Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Busters Refrain episode 2

Apparently I can't count. I only have 4 more anime posts ready to go. XD I posted the new series about the ships before I went out of town go me!!! I do have another halfway done and maybe I can get another one started at work? BOO 6 day work weeks not helping me get anything done. Working at work? Insanity.
 photo littlebustersepisode212_zps94201268.jpg
Poor poor Riki....
For now there are more things to post a barely any time before bed. Up now is Little Busters Refrain 2. Spoilers for Riki.....well being tongue tied and confused.
 photo littlebustersepisode29_zpse002b4ae.jpg
Have you Kyousuke? So much so you would change the world?
Episode Summary: Riki slowly starts waking up. Everything is very fuzzy to him, like he is watching a movie and not really there. Yuiko smiles at him, asking him why he looks like he thinks he is in a dream? Riki sits up and apologizes for his narcolepsy. Yuiko said she took off his jacket and wiped him down. Yuiko then says she could have done naughty things to him but she didn't. Riki starts to blush but then the conversation turns serious. Riki mentions that it is June 20th, that Yuiko joined the Little Busters a month ago, and he wants these happy times to last forever. Yuiko is like (serious face) forever? But she agrees she is happy with friends. Riki's eyes almost glaze over, but he fights through it. He says this conversation has happened before. Yuiko asks why Riki has attacks. He answers when he gets nervous or scared. Before Riki can put it together Yuiko pretends to be hurt that Riki isn't more turned on about being alone with her. Yay for being creepy. Later the main Little Busters are playing a card game but Riki keeps spacing out. Kyousuke concludes Riki and Yuiko are in love. Riki is still X__X from earlier and doesn't protest enough. Kengo enters some insane state of shock, Rin is like what is love, and Masato thinks Yuiko is a poor choice. Kengo eventually wakes up and gives his blessing. Kyousuke goes on and on about this will make Riki grow as a man. Riki says he doesn't like Yuiko but when question on who he does like he looks at Rin and gets confused. Rin eventually leaves in a quiet upset way. Kengo decides it would be more logical if Riki liked Kyousuke which sends Masato into a jealous tail spin. Riki tries to calm the crazies down but all three guys eventually conclude Riki is in love with Yuiko. Kyousuke and his crazy names decide to form a group to help Riki confess. This eventually leads to all the boys revealing their favorite types....of females.
 photo littlebustersepisode216_zps2aa3e604.jpg
Well...way to go Kyousuke?
Riki doesn't run away so Kyousuke explains his plan to a tearful Kengo, eager Masato, and what the hell Riki. Kengo and Masato are to go buy little fireworks while Kyousuke supplies a giant firework (left over from an odd job), and Riki will gather Yuiko so he can watch the fireworks alone in a classroom. It will be romantic and Riki can confess then. The plan slightly changes so Riki can gather all the girls together as thanks for the pancake party. The boys set to work at their task. Riki doesn't tell the girls it is fireworks. Rin still looks -_____-. But Yuiko steps up and is like OH Riki is trying to seduce us all which further makes Rin upset. The boys start setting up the fireworks as it has magically stopped raining like Kyousuke said it would. Riki tries to get the girls to a classroom when Mio starts to tel la horror story/rumor Haruka started. Everyone but Mio and Yuiko run away in fear. Mio goes to find the other girls (locating Haruka, Noumi, and Komari at the staircase) which leaves Yuiko and Riki alone. They end up watching the fireworks in the classroom as Kyousuke was able to light the match with the game in his heart. Yuiko notes how romantic all this is. Kyousuke (or one of the boys) sends Riki a text telling him to confess and Yuiko accidentally sees it. Yuiko waits but the conversation just leads to them talking about liking a person. Riki doesn't tell Yuiko anything. Rin has also watched the fireworks but alone and outside. She walks away sadly. Riki wakes up to Kengo and Masato in his room. He notes the calender is wrong, the 20th was yesterday. Both boys say its the 20th today. Riki tries to list things that happen on the 20th, like the pancake party and fireworks but the two boys look at him like he is crazy. Masato then spills soda on Riki's notebook like he did yesterday. Riki runs off and finds Yuiko in the PA room again, saying the exact same things as yesterday. What is going on? And why is time repeating itself? THE END!!
 photo littlebustersepisode219_zpse5ae9f07.jpg
What day IS it?
