Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Anime Series...sorta: Little Busters Refrain episode 1

Hello there my lovely readers. Let's pretend it's Monday, you know, when I said this episode would be posted. XD But if we pretend that then I have to start the whole week all over again and that might be painful and long. Is it the 18th yet rarw?!
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode114_zps0deac805.jpg
Is it time for me to shine yet? Emerge from the shadows?
There is still plenty of anime episodes for me to catch up and blog about. Everything else on the internet needs to stop distracting me. XO So here is another new anime series for the Fall Season. Sorta new as it is a season twoer. Little Busters THE SADNESS ya'll. Spoilers for things starting off pretty heavy. X___X
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode16_zps6d8f3768.jpg
Turn that frown upside down Kyousuke!
Episode Summary: Kyousuke is sitting in a broken down room of nothingness as the past season rolls around, with all the girls having their problems “solved”. Kyousuke is frustrated though, that this is not enough. That he has to do it for Riki I believe. He decided that he is going to start over and it looks like everything is sucked up in a vacuum cleaner? Riki wakes up feeling weird. That something has happened and he is forgetting something super important. What could it be? When it is normal waking hours Riki is lost in his thoughts when Kyousuke approaches him with a group picture of the Little Busters after their game. Riki, Masato, and Kengo love the pictures but wish they could have won the game. Kengo and Masato blame each other but Rin bounces in and commands everyone to help get the pancake party Komari is putting together. Noumi and Komari are hard at work making the pancakes even though Noumi is a bit special. The rest of the group shows up with different level of helping except for Kanata who is incapable of helping anyone. It is a fun happy moment. Once the first batch of pancakes are ready Komari welcome the group to their first pancake party with Rin and Komari saying this will be a party full of dancing, fun, and singing. Everyone is so over the top happy you think they were at Disney. Especially Kengo. Yuiko comments that Kengo must have broken something when he fell off the roof. The three main girls keep cooking and making pancakes while everyone talks about their favorite toppings, the past baseball game, and picture taking. During the party Yuiko notices that there are several girls watching the party with sour looks on their faces. They leave and Yuiko glares but continues on with the party. Soon the party ends which makes Riki sad. He tries to explain that these fun times aren't going to last forever but he gets lost in his thoughts. The story has to end? They pack everything up and start to walk back to their dorms when Yuiko sees the same three girls talking outside. One girl (Suginami) has no idea why the other two hate Yuiko so much. Another girl (Takamiya) says that Yuiko was rude to her on the first day of school which has ruined her school life and the other girl (Katsusawa) can't forgive that and they will do something about it.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode17_zps3f202a41.jpg
Oh Kengo.
The next day it rains and several images throughout the school are shown, including the blackboard with some information about the class trip. Riki is looking out the window and tries to ask Masato what day it is. This leads to his poor notebook being covered in soda and Kengo being worried they can't play ball tomorrow. Rin runs in and says that she needs their help. All the Little Busters are gathered up and taken to the club room where Komari is trying to comfort a sad Noumi. Noumi says it is no big deal but tacks were found in her bag and shoes. The boys get upset and Kyousuke tells Komari she needs to tell the truth. It is accidentally revealed that Komari had all her notebooks sliced up. There is someone spying on the group but runs when Riki gives chase. Yuiko sees this happening as well. Riki follows what turns out to be Suginami to a classroom. She is telling Takamiya and Katsusawa that they shouldn't do these things, especially if Yuiko is the one they are mad at. The girls scoff, saying that Yuiko doesn't deserve to have friends and they will make that happen. Riki busts in to be all manly about the situation but the girls are like where is your proof?! Well suddenly a conversation between the girls is played exposing their entire plan. Yuiko turns off her recorder as everyone looks shocked. Takamiya then loses her damn mind and says Yuiko is a criminal for recording them. Yuiko threatens to play this all over the school and Takamiya says she will stop at nothing to tear their friendships down to nothing. Yuiko then.....chops the door up with a karate kick and says she will do the same to her face if Takamiya ever does anything to her friends. Takamiya and Katsusawa runs out of the room scared and Yuiko dismisses Suginami. The rest of the group comes up and doesn't seem...too shocked to see the broken door. Komari suggests they clean the mess up when a teacher comes by. Kengo and Masato pretend to fight, as if they broke the door. The rest of the group forms a barrier as Kyousuke tells the ones who were there to run. Yuiko takes Riki by the hand and they escape, grateful that they have friends that would do that for them. They run for a while until Yuiko takes to the PA room. She always thought she was a robot, with no emotions but she guesses she is human. Riki smiles and thinks Yuiko is a great friend. As Yuiko invites Riki into the PA room Riki realizes this is not the first time he has been in this room, having the same conversation with Yuiko, and comforting her. Before Riki can put everything together he passes out, suffering another narcolepsy attack. THE END!
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode116_zps25bcd396.jpg
I wanted to give you a post full of these shoots. :O So much crazy.
