Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Post Friday the 13th Calmness part 3

 photo DisneyFridaythe13th277_zpsc03dbc30.jpg
Bye Magic Kingdom! We are taking the monrail to Epcot. Mom has never done that before!
Hello there Duffy lovers or anime lovers who are like what is this bear?! It is I Duffy the Disney bear! In September Mom spent two weekends at Disney. What a lucky girl!!! We still have some pictures from the first weekend trip. Friday the 13th was a very sad day. But Saturday the 14th was so much fun. We spent a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom. Then we hopped on the Monrail and went to Epcot. What adventures will we have here?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th281_zpsbe06b96b.jpg
Food by mom. Always the same thing!!!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th287_zpsd4fe00cf.jpg
Imaginatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiion. Hmmm that song sounds familiar for some reason. After getting food we decided to ride this. Mom and Muffy's mom had never ridden it before.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th293_zps69139a74.jpg
From the looks of it no one has ridden it before. Mom and I got a whole row to ourselves!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th328_zpse4ceeeae.jpg
The ride was about a purple dragon sorta being annoying. And in the end closing your eyes and pretending is better than science. I think I am a much cuter monster yes?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th329_zps14534769.jpg
After the ride you can learn in this room. Or maybe your own Figment. This is the one mom made. I am not sure how it is supposed to fly....
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th334_zps261be873.jpg
Mine Mine Mine. That is what mom has to say when people tries to kidnap me because I am so cute.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th353_zps3e2891c4.jpg
After the Nemo ride you can walk around and see fishes.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th354_zps1179d78c.jpg
Found Dory. Movie over.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th358_zpsc0e3ff5f.jpg
That is a super ugly fish. Lets go look at cute ones instead.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th364_zpseb6f2bd6.jpg
This one isn't glowing like in the The Little Mermaid.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th366_zps275d40da.jpg
Um I thought we were looking at fish, not people.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th367_zpse049813d.jpg
Oh they are on an adventure? I would like to go on this adventure too then.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th377_zps26647298.jpg
Will the real Nemo please raise their hand?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th385_zpsbf57753a.jpg
Can I just have the spoon full of sugar and not the medicine?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th388_zps8846c7e2.jpg
This store had a lot of Duffy signs on it...but only 3 outfits. Craziness!!! It should have all the outfits. But I always want hugs.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th389_zpsd8adf829.jpg
Mom takes me everywhere!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th392_zps3d8c6925.jpg
No mom, you can't steal the stickers off the window.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th393_zpsf4485a0e.jpg
Look how small that is! Psht.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th394_zpsea490b6d.jpg
The Jasmine and Aladdin Meet and Greet of sadness.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th395_zpsc7430553.jpg
Duffzilla Tokyo!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th400_zps44a1fe72.jpg
I don't think you have room for this mom. Or money in your wallet. XD
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th425_zpsab3c3caf.jpg
This store had lots of Duffy outfits! It is right near my meet and greet. No Peter Pan outfit though. :( After this shop we went back to the Magic Kingdom to ride lots of rides. But it was dark so no more pictures of me.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th432_zpsfc0a502f.jpg
Do you love my wonderful new Sulley outfit? It's so soft!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th433_zps9b81e00b.jpg
This outfit was only supposed to be out for the Monster's University movie but it was so popular it might be permanent!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th434_zpsde3204ec.jpg
My Halloween Outfit. Now I match Mickey!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th435_zps6edb2415.jpg
My Mickey Outfit. Now I can BE Mickey! That was our whole weekend. XD Yay for fun yes?

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