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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 22: Horrifying and Traumatizing

Hello there my lovely readers! I am alive. If you are at all into Disney and going to theme parks you might be aware of the disaster that was the Villain event that took place on the 13th. Very unfortunately I was there and....yeah. Grand plans. Grand plans out the window. Saturday was much better but it was very disappointing how Friday went. Especially since I spent most of last week getting ready to go out of town and this happens.
 photo titanepisode2211_zpsacc3b783.jpg
The faces of people who had a really bad idea.
Anime posts were supposed to go up on Thursday, to tide everyone over for my fun weekend away. But yeah clearly CLEARLY (my new favorite word) that didn't happen. Le sigh. Now that I am recovering from....standing here is one of the posts that was supposed to go up last week. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 22. Spoilers for the most awful thing ever.
 photo titanepisode22_zps4864ba9d.jpg
Because if he is humanity is more screwed than I thought.
Episode Summary: After our weekly recap Levi asks Mikasa what happened. Mikasa keeps stating that Eren has to be alive as the Female Titan is intelligent and took the time to swallow Eren and not smash him into tiny tiny pieces on the ground. Levi and his squinty eyes looks like he may or may not believe her. He does know they can only accomplish one goal and that should be rescuing Eren. Mikasa protests as this Titan killed so many people. Levi is firm though. Mikasa is the bait while Levi sneaks up and slashes the shit out of the Female Titan. He is so fast she doesn't have time to harden her skin. Mikasa decides they are strong enough to defeat the Titan. Only Mikasa under estimates the Female Titan and Levi pushes her out of the way at the last second. Levi breaks something in his leg but unhinges the Female Titan's jaw and Eren+sludge is revealed. Levi scoops up Eren and he orders Mikasa to retreat. Levi looks behind him and is slightly shocked to see the Female Titan crying. A smoke bomb must have been used as those inside the wall already know the Scouting Legion is returning. Everyone related to Levi unit is so excited and make plans for their loved one's return. Of course they are among the bodies being piled up and identified. Mikasa watches over Eren as a lot of the mains talk about how they are alive and so many are dead. There is an air of failure in the air since the Female Titan escaped. Levi stops to look at the body of Petra in particular. It is reported to Erwin that 5 soldiers are missing. Well some are not missing. They know where one body in particular is but it is way too close to a lot of Titans. Erwin says to leave it and goes to go about his business when two men express their concerns. That body is their friend and they want to retrieve him. Erwin says he won't risk it. Levi also backs Erwin up which causes one of them, Dieter, to really get pissed, saying the men have no humanity. Eventually the order to move out is given and off everyone is going.
 photo titanepisode228_zps52e18f3b.jpg
Probably a lot. A lot more.
Someone notices that there are Titans on their tail. It turns out that Dieter and his friend went back to get the dead body of their other friend. Well this was clearly not a great idea as it brought all the Titans to them. Levi asks Erwin what they should do. Erwin says there isn't enough around to fight the Titans so they must try and outrun them. Levi falls back to tell the rest of the troops. Mikasa looks on as she was the closest one to the idiots. The body is dropped on the ground and one of the friends is eaten. Mikasa manages to save Dieter as he looks on and cries. Levi tells the slow wagon to push the bodies off the edge which horrifies the soldiers. The Titans catch up and they have no choice but to throw all their dead friends over the edge. The tarp covering Petra unfolds and Levi watches as she bounces on the ground. With all the bodies off the cart manages to outrun the Titans and there are no further casualties. Eren is having a dream, of when he was younger and the Scouting Legion had come back. He remembers how cool he thought they were. But then Eren morphs into one of them and he has attack on liney face. Younger Mikasa tries to get his attention and Eren wakes up in the cart. Eren is told how everything went horribly wrong as they rest. Levi walks up to Dieter who is crying over being...well himself. Levi hands Dieter a patch from his friend's uniform, which is a symbol that they are still human. Dieter cries even more. The Scouting Legion makes it to the gate and people start talking about how useless they are, a waste of money.. Everyone has liney face on and Eren goes to yell at the crown when he and Mikasa see two kids, so excited to see them, just how Mikasa and Eren were so many years ago. Things go from super bad to the worst day in humanity ever when Petra's father runs up to Levi. He talks warmly about Petra, hinting that Petra wanted to marry Levi. Eren starts crying and Armin tells the viewers that due to the massive failure of this mission Erwin and all those in charge were taken to the inner wall and Eren was detained. THE END!!
