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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 24

Le sigh and sad panda indeed folks. Just....just bleh. It is Tuesday and I am wishing it is Sunday. Not good times in the house of Tenchi. Work has been overwhelming, I was alone for 11 hours at said job, and today we got the lovely news that until the United States government gets a budget together my husband is not to report to work. Because apparently everyone is quick to raise the flag and speak out military personal in high regards but when it comes to paying them it is better to allow personal differences effect a whole nation. Not a whole lot of happy right now.
 photo titanepisode24_zps981b2e98.jpg
Where does it all come from?!
So yeah...a great way to start the week out. I did have plans to get so much done on Sunday and Monday but with this possibility looming over our heads it was hard to find the proper motivation to blog. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but if I wait any longer to get things done I will be impossibly behind. So here is my crappy attitude and long overdo anime post. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 24. Spoilers for Eren having an awful day too.
 photo titanepisode242_zps5d523eb9.jpg
Um....time to run?
Episode Summary: After our lovely recaps Mikasa pulls Eren and Armin away as their comrades are all killed by Annie Titan. Very graphically splats on the ground. Mikasa continues to drag the boys as Annie Titan reaches in to grab them. Even is in deep shock that Annie really is the Female Titan. A flashback from a few days ago is shown. Levi is waiting on Eren and a few others so they can go over a plan. Eren notes that Levi is talking a lot but it's obvious Levi is talking more since he and Eren are the only ones left in his unit. Eren goes to apologize again but Levi says that they can't see the future. He is still nursing nursing an injury which also upsets Eren. Erwin finally arrives...with Mikasa, Armin, and Jean among the people. The plan is to lure the Female Titan, as Eren acting like bait to be taken to the King. If not Eren will surely be killed anyway. Eren wants to know how they know this will work and how they know it's someone in the military force. Everyone slowly starts spelling it out for Eren and he is like....Annie?! Back in the present Eren is still in shock that this is Annie. Armin and Mikasa talk about what to do next in regards to Plan B. Plan A was to trap the Titan in the tunnels. The trio make their way to the emergency exit to meet up with the back up squad. Only Annie Titan smashes through the tunnel and kills those soldiers. Mikasa and Armin back track, with Eren wanting to stop and help the dead soldiers. Mikasa is like why would Annie risk killing Eren if she wanted to capture him?! Armin realizes Annie Titan is playing an all or nothing game which will make her even deadlier.
 photo titanepisode246_zps5c8d1dae.jpg
Which is great for Erwin. Two birds one stone? XD
Further away people have begun to panic as it is a perfect time to panic. Nile, the asshole in charge of the military police, wants to know what is that shaking. Marlow and his team are sent to investigate as the convoy as stopped. Someone comes up and explains to Erwin the situation. WHOOSH Erwin is given his maneuver gear, Jean reveals himself not to be Eren, and Levi starts to order people to the area. Jean volunteers to go which is more than can be said about the military police who are busy pissing their pants. Erwin goes to leave when Nile pulls a gun on him, which causes all the other soldiers to pull guns too. Apparently Erwin should not have put his gear on and if he doesn't back down they will shoot him. Erwin is like we have banked so much into this if you don't let us go humanity will go extinct. The trio is still trapped in the tunnels, with Annie Titan smashing different sections, looking for Eren. They decide Eren needs to transform which....won't trap him like Annie for some reason. Eren and his massively bleedy fist bleed all over the place but he can't transform. Armin is like you need to concentrate, focus your mind. Mikasa is less than helpful. She is like it's because you don't want to fight Annie. You like Annie. You can't do what needs to be done because you have feelings for Annie. Eren keeps trying which brings up more of the meeting flashback a few days ago. Flashback Eren is like Annie?! How can it be Annie?! Armin lists his “facts”: Female Titan reacted to Eren's nickname during the Scouting Fail, Annie had Marco's maneuver gear, and this person has to be in the military in some way. Mikasa is like the bitch looks like the Female Titan the end. Oh an she fights like her too. Eren is like this is all bullshit. What if you are wrong? Um we say sorry?
 photo titanepisode2413_zpsbe6ef8d6.jpg
Mikasa might be a slightly jealous "sister".
In the present Eren can't stop thinking about it being Annie. Armin is like okay Eren can't transform. Mikasa will go one way and I will go another. While one of us is getting killed Eren can escape the safe way. Mikasa agrees to this plan and Eren is like what the hell?! One of you will die!!! Eren is also like how can you fight Annie? Mikasa is like this world is cruel Eren....As Armin and Mikasa make it to opposite exits Annie Titan smashes the middle where Eren is. Down he goes. Mikasa whooshes and starts attacking, with back up finally arriving. Armin goes to help Eren who is pretty injured. A lot of soldiers start to become splats cakes despite having pretty advanced training. Jean shows up and tries to help dig Eren out. He grows upset that Eren can't transform. He is like Eff Annie, she killed my Marco! You transform now or else!! They try to dig him out but Annie thrashes around, causing more debris to fall on and in Eren. Jean and Armin leave Eren, to draw Annie Titan away from Eren. Annie gives chase and proceeds to scare the shit out of all the citizens. They eventually lead Annie Titan to plan C, Hange with more missile ropes. They pin Annie Titan down. Hange goes down to speak to Annie Titan, about how she will devour her. Only no one bothered to bind Annie Titan's feet. She kicks away and everyone was like...yeah that was fail. Eren is trying to remove himself from a giant pipe from his chest as he hears the battle. The Levi squad dying and his mom beating eaten fill his mind. He doesn't know if this is right or how Armin and Mikasa could fight so easily....but realizes Mikasa was right. This is a cruel world. He is able to transform. The others have a hard time fighting Annie Titan. Mikasa is eventually thrown to the ground. Eren Titan comes out of nowhere and smashes Annie in the face. THE END!!!
