Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 8

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Curse this life of mine!
Wee have another post! I swear I haven't given up blogging. Just trying to find a way to balance work, play, and home. A situation a lot of other people in the world have out there you know? Nothing special. But I am trying and haven't meant to abandon this blog or its readers! Promise. Here is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 8 as an offering? Spoilers for Ai...being slightly....delusional. Even for a pure hearted girl!
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So what is this memory all about Alis?
Episode Summary: Ai calls together her classmates for the first official meeting of Breaking Out of this School. Only no one is really paying attention because almost all the work is done. All Alis has to do is blow the grate with the random explosions he has with him and all will be well. Or whatever he is taking the gate down with. So basically the meeting is sorta pointless. Ai pouts for a moment while everyone speaks their peace. Well Run tries to talk but she has a random bowl of water with her as if she can ONLY breath in the water. Alis decides that the meeting can become useful as they can discuss who is actually escaping the school. Ai is shocked as everyone is going with them. Tanya, Mimi, and Meme all look a little sheepish as the others say they are on board. Tanya gives an answer that does not satisfy Ai very much. Mimi and Meme come from a very well to do family and them having this split personality with their dead twin looks bad on their household. So basically they were shipped away and don't know if they would be accepted back. Ai is like um I have been out in that cruel world for 14 days I HAVE SEEN THINGS!!! Horrible things. And if I can leave my village full of no one so can you. Life is an adventure. Take life by the horn. Hold on while I crack open some more fortune cookies. Basically Ai starts to sparkle as she makes this speech which causes Tanya to nearly pass out due to awesomeness. Tanya runs out of the room which hurts Ai's feelings. Whisper and Alis tell Ai she is right but not everyone is willing to take leaps and bounds to find out their dreams. As Ai leaves Alis and Whisper talk about how Ai is perfect for Alis' plan. Later that night Ai finds Tanya and asks her again why she isn't leave the school. Tanya confesses she was not kidnapped but came to the school willingly. She was blind but wasn't that sad about the situation. Only when she made her “wish” and was given the weird eye did things change for her. Her parents were happy for Tanya at first but other people started treating her like a disease. Tanya left so they could live on without her and be safe. Ai is sad...but then is like listen to all the horrible things like me. Be like me and leave this place and all will be fine!
 photo kamisamaepisode813_zps83159bb5.jpg
Oh no is Ai starting to doubt herself?!
Alis manages to destroy the gate so escape can be possible now. Everyone is excited but Ai wants to put it aside for another day to work on Tanya. Whisper and Alis aren't happy about that but Ai does her part and whispers to Tanya in the night....come with me if you want to live. The next day Alis is having a flashback of some sort of school life in which something horrible happened during the a school festival? Ai interrupts him and they end up talking. Ai is still worried about Tanya and her ability to save the world if she can't even save one person. Alis confesses that he is going to save the world too...by destroying it. Ai and probably everyone out there has a hard time following that logic but lets listen. Alis says there are two worlds: The real world and your personal reality. And....well that is about it. Alis will save the world with destruction and Ai will have to wait to see what part she plays in all of this. Ai is sad for Tanya and confused about what Ai has said. The time to break out is upon the kids and the twins have decided to join the group. Armed with one backpack off the kids go. Ai and Alis briefly stop when Tanya catches up, saying Ai gave her the strength. Everyone rejoices and they escape through the tunnels. They are briefly caught by Kidnap Kids R Us Teacher. She pulls out a gun and fires at the kids. Alis fires back, showing the group his ability it to have perfect accuracy no matter what. They are allowed to leave for some reason and Yuri pulls up right away to pick the kids up because everything is magical. As all the kid pile in the car Ai is like...where is Scar? Yuri said he had to leave her behind. THE END?!
 photo kamisamaepisode89_zpsbe15e9d8.jpg
What are these wishes?!?!?!?!?!?
Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday Hampnie was shooting people and make all confused. I would ask where my summer went but....you know...I am not in school anymore. So who cares? XD Episode 8 indeed.
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And no one cares!
Ai is slightly special. I think we knew that though. Calling forth a meeting in which no one was paying attention nor did she really have a right to lead? Come on Alis. You dug the tunnel. You lead the totally unnecessary meeting. At least everyone was kind enough to show up. Manners. Maybe not much else goes on at that school besides the occasional threat.
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What you talkin about Willis?
I think I really liked it when Tanya, Mimi, and Meme were like um hold your horses there. That is really what the meeting should have been about, deciding who wanted to go. I understand why Ai was confused at first. Even though she had to be told it was a prison...okay maybe I am still confused. Still...it needs some thought even though everyone “claims” to be prisoners. I think it was a little bit of a stretch, the twins situation. That can be covered up quietly. But the actual facts not withstanding drama is the kids felt as if them being there was safer than being with their parents. Hello, super mild zombie apocalypse going on here! People might turn on kids with weird situations. Wishes gone wild. Here at this school there are meals and safety and shelter. Not to mention a lot of kids like themselves.
 photo kamisamaepisode86_zps59ebf550.jpg
Just build an entire village DUH!