 photo titanepisode2215_zps9a96b96f.jpg
Okay maybe these kids have hope. Hope that won't last of course.
Holy shit folks. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse...they do. Like this show is like oh you think the manga is bad? How about this? Seriously no hope, no light, and everyone ill surely go crazy from grief. Fun times.
 photo titanepisode2212_zps4a502944.jpg
All new especially for your enjoyment. Yay traumaization.
And hey you anime only watchers. All of this horror was new!!!! Added just for the show. Because clearly the writers thought this show needed more travesty. The knife wasn't in deep enough. That tiny sliver of hope had to be smashed on the ground. Everyone needed to earn those liney faces. We have to top the manga. And since we can't really show the gore on prime time by golly we will make everyone weep somehow. Weep you jaded fools. So I hope you all appreciated these lovely changes. I am sure Mikasa had doubts too but was too far gone in her crazy or grief to allow that to be a possibility. She had to sound believable if Levi was to continue on. Mikasa made sure to inform Levi that this was all his fault, you should have protected Eren. Now I am in the camp of it's everyone's fault for not allowing Eren to transform but you know. Mikasa needs to get with the program though. People are dying all around them. Perhaps Mikasa needs to realize that Levi is going through a lot right now too.
 photo titanepisode222_zps5853f52f.jpg
Mikasa is against being told no.
Again I am on both sides of the fence when it comes to how they handled the Female Titan. It appears that Levi and Mikasa are the most amazing warriors ever. And maybe if THEY had been protecting Eren while he was in Titan form a lot less people would be dead. But Levi was moving so fast the Female Titan wasn't able to crystalize. Mikasa was wrong to go in for the kill at first. She does not know about the trick with the eye. The second attempt though, when Eren had been rescued I understand. Like look how messed up she is. However Mikasa's earlier attempt had left Levi with a broken something. So maybe he didn't think they could do. Given how many dead bodies there are all over the place I might be more in favor of Levi.
 photo titanepisode225_zps591c0edf.jpg
Now Titan's can cocoon other Titans?!
How gross was it though, Eren covered in that shit?! I was this is beyond nasty. And how did she do it?! Never mind this is a show about Titans and humans turning into said Titans. I still feel sick looking at it. Like at least he wasn't swallowed I suppose. I am thinking if this had been more of a....joyful day Levi would have died upon touching the Eren cocoon. But given the day he just took Eren and ran.
 photo titanepisode229_zps57254496.jpg
I thought there would be more...chunks of people.
Now on to the new stuff. The bodies. Granted everyone was freaked out in the manga but this...attention to the bodies was not there. I am sure they were gathered up though. I was surprised at how many whole bodies there were. I suppose that is because the Female Titan wasn't eating them. Just smashing them into the ground or into trees. Or making them into yoyos. Still I would have thought there would be more like Erd, missing...pieces. There was that group the Female Titan lead other Titans too. What happened to them?
 photo titanepisode227_zps0770a743.jpg
Clearly everyone lost someone today.
In any event Levi was especially sad about Petra. I guess this was to imply he acknowledged there was a crush, something he never acted on because hell shit like this happens. Still the Levi Unit was....a unit. I think he should have spent equal time with them.
 photo titanepisode226_zpsc6ee50b9.jpg
The Female Titan was down for the count or know..things would be worse.
