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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 10

Oh look Wednesday came and went. Le sigh. And this afternoon we are heading out of town again for another Disney trip. Two dresses and a skirt in one year? Am I turning into a girl? Craziness. I am going to see how many episodes I can get blogged before work but since I haven't even packed is one?
 photo kamisamaepisode104_zps93ed8bc5.jpg
This world is still unclear to me but oh well.
After this weekend trip I won't be out of town for an entire month. XD My coworker will which means I will have to pick up her morning shift so maybe more blogging can get done? We will have to wait and see though. Here is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 10 though. Spoilers for Alis being slightly unstable....
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....This is the only way into town?!
Episode Summary: A large fire breaks out over the city with a Ferris Wheel. Everyone in a classroom watches in horror. One boy asks Alis what he has done. Alis very calmly states that nothing matters, nothing is happening is really real. Alis states everything is going to be reset anyway. Alis pulls out his gun and starts to shoot everyone but Dee. Dee looks on in horror but then there is no more fire and all the dead classmates start walking to school, waving to Alis. Alis looks pissed. Back in the present Alis has taken everyone to this city. It is old and decaying. Scar notes there are no signs of other humans, dead or living. Alis says to follow him as he begins the most complicated trek to school as possible. Good thing Scar wasn't holding a baby. They reach the school and Alis states this is where his class is trapped. He leads them to the room where there is a barrier around it. Ai is like well I have seen weirder. Alis warns that once nonclass members enter this room they cannot leave unless everything is resolved. Rollin their eyes everyone enters the room. They find it completely new and nice looking as is the rest of the city when they venture outside. Everyone greets Alis warmly as he walks to a certain house. Whisper/Dee is waiting for him, having gotten food and warmer clothes for everyone. Dee happily gives Ai a hug as she has a body in this world. She runs off and everyone eats dinner. Alis refuses to explain what this world is, as he wants them to see for themselves first.
 photo kamisamaepisode109_zps6be0bfee.jpg
Oh hi there strange boy we all know. How are you doing today?
Ai starts school whereas Scar and Yuri look around. Scar is afraid about the baby being seen but Yuri promises to protect her. Ai is greeted warmly at school by all her new classmates. Also there are no teachers to shoot her in the face. Dee talks to Ai, trying to get her to join the cooking club. Dee also whispers that she hopes Ai see that this place isn't so bad. During break Ai tells Alis this world doesn't seem right, that it must be a wish. Alis does confirm that much. Later the entire group comes together and Yuri mentions how all signs point to this world being 14 years in the past. Alis explains he thinks ALL of his classmates must have made to create this world but he doesn't know the exact wish. He just knows the world repeats itself exactly the same every year. It is commented that this is a strong wish. Alis says he and Dee are the only ones who know what is going on. He was able to figure out the loop after 2 cycles. At first only the members of his class were here. It took a long time but Alis eventually broke out. He tried taking Dee with him but she turns into a ghost in the outside world. Alis has been working for all these years to break the other students out. Ai is like so you are a lot older.....Alis almost cries, saying he wants to be 17. He explains he has tried to bring people into the city to make the force field mess up. Thousands of people later and his classmates are still trapped as the world is able to mend itself. Alis also explains that he has an enemy in this world, Dee. Elsewhere Dee is thinking about her school days and how she fell out of a window cleaning curtains. She reaches for help and THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode103_zpsa757a8f0.jpg
Also funny: The zombie apocalypse has had two major acts of violence...ON LIVING PEOPLE!
X__X It's funny folks. I thought I knew what I was going to write, that I knew what was going on. But then the pieces started coming together as I was typing the summary. Like OH that's what is going on. So let me work my way backwards as I think this is how things are panning out.
 photo kamisamaepisode106_zpscc75f026.jpg
Alis doesn't have the whole picture though.
We were lead to believe that Alis was having the vision of the class room. And that might be true. He might be lying. In fact I thought Alis was lying. That Dee was the one who made the wish, not the whole class. But it seems off that Alis claims to not know what the wish is if he saw the window sill in the fog. His problem. So if he is seeing that he knows what the wish is and he is just lying to the group. Sorta like how he and Dee lied about her being a witch.
 photo kamisamaepisode1012_zps7a8c7de5.jpg
Dead girls hug no boys. :(
But Alis is telling the truth about the class making the wish. I don't believe Dee made this wish. I believe shortly after God said GTFO to the world this school had a little festival. Dee fell out of the window and died. The entire class was so upset they made a collective wish to go back in time to when Dee was in their class. Poof the cycle of the beginning of the school year until she died began. That is why the cycle isn't a full year and why it's on a specific day.
 photo kamisamaepisode1010_zps0fbae33b.jpg
Dead?! I ain't dead. See me hugging Ai?!
