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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 25 FINAL EPISODE!

Le yawn. Still tired and in a bad mood. Tomorrow things will have to get done. XD Not much choice now. The Fall Season 2013 has already started folks! I need to hurry up and get things finished despite the rarwness in my life. So no sad naps in the afternoon tomorrow. Blog people. XO Of course I am talking to myself.
 photo titanepisode25_zps9f4e8fd3.jpg
He just had to say that....
Before I pass out and get to experience the loveliness that is more work here is one last episode. The final episode for Shingeki no Kyojin. It has been a long ride to get to this episode 25. So how does it end? Will there actually be an attack on Titans? Let's find out folks!
 photo titanepisode2515_zps4307e14f.jpg
We did have this nifty thing in the middle of the episode though....
Episode Summary: After...NO RECAPS X___X we see the church of crazies praying. Apparently all the walls are woman and they are their goddess. And if they pray hard enough the walls will become stronger. That might be true but when Eren Titan throws the first punch Annie Titan crashes into THEIR building, killing a lot of them. Their priest manages to stay alive and probably pisses his pants at the sight of Annie Titan and Eren Titan fighting. They continue to square off, landing blows and what not. Mikasa gets on her feet and the rest of the Scouting Legion starts to surround the Titans. Hange notes that Eren is actually in control this time and no matter what they must capture Annie. Jean is like um do you see all the damage these two are doing, how can we justify this? Two military police soldiers have reported to Nile that two Titans have appeared. Instead of this being proof that Erwin needs to be freed Nile gets even more pissed and threatens to kill Erwin for all the innocent lives lost with the Titans crashing around. Erwin is like yep I knew this would happen and you may kill me. He then tells Nile what the plan is so when Erwin has a hole in his brain Nile can lead the troops to victory. This gives Nile so much fear he settles for handcuffing Erwin, so he can stand trial. Nile orders his men to go look for survivors, not to help with the Titan baloney. Erwin orders Levi to not help as he doesn't want the man to die as he is injured. Levi agrees as he thinks a lot of pointless deaths are about to happen. For the next million minutes Annie Titan and Eren Titan hit each other and injury the other so bad it takes a long time for things to regenerate. It's like Eren Titan is trying to help Annie Titan kill all the humans with all the buildings they are smashing.
 photo titanepisode2511_zps2a3d872a.jpg
As she beats Eren Titan's face in.
Annie keeps seeing a memory of her past. Something bad happened and her father said he was all she had left. Later he apologizes for what has happened and all Annie can do now is make all of humanity her enemy. That gives Annie Titan the strength to go on. Eren thinks about all the people he has lost and what Annie must be fighting for if she has this strength. Eventually Annie Titan beats Eren Titan's face in and it takes him a while to recover. She starts to run away and Eren Titan has to chase her. The humans realize Annie Titan is trying to get to an area with no buildings so they can't help Eren. Eren is pissed, that Annie is a giant liar and always looked bored, planning this and what. At some points in the fight Annie Titan starts to win. Then Eren Titan takes over. Annie Titan eventually uses some of her martial arts abilities to destroy one of Eren's arms/legs and she takes off running. It is clear she is trying to make it to the wall, that glorious wall. All the humans start to panic as Annie as this super desperate look in her beated up face. She makes it to the wall and uses her crystalizing power to climb said wall. Only Eren Titan might have lost control of himself and powered up his I HATE TITAN ability. He starts running like whatever that thing is on Jeeper Creepers towards Annie Titan. Hange is concerned that Eren is no longer in control of the Titan but Mikasa doesn't seem to care. She swoops in and cuts off Annie Titan's fingers. She casually pushes Annie Titan to the ground where crazy Eren Titan is there to beat her in and rip her head off.
 photo titanepisode255_zpsd7c71017.jpg
Time to bail!