Well then...that was super...interesting. Not what I was expecting at all. Again why am I expecting things? Just which the show you know. But I guess when you are watching something you assume it is going to go in one direction an when it does the exact opposite it's shocking.
 photo littlebustersepisode22_zpsaed9c782.jpg a chair?
First things first. Yuiko is weird. Or Riki being in the chair is weird. I know this narcolepsy thing is probably a hoax or a red herring. Like when his eyes glazed over and he fought through it. That's probably how it usually happens. Or not. Either way I was amused that Riki woke up in a chair, like he didn't pass out on the ground. Like yes Riki I posed you in the chair and took off your jacket and wiped you down. Smile smile. Good thing I am pretty and have big boobies because I am creepy yes?
 photo littlebustersepisode23_zps5e111e03.jpg
And then you do!
The entire interaction between Riki and Yuiko was very...odd. It was super serious at times and then BAM playful. I started to think that Yuiko knew/knows about the timelines restarting. Eye narrowing and asking Riki why he has narcolepsy/why the attacks happen. But before Riki could figure out anything she would tease him again. Like why aren't you more turned on that you are alone with me?! Want me to wipe down other things? Poor Riki. So does Yuiko know what is going on? I think it was being portrayed that she might know but in reality she doesn't. The “forever” and this seems all too familiar was just for the audience to know Riki wasn't going crazy. No no, Kyousuke is driving the crazy train, Yuiko and the other girls are just along for the ride.
 photo littlebustersepisode25_zpsb9274d76.jpg
Remember the magic Riki!
Before I go any further....REALLY?! REALLLY?! I mean obviously there is some magic afoot in this show. A wish. Something. But now days have more than 24 in them? I mean first's only been a month from episode 1 season 1? Okay. Fun days last forever indeed. But now there are 52 hours in a day folks. The pancake party, the girls hurting Komari and Noumi, Yuiko threatening the girls/door, Riki and Yuiko having a heart to heart/floor to head moment, the card game/operation love Riki, and the fire works ALLL HAPPENED ON THE SAME DAY! Like really....really? So....something magical is happening yes? Has to be. Unless this damn pancake party was at 6 am and no one else in this school...noticed....because where are all the other kids. Okay is any of this even happening?
 photo littlebustersepisode28_zps6ebb9501.jpg
What the hell is wrong with you Kengo?!
During the day of much longness the original Little Busters are playing card games when Riki's nonpaying attentiveness. Flagged something. Considering Noumi and Komari were just bullied and Yuiko defended them you would think that would be the logical conclusion to Riki being absent minded. Why aren't Kengo and Masato in detention?'s love folks. Riki is in love with Yuiko which affects Kengo the most. Why? He really did hit his head hard didn't he?
 photo littlebustersepisode211_zpsae3c5a3f.jpg
Shouldn't your loyalty be to Rin?
I am not sure what Kyousuke was trying to do here. Since he knows about all the timelines he should know what happens yes? Does he really want Riki to end up with Yuiko? Putting the fact that Kyousuke IS the best match for Riki....I am not sure this makes Rin happy. It's almost like Kyousuke is playing a video game of Riki's life. Like okay lets go down this area with this girl now. Riki almost has no potential and every potential with all the girls. Yet Kyousuke is sending these notes to Riki and Rin, not the other girls. So he must want them together the most right? Maybe Kyousuke wants Riki to do this to gently let Yuiko down so this doesn't go all High School Days on us? Or to force Rin to say how she feels?
 photo littlebustersepisode210_zpsfbfd6e0e.jpg
This was all for you Riki!