Once Erwin determined that all the bodies that could be saved were gathered it was time to move on. Leaving 5 people out there. Bodies though. The people are gone. One of those bodies is a friend of Dieter and he knows where the body is. Dieter and another friend want to retrieve it despite there being Titans around it. Erwin makes the decision that no, he will be left behind. This angers Dieter. A lot. Calling Erwin basically a monster. 

I am about to be real for a second. When a friend and I were in college I found her crying when I came to class. Her boyfriend's brother was a Marine. On a mission one Marine was killed. They went back for the body. Three people died in that “rescue mission” including the brother. The motto no Marine gets left behind took on a whole new meaning that day. Part of me wants to understand. Like no. We have to be better than the animals and bury our own. Not to leave them to the elements and enemies. But the stronger part of me was upset. Very upset. Did that one Marine want his friends to go back for him?For his confirmed dead body, just to die? No I bet he didn't want that at all. Instead of one family grieving there was 4. 4. 3 soldiers who didn't have to die. So as harsh as Erwin and Levi were being it was...understandable. Your friend wouldn't want you to die to bury him in the ground.
 photo titanepisode2210_zps714f251e.jpg
How dare you calls yourself human!
Well Dieter and his friend didn't see it that way. They thought they least they could do for their friends was bring him home to his family. So they went and retrieved his body. Which brought the Titans to the group. Which eventually cost the other friend his life. Dieter would have been killed had Mikasa not been the one near him. Their actions also caused every other body to be lost. All of them. Now no one gets to bury their loved ones. It might be hard to follow orders but Dieter learned that day. At the cost of so much.
 photo titanepisode2213_zps1e5b2934.jpg
Just...this is hard to process.
I meant it when I said this was horrifying. Despite all the violent things I have seen in horror shows/animes this was pretty close to the top of my MOG shit list. Just...all those dead bodies flying through the air, more bones breaking. Being stepped on by some stupid creature who is probably human itself, just messed up. Watching that soldier hold onto the bodies, not wanting to let Levi be right. Petra's bag coming loose as she was hurled off the wagon and lost forever. Just...just so tramatizing. Everything has been taking away from these people. There is probably nothing more to give. It is just hard to explain why this was such a hard moment to watch. Perhaps that was the point. Perhaps I am not as jaded as I think I am. Are you traumatized?
 photo titanepisode2214_zpsebd6019e.jpg
It is like this is his future.
Eren having the dream about the Scouting Legion 5 years ago was a bit too much if you ask me. They were going to show what happened once inside the wall. I guess Eren needed more suffering though. To have nightmares about the people he “killed”. Which he didn't but still. Eren finally wakes up and Mikasa gave him the wonderful news after all the death and bloodshed the Female Titan had gotten away. So none of this was worth it. Well except that Armin knows who the Female Titan is. Eren does too but he is probably in denial. Titans, they cry now?
 photo titanepisode224_zpsf5a0d5df.jpg
Oh did I mention that Levi is not injured?! Great.
Going back through the gate was amazing fun. All the grateful people greeting warmly. Like what the hell?! While it might SEEM like a great big waste of time and resources....can we not see the pain and suffering on their faces? Knowing all their comrades are dead? Can we shut our mouths and go back to work? They didn't make anyone join the military. They chose this. They would have still have to eaten and had jobs otherwise. So shut up about your taxes. The only two people happy to see the troops was the tiny boy and girl. Mikasa and Eren both freeze. This was them. Them before they knew the truth. So awful.
 photo titanepisode2216_zps3e9cee6b.jpg
Glad the episode ended on such a low, low note.
Just in case you missed it...this episode was awful. Even at the end. The entire Levi Unit, their families were showcased talking about how good it would be to have them home. Like weee look how horrible everything is. Petra's father ran up to Levi and was talking about how proud he was of his little girl and implying that crush on Levi. All the while Levi is making liney face because Petra's dead body was probably crushed by a Titan. Eren's crying and if that wasn't Erwin and probably Levi are in trouble. Oh and Eren is in custody. Is there any possible way things can get worse? When will the attack on Titan start?

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