Monday, October 14, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Pokemon has kidnapped mom?!

Duffy the Disney Bear reporting for duty. According to the calender on the wall it is Monday yet mom didn't make any anime posts this weekend? What is up with that?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon001_zpse2c0c39a.jpg
Just sitting there eating some chicken and rice, unaware of what is about to happen....
Well I will tell you what happened with that. Mom has been kidnapped. Or her mind has been hijacked. And I am afraid it might be contagious. Dad has been stuck on the couch all weekend too. And they keep asking me to join in too. What is it mom and dad are up to?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon002_zps56551cda.jpg
Dad suddenly told mom they were going out. Where are they going? Wherever they went they weren't gone that long....
 photo Duffyplayspokemon003_zps2cc385c0.jpg
Look!!!!! Dad had apparently been saving for a long time in secret so mom could have the new pokemon game/system for her birthday. Mom was all like MOG what about the government thing. Yeah dad what about that? Apparently dad is good at saving money too....
 photo Duffyplayspokemon007_zpsb51bc10e.jpg
Mom was all BAWWWWW way too expensive for a birthday gift. Dad said nonsense and pop this baby open. Did you finish the last game mom?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon008_zpse7f96c71.jpg
Mom needed a whole new system to play the pokemon game. Guess she went with the pokemon version of the system. She also got the Pokemon X game because the legendary pokemon is cuter.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon009_zpse4036093.jpg
Time to start it up.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon010_zps00d6c057.jpg
Dad is playing the Y game. His game system is just blue though.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon011_zps32627259.jpg
Mom kept screaming she wanted to ride a dinosaur.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon012_zps27c4d0cf.jpg
Does this pokemon look familiar?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon013_zps48e2825a.jpg
She is still screaming that she wants to ride a dinosaur. Why is that so important?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon014_zps264cb5e2.jpg
And then mom lost her mind and died. She loves training Eevees.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon015_zps48a3bfc4.jpg
Was there any doubt on what her name was going to be?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon016_zpsca6b9ab2.jpg
Well it's not a dinosaur.....
 photo Duffyplayspokemon017_zps15770e58.jpg
Where is Nurse Joy?!?!?! (don't worry, she shows up in the next town).
 photo Duffyplayspokemon018_zpsc5c9953e.jpg
Time to catch some hurting them first?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon019_zps7698be3c.jpg
Scruffy's mom caught a shiny Pikachu 1 hour into the game. Jealous mom? Also what does that even mean?
 photo Duffyplayspokemon020_zps4deba3d0.jpg
So many friends in this game. Mom likes the route marker signs.
 photo Duffyplayspokemon021_zps9aad0d86.jpg
Mom might be spending all her money on her appearance in the game....what about the pokemons?!
 photo Duffyplayspokemon022_zpsf3414e60.jpg
Yay for the first badge!!! Mom spent a lot of time playing Pokemon this weekend. She needs to start blogging anime before she leaves for the next weekend yes? OH NO!

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