Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Take your Teddy Bear to Work Day.

Hello there Duffy lovers! Or anime lovers. Everyone lovers!!!! According to mom some time this week is take your Teddy Bear to Work day. A lot of different days flying around. I guess when you make up a holiday and it doesn't have a greeting card attached to it a lot of people pick and choose what day it is. So sometime this week is what we are going with...
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay019_zps1c965027.jpg
Time to get me dressed so we can go to work!
Even though mom takes me to work almost every day anyway....she couldn't pass up a day made especially for me. XD Photoshoot here we come. So "on to work we go". Should we sing too? Wait work is work and not fun? MAN!
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay018_zps7d291ee6.jpg
Too bright too bright!
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay004_zps1dadda74.jpg
Mom works at a dry cleaners. You know I have NEVER seen these tags before. I have NEVER gone to work with mom before. XD Everyday is bring Duffy to work day so I know all about these little tags. The purple ones are a better color than the yellows.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay005_zpsfe1abb94.jpg
Time to get to work. Gotta check the clothes for stains and rips. Work work work.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay006_zpsa56a65fe.jpg
The big tickets are for dry cleaning and the little ones are for laundry. You have to make sure to write things down right in case things get lost. This way you can track them down.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay007_zpsf6707ac6.jpg
When mom took the last picture she freaked out. There was a long gash on my eye! I thought it had felt funny. Maybe it was just fur in my face. But nooooo a long gash of paint was on my eye. This is after she scrapped some of it off.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay008_zpsfbc574b5.jpg
It's hard to see but make me look blind. :( I must have fell into the wall or something. MY POOR EYE!!!! How will I see Disney now?
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay009_zps87026c88.jpg
Since mom is so lovely she put me back to work. She promised surgery on my eye when we got home though. For now I have been tasked with checking pockets. If something went through the dryers, like a pen, that would be bad. XO
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay010_zpsb393c823.jpg
It gets very busy in the afternoon. Mom works alone in the afternoon and it gets hard to catch up with all the clothes. Good thing I am here to help.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay011_zpse9d1f064.jpg
Look at all these tickets. Now we have to go type them up with the prices on them.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay012_zps449f8470.jpg
It's like a party! Only....we are at work.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay013_zps9497a665.jpg
This is what mom uses on the clothes that are very stinky. It smells nice, like candy.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay014_zpsccf90160.jpg
Some of those odors...shouldn't be covered up. They need to be cleaned right away. Barf city!!! XO Poor mom.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay015_zps200cb96b.jpg
While mom is trying to catch up on all the bags she got in the afternoon (spoiler alert: she didn't finished) I decided to...take a break.
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay016_zpsd9d52d39.jpg
WEEEE around we go!
 photo GotoWorkDuffyDay017_zpse67730fb.jpg
Finally it was time to close the store. Lots of paperwork and money to count. Is this where all the money comes from when you buy me outfits? XD Everything gets done and we get to go home. Well sit in traffic in a while and then home to food and eye ball surgery. Which was successful. Yay for bring your Teddy Bear to work day....every day!

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