This does pose a few questions though. I imagine that Alis was upset that Dee died. So he would have made the wish too. Why was he able to figure out the loop and no one else? Why if he can remember the loop is he unable to remember the wish? He might remember Dee's death as he sees the window. So he might know everything and is just lying as Ai might cry some sparkle tears, that she doesn't want to kill/send Dee to the afterlife. Also this might pose the question why would the class be so upset at Dee's death as the dead basically come back to life. Things were still relatively new. Maybe Dee was still going to be Dee for a whole. But maybe this wish was made sorta of in the moment and there was a lot of fear of the dead?
 photo kamisamaepisode107_zps6e76dc4d.jpg
Way to slide that in at the 11th hour.
Alis was slow on giving out information. And the group only has pieces of what I wrote. Now why is that? Of course why does Alis think Ai can help with this situation? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of honesty going on right now. Waiting until the last second to tell them they won't be able to leave this world until it is resolved. Like he knew Ai was going to say no I want to save everyone, lets go folks! And since Yuri just made his epic speech he had to go too, along with his living in sin partner. Why would Alis want the group to make their own decisions about this world though? He wants to destroy this forcefield, this bubble. So why want them to see what it is like? What if they decide they like it? Like well there goes my help.
 photo kamisamaepisode108_zps0077348b.jpg
My little heart of gold needs to help everyone.
Ai is that kind of person though. Like no I want to save this dead girl. I think she understands thought, the whole destroying the world to save it. Alis just had to be dramatic about it. It seems that everywhere Ai goes there is a false community going lalala to the problems that are happening around the world. Like this isn't really happening so I will create my own world and ignore the truth. Now Alis might have wanted to tell Ai the truth. Because what if Dee tells Ai? Alis wants to destroy me. At least Alis is smart enough to realize this world is false.
 photo kamisamaepisode1016_zpscb3bc1b9.jpg
Um....that is quite a bit.
But what is Ai going to do about all the people who live here now? Sorta impressive how much space this spell/wish takes place in. But yes. Now there are tons of living people who won't die and won't technically be dead in the world. What if they are happier this way? And why did Alis bring so many people? I know he was trying to break the spell but he might have gone a little overboard with the people. So not only will Ai “kill” Dee but now these people will be homeless. What is Alis' goal?
 photo kamisamaepisode1013_zpsa0c66d2c.jpg
We are going to make this work...until it falls apart.
Scar and Yuri seem to be coming along rather nicely. They just are at this point. No questions. They traveled around for less than 3 weeks together and are not a couple. Because this is the....magic wish apocalypse and you might not get tomorrow. Seems after Hampnie died Yuri was like time to put to rest my old family and make a new one. You there lady with no emotions. Grab the kid that is half gravekeeper and that magical baby. We are now family. Good to know they are worried about people seeing the baby but given they are back in time people might believe this is the last normal baby.
 photo kamisamaepisode102_zpse857be7d.jpg
And then the insanity kicks in....
Oh and did I mention how X___X it was to see Alis kill all his classmates? Like hello lend me your ears folks. Watch as I set fire to this whole town. And since it doesn't matter I shall shoot you all in the face. Just because. Perhaps Alis has already tried to get more people to understand the truth like Dee. Like look I shot one of you, see him walking back to school? But now that everyone is reset Alis is like oh well and shoots them all. Just because I noticed he did not shoot Dee. Why is that? Because she doesn't get reset and she would remember him having the crazy? I guess there is not much of a point in shooting anyone. Alis might have had a bit of the crazy.
 photo kamisamaepisode10_zps6f6721e7.jpg
Blame the wishes!
Clearly this show is insane. I thought it was going to be about zombies and what not. Instead we get a world that revolves around wishes. Many people have the wish I don't want to die so that got applied to all. Most individuals eventually have children but maybe there was enough people who didn't want children or regretted getting pregnant to make that wish apply. Then there seem to be a lot of humans who get individual wishes on top of that. So that is the real mystery of the show. Perhaps God didn't abandon them. He just got tired of the complaining and was like you want some wishes? Yes to everything!!!! Question is will any of this be answered?
 photo kamisamaepisode1011_zps439cd3c0.jpg
HMMMMM I wonder why Ai.
So where does that leave us? Dee is dead because when she fell out of the window she splatted on the sidewalk. Alis couldn't reach her in time. He made a separate wish to never miss ever again thus separating him from the others and knowing what is going on. Dee wants to repeat this year that her fellow classmates created for her. Alis wants to free the trapped ones, maybe “setting Dee free” by....trapping more people there. Oh and Ai can help destroy this crazy wish. Did I about cover everything? Insanity I tell you. Until next time!! XD

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