Either way it clearly didn't work. More on that later. After Rin leaves the room and no one really cares (Riki cares...a tiny bit) it's time for more Kyousuke plans!! It's like this guy can't sit still or has to accomplish everything at that exact moment or the universe/timeline will end. Since Kengo's tragic accident and inability to play his sport he is around more and he and Masato are dating as they are no longer fighting like they used to. Operation Make Riki confess to a girl he doesn't know that well commence. Well you know after the guys explain their preference in woman via manga. Really Kyousuke.....loli indeed. Would have been funnier if the girl looked like Riki. Kengo and Masato's types were expected and boring. Riki's type is everyone obviously.
 photo littlebustersepisode217_zpsab9e62a3.jpg
Rin not really enjoying said fireworks.
So operation get Riki to confess was special. Again no teachers were around. No other students saw this. Not even the rule loving twin. Just Riki gathering up the girls and the boys setting up. At this point I was wondering about Yuiko again. Like...does she actually like Riki? Or was she stirring the pot? Rin is not very happy and it shows. One would think Yuiko would pick on this given she is smarter than half the girls. Most really. To Rin's credit she did tag along and didn't talk about why Riki was acting so weird. Like I will keep this a secret but you all still suck.
 photo littlebustersepisode215_zps2b20886f.jpg
...How lovely is this?
Because Kyousuke sees all and knows all. Riki and Yuiko ended up watching the fireworks alone. I wonder if in each timeline it is different. Like this happens once, sometimes that. Mio and her ghost story of fakeness was special. Especially since Haruka started it. I do think it's weird that the other girls didn't ask where Rin was. But in the classroom Yuiko and Rin had some moments. Again it's hard to know what Yuiko is thinking. I am sure in the video game Riki has the ability to like them all. But in the anime I just don't see Riki and Yuiko together. Like yes you are pretty and you have giant boobies. But together I can't see it. Riki keeps blushing at what his friends suggested though. The idea makes him blush, I doubt there would be much execution. No confession despite meddling.
 photo littlebustersepisode218_zpsc2e7e94f.jpg
Is that a reason for a reset? Riki not saying anything?
And the POOF it's the 20th again. Riki wakes up from a “nap” and finds the day is repeating itself. Which means or suggests several things to me. Riki is slowly reaching his limit of how much he can take. That he won't be able to go through too many more timelines without really being sick or asleep all the time. Two...I guess this means timelines can reset anytime. That when Riki fails to do whatever Kyousuke wants him to do Kyousuke has the magical powers to restart it then and there, not waiting for it to get really bad. Three.....the others are all very unaware of what is going on or are the best actors and actresses ever. Will people start assuming Riki is crazy? Like are you okay young boy? Um it's the 20th why are you acting like this? So this isn't the first time this has happened but it's a big deal as Riki is now aware of it.
 photo littlebustersepisode220_zps3ccffc23.jpg
People keep saying that....
The real question I guess is....why a reset? Kyousuke seems to want to make all the girls happy or okay with the bad things that have happened to them. So it stands to reason that the reset can happen whenever Kyousuke feels thing haven't gone right. Like okay Komari kills herself in sadness or Mio's evil twin never goes away. However this reset seems different (like I know any better). Why a reset? Yuiko didn't SEEM that upset over Riki's nonconfession. Like well I like you, lets be friends anyway. So while things didn't seem to go perfectly it would probably be okay. Because if Yuiko goes crazy because Riki doesn't confess she is probably too insane to save. What else could it be? Well I am operating under the assumption Kyousuke is pulling the strings. Which I think he is. But with this reset I think Rin is super involved. I really don't think she knows what is going on with the resets but it just seems odd that a reset happens after she becomes upset. She was unhappy with how things were going and Kyousuke wouldn't want his sister sad. But considering Kyousuke lead the charge for Riki to confess....and Riki was pushed into thinking to confessing to can Kyousuke be surprised with the results?
 photo littlebustersepisode2_zpsf01af6dc.jpg
It is all a dream folks time to go home.
So now I am more confused that when I started writing. I was going to say OH SNAP Rin is the one doing the resetting. It's like that horrible Butterfly Effect Part 3 (I think) where both siblings are jumping. But now...I don't know. It has to be Kyousuke. I guess he assumed Riki would confess to Rin? I don't know. Is Yuiko going to get a “sad” arc or is this it? X___X Guess we will find out...when I catch up? GO ME!


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