Well then. Just throw us back into things why don't you?!I thought episode 1 was going to be a little...fluffier than this. Sure there was fluff but there was some serious stuff going on in this episode and there apparently is no time to waste.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode13_zpsdd8548ca.jpg
I will save them all by destroying it woohoo!
What is this madness? Kyousuke is Homaru? Riki is Madoka? And the others (minus Rin) are magical girls Riki can either save or.....well not save? Because Kyousuke was 19 kinds of serious this episode. Which is odd? Why would he have a reset now? Unless this episode is a lie. Unless Kyousuke can go back in time and did so at the beginning of episode 1 season 1. Because this seems odd that Kyousuke would want a reset after the baseball game when everything was going well. No, no season 1 wasn't so...blunt with what was going on before thus this episode is happening now.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode12_zps0a70575e.jpg
Wouldn't that start to drive a person crazy?
That's just what it seems like to me. Kyousuke had always seemed shady in Season 1. Not in the negative sense but in the hiding sense. He has to be the one leaving the magical notes for Rin and Riki. Which makes me think Rin is also super important and the other girls might be expendable. Noumi's arc revealed that she knows what is going on too. That she must have caught on to the repeating timelines. Did she have memories of previous timelines shown to her too and since she doesn't have “narcolepsy” she doesn't forget? Does anyone else know?
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode14_zps55297821.jpg
Is Kyousuke only trying to save Riki or everyone?
Let me start over to clarify my thoughts. We know Kyousuke can restart timelines It almost looked like he is destroying the world and starting over. But that could just be flowery and over dramatic. It's probably just time travel and Kyousuke's world is being “destroyed”. The reason behind this is unknown. Noumi remembers/knows what is going on and by the end of the episode Riki starts to put things together. His narcolepsy is clearly a lie, something forced on him so he doesn't remember. Kyousuke seems to be doing this strictly for Riki and Rin even if it ends up helping others. Yet Kyousuke doesn't seem satisfied with the results. Like he is playing a video game and keeps restarting in order to get a perfect score WINK WINK. But how is Kyousuke doing this? Does he have a time machine? Magic powers? Why does it look like Kyousuke is making Riki (and Rin) help others even though he himself knows what is going on (Komari's notebook) and could do it himself. What horrible thing is going to happen to Riki that is making Kyousuke make Riki help others? Why does Riki have magical powers, sending Noumi that lock? Everything else....well it could happen. If you believe Mio had a split personality. But maybe there was a shadow Mio given all this other stuff.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode19_zps17c26a8b.jpg
I am sure if I made pancakes it would look like this.
This all will probably weigh throughout the entire series. Each person Riki helps he will probably remember more and more. Probably have more “narcolepsy” moments. Until the truth is revealed. I am not sure what Kyousuke is trying to do but he and Noumi are acting business as normal. The other Littler Busters are not showing any signs of remembering and knowing. Instead it is on to the fluffy stuff!! Yay baseball!!! Sure we lost and sure it was all Masato and Kengo's fault but who cares. We are young. No one can tell us we're wrong. It is time for friendship and smiles. With a brief side of Riki saying these fun times can't last forever. He says that a lot. Because in Japan once you graduate you can't be friends with anyone still in high school or that you knew in high school.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode15_zps26c50b50.jpg
We are the most amazing people ever!!!!
Pancake party!!! What an odd party to have. Especially since they lost. But these people are so happy and fluffy of course they celebrate being together. Pancakes have to be eaten warm or else they suck. And there were a lot of them. I almost forgot how much Komari's voice annoys me. Almost. Then it all came back to me and when the memories hit my eyes I had a narcolepsy attack. I see Kanata was kicked to the curb. She isn't a main character after all. You were healed, now move on!! Mio was barely there, Haruka is lazy, and Masato danced. Oh and the girls did all the cooking Get up there and help boys!
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode18_zps21355bab.jpg
He is super scary, I agree.
Can I just talk about how scary this new Kengo is? I fully agree with Yuiko. Kengo took a blow to the head. The arm is just a cover up. He has woohoo lost his damn mind. I mean he was always a bit....too formal and not willing to give at all in regards to the baseball thing. But gradual change is best. I say that as the absolute truth, no leeway. This 120 is too much too soon. There was dancing. Kengo leading the cheering. I guess this means not as many useless fights with Masato. I guess that is a good thing but still.....
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode111_zpsfd93aea4.jpg
Stop bringing that up Riki gosh!
The party was cute and fun. Also a bit magical as there were no teachers of cafeteria people around to yell at them. We have to have our fun, who needs rules? But while the over the top fluffy moments dominated most of the episode there was moment. I don't think this is going to be Yuiko's main arc. Just a piece of it. Sorta like Noumi was sad and lonely for a bit, then we came to her later. This will just be the appetizer for the main course. Riki has to still help Kengo, Masato, Yuiko, and Rin. I am sure Rin will be last. And by helping all these people I bet Riki helps Kyousuke. Then two episodes to solve whatever mess is going on. I think there will be enough time yes?
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode112_zpsbbe232ae.jpg
Scoffed? SCOFFED?!
