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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 20

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Also thanks to all who died to make it happen. You know..it just wasn't Levi.
So much sleepy! But I have other things to post. I must catch up...or go to bed. Bed will be soon I suppose. For now here is one more post. Up now...finally....Shingeki no Kyojin episode 20! Finally indeed. Spoilers for humans...probably not winning. Ever. Give up now?
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That would be Jean living with his heart on his sleeve.
Episode Summary: All the cadets sit in the trees, with different/varying degrees of crazy/upsetness. Some of the Titans have started to climb the trees causing the kids to move occasionally. All of the main characters seem to take a turn talking about this situation. Whether it be freaking out, asking where Christa is, asking where Eren is, thinking about the explosions, asking where Eren is, acting confused, and then asking where Eren is again for the millionth time all the mainies get to talk. Even some new blond hair kid who will probably die soon. Jean and Armin really talk about what is going on, how they must have wanted to capture the Female Titan. Jean is really pissed off that Erwin would cost so many lives whereas Armin sees that it was necessary to make sacrifices for the greater good. But why not tell them about the mission? At the same time Eren and the Levi squad have stopped and taken refuge in the trees. Levi has stopped to talk to Erwin about this situation. They want to see who is inside the Female Titan but Erwin decides she needs to pay for all the lives lost so even more missiles are fired at her. Mike and Levi are then instructed to chop off her hands which are protecting her neck. They quickly find out that she can make parts of her body harden/crystalize. While this is going on Eren is like the play was to CAPTURE her? But what about all our dead comrades?! The Levi unit explains to Eren these things are necessary to win a war. Eren can accept the fact that he was not told of the attack. Or the other newbies. But what about everyone else, why didn't they know? Perta, Oluo, Erd, and Gunther all take turns being offended, that they trust everyone and don't doubt their superiors. Eren goes to apologize but Erd starts to figure it out. Well and Gunther too at the same time Jean/Armin does. The reason so many people were left out of the loop is the Female Titan is one of them. A soldier. And only those who were in the military prior to the first attack 5 years ago were told. Everyone is a suspect. Armin really is upset at this news. Eren starts to act like he knows things are bad but can't put the last piece of the puzzle together.
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Where is the party guys?!?!
Erwin goes to order the explosive to blow off the Female Titan's wrist when suddenly she screams something awful. All of the other Titans start to run to the Female Titan. The cadets try to stop them but the Titans pay no attention to the kids. Mikasa worries for Eren. Mike informs Erwin the Titans are coming when POOF they are there. They try using explosives but there are too many. To Erwin's horror the target is the Female Titan, not them. Everyone tries to protect the Female Titan but they are everywhere. Erwin calls everyone back as the Female Titan is decapitated and eaten. Erwin is simply shocked that the enemy would be willing to give up everything. Levi is like so we retreat now right? Erwin tells Levi to suit up and get his gear ready. Levi looks like he has questions but does so. The general flare for retreat is given to the rest of the cadets who are happy. Except for Mikasa because she is worried about Eren. Oh and because Sasha heard the scream and thinks something REALLY bad is happening. The Levi unit decides that this is a feel good moment. That the Female Titan was captured because Eren believed in them, the power of friendship. They start to retreat too, taking to the trees. Everyone starts talking about how Eren survived his first mission without pissing his pants. General teasing of everyone starts taking place, everyone being the best of friends. Erwin explains to Hange that the Female Titan was eaten, not the person inside the shell. And if they are this prepared....they are not dressed like a soldier and have maneuver gear. The Levi Unit sees a flare and thinks it is Levi. They head towards the light....or him having fun. Gunter starts to freak out when he realizes that the flare was not Levi. 5 seconds later everyone else freaks out as Gunter's head is barely attacked to his neck, attacked by the cloaked soldier. THE END!
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Sasha is not appreciating the trolley.
Oh Lord. Oh Lord indeed. Sometimes shows can be so trolley. Like woohoo things are starting to look up for humans. This show is starting to live up to its name, Attack on Titans. Humans will win. Then splay. Hopes and dreams on the bottom of a Titan's foot. Or in the middle of their teeth. Spoiler alert: Currently in the manga...there is no hope. There has never been hope EVER. The title is a lie.
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Meanwhile Mikasa.....
Mikasa wants to know where Eren is ya'll. I mean no one else knows what is going on but she has to know where is Eren. Bring up Eren over and over again. Of course she is right to assume something is going down. Has Mikasa talked to Armin? Clearly not or she would be more upset right? No no Mikasa is in the dark and is demanding answers. Considering this is their first mission and it has gone horrible I guess Mikasa has the right to be freaking out. The last time Eren saw a Titan it didn't go too well. Even if he does have this power know he can only use it IF HIS LIFE IS IN DANGER!
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Say it ain't so!
While Mikasa's response to all this insanity is natural everyone else gets to talk too! Like hey don't forget about us even though we are not main characters. Woe is Armin. I think they need to flesh Connie out more. He seems so one dimensional. I have no idea why Sasha became a Scouting Legion solider. Like I want to be with my friends even though I am going to piss my pants at every turn. Reiner is surprisingly calm considering all that he has been through. Bertholdt...he looks rather lost. And who is this new blond kid? Is he taking over for Annie as one of the mains? Or is he going to be a splat soon and we need someone to fill that role so the kids will be all upset.
