake and sent Levi out just in case he was correct. All of this minutes and seconds added up. Gunter is dead. And as the team escapes POOF the Female Titan emerges once again. Which I guess is a good thing. I mean if the Colossal Titan AND Armored Titan were with her then everyone would be dead. So she is clearly alone and everyone is just really, really screwed. So much smoke for one Titan though. Like BAM I am Captain Planet bitches look at me transform. I think everyone should have pissed their pants at this point but I guess this isn't the time for jokes.....even if they are easy to make.
 photo titanepisode219_zps286041bb.jpg
After the 10th attempt I stayed with this screenie. It went too fast. But I assume you can tell what is happening.
I want to make it clear to all the dead people on the ground: It is your fault you are dead. You hear me. Levi Unit? ALL YOUR FAULT! All this friendship is magical crap is bullshit. Bullshit. Eren didn't know the plan and neither did you. Levi did though. I think if Eren has stopped and fought the Female Titan with all five of the Unit still there they could have tried and pulled out the puppetmaster. That is what Levi wanted right? It would still be following the plan, just not using all the wonderful pieces of ammo. But NOOOO Eren needs to be believe in them. Why not believe in himself? Why not let Eren show his worth to you guys and let him help? What is the worse thing that can happen, you die? OH WAIT! But is their fault they died Eren. Well the Female Titan's fault. But they were so focus on trust that they couldn't see the blood covered trees through the forest. There is trusting someone and seeing how the situation is beyond repair and it is about is about staying alive.
 photo titanepisode218_zpsf3e1b503.jpg
The last of Levi's squad being smashed into a tree.
To be fair they are the best of the best. Maybe if Levi and Mikasa had been there at that point there would have been victory. But there was not. Everything was slowed down and it made the viewers go LOOK OUT! Because it was clear that only one eye was being repaired. See the smoke?! But I realize that Eren didn't really make it that far and everything was happening super fast in real time. And that the three remaining Levi Unit members did kick some ass. Had it not been for the Female Titan actually being Alice from Resident Evil they might have won. Like look at me and all these powers I have. Does Titan Eren have any powers?! Poor Eren...he is pathetic. And sad. He was like MOG the power of friendship and trust does work. I believed in these people and they work so well as a team. This was the right choice. I made the right choice.
 photo titanepisode2110_zpsa51d888f.jpg
Joining the ranks of those who died in this mission.
Splat Splat Splat. That is the sound of Levi's Unit being taken out in the scope of 3 minutes. Well I guess he still has Eren but it is more like Levi owns Eren and not that he is a real part of the team. Maybe after the mission he would have been but now...yeah what squad? And Eren believes it is his fault. That is the sad part. Watching your friends die is horrible but thinking you had something to do with it...just...just no. I don't blame Eren at all. I wonder if any of them thought before they died..Eren was right. Eren will never know but at least when he is blaming himself he knows who is really to blame.
 photo titanepisode2111_zpsfccefa1b.jpg
Just three minutes ago...
The fight Titan Eren and Female Titan was...well pretty brutal. And evenly matched. One would think since the Female Titan has been at this for quite a while she would be a little better at fighting. But hold on there Super got all these magical powers have no strength. Well she is a Titan so she has SOME strength. But she clearly has stamina, a magical crystalizing power, the ability to turn people into yoyos, and have an idea on HOW to fight. But she is more of a dodger. Letting Eren take the lead. I bet if Eren had been more focused on the battle and not in so much rage he would have won.
 photo titanepisode2115_zps9ace4331.jpg
Got to stay the course. Even if that course will lead to more death.
Hot damn though Female Titan is hard core. And has emotions. It looks like she was upset that Eren was so pissed at her. Maybe it was fear, that oh crap he might win. But to me it didn't look like strategy, to make Eren Titan feel as if he had the upper hand and WOOHOO beat his ass. She genuinely looked hurt that Eren had no idea what she was doing. Why are you hurting me Eren Titan? Let me just knock off your head and EAT YOU. That will make you see my plan!
 photo titanepisode2114_zpse2628873.jpg
The eyes.....
Of course Mikasa saw Eren get eaten. She was able to reach Eren before Levi even though Levi left first, was closer, and stopped to look at his dead comrades. I guess it would have been too cruel if Armin had to witness that AGAIN. Levi took 0 seconds to moron his comrades whereas Mikasa took about 5 seconds. Then it was hacking time. I think Levi should have helped Mikasa, that she had done some serious damage at that point. But maybe Levi knew more than Mikasa, like the crystalization and knew they needed to pull back.
 photo titanepisode2116_zps743e8d96.jpg
And then Mikasa melted into 34298843 million pieces.
Is Eren alive? Probably. Knowing him he is AOKAY because no one is allowed to be the main character but him. Now I don't know how he could be okay. Nor do I understand how I will sleep tonight without nightmares because of how the Female Titan's mouth....opened to eat Eren. But Mikasa thinks Eren is alive and at this point what does Levi have to lose? Will Eren go all Titan on Female Titan and rip her apart like Old Man Titan? That might be the only way they can win this. If you can call an entire squad dead winning....

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