Yuiko was a bit of a loner before Riki stumbled on her tea party for one. Sometimes Yuiko does give off the air of being superior. That hmmmmm these weird people are a great source of entertainment. I shall amuse myself and follow them around. Okay that was cynical. Yuiko is lonely and wants friends right? Just that she can't help the aura she gives off thus has always been alone. But it looks like some people had tried to be her friends before. Yuiko is a life ruiner you know. She said one thing about Takamiya and it ruined her life. I mean that does happen in real life to kids. I just doubt it happened the way Takamiya is saying it did. Takamiya probably was being a jerk, Yuiko called her out on it, and Takamiya has had a blood feud about it ever since. I think this is more probable than Yuiko being rude. Takamiya had said she wanted her school year to go a certain way and Yuiko ruined it.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode115_zpsbb5d3326.jpg
Sh don't say such true and obvious things.
I think there should have been more glaring throughout the series. Like Takamiya and her second banana should been throwing rude faces more often. The school isn't that big. It is what it is though. Now it's on though. SUPER ON! I guess Takamiya and Katsusawa were okay with the blood feud when they thought Yuiko was alone and miserable in the world. But now that she has friends it is unacceptable. Um no you aren't allowed to be happy ever. And to get back at you we shall....mess with the two weakest members of your party? How.....why...I mean yeah Yuiko apparently likes her friends and isn't the rude monster Takamiya and Katsusawa make her out to be. So these things make her upset. But if Suginami hadn't shown herself Yuiko wouldn't have known thus making Yuiko feel bad would have failed...yeah girls are special.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode113_zps12ed09c2.jpg
So the thought process with these two crazies and their unwilling 3rd member (get new friends) was a bit off. They were pretty cackly over the idea of what they did. Tearing up notebooks and putting tacks in the shoes. Kids these days. I thought Komari was going to be more upset about this. But she and Noumi were probably going to just endure it. Like this sucks but I don't want to trouble my friends. Riki...well it is interesting that no one went directly after him. They all eventually found him. But only Yuiko followed him. I don't know, what was Riki going to do? Sure the girls deserved something but Riki is a dude.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode117_zpsa6693106.jpg
Well this should be called the episode of overreactions....
Well it turns out Riki gave Yuiko back up. Start up. Maybe it is easier to stand up to bullies or do the right thing when you know someone else is in your corner. My question is why did Yuiko not confront the girls earlier? If she had evidence why not go hey I hear you right then and there? Stop the bad things from happening? I mean I guess she could have been waiting until there was proof but yeah. If you were going to threaten to kill them and the door might as well do it before someone took a thumbtack to the knee. Also wasn't Suginami insane? Like damn crazy this is just high school. Calm down freak. And yes I almost made an entire post full of screenies just of her facial expressions of insanity.
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode1_zps8e9b1b0e.jpg
Are they going to run and hold hands too?
After Yuiko got her point across (rest in peace door) the rest of the gang showed up. Since everyone is a ground of magical friends they band together so Yuiko and Riki could escape. Of course if Kengo and Masato were going to take the rap for it (very nice by the way) they could have stuck around since it would be more likely these two knuckleheads did it. But if they did that there wouldn't have been the dramatic running/holding hands moment. Riki has been sorta neglecting Yuiko. Probably because she seems the most put together out of all the girls. But every now ad then a girl has to hold hands with a boy and talk about how she is no longer a robot. Yuiko has feelings ya'll. Um I think it's called rage but no one else seemed bothered by that.....
 photo littlebustersrefrainepisode118_zpsbe834efa.jpg
Maybe he was talking to me, I tend to repeat myself.
The episode ends with Riki hitting the floor. Yuiko invites him into the PA room and the conversation is too familiar with Riki. Like the multiple timelines are starting to blend together. It's almost the same, the conversations and everything. Riki tries to think why he has had these thoughts before when BAM ground meets his face. So what is going to happen this season? Is Kyousuke really trying to make sure EVERYONE has a happy ending? Maybe in all the previous timelines Riki feels upset about not being able to help so&so and Kyousuke feels bad for Riki so he just restarts it? X___X Well so far everyone seems okay even if...Noumi is questionable. Will Riki save the day? Guess we will find out in 24 episodes. Until next time. XD


Eternia said...

That's not Kanata.
That's Saigusa Haruka.

Since there are plenty episode, I heard that they will include the stories from "Little Busters Ecstasy", the ero version, which means we are going to see additional girls sooner or later. But not the ero contents, hahaha. However, one of them is Futaki Kanata, which problem was probably solved already together with Haruka. This leaves only Sasasegawa Sasami, who loves to get into a cat fight with Rin, and Tokido Saya, which is an entirely new character.

Christina said...

Eternia- What do you mean there are more girls?! How many people at this school need Riki's help? Are they all that desperate and sad face?

I must have gotten my names mixed up with the twins. You know, the one that is never around despite Noumi being her roommate.

Eternia said...

Kud's roommate is Kanata, and she didn't make appearance this episode.

Naoe Riki, the savior of all sad little girls, hahaha. I heard that the last one, Tokido Saya is an exception, though. She's an intruder who's not a part of Kyousuke's plan.

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