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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 2

WEEE I have made it through to post 5. Things have changed a lot recently. Before I worked a lot of hours on a few days. Now I work a decent amount of hours on a lot of days. Still trying to figure out a schedule so please bear with me and my tardy self. Believe me I want to get caught up on anime just as much as everyone else as I have decided no Pokemon until I am mostly caught up. I only got two badges folks!
 photo machinedollepisode211_zpsf5252058.jpg
He cares about me!
So before I dive back into Pokemon land lets take a swim in robot land. Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 2 is up for your enjoyment. Spoilers for Raishin being super popular already.
 photo machinedollepisode210_zpsa48701b5.jpg
Why do you care so much Charlotte?
Episode Summary: Raishin joins Yaya out the window to confront Magnus. Charlotte joins the group outside but keeps her distance. She talks to Sigmund about how Magnus is beyond strong and going up against him will be suicide. Raishin has a cocky smile on as he confronts Magnus. Magnus has no idea who Raishin is and tries to walk on by. Raishin decides he doesn't care if he is right and orders Yaya to attack. Only in a blink of an eye Magnus's hoes...turn into 6 robots and surround Raishin. One even draws blood as her weapon touches his neck. Raishin then says all he wanted to do was hand a vial of something to Magnus. Magnus acts like this is no big deal as he takes said vial and walks away with all his hoes. Charlotte runs up to Raishin to tell him what a giant moron he is. Magnus is a super special kind of puppeteer, that he can control up to 6 puppets at once. Raishin says he knows that Magnus is from from a special family. Charlotte tries to yell more but Raishin walks away. Charlotte continues to be upset but Sigmund is impressed. Raishin had asked Sigmund how he was doing, instead of asking Charlotte the puppeteer. That must make him special. Back in his room Raishin is taking a shower in the middle of a room with no shower curtain. He is upset about this whole situation. He has flashbacks from a few years ago. He rain into his home/estate to find all the servants dead, his dad splattered on the ground, and a fire consuming everything. He finds a young girl also dead on a table and screams. Back in the present Yaya strips and joins Raishin in his walk down memory lane. She is a combination of supportive and wanting to take his mind off everything by grabbing his penis. Raishin protests. The next day Raishin is walking to class when someone confronts him. His name is Felix and basically he is on the disciplinary committee. Something shady is happening at the school and he wants Raishin's help. Raishin is like um no. Felix says he can get Raishin some qualifications if he helps and that makes Raishin stop and think. He thinks so much he gets chalk thrown at him by Kimberly. He tries to save face but he has no idea what the answer is to her question. Kimberly calls on Charlotte who knows the most popular circuit in dolls. Kimberly explains a brief bit on how dolls work but reminds everyone they aren't and never will be human.
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What an amazing plan!
After class Charlotte sees Raishin talking to Felix and is like what is going on?! Sigmund says Charlotte cares about the situation because she likes Felix. She denies it but goes to spy anyway. Raishin wants to know why Felix wants him to play detective. Felix says he knows Raishin is not the person they are after so he can trust him. Raishin also appears to be very strong. Raishin accepts these answers and is given lovely photos to look at. Apparently almost a dozen robots have been destroyed and 2 dozen students have gone missing. The culprit is Cannibal Candy, a robot who eats other robots. Another disciplinary person Lisette walks in and says another incident has happened. A small crowd has gathered around a half eaten robot. Felix gets Raishin through the crowd and Raishin thinks the robot belongs to one of the people who attacked Charlotte. He agrees to help but in his own way. Charlotte is also nearly but freaks out when Raishin notices her. Lisette wants to pull Raishin aside and tell him something in private. Yaya protests at being told to leave and surely thinks Lisette wants the Raishin Peen. In private Lisette tells Raishin to be careful of Charlotte. The Cannibal Candy robot is a special kind, one that is also made up of organic material. Sigmund is also that type of robot. Raishin takes this all in but it probably all falls out when Yaya is jealous of the touching and tries to do some of her own. Later Raishin tries to do some investigating of his own but runs across Charlotte again. Charlotte has morphed into a stuttering girl who blushes all the time. Instead of asking Charlotte for help on the case he asks her on a date. Yaya is like NOOOOOO and Sigmund agrees to wait there with Yaya. The two students leave the school while Yaya tries to drown Sigmund in her tears because Charlotte is surely a ho. Sigmund asks why Yaya is beyond attached to Raishin, more than a normal robot/master relationship. Yaya can't explain it. Raishin and Charlotte explore the town all happy skippy like. Charlotte grows hungry so Raishin takes her out. They talk and get to know each other which is interesting given how angry Charlotte was just a few hours ago. She talks about why being Wiseman is important to her. The Queen has done a lot for her family and it is expected of her. Charlotte hints that she has done some things that she is not so proud of. Sigmund has been in her family for years and....well apparently eats meat. I don't know. Raishin and her continue to talk but he doesn't state why he is at this school. Charlotte starts to open up but that quickly ends when they arrive back at the school and they see...mist. Which apparently means Cannibal Candy is nearby and is eating their machines WHAT?! THE END!!
