Thursday, October 31, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Halloween!!!

 photo HappyHalloween2013014_zpse61e6f76.jpg
Happy Halloween to all!
Greetings from the Duffy house. Well it is really mom's house but there are so many of us Duffys in the house now it might as well be ours. XD Today is apparently a special day. It is called Halloween. I am sure it was a different kind of holiday before but now in the United States kids dress up in costumes, go to strangers houses, and ask for candy. Crazy yes? Well me and Huffy want in on the candy action. Happy Halloween indeed.
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Halloween Kitty is ready to hand out candy to trick or treaters. It we don't hand out any treats will we get tricked?
 photo HappyHalloween2013003_zpsd0c23069.jpg
Knock knock knock.
 photo HappyHalloween2013004_zps1e808445.jpg
Trick or Treat!!! I am dressed in my Halloween finest just for you.
 photo HappyHalloween2013005_zps63c530de.jpg
Please insert candy directly into the bag. This is my first time real trick or treating. Unless when we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party counts. We got a lot of candy that night too.
 photo HappyHalloween2013006_zpsfc493cb9.jpg
Huffy would like some candy too please. Pay no attention to the arm behind the bear.
 photo HappyHalloween2013007_zps6c8a6e02.jpg
Look I even have my own little bag for candy. XD
 photo HappyHalloween2013008_zps8cba971d.jpg
Look at all the loot we got. Halloween is great. Yay for creepy houses giving out free stuff.
 photo HappyHalloween2013011_zpsd0dadb56.jpg
Let's see what we got out of our bags.
 photo HappyHalloween2013013_zps23d1822e.jpg
What is this crap right here? Healthy stuff?
 photo HappyHalloween2013015_zpsbdb0fc2f.jpg
Now this is the good stuff!
 photo HappyHalloween2013009_zpse35aa158.jpg
Huffy! It's not all for you!!!!
 photo HappyHalloween2013010_zpsa6cb92dd.jpg
Look at all our other Duffy friends. We need to share with them. We can't be greedy.
 photo HappyHalloween2013012_zpsabac6c1c.jpg
After all that trick or treating we should watch some scary movies right? It is Halloween. Here lets watch mom's favorite movie. Or we could watch Halloween 5 for the 438943 time this month. Either way. Happy Halloween everyone!

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