 photo titanepisode243_zps87dc855c.jpg
Are you trying to be a super main character like me?
How many episodes are left? One? If there is only one left...I know where it should stop. Like SHOCK cliffhanger!!! And then we can wait two more million years for the next season as there have been two arcs done since this point. And one of the arcs hasn't been finished and has contained about 100 pages of fighting. So yeah....savor these episodes now folks.
 photo titanepisode248_zps3a30cb6e.jpg
Yay for blood?!
Was it just me or was this episode way more graphic? I mean it wasn't as graphic as the manga. But when Annie Titan killed the ambushers we had people folded in half. Blood all over. Eren's wound was up and personal. All of them. Like woohoo our show is almost over, who cares about fines? Gore for all!!
 photo titanepisode245_zps765d1e4c.jpg
And it all depends on you Eren WEEEE!
It's really hard to blame Eren for his hesitation to fight Annie Titan. Even if in the flashback it shows us Eren had 2 days to prepare for that. Is two days really enough though? Eren is a very passionate person when it comes to fighting Titans and protecting his friends. Not calling Eren dumb but...he has a one track mind. Humans good, Titans bad. Must fight Titans alongside my friends. Now that one of these Titan's are his friend....everything is opposite time. What is up is now down. Cats and dogs living together! Pure madness. So Eren taking the time to have a freak out made sense. Even if Annie Titan was reaching in to grab him. That is why Mikasa is the cold hearted fact person of this operation.
 photo titanepisode247_zpsb772924b.jpg
How did you guys put this together so fast?!
The flashback....well I am surprised we had one. It was like they knew I was talking about them. Like that Tenchi Blogger wants to understand the thought pattern behind this? Psht who cares what that Late Blogger wants. Of course there could have been a lot more explaining. Not that everything needs to be spelled out for the audience to understand. I just...you know....don't understand how Erwin knew about Annie Titan. A lot of lucky guesses I suppose. Or things we will never see.
 photo titanepisode244_zps6504852d.jpg
Saddest moment of the episode. :(
Before Eren lost his mind in the flashback there was a really short but sad scene with Levi and Eren. Like really sad. The moment didn't last very long but you could just feel how upsetting it was. This was soon after the Scouting Fail. Everyone in Levi's squad minus Eren is dead. So there they sit, in their usual spots. But now the small table looks so large and empty as they sit in their usual spots and the people that should be there are no longer there. And will never be there again. Eren blames himself and I wonder if Levi blames Eren, himself, or the others. They told Eren not to transform. Levi told Eren to follow his heart. And Eren was more concerned about making friends and TRUST than doing what he thought he could do. Add in the fact that Levi can't even complain about his injury because HELLO everyone else is dead, can't really complain when you are alive right? It was just a really sad moment. :(
 photo titanepisode2411_zps36a4395c.jpg
Couldn't steal anyone else's gear. Had to be Marco's.
After that sad moment it was time to reveal to Eren the horrible truth. Jean was just (un)happy to be there. I wonder how picking Jean came about. Like um you know Annie killed your boyfriend? You on our side? Everyone else seemed to make sense. Then it became color by numbers for Eren. Which you know...might be color by numbers for everyone else. Because really, Annie had to take Marco's gear. She couldn't have taken anyone else's to hide her Titan killing ways. It is had to be Marco's and she had to stand next to Armin and Armin had been helping Marco clean his gear so he could memorize each scratch. Me thinks Marco was cheating on you Jean. Also depending on what translation you used another fact might have been lost. That Annie Titan recognized Eren's nickname. There was something else important about that scene but if Armin realized it he isn't saying anything at the moment. Erwin was more thinking that it was someone in the military...duh. Mikasa was straight up HELLO it looks like Annie. And fights like Annie. And if it's not Annie who the hell cares at this point?!
 photo titanepisode2410_zpsc59a0ebd.jpg
This episode should have been titled Mikasa's Crazy eye. Hot damn folks.
Mikasa....yeah she is like that. Eren is sitting there biting his arm out because he is so frustrated that he can't transform. Mikasa's face was so scary I almost made it every single screenie for this post. I was that X____X about it. Like hello Mikasa, this is not a time to be jealous. Her reasoning was very right but MOG the words coming out of her mouth. She was 5 seconds away from saying Eren wanted to have sex with Annie. No no Mikasa, Eren probably doesn't even know he has a penis. He was upset over a friend. Just should have focused more on the fact that this friend splatted a bunch of other friends and maybe that would have done it for Eren.