 photo machinedollepisode213_zpsac048242.jpg
She's the killer!
Episode two and already Raishin is the most important person in school. Obviously there is way more to this, why Raishin was chosen to be “detective”. Probably more like no one likes a new kid right? Even so...typical anime behavior. New kids are always more awesome than the other kids in school. Go new kids!!!
 photo machinedollepisode2_zps88739b93.jpg
Okay there were a few people on the sidewalk but still....more people!
Charlotte was quick to follow Raishin....but no one else did. Interesting. Not many looky loos here? Well more amazing ass kickin for us right? Mask man Aka Magnus will defeat Raishin and this will be the shortest anime ever. Well except for the one with the study bug and violent kid falling “in love” by the end of episode 2 too....
 photo machinedollepisode24_zpsf73a838b.jpg done lost?
Only...there was no battle. I don't know if it was a big troll, to have Raishin jump out of the window only to give Magnus a vial or if Raishin was going to attack the whole time and was like oh shit this is not going well. Because I too thought Magnus only had two hooker robots. Suddenly hommie had 6. yeah I would probably back off too. Of course I wouldn't be all noble and sit around waiting for things to be fair. I would get my revenge in any way possible. Like oh you are asleep or your back is turned? TIME TO DIE!
 photo machinedollepisode22_zpsaffe1533.jpg
Dead sister alert?
In any event Raishin was not attacking today. Because ass kicking so early in the show might be a knock out. Like oppies you are out of the school. Magnus claims not to know Raishin. This could mean a few things. Maybe he runs around killing so many people he doesn't remember Raishin's situation. Like um...which dead special person do you know, there are so many? A real asshole. Or he could have been under an evil spell at the time and can't remember/can't be held responsible for his actions. Or.... the more likely wasn't him. Even though it clearly looks like him. Raishin wants revenge but it well turn out not to be Magnus. I really doubt it was him. But it could be...all this fluff stuff could be a lie.
 photo machinedollepisode25_zps4ed4bd7a.jpg
Err...have a bottle?
Either way Raishin was surrounded in just a second and could have been killed. This Magnus is either not the killer or isn't stupid enough to do it with people around. All Raishin ends up doing is giving Magnus the bottle (or what, explosives? Poisons?) and walks away. I bet this damages his reputation even more. If he had one or cared. The stupid new kid who challenged Magnus, the top person at this school, during his first week of school and lost in a second. Charlotte tries to talk about how stupid Raishin is while her Robot Sigmund sees it differently. Being a robot I am sure he can see things in a different light know...he picked up on the fact that Raishin asked him personally how he was doing. Signifying that Raishin sees robots as people too. And that is why he will become Wiseman. That's his special heart power.
 photo machinedollepisode26_zps9c89f503.jpg
Asses for all!
For our pervert scene today we got some asses. Male ass too. And not in a comical setting. My brain almost shut down in confusion. Or maybe my brain was just confused on why Raishin was taking a shower in the middle of the room with no curtains? Did I miss something? The moment was supposed to be sad, with Raishin thinking about his entire dead household. Servants, dad, probably baby sister, pet cat, the horse. All dead. He wants revenge. Yaya joins him in the show, naked of course. She tries to be supportive but that moment was quickly lost when she tried to initiated sexy times. HMMMM pervertness.
 photo machinedollepisode28_zps24790398.jpg
Magic 101 folks.
Things don't really improve much for Raishin the next day. He is thinking about Magnus and how one of his dolls looks like his dead special person. I thought that is who Yaya was based on. But yeah this was during class and Ms. Kimberly and her curves throws chalk at Raishin because he is not paying attention to her. Nor did he know the answer to the question. Charlotte did though. Because they are in the same class. Charlotte is ranked 1st I think (2nd if Magnus counts) and Raishin is in the same class as her. I am sure this makes sense. As does that brief intro to the magical circuit land. I mean...I need more info than that. The main circuit is the heart of blah. It gives the robot's their personalities and abilities to... well be alive. But never forget these robots aren't equal to humans. Because they aren't. XO There was more brief knowledge given and Kimberly claimed this was beginner information. However it wasn't enough for me. Unless everyone is just magical now and this part is inside robots and that is how they can move, talk, and fight. Maybe I am just overly complicating it? Magic but with robots? Robots having moving parts so I guess they needed to throw in some resemblance of an explanation.
 photo machinedollepisode29_zps690268b7.jpg
Like duh everyone knows that.
Oh Raishin was also thinking of Felix during class when he wasn't paying attention. Before classes started Felix wanted to ask Raishin for a favor. Raishin was guarded as he should be. This school really doesn't give off the warm and fuzzy vibes. Not when a lot of people are competing for a few slots for the chance to kill each other....I mean top dog. So I am glad Raishin was cautious. Well until Felix mentioned he would be handsomely rewarded for his time. You want to go to the party? Well I can give you some qualifications? Want to help now? Raishin was slightly suckered in. Also am I confused? I thought you had to earn a lot of qualifications to take part in this party. But maybe you only need one? Like you steal someone else's and that is it? No matter how strong a person is maybe they only have one? I don't know, Kimberly said top 100 so I think you need a whole bunch of tickets. Maybe each person only have one so 1,400 students will be left out as everyone done stole their tickets?