So I think Ai was slightly annoying and delusional when she insisted everyone come with them. I mean...I get that it's anime. And a lot of animes have one character (usually a girl) that is so pure hearted and full of hope that they believe they can do anything. That anyone can do anything. All you need to do is wish upon a star. It makes no difference who you are ya'll. As long as you believe you can achieve. And other inspirational stuff. Which is nice. The world needs optimists and cheerful people. There just comes a point where...how much of this is helpful and how much of that is wishful/useless thinking. Hurtful even. Ai just met all these kids. She doesn't know their history or hat they have been through. Or how the world really is. I mean...why don't you wish for a happy ending Ai? Will it work?
 photo kamisamaepisode84_zpsef6a6977.jpg
We are all going bitches!!!!
Because this anime has taken place in the span of 2 weeks ya'll. X_x Like really? I know original source material people will be like PFFT she spent a month with Hampnie. In this show though...no. 2 weeks since everyone got their brains blown out..which didn't matter since they were already dead. But yes 2 weeks since Ai knew the truth. That she sees dead people. That the world is messed up. So she shouldn't be lecturing anyone on hopes and dreams since most people now have none since the world got screwed over. Ai can be delusional and decided she wants to save the world. But how is she going to do that? So yeah...telling everyone to leave and start over might...not be feasible at this point.
 photo kamisamaepisode88_zps97612b7a.jpg
This is all making sense yes yes.
Which hurt Ai's feelings. Because she DOES have a heart of gold. She does want what is best for people. Only she doesn't really know what that entails. All she knows is everyone she sees is her best friend forever and she needs to be with them all. So Tanya...run away from Ai and save yourself? I kid I kid. Maybe. But yes some people need protecting and aren't adventurous. Tanya was overwhelmed and Ai had her feelings hurt. Woe is the zombie apocalypse.
 photo kamisamaepisode814_zpsba916c9d.jpg
.....Thanks for answering my question?
You know who might be crazy? Alis. But that might be a given nowadays. He did try to talk some sense into sad panda Ai though. It's not personal. You is just a fluffy girl. But Alis is on board because he needs Ai. Clearly we will find out why he needs Ai in the next episode. For now he is too busy acting creepy and “smart”. I thought when he was talking about two worlds that it was going to be something else. He said NOW. What he was talking about has always existed. The real world and personal reality. Oh wait super powers? So that's nothing new and took up way too many words. What is important is Alis said he wants to destroy “his” world and Ai doesn't understand. Neither do I or how Ai, a girl he just found out existed, plays in. Whisper was not coughing up answers either.
 photo kamisamaepisode811_zpscbb1fb14.jpg
And then they all died! WOOHOO!
I was sorta disappointed when nothing bad happened to the kids. When everyone, including the twins, decided on 3 am that night Ai begged for more time. I thought something amazingly awful was going to happen. That if the kids had left that night they would have escaped some brutal death, like the building going up in flames. Or when Tanya did join them I thought the tunnel was going to collapse when Alis and Ai stopped to talk to her. Some awful stuff there. I waited and waited....but it never came. :( Do you see my face? Woe is this zombie apocalypse.
 photo kamisamaepisode810_zps04857caf.jpg
Instead Ai has time to talk to her new best friend. Tanya. Take that Ulla. HMMMMM this Tanya. Prison indeed. She came to this school on purpose. Because she's weird. I really don't think it's that bad. Some people in real life talk about sounds having colors and what not. But in the land of the dead Tanya is weird. Super weird. So she left her parents so nothing bad would happen to them. Which actually ends up being the bad thing. Also in case I didn't make it clear...wishes suck!!! I want to see....how hard is that to interpret? Still Tanya is scared and Ai is like look I have been out in this world for 2 weeks. I know what you are going through. Come and I will make you fishers of men.
 photo kamisamaepisode815_zpscf73512e.jpg
YAY! Let us go into this world with nothing and be friends forever!
For the record all the kids chose to escape. And not tell anyone else. And brought enough supplies for 5 minutes. My friend brought more shit for a 3 day trip to Disney. Like this show is clearly not showing everything and many of my questions are probably answered in the source material. Or were explained right the first time that I would never have to ask questions. But it is not like they knew Yuri was going to roll up and save the day. That Yuri was going to be willing to take the kids with them. Maybe everyone should have had supplies with them. Anything really! This is the semi zombie apocalypse. Anything would be better than nothing. One dude with a backpack? Can we please think ahead?
 photo kamisamaepisode816_zpsf6836039.jpg
I wish we could have seen more of the school. I mean...really folks.
Yuri did find the kids though. 5 seconds after they escaped. So I guess they got lucky. But for the first 4 seconds things got a bit serious. Because Ms. Teacher of the year found that kids. Super fast. I wonder if she knew the entire time and just wanted to give them the taste of victory only to take it away. XO So cruel. But I guess the joke is on her. Alis has an ability. Duh. Why else would he be at this school? You think that the school would take note of that before kidnapping kids but I guess that makes too much sense. Alis has perfect aim. So when Ms. LISTEN TO ME starts shooting at the kids Alis was about to fire his own weapon and poof no one is hurt. She didn't really try that hard to get the kids back did she? Guess she doesn't really care about the kids that much if she was willing to shoot some to get a few back right?
 photo kamisamaepisode8_zpsbeca94bb.jpg
How kind of you to notice! We got a baby but no Scar hmmmmmm!
But none of that matters. Because this is the tame zombie apocalypse. Yuri pulls up in the exact right spot with the exact right timing despite there being no plans or what not. And if there was any...I didn't see them. Everyone is rescued though rejoice! We will just pile everyone into this one van. Move over Scar, we got more people. Wait....where is Scar? You left her behind? Left her behind where?!?! What is going on! XO

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