 photo titanepisode2415_zpsf7fcdc04.jpg
Err....don't you mean the Titans?
You know who else has a bad approach to everything? Nile. Poor stupid Nile. I am on the fence about this. On one hand maybe things would have gone a lot smoother had Erwin told Nile what was going on and that they could have worked together and pooled resources to make this work. Like strength in numbers. And you know....they would be prepared in case things went bad. Not running around or pissing their pants. But on the other hand....Nile is dumb and egoistical and an asshole. He would have said no, shot Erwin on the spot, and chopped Eren up into tiny pieces himself. Because he can. You would think that maybe he is just jaded and is just looking out for humanity, in the same way Erwin is playing a numbers game. But even when there is a Titan running around and killing people Nile is still holding Erwin at gun point. Because he is a dumbass.
 photo titanepisode2414_zpse29dec57.jpg
Armin is not a dumbass though. He might be a mini Erwin though. He was like okay if Eren can't transform we must help him escape. Mikasa, one of us is about to die let's do this! Armin has grown so much in a short period of time. Mikasa was okay with dying too but she has been like that for Eren from the start. Like I really don't think it was Armin's plan to scare Eren into transforming. I don't think he was using fear. That truly was Armin's plan. X____X Badass Armin.
 photo titanepisode249_zps395dd561.jpg
All or nothing!
None of that matters though because Annie Titan was like um yeah things are looking bad so I am going to go all out. She wants to capture Eren. We don't know why. But maybe plan B for her is to kill Eren? Then no one can learn their secrets. Whoever their is because Eren doesn't know at this point. But maybe Annie Titan knew Eren was going to be okay? Like okay he is just a little stabbed, tis a flesh wound!!!!!!
 photo titanepisode2416_zpse8f0a1ce.jpg
I wasn't kidding about the Marcos!
While Mikasa was actually fighting the enemy for once and not screaming Eren's name Armin was hard at work saving Eren. Which is probably a good thing for him as a lot of other soldiers were being smashed on the ground. Way to play it safe Armin. XD Oh and look Jean showed up. He was pissed. He was in between Armin and Mikasa. Or at a more sane and equally upset version of Mikasa. Like dude you knew the plan. SHE KILLED MY BOYFRIEND! You need to man up and kill her before she kills the rest of us too. Like we know Annie was our friend but clearly she was lying to us and you need to put your feelings aside. MARCO MARCO MARCO!
 photo titanepisode2417_zps21ab4a2f.jpg
Let's pretend that didn't happen.
There was a plan C. But it was so embarrassing I might not want to mention it. Just hope it runs away into the corner of my mind. Okay I will mention it. Plan C was to lure the Female Titan to a certain part of the city and tie her down with hook missiles. Sound familiar? Yeah because that is what happened during the Scouting Fail. Only.....Annie Titan should have been captured. There was no other Titans around to eat her way to freedom. But I guess the Scouting Legion was operating on a shoe string budget and she got away. Hange was so cocky too....
 photo titanepisode2418_zpsc2b339f4.jpg
While this fail is going down Eren and the giant piece of debris in his chest have a heart to heart. Or maybe it stabbed his heart. Either way Eren realized he needed to do something. He might not have all the answers but for right now Titans are the enemy. He doesn't want people to think he is the enemy but so far all he has done is help humanity. All Annie has done is get people killed. She might not have killed Marco or his mom directly but she did kill the entire Levi squad. That should be enough for Eren right? If a human killed his friends he would want revenge right? Eren is able to power up at that thought and managed to punch Annie in the face before Mikasa got splatted again. Now will Eren be able to take out Annie or will he let her live? HMMMM folks. I just hope the show ends with the special cliffhanger that might happen. Cross yo fingers!


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Off topic:

About your husband being ordered not to work, I'm sure a law was signed by congress saying that military personnel would still get their paychecks despite the government shutdown. But for some government workers, they might get their paychecks later. Very unfortunate for those workers. :(

That's what I've read so far.

Other than that, I'm sorry everything's been so tough for you guys. I hope you two are doing something fun to relax.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Sorry for the late response.

My husband is "technically" a civilian that works at a military base. Sorta. He is more like a dual status technician. He wears the uniform but he is not considered active duty (so we don't move), we don't get benefits, and he has to do the one weekend a month guard thing. So he was out of work for a few days as all civilians were sent home. Now he and the rest of the people like him are back at work, but like the rest of the military he won't get paid until this crisis is taken care of. So fortunately he only lost of a few days of work AND we have savings so as long as thing is solved...you know by December we will be okay. I know many others are NOT okay and they really need this to be solved tomorrow.

So yeah it was stressful for a few days. I was super prepared to give up Japan 2014 (unhappily of course). Now things are sorta back to normal for us as we have savings to hold us up for a while. We are going to Disney for my birthday of course. But this still is a giant mess for America and it will no doubt affect many people, not just those unable to collect their pay check. People need to get their acts together NOW!

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