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It all makes sense...when you are counting on the lives of your soldiers to win!
Jean and Armin's conversation is by the far the most interesting and focused on. Obviously. Because they know what is going on. Which is weird, that they are not including Reiner in their think fest. Obviously most of the thinking is coming from Armin but still the three boys went through that together. I think Jean is the more emotional part of the conversation, what everyone else is thinking and screaming. Like this is unfair?! You want to capture the Female Titan at the cost of our lives?!?!? Eff you!! Armin while probably emotionally upset is logical okay with this. Almost impressed with the way Erwin is able to see people as numbers and just using them whatever way makes the most sense and will get the best results. Now a leader who puts HIMSELF in danger instead of other people would really be the ones sacrificing the most but this show is focusing more on making tough decisions and living with the results as sin enough.
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Um Eren....this might not be the time...
At the same time Eren is having the same conversation with the Levi Unit. Like side by side everyone is trying to figure tings out. Eren...oh Eren. He and Jean are so much alike. Maybe that is why they fight so much. Eren just says everything he thinks out loud. Like what do you mean the Female Titan was captured? What do you mean none of you knew? What do you mean that everyone is okay with being in the dark? Why why why?! Poor Eren. Trying to put together things in his mind in front of everyone. Making enemies wherever.
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Um...I was just asking a question....
I think the Levi Unit should be offended. I would be too if I was apart of a superior squad. But Erwin was trying to be careful with who he told. I guess Oluo or whatever his name is threw me for a loop. Don't people make decisions on their soldier status after graduating? I suppose older men and woman can join the Scouting Legion but I just assumed these 4 people were in the know, have been together for a super long time. But they could have faces that looked pissed while telling Eren that HEY we have trust. Don't cause problems.
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Oh you think?!?!?!?!
After the whole RARW issue it was time to sync up with Armin and talk about the situation. The reason there was such lies is Erwin has figured out who the Titan might be. Which is crazy to me since the Female Titan has not been seen yet until this episode right? Unless the Scouting Legion saw her when they returned to the Walls both time? I don't know. One would think that Erwin would have figured who the Colossal or Armored Titan are. Still got to give him cookies. People were so busy thinking about the attacks only a few people were really looking at the situation. Armin really has got this surprised look down, like oh crap I really know who the Female Titan is. Poker face Armin. Looking shocked then confused. Eren is just like no humans are humans, why would they be Titans and attack us?! Poor Eren and his little heart.
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We got that covered with more explosions however....
While everyone is trying to figure this out Erwin is like time for revenge. He might be smart and strategic but he liked hurting the Female Titan. Like um yeah I am going to take out all this rage on you. Because Erwin might be using his soldiers as pawns but it is the Female Titan that has been smashing them into pieces on the ground, smiling as she does so. But Erwin was just being careful ya'll. Making sure all the hooks were fired. ;)
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Well...that was an interesting way to make sure your enemy didn't win...
I don't think Erwin or anyone could have prepared for this.....event. I don't think the crystalization thing was a big deal in that moment. If all things went according to plan they could have overcome that aspect of RARW! I don't think Erwin wasted time...making the Female Titan suffer. Levi and Mike did their best. Who knew? Who knew that humanoid Titans sound different than regular Titans? We saw that the Durpy Titans and Abnormal Titans attacked Eren Titan. That he is fundamentally different than them and they need to attack. But now they SOUND different? Like MOG someone not like us is making a noise lets run and eat her. How could Erwin have thought of that? Just impossible I think.
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Um...that would be a no.
At the time I thought that Erwin took too long to realize what the plan was. Like the Female Titan was eaten on purpose. Got that person free under the smoke, off to escape and find Eren for real. In reality it probably went by a lot faster than it looked but....shocked faces. Shocked that all these people died for nothing. Also it is a little shocking that humanoid Titans are considered the enemy by other Titans. Like hello aren't they on the same team? I guess not. Like who is the real enemy and what is really going on?!
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Cheers to Eren for not turning into a Titan and making this all less complicated yay!!!
The very sad part, besides the fact that all the cadets were losing their minds from the Titans trying to get them in the trees and rejoicing basically when they left,....was how the Levi Unit was acting before things hit the fan. They heard the scream but I am sure they assumed that was her actual dying screams. They didn't think like Sasha, that this was the scream of danger. They were like yes we did this. Time to retreat. Time to go back to the walls. Sure people died along the way but it was all worth it. We are fighting back and we will win the war. Come we will retreat in a fun and jovial manner. We will congratulate Eren on surviving his first mission without pissing his pants unlike some people. Why so mad Petra? XD Oh yes, everyone is a happy group, Eren has a place to call his own, and all will be okay.
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But we were bonding!!!!
This lasted for 5 seconds. 5 whole second of happiness and trolly behavior. Because that retreat signal...now Levi. He was told to suit up for battle and those precious minutes gave the Female Titan human the chance to find Eren and friends. So while everyone is laughing and having a great time Gunter notices....that is a girl. And they are going to attack us. Me. The happiness for 5 seconds came to a screeching halt as most of Gunter's head was separated from his neck and he dangled in the wind. What happiness? What hope? Who needs hope when you can have despair and humans turning on humans. Why indeed Eren. Why? Any guesses if Mikasa will make it in time or if this is going to be one quick bloodbath? Let the games begin.

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