Everyone starts to yell at Titan Eren not to kill Annie, like seriously worried. Annie has one last memory of her father, promising him to come home. She starts to cry and Eren Titan stops when he sees her tears. In that split moment there is a lot of glowing and what not. Hange thinks the two are merging together. Levi comes out of nowhere and pulls Eren out of the Titan. When all the glowing settles Annie the human has encased herself in some sort of crystal. Jean is beyond pissed and bangs on it. Levi forces him to stop and everyone slowly realizes that so much was lost this day and Annie still won't be able to give up information. Eren wakes up long enough for Mikasa to be all motherly and him to look at Annie Crystal. Levi asks Erwin what is going to happen now. Erwin seems convinced that this will protect the Scouting Legion from being disbanded. Erwin is later interrogated by some high level officials who aren't happy with all the dead people and destroyed buildings. Erwin said he could not give more notice as he knows Annie is working with other people. Everyone's a suspect!!!! He is asked if this will save mankind, now that Annie can't give any info. Erwin pauses and says while it would have been better if Annie was conscious they are certainly on their way to fighting back. It is later decided that Eren will be spared and the Scouting Legion won't be disbanded. Mikasa, Armin, and Jean wait for Eren to wake up. Mikasa seems to want to feed Eren, Jean wants to yell at Eren, and Armin blames Eren. In Armin's crazy mind since Eren hesitate all of this was useless. Eren feels bad and Armin and Jean leave to be interrogated. They talk about how Annie really went all out protecting that information and the person who will take out Annie will have to throw away their humanity too. Unless there is another way.....Jean wonders if it is all worth it and Armin watching some birds fly decides it is. Mikasa tries to get Eren to eat despite the fact everything sucks. Eren resolves himself to stopping all the Titans no matter what and eats like all the food in front of him is a bag of chips. Annie is shown tied up in a deep dark place with Hange and Levi looking at her. As the credits roll we see clips from the entire series. And in the last 5 seconds a piece of the crumbling wall falls gives way, revealing that there is a Titan in the wall. THE END!
 photo titanepisode2512_zps2f72a290.jpg
Oh no you deviate from the manga?! RARW!
….That was not the ending I was looking for. I mean it did end at with the note I wanted but since it didn't HAPPEN the same way in the manga now I am all RARW! Like way to tack that on at the end, making NO SENSE AT ALL! Le sigh. 5 more years until season 2?
 photo titanepisode253_zpsf7deeb6c.jpg
There ain't no time for you!
My brain was almost confused at the lack of recaps. Thankfully there were crazy church people to make fun of. I know all (most?) religion is based on a belief system. Like I can't see my deity as they live in the sky/on another plane/ but I know they are there. I can see how people might mock such beliefs. However this does not make me a hypocrite when I say these people are bat shit crazy. Because they are. Later (well maybe you nonmanga readers have figured it out) it is revealed they are not truly crazy. Maybe some are. The higher ups not so much. But the idea of worshiping something that humans made is dumb. Like people are not praying to metal crosses, it's just their focal point. These people are acting like the wall itself is holy. That would be like worshiping a computer. Humans made it, it can't be holy. Such craziness.
 photo titanepisode252_zps8069c0ed.jpg
Time to find new recruits?
Most of the crazies are gone now. Because Eren Titan smashed Annie titan into their building. Which is ironic when you think about it. Eren Titan....what the hell? Eren was in control of his actions this time around. But I am thinking Eren Titan and Annie Titan caused tons of damage and killed way more people than what happened on the Scouting Legion mission of fail. Is this Eren's fault? I mean....he could have been slightly more careful. I mean...can you be careful in a Titan battle? He had to run and smash into her. And since Eren isn't that great at being a Titan perhaps there was no room to be careful. So I guess it's not Eren's fault that so many died.
 photo titanepisode258_zps3d041050.jpg
I am sure shooting him will make this all so much better....
Does that mean Erwin's is at fault? Nile and his dumbass self seems to think so. One would think that this Titan fight would be visible everywhere. That screams would carry and he would have already know. But he doesn't and he had to wait for news from the few military police that had their gear on. Nile was so upset about this....this mess he was willing to kill Erwin. You will pay for all these lives lost. Clearly Nile is not paying attention to current events. Humans have fallen a notch on the damn food chain!! Titan's are the enemy, not humans. Well unless these humans are Titans. He blames all of this on Erwin. But is that fair? Fair?! All those people people, how can anyone support him?
 photo titanepisode259_zps3fd2c3bd.jpg
Can't you feel the victory?!?!?
