Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Post Friday the 13th calmness

 photo DisneyFridaythe13th089_zps3ae61e97.jpg
Got my poptarts and Sulley outfit. Today will be a better day.
Our last post was not so fun right? The Unleash the Villain's Party was a super bust. Mom and Muffy's mom were so excited too. However we had the next day to go to the parks. Maybe today will be a better day? How can it not since I finally have the Sulley outfit?!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th090_zpsa31d3f99.jpg
Checking out of the hotel. Mom and Muffy's mom bought these outfits first last night at the party. Mom had Sulley outfit vision. Like whoosh I sense it. Disney finally listened and brought back these outfits after they got bought out by Ebayers. So at least that was good yes?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th091_zps144c8b1d.jpg
Bye hotel with very thin walls.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th092_zps93ab1a07.jpg
What do you mean you want us to match today? I WANT TO WEAR SULLEY!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th097_zpsa22c4388.jpg
Maybe I can wear this outfit for a little bit and then Sulley? Please?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th100_zps685d09d9.jpg
It was super easy getting in the parking lot and on the tram today. So far so good. And we were the first ones on the ferry. Look at these pictures!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th101_zps06815130.jpg
Today will be a good day!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th107_zps43cd7e67.jpg
I see you Space Mountain. Mom is a little afraid of you though.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th108_zpsaa43d411.jpg
No rain today even better!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th110_zps7c10362e.jpg
Getting into the park was super easy too. We had no dad today. He had to work this weekend. :( But we shall go pick up his cards for him.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th111_zpsf8ca11ad.jpg
We found out after this trip they changed the rules for the card game. At least we got the cards this time though yes?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th112_zps5fea00c6.jpg
Then a really good thing happened! Muffy's mom wanted a certain set of Villain ears that sold out at Hollywood Studios. They were told they would only be at Hollywood Studios. Well we found them at Magic Kingdom today. Happy Muffy Mom time!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th113_zpsc0cfc8ad.jpg
Waiting in line. The Emporium is so big. Almost like the World of Disney store.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th114_zpsd8f9ab9f.jpg
This is what my new Halloween outfit looks like. Look at all those homeless Halloween Duffys. We need to find them good homes.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th118_zpsdcc8bd54.jpg
After was time for eating! The first stop was a Dole Whip. Technically it should have been pineapple flavored. But mom doesn't like pineapples so she got the orange ice cream instead, not a real whip. But it was really good. She has never had it before and loves it now. We can share yes?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th119_zps18aa91ba.jpg
After ice cream....churro time! Mom and Muffy's mom love churros!!! But they need more stands at Disney World. Churros for all. Muffy's mom didn't get a churro on her birthday trip so she is very happy now.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th121_zps8e46ff3c.jpg
We are in the pin shop but these are not pins. But I like them anyways. Where would I put all these rocks though?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th122_zpsc1b9be8c.jpg
XO Look at this Giant Duffy. Where did they find clothes to fit him?! Mom needs to find out for Buddy Duffy and Giant Duffy at home.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th123_zpsbcb73d35.jpg
Time for the pirate's ride!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th124_zps179d0444.jpg
Since dad isn't here Muffy's mom is helping out.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th125_zps9c6fe015.jpg
I would like to order some pirate food please.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th126_zpsde41660a.jpg
After that not so fun trip last night I need a drink.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th127_zpse48aab22.jpg
Errr maybe I drank a bit too much.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th129_zps10ce4c69.jpg
It looks really dark down there....
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th148_zpsdc213b0f.jpg
Duffys are worth their weight in gold. Where will we go next? We are having a great day so far, way better than last night. Hopefully the day keeps getting better and better. Stay tuned for part two!

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