 photo machinedollepisode212_zpsece65de9.jpg
This looks serious....
In any event Felix is bribing Raishin into playing detective. Because Raishin is clearly strong. He must have gotten a low entry into the school due to not knowing the basics. Felix can just sense Raishin is strong. And since he just got here he can't be the killer. Who is called Cannibal Candy. I am not sure what is up with this name. A bit disturbing yessie? And it makes no sense. Or maybe it will make sense later. The point is Felix needs Raishin's help. There have been many missing kids and destroyed robots at this school. WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?! Like um these kids that we are raising to be important somewhere in life are just...poofing and life moves on. It was quite a few kids too, not just one or two. You would think that would get the rumor mill running and more students would be scared. Nope nope. There are just half eaten robots all over the place. Can't hide the evidence can we? Now the part of the robot that is eaten looks like where the main circuit is so I am sure this will be important later.
 photo machinedollepisode215_zps45d164da.jpg
A smoke screen?
But that is later folks. For now we are laying down the ground work. When Raishin was brought into the case there was another disciplinary member. And this one had things to tell Raishin. Lisette seems to think that Charlotte might be the Cannibal Candy person. I guess there aren't a lot of bio-robots running around. I am sure there are reasons why Lisette thinks this. Or is pretending to think this. Maybe she likes Felix and is trying to pin it on Charlotte. Maybe she really does think it is Charlotte. The more likely answer would be Lisette is the Cannibal Candy person. Of course that could all be a red herring. Like oh it must be Lisette when really it is Felix since the people who are being attacked might be the ones picking on Charlotte.
 photo machinedollepisode217_zps9ec8f26c.jpg
Yay cries pearls.
This is all set aside temporarily though as Charlotte and Raishin go on a date. Yeah a bit surprising. Can't there be more build up? Oh love at first sight happens a lot for teenagers. Well carry on though. Raishin is taking this detective stuff seriously. Yaya of course was totally happy with this arrangement. If by happy I mean she lost her mind and was crying all over the place. Sigmund was like okay, whatever I am a robot. He did take the time to try to understand Yaya's utter devotion. Turns out it is not a natural thing yet Yaya gave us no answers. Please stand out in the open and wait for the Cannibal Candy to eat your robot brains.
 photo machinedollepisode219_zpsf89474c5.jpg
Well that answered some questions so yay...?
While this date was random and out of the ordinary Raishin and Charlotte did get to know each other a bit. Or at the least the audience did. Charlotte hinted to Sigmund's...past. How he is a special kind of robot. I am sure it is not as bad as Lisette makes it sound. He just likes chicken ya'll. Charlotte seems rather sad about her situation. Like look at me putting on my tough girl act but really there is a lot of family pressure and rumors flying around me. Raishin didn't flat out explain why he was at the school but we learned a bit about him. There is a reason he fights alongside Yaya. He is supposed to be like Magnus (but I doubt they are related because hello they would know each other then) and be able to control multiple dolls. But since he took up puppeteer as a revenge thing he has this training rushed and well...he isn't that great at it. Is that why Yaya has feelings for him? Probably not but that is why Raishin is running around being magical. He is using himself as a doll. Because concentrating just on Yaya would make too much sense. This all explains why Raishin got such a low score and doesn't seem to know the basics. He is just going to rush into things and heart power will guide him to victory.
 photo machinedollepisode220_zpse84edd78.jpg
How do they know it's Cannibal Candy?! Also what a name....
The episode ends before Charlotte and Raishin can get too close. They head back to school and see fog. Or mist. Something covering up their vision. And immediately assume it is Candy Crush..I mean Wreck it Ralph...I mean Cannibal Candy. There is no explanation on why they think this. I doubt they are wrong but...yeah way to jump to conclusions. Maybe if all these things are happening so fast there is a chance that the missing kids are still alive? HMMMMM where are the adults again?!


Eternia said...

I think I can forgive and take this show's fanservice, because they are quite amusing, actually. It's funny to see how Yaya is super aggressive in trying to have sex with Raishin. I could be wrong but didn't Raishin get raped during episode 1? Lol.

Spoiler! Yaya is still alive and kicking, and as horny as ever. But then, it's not really spoiler, because both her and her master are the main characters of this anime.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina


I know it's late, but I just want to say Happy Birthday! :D

About your Pokemon game, what did you think of the Sylveon pokemon (the new Eevee). Did you train it? I'm under the impression that Sylveon didn't interest you. Too much like Kyuubei? It's still an Eevee evolution.

End comments.

Anonymous said...

That bottle contain the ash of his dead family, there is an OLD tradition in Japan; give the the ashes to the person who you will/eventually/hate the most to --- revenge!!

As for Sigmund, he is not a "robot", just so you know.....