I guess it is more black and white on a personal level. I was going to use a plane analogy but given the recent anniversary I had to pick something else. Like if there was a crazy gunman holding a train hostage and it was loaded with explosives, enough to take out a giant city if detonated. And then I managed to blow up said train before it reached the city. There would still be sadness. I still might blame myself. I might consider myself a murderer for killing hundreds when I saved thousands. Maybe other people would too. But it would be a last resort...and I would know this would stop the problem and what the ultimate damage would be. With Erwin it was a risky gamble. Maybe catch Annie in human form. Maybe Eren will be able to transform and control himself. Maybe Eren will win. This is a lot of maybes. But Armin had explained Erwin was playing the ultimate number's games. He is playing for all humans. So if that's how it works out, 1,000 dead humans and a captured Annie so be it. Not that any of this matters as Annie is NOT the Colossal Titan and humans could be squished in minutes if he showed up again. What is he waiting for?
 photo titanepisode2510_zps885d68ae.jpg
Say what?
Erwin was willing to take responsibility. Die for the cause, in battle with his fellow soldiers. Granted I would have asked to have my head blown away after the mission but maybe Erwin was banking on Nile pissing his pants. Like I accept responsibility for this, you must as well. You may pass judgment on me but you must assume command. This, this, and this must happen. Good luck. Nile, being a corrupt and lazy military police man is want me to fight Titans?! Um no....we will let your plan go on. And you can lead the operation with handcuffs. Because Nile wants to protect himself. Erwin wants to protect the most people. Which means Levi needs to live and recover. Not risk his life unnecessary when Eren has to handle it. Just....all these branches were trained the same, it's interesting how they all turned out. And not to spoil anything....but Erwin is more badass than Levi. Like X___x hot damn!
 photo titanepisode254_zps9b203833.jpg
Darn guess we can't help...oh well!
Even if the military police came to help it wouldn't do any good. Titan Annie was moving around, to areas where maneuver gear wouldn't work. That and getting in the middle of the two Titans fighting is the definition of pointless death. Everyone was merely standing around in the event Eren Titan wouldn't be able to take down Annie Titan. Hange was a serious soldier today. None of that XO this is the most amazing thing ever, yay Titans have my babies!!! Not too much to do when buildings are being knocked around.
 photo titanepisode2514_zps7ee569f4.jpg
Okay so they were in the manga but still don't shed any light on what is going on with Annie.
During the fight there were the tiniest and useless flashbacks to explain why Annie is doing this. Spoiler Alert: We still don't know. Also I don't think those flashbacks were in the manga. I can't remember. Just small nothing tidbits that explained jack shit. Annie's father did something. Perhaps killed someone close to Annie. Perhaps they were a derp Titan or he was a human Titan. Just it was only them against the world. One would assume Annie was a normal human until her father got a hold of this special Eren's Dad potion and made Annie a shapeshifter. And for whatever reason Annie wants to attack other humans (THE MAN) and make it back to her father.
 photo titanepisode256_zps50c3667d.jpg
Or or...she killed a lot of people and you are pissed.
Eren lost a bit of focus in this episode. He should have been RARW you killed my bird demon shark. Instead he was more thinking about Annie as a person. She lied to Eren. To hell with all the dead people. She LIED to Eren. Acted better than everyone else. Snotty. Quiet. But then when she looked alive I guess that was a lie too. How dare you smile and show me your vulnerable side. Oh and you killed those people...yeah I hates you, let me bash you in.
 photo titanepisode257_zps1b171814.jpg
Peace out everyone!
The fight was pretty violent. Annie Titan ultimately would have won. But this time Eren Titan put up a valiant effort. Last time maybe he was just upset losing people he knew. Who cares about those splats on the ground now? The fight was very scrappy. The violence was really stepped up. Like we already scarred people for life throwing all those bodies to be stomped by Titans, might as well make it bloody. Eyeballs and arms and legs falling everywhere. Punch punch. Eren Titan did pretty good considering Annie Titan could crystallize and priorities healing as all Eren Titan could do was....punch punch.
 photo titanepisode2513_zps25c3fadd.jpg
Is that the face of defeat?! Or you it just missing facial features because of the Eren Titan beating?
Annie almost escaped. Mikasa was just too wonderful for her. Mikasa reached a creepy level of calm too. Fall. Fall. Let me just say Annie was going a lot of damage when fighting Eren. It probably would have made more sense had things played out as they did in the manga. But no, the wall stayed intact for a few days and Annie crashed to the ground.
 photo titanepisode2518_zps1e381460.jpg
How about I stab you?
Armin is an ass. Like a serious asshole. I have no idea what he was talking about when he was talking to Eren after the boy woke up. Eren Titan was about to kill Annie. Like eat her and smash her into millions of people. He paused which allowed her to crystallize her entire human body. Somehow this means Eren let Annie get away. What the hell? If Eren Titan had killed Annie there would be no answers. Instead he paused and this happened. How is this Eren's fault? If Eren Titan had taken Annie into his hands would that have stopped her? Probably not. Might have put Eren at more risk. I don't even understand this thought pattern. Aren't there enough people out there to make Eren feel bad? Way to twist the knife. Making it sound like it was Eren's fault when the manga went different anyway.
 photo titanepisode2517_zps0033109f.jpg
Now we are only 99.9 percent screwed. Gosh can't you see the silver lining?!
Armin and Jean had a bit of a heart to heart as life was shown going on for the other characters. The rest of the former cadets were like X____X what is going on, Levi and Hange were looking at crystallize Annie, and Erwin was trying to explain his position. Like yes lots of people died. Yes I planned it. No I didn't halt the Titans. But this was a necessary step. Without it the end would surely come. Because when I blinked Annie was the Colossal Titan. All this nonsense has protected Eren for long but until when? Armin starts to focus more on the being a monster part. Like we must all do something horrible to win this war. And after all is said and done will we still be human?
 photo titanepisode2519_zps7e626e65.jpg
Watch season two or else.
The episode ends with the GIANT Titan being shown in the wall. This was almost an after thought. Like haha make sure you think about this show forever in the 238928 years it will take to make more manga characters. In the manga things went QUITE differently. I don't think they can backtrack and go oh we meant to end it like this. Mikasa was the first one to see the Titan. Annie Titan did so much damage pieces fell right there. And Mr. Priest dude lost his mind. Like COVER IT UP NOW! It is implied strongly the cult exists so no one ever does anything to the wall, like reconstruction or digging things up. Like the higher ups know the truth. That the wall IS Titans. That all Titans can maybe do what Annie can and crystallize. Which would explain why the Colossal Titan only can smash the gates. HMMM FOLKS! That would raise tons of questions right? Other humans know about Titans? How did they get that many Titans to make ALL the damn wall?!
 photo titanepisode2516_zps0f3c6cea.jpg guys not attacking Titans?
But for now those questions and more will not be answered. In a series full of blood, body parts, and was a pretty fun ride. Eren isn't in as control as manga Eren. Like they are trying to give a different message. The horror was censored at times but then it was upped with the bodies being thrown from the cart. Just a lot going on. It was an interesting ride but I wouldn't be holding my breath for another season any time soon. Unless you know...90 percent of it is anime original stuff. And since this show almost followed the manga to a T...I don't see that happening. So until next time.....


Eternia said...

This goes back to the theory that both Eren's country and other country have equally a lot of shapeshifters. Eren's country lost the war so they resorted to defensive stance? Like, let's line up together and materialize ourselves guys! However, this raise a question too. Do people not grow older when they become Titans? Those walls have been erected for one thousand years right? And the shapeshifter people stay inside there the whole time?? Isayama has better answer this.

Oh yeah, the cult officials are certainly not crazy, but the followers really are! Let's pray to the walls! The walls! I bet they are singing "O' holy wall" on the night of December 25th.

Christina said...

Eternia- It is clear the Titan crisis is probably a man made one. That Annie and the other human like Titans are fighting against THESE humans, not all humans. It is possible that all the derpy Titans used to be humans too and things got out of control. Rich humans made the walls and all the poor peasants were left to rot outside. They were able to control their Titan power and now want revenge? know...won't change their fate at all if the walls are torn down. So maybe they are really after the Titans in the walls? Like the ones in the most inner walls are very important to them and can help save them?

So many questions. Titans being so old. The Colossal Titan not coming and finishing the job when Annie was in danger. The cult being a front to cover up the dangerous truth. Guess this place doesn't have earthquakes or people would have found out by now....